The Lion & The Panther

BY : Y'sixu Tia
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A/N: Hello everyone this is my first fic so be mean but not to mean please. I need all the help I can get to improve my writing. Anyways enjoy and let me know if you like it. And one more thing " " is for talking, ' ' is for thoughts just so you dont get confused.


Warnings: Violence, Blood and Bad language.


Sky sat calmly atop a flat rock, watching the sunrise over the land of Azim Steppe. He loved the warm breeze that fluttered through his blue hair. He hopped down from his perch loving the feel of the grass beneath his feet. His long feline ear twitched, hearing paws stalk towards his location. Blue eyes darted to his left spotting a Baras, Sky quickly hid behide the rock closest to him. He watched the Baras walk past his hiding spot, his hands tightened into fists itching to fight the prey before him. But now was not the time yet, so he waited until the Baras lay on the grass to make his move.


Sky walked slowly towards the Baras that was a few feet away, shifting into Coeurl Form as he got closer. A twig snapped underfoot and he cursed when the Bara's head snapped in his direction growling aggressively. The large orange furred cat lunged at him, sky rolled to his left barley escaping the paw that threatened to take his head off. He felt blood trickle down the left side of his jawline, 'Damn cat got me on the chin' sky thought to himself. He felt bloodthirsty eyes boring into him and froze, his eyes darted back to the threat as it lunged, he raised his arms to block the blow. Claws dug straight into the flesh of his arms and started to bleed, the red liquid slowly trickled down the taut muscles of his forearms. Sky winced when one claw dug deeper, shifting uncomfortably he turned his head to look around the area. "Dammit wheres Y'san when I need him most" he grouched.


What sky failed to realize was Y'san has been watching the whole time, amuzement written all over the panther's face. Y'san wondered when he should step in to help his hopeless master, his black tail thrashing with excitement. The jet black panther stood finally making up his mind and stalked towards the scene playing out before him.


Sky was really starting to struggle now, arms trembling from the weight of the Baras. A sheen of sweat was starting to form above a blue brow, he couldnt hold those razor sharp claws back for much longer. He was started to panic, panting heavily sky attempted to push the large cat off him with whatever strength he had left. The Baras growled and bit his shoulder hard in response to his attempt. Sky howled in pain as when a saber-like canine punctured his shoulder. Thankfully the canine missed the bone but it still hurt like a bitch.


When Y'san saw the Baras bite his master he was no longer amuzed, he bared his teeth in agression revealing sharp canines. Y'san's gold eyes locked on the prey a few feet away and charged teeth and claws bared, he slammed into the large cat and bit its throat hard with a crushing force. The Baras whined, but Y'san kept his jaw locked growling low in his throat. Sharp teeth sinking into the creatures thick hide, blood pooled into Y'san's maw and dripped down the panther's chin. 


Sky gazed at the scene surprised then relieved to see his companion, but also very tired so he just fell back on the grass to catch his breath and rest.


The Baras bucked and kicked its back legs into the black panther above it trying to escape the hold. Y'san growled and increased the strength of his bite successfully crushing the other cat's windpipe. The Baras went limp and Y'san dropped the blood-stained creature on the ground.


Y'san padded towards his master and layed down beside him with a huff.


Sky sat up slowly, wincing when he felt a twinge of pain and his arms and shoulder bled more. He sighed in discomfort, but reached for the small bag beside his hip hooked on the beltloop of his pants. Bag in hand he opened the small thing and rummaged around till he found what he was looking for, a couple bottles of elixir. It wont completely heal him but it'll take the edge off, get his body to stop bleeding and heal a bit faster. Sky popped the cap off the bottle and downed the blue liquid taking huge gulps.


Y'san watched his master carefully observing the extent of his wounds, concern written all over his feline features.


"I'll be fine Y'san dont worry kay?" he smiled at the panther, y'san huffed in annoyance and layed his head down on his master's leg. Sky reached a hand down running his fingers through soft jet black fur. 'Should probably keep moving' sky thought to himself as he stroked the panther beside him.


