Tropical Heat

BY : Boiled Rose
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Part 1

Yuffie opened the door to the villa’s guest room and was met with a dimly lit room, an odd musky scent, and the not quite wolf not quite lion that was Red XIII. The red beast was lying belly down on his futon, he turned his head back at the sound of her entrance and promptly tucked his tail between his legs.

“What gives mutt?” The ninja asked, “You come all this way to see us just to stay cooped up in your room?”

Nanaki sheepishly looked away from her, “the… heat makes my nose dry out.”

“Mine too, but you don’t see me complaining! Come to the beach with us, it’s not the same without having you to annoy.” She put her hands on her hips and stared at her large red companion, who pointedly continued to ignore her gaze. She knew something was up, although Red XIII had never been enthusiastic about Avalanche’s periodic reunions in Costa Del Sol he would typically at very least find some shade alongside the beach and listen to the conversations and reminiscences of their old party. This time he’d been holed up in Cloud’s villa all day since she and Tifa had arrived.

“I got a new bikini I’ll be changing into so you’d at least have a better view ignoring me on the beach than in this stuffy room,” and it really was stuffy. Wutai’s heiress sniffed at the musky stale air curiously. There was an odd animalistic scent in the air she hadn’t noticed when they had shacked up together before. It gave her head a weird feeling and she noted curiously that her pussy was dampening from smelling it. She gave her head a quick shake to clear it, and then regarded the lazy red lout on the futon. Her words hadn’t elicited so much as a tail flick from Nanaki.

With a grin the ninja strode across the room and gave Red a playful shove to roll him off the futon. Caught off guard he spun to the ground and landed on his back, and his legs splayed open revealing what he had been hiding beneath his belly. When Yuffie looked down towards it all Nanaki could bring himself to do was hide his muzzle behind his paws in shame.

“Oh my Gawd!” Yuffie exclaimed as she stared at the enormous pink and red mottled cock that had been unveiled between Nanaki’s legs. It had to be the largest dick Yuffie had ever seen, and by no small margin, even the glimpse she’d caught of Barrett’s organ was nothing compared to Red XIII’s tapered behemoth.

Red eventually regained himself, rolled back on to his paws, and leaped back on to the futon. After a brief silence which felt like an eternity his singular eye met Yuffie’s gaze. “It’s mating season,” he said by way of explanation. “I’ve been avoiding the group because whenever I’m around you or Tifa… Well…” He looked downwards.

“Have you tried… You know?” Yuffie made a jerking off motion in the air. In response the hound sat on his haunches momentarily and presented his paws with a frown. “Oh, right.”

She couldn’t help but look down at his enormous cock and hefty balls before he resumed his position on all fours. Females of Red XIII’s species had to be all twat to take a thing like that!

“Mating season only comes every few years for me, but it lasts for some time and it’s very inconvenient. My musk and especially my… fluids contain pheromones which arouse females. One sniff of an aroused female and I’m stuck like this for a few hours.”

“But I thought you said it happened whenever you’re around me or Tifa…” Yuffie probed.

Red nodded. “As I said, one sniff of an aroused female.”

She rolled her eyes at that, she might have gawked at a few of the bulges on the beach but she hadn’t exactly been gushing since they arrived in Costa Del Sol. And here Red was clearly thinking that his pre was getting her hot and bothered. Then she had an idea, turnabout was fair play after all. “So what if one of these ‘aroused females’ were to, say…” Yuffie plopped herself next to him on the futon, “sit right next to you?” She asked teasingly.

Peering underneath him the ninja girl took another look at his weird canine dick, she grinned as her close proximity seemed to have had the desired effect. “Gawd, it’s getting even thicker! Hey, roll over, I want to check something!”

Panting, Red XIII nervously complied, his steel-hard cock pointing directly towards the ceiling. With Yuffie so close to it precum had begun to bead at its tapered tip to dribble down along its length. The heady scent of his precum filled her nose and made her head swirl anew, but she was able to shake it off as easily as before. The Wutai girl placed her elbow alongside his sheath and made a fist above his cockhead.

“Wow! Where were you hiding this thing?” She asked, half in jest, half genuinely curious. “It’s almost as long as my forearm, and just as thick!” Just to be sure of its size she wrapped the fingers of her free hand around her forearm and then around the shaft of his dick.

“Aww, not quite as thick… Wait, it’s thicker at the bottom!” She ran her hand down his dick, and her fingertips were gradually pushed away from her thumb by the sheer volume of meat in her hand. “Wow, I can’t even fit my hand around it down here!”

“Maybe you need both hands?”  Red asked, a hint of desperation present in his voice.