'You need to rest for a short time master,' y'san replied telepathically, he purred while warm fingers stroked his fur.


Sky sighed, pausing his stroking fingers for a moment to lay on his side. "Fine" he grumped, then continued to stroke y'san while he rested.


'I will watch over you master, you may sleep for a short time' y'san purred, sky nodded then lay his head back against y'san falling into a light doze.


Y'san watched over his master, listening to his soft snores while gazing at the glowing stars. He wondered if his sister y'mun was doing well with her own master back home in Ala Gannha. Rain was not reckless like her brother, but he still worried. The Garlean threat was still present in Gyr Abania. Life has never been easy for the four of them, not since the Garleans murdered most of their tribe for rebelling. Master and his own sister Rain, as well as himself and his sister being the only survivors of their tribe. Y'san felt his master toss and turn in a fitful sleep. Y'san stared down taking notice of his master's pained expression.


"Mum, Da" sky wimpered in his sleep, y'san curled his body around his master resting his head over sky's unharmed shoulder to rest on his chest. Sky relaxed then nuzzled into y'san's cheek, falling back into a deep slumber.


A few hours later Y'san's ear twitched to the sound of a snapping twig, he quickly stood protectively over his master baring his teeth and claws growling in warning.


The raven haired Au Ra male spotted the feral panther and held up his hands in surrender. "Whoa whoa put that shit away I come in peace," he teased, but amber eyes stared the agressive cat down cautiously.


The black panther was not amused, but sat back on his haunches and eyed the man curiously wondering what he was doing here. Y'san didnt let his guard down though, glaring at the man daring him to try something.


Sky began to wake when he heard the commotion, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Whats goin on y'san" he yawned, the panther turned his attention to his master.


'This Au Ra man came out of nowhere I do not know his intentions so I went on my guard,' he stated glaring back towards the man aggreassively. 


"Hn?," sky looked past his companion, blue eyes locking with amber. Sky blinked still drowsy, he just wanted to go back to sleep. But if he didnt find out what this guy was doing here y'san would kill him. "Hey guy whatever your name is, what do ya want?" sky questioned lazily.


"My name is Khalja Kha but you can call me Leo, whats your name beautiful?" he chuckled, sky flushed with anger and glared at the man.


"Asshole dont call me that, and you didnt answer my question, what the hell are ya doing here?" he spat.


"Ooo feisty, well if you must know I was on my way home and stumbled upon you and your protective kitten here," he teased pointing at y'san.


Y'san bristled 'Kitten?!' he roared furiously.


"Y'san calm down," sky demanded, rubbing his temple from y'san's outburst.


Leo stared at them curiously, 'Are they able to communicate telepathically? Interesting must be a cat thing,' he thought amuzed. Leo stared at the blunette while he fussed with the panther taking in every detail, starting from the striking blue eyes, to the long twitching feline ears and fluffy swishing blue tail. 'Must be a natural blue Miqo'te,' he wondered. "Soo are you a natural blue?" he waggled his eyebrows suggestively.


Sky rolled his eyes at the man "Yeah whatever, go home Leo before Y'san kills you," he grouched.


Leo placed his hands over his heart in mock pain. "Your as cold as Shiva's nipples, why do you wound me so?" he teased.


Sky stared at the man blankly, then stood up wincing as pain shot through his arms and shoulder.


Leo dropped the playful act, walking to the blunette to study his wounds, he didnt notice the blood until now since it was dark.


Sky watched the man look him over, head tilting in slight curiosity but still caustious.


"Did you take anything to treat your wounds?" leo questioned in a serious tone.


Sky was surprised at the man's change in attitude, "Yeah I drank a bottle of elixir, I have one more but thats all I got," he said looking to the small bag laying on the grass.


Leo followed his gaze to the tiny bag, he walked past the bluenette and snatched the bag up, unzipped it and rummaged around grabbing the last elixir bottle. "Hmm, it will help with the pain and healing process a bit, but you should come with me so I can patch you up properly." leo stated walking back to sky, and handed the bottle to him. 


'I dont like this man but hes right master,' y'san stated bitterly while glaring at the man. 


Sky's ear twitched slightly at y'san's statement then sighed "Fine," he said tail swishing in annoyance, darting his eyes to the au ra man who was watching the two curiously.


"Your kinda cute when your annoyed," leo teased tossing an arm carefully across sky's shoulders.


Sky growled, tail thrashing angrily, he pinched the hand that draped over his chest, nails digging into the tanned flesh.


"Ow ow ow, okay i'll stop teasing, just follow me," he walked away rubbing his hurt hand with a pout. 


Sky grumbled following the man a few feet behind, y'san walked beside his master still pissed at the au ra man for calling him a Kitten.


Leo chuckled glancing behind him 'Looks like i'v picked up two feisty kitties,' he thought with an amuzed grin.


While they walked sky noticed the man smelled like blood and what he assumed to be the man's natural scent. Miqo's were known for their strong sense of smell, this man's natural scent smelled like furymint. It was a crisp, fragrant aroma and he actually kinda liked it. 


Leo felt eyes on him, turning his head slightly he saw the bluenette sniffing the air a little with his eyes half closed. 'Wonder what hes smelling,' he thought to himself curiously.


They've been walking for a good three hours but they were nearly there. Just when he thought they would get there with no trouble, three Dzo spotted them. The Dzo made they're way towards them looking pissed off and territorial, blocking them from walking any further. "Fuck me, they're not gonna let us go," leo said scowling at the dzo blocking his path.


Sky sighed, "Well we'll have to make em move then," sky said with a feral grin, blue eyes scanning over his prey. "Y'san TI shumet," the blunette purred in his native tongue.


Y'san stared at his master gold locked with blue, 'vish vleshr,' the panther crouched down ready to pounce at his master's signal.


Leo stared at the two jaw dropped, 'This is the first i'v heard a Miqo speak their native language, gotta admit its fuckin hot,' he was pulled from his thoughts by a dzo headbutting him straight to the gut. He got the wind knocked out of him from that impact, gripping his stomach he tried to catch his breath. "Thats gonna hurt in the morning," he gasped reaching over his shoulder to grip the handle of his axe.


Sky burst out laughing at him to the point of tears, his sharp canines showing as he did so. 


"Its not funny," leo pouted as he stared at the feline laughing hysterically.


Sky stopped laughing when a dzo charged at him, he cursed and dove to the right sucessfully rolling out the way. "Y'san Qil," sky hissed.


The panther didnt hesisitate and pounced the charging dzo teeth and claws completely bared, he slammed into the dzo hard, claws latching onto the dzo's back leg. The dzo bellowed in pain, bucking like a horse to remove the panther from its body.


While the creature was distracted sky shifted to coeurl form and snap punched the dzo hard across the head, the creature dropped to the ground like a bag of rocks.


Leo watched in awe, axe slug over his shoulder and hand resting on the handle. Sky rolled his eyes at the man and pointed behind him, leo turned around just in time to block the charging dzo with his axe. "Damn these guys are persistent" he yelled then rolled to the right swinging his axe to slice the dzo's right side open, spraying blood all over him head to toe.


Blood, blood more blood need more blood, the beast is still thirsty. Leo began to pant heavily his eyes beginning to glow red as blood continued to spray everywhere staining himself and the grass around him red. He turned around, eyeing the bluenette that flinched slightly at his appearance.


"Leo?" he questioned caustiously, sky was trembling slightly at the sight of the man as his eyes glowed and the bloodthirsty grin on his face widened.


Leo stalked towards the blunette, dropping his axe, he grabbed sky by the shoulders turned him around grabbing both his wrists and pinning them behind his back in a tight grip.