Yuffie paused to consider, debating just how far she wanted to take her prank, but ultimately she wrapped both hands around it. Slowly she began to run both hands up his length, a task made easy by the amount of precum which had accumulated on the shaft. Then she brought them back down, just lightly tracing his cock with her fingertips. She repeated the motion, growing faster and faster, and gradually tightening her grip, moving from soft caresses to firm jerks.

“Yuffie, I’m gonna—” Red winced, he tremored in pleasure as a pressure built up deep in his pelvis. The bulge at the base of his cock, his knot, suddenly expanded obscenely and--Yuffie let go of his dick. Perfect timing, she thought. Red thrusted his hips skyward on the verge of an orgasm that he couldn’t quite reach and was about to find himself with what Yuffie considered a most deserved case of blue balls.

“That’s for calling me an ‘aroused female’! Like I’d ever get turned on by doggie dick!” She flashed him a mischievous smile, “well, I think I’m gonna head back to the beach! You can join us when you get this thing sorted out!” She emphasized her point by giving his cock a smack with the back of her hand, which had the unexpected effect of pushing him beyond the edge she’d so mercilessly been dangling him over.

Backed up as he had been, a veritable geyser of cum shot forth from his cock. The first shot rained down over Yuffie and doused her hair, the second got on her face and in her mouth, the next few painted her chest and stomach, and no shortage matted the fur surrounding Red XIII’s crotch.

“Gawd it’s all over me!” Yuffie exclaimed as she coughed, sputtered and swallowed. She wiped a thick rope of jizz off her eyelid and looked down at the panting hound in disgust.

“Serves you right,” he panted.

Speechless for perhaps the first time since they met, Yuffie wordlessly fled to the bathroom to clean herself. Upon entering she looked herself in the mirror. “Eww, it’s in my hair…” Not that there were many places it wasn’t. She was positively plastered with Red XIII’s cum from the waist up, the white substance was very slowly running down her body. Even with her relative lack of sexual experience Yuffie could tell Red XIII’s spunk was much thicker than a human’s, and it had a much stronger scent than his precum had.

As she looked at her cum coated reflection she unconsciously licked her lips, taking more of the bitter substance into her mouth which she reflexively swallowed. Did I just do that!? Yuffie thought as she realized what had just happened. Mortified, the blood drained from her face. Red XIII had been talking about pheromones and she had just had more than a whiff of his semen, not to mention the fact that some of his bestial seed was in her stomach.

Wasting no time she stripped off her green crop top and threw it to the floor, noting that her now exposed nipples were stiff with desire. Clearly she needed to avail herself of this druglike cocksnot as soon as possible. In a moment she had stripped everything but her bangle and had the annoyingly low-pressured showerhead running with suitably cold water.

As she ran her hands over her body she felt a heat welling up inside her to combat the chill of the shower water. She allowed her hands to explore her body, kneading at her breasts and rubbing her crotch. As humiliating as the situation had been, Yuffie couldn’t remember the last time she was this horny. She looked down at her hands, which were coated in Red XIII’s cum. While the pathetic stream of the shower was slowly watering down the semen it wasn’t yet diluted enough to simply run off her body, instead she had simply been rubbing it into her skin and spreading her friend’s jizz across her body.

Cheeks burning Yuffie allowed her fingers to disappear inside her virgin snatch, unable to resist masturbating even with her cum-coated fingertips. The watered-down semen served as a great lubricant, and her fingers were soon moving with ease. Dextrous as she was she was quickly able to coax the release she needed from her body. Her muscles began twitching at the sensation, and she was forced to brace herself against the wall in front of her with her free hand to keep her balance. As she gasped her arousal seemed to flee down the drain with the semen, she was left feeling sick to her stomach.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” muttered Yuffie. Masturbating with animal semen was on her short list of the most debasing things she could think of. She was glad no one was around to witness her depraved act, and at least there should be no pregnancy risk with Nanaki’s sperm. She shuddered imagining getting pregnant with his puppies before she’d even taken a cock up her pussy, and tried to ignore how the thought caused her loins to tingle again.

Yuffie stayed in the shower for a long time, scrubbing herself long after she had been cleaned of Red’s batter. She scrubbed until her skin took on a light pink hue, and then knelt down and let the water fall on her body until her toes began to wrinkle. When she was finished showering and toweling herself off she slipped back on her khaki shorts and regarded her discarded semen-soaked crop top and bra.

“Dammit, that was my favorite top.”

With finger and thumb she cautiously picked up the ruined garments, tossed them into the shower and turned the water back on. She wrapped a towel around her chest, and left the room. She paused in front of the door to the guest room and hesitated. She wasn’t sure if she should say anything or just pretend that nothing had happened. In the end she rapped her knuckles on the door to the guest room. “Red, the… The shower’s free if you need it. Just toss out the clothes I left in there when you’re done. I’m, umm… I’m going back to the inn to change… I’ll see you later.”

She fled before he had a chance to emerge.

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