Sky struggled against the hold panicking slightly, he thrashed around hopelessly trying to get free.


Leo kept his hold strong not even flinching, sky panted heavily trying to find a way outta this since he knew Y'san wont help, because seeing his master struggle amuzes him.


The au ra man leaned in close licking up the side of the felines taut neck, he tasted divine. 


Sky shivered and looked behind himself terrified 'What if he tries to rip my throat out the way he is now?' he thought to himself as he tried to persistently break free.


Leo tired of his struggling, he hooked a leg around sky's shin then pressed his muscled chest against the feline's back causing sky to fall forward.


Sky yelped in pain from the impact, his wounded shoulder hitting the ground hard. His shoulders and arms began to ache from the hold leo had on him. Shifting uncomfortably, he felt the large man's thighs settle on each side of his slender hips.


Leo straddled the blunette's lower back, taking one hand away from his cat's wrists to grip sky's soft blue hair and shove his face down into the ground.


Sky didnt know what was going on or what to do he was completely trapped, his ears pinned back, tail tucked under in fright he wimpered wanting this to end.


"Your mine cat," leo stated in a tone that was full of dominance.


'No way? this guy has the dominance ability?' he paled at the thought, theres no way hes gonna let this beast have his way with him. 'If this guy was a warrior then that means he has an inner beast right?' sky thought hopefully. 'I really hate using this but I hope it works,' sky began to slowly absorb aether into his body preparing to use his charm ability. He let his body relax, tilting his head to one side exposing his throat hoping to entice the beast pinning him down. He wrapped his tail around one wrist that held him in place, then rubbed the blue furred appendage across the beast's forearm.


Leo looked down at the bluenette observing his actions and behavior. "What are you planning cat?" he demanded, but mesmerized by the felines touch, he lost the effectiveness of his dominance.


Sky continued caressing the man with his tail running up his arm past his shoulder and up to caress his cheek. Leo gripped sky's tail, mewling softly sky wiggled his hips slightly. He had the beast's full attention now just a little more. "Leo," he whispered seductively, the red glow in the man's eyes completely disappeared he became completely dazed.


Sky just lay there completely exhausted and embarassed as hell, he never liked using the 'Charm' ability from his beastmastery to get beasts under control. The grip on his arms loosened but the weight on his back hasnt moved, sky huffed tail twitching in annoyance.


Leo chuckled coming back to his senses, then stood up and offered a hand to sky.


He took the offered hand, but eyed the man warily. "Are you back?" he stared into amber eyes cautiously, leo nodded awkwardly.


Y'san watched the entire time, laying beside the unconscious creature they fought. Amuzement painted his feline features, its always entertaining to see his master suffer when hes not in any real danger. And witnessing his charm ability is even more fun, when hes forced to act submissive and seduce beasts to save his own hide. Y'san chuckled when his master glared at him for not helping.


Leo stood there still kind of in a daze but shaking it off slowly.


"I'm so damn tired," he sighed eyes slowly closing. "Your ass is a fucking handful what the hell happened?" sky questioned the mysterious au ra man.


Leo flinched but decided to tell him the truth he deserved to know at least. "Well you know already that warriors have an inner beast right?" sky nodded tiredly. "My inner beast is a lion and hes not easy to control when I come in contact with large amounts of blood, his bloodthirst is excessive," he stated sounding pretty exausted himself.


"That doesnt explain how you have the dominance ability," sky demanded boring into amber eyes.


Leo flinched slightly "Uh thats hardwired into Au Ra, and almost all Au Ra except for females have this ability." sky looked completely shocked, it confused leo. "If you dont mind my asking, why do you look so shocked?" leo questioned, pulling the blunette from his shocked state.


"Well I was born and raised in Gyr Abania so you dont hear much about the Far East," sky stated suprising the raven haired man.




Okay so this was the first chapter yay. As for the words sky and y'san spoke here are the translations.


TI shumet - We Hunt

vish vleshr - With Pleasure

Qil - Kill

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