Short Breaks

BY : TooManyLemons
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          “Hey, where are you going?” The foreman eyed the duo carefully. He had had his doubts about hiring them, especially given the man’s reputation. There had been no sign of any profit left from that treasure. It wasn’t even likely used for the poor girl, since her clothes were a little flashy, but nothing particularly extravagant. Her ring was plain. 

          The man stared at him, a little surprised, then glanced down at the woman, almost like a warning to stay quiet. She seemed distressed. “We’re taking a break, we’ll be back in ten minutes.”

           “Fine then.” He checked the clock, then waved to one of the regular workers when they turned around and walked off the site.

          The aardvark man sniffed curiously when he came over. “Boss, you want me to keep an eye on them?”

          “Yes. She looked really upset this time.” It was also a matter of keeping an eye on the books to make sure things really added up, since the woman seemed so shifty. He walked over to the office and looked over the records.

          It was exhausting, but incredibly flattering to be propositioned this often. The massive man glanced around as the woman laid down on one of the crates, then lifted his wife’s legs, undid the sturdy band holding her breasts still and dropped his trousers, carefully feeling her up while moving into a comfortable position on his knees. She stifled a whimper, already trembling, her pussy dripping wet. “Don’t tease me…” She whined softly, her hair spilling off the far side of the crate.

          He vindictively rubbed her increasingly sensitive nipples, forcing her to stifle a scream. “What did I ask you to say?”

          She turned a shade darker and mumbled. “Red, do I have to?” She looked up at him, desperate. “Please, Daddy…” she swallowed and looked to the side in embarrassment. “impregnate me with your wonderful cock…”

          “Good girl.” He grinned and slid his penis into her, groaning slightly at the heat and wetness inside her vagina. He leaned carefully over the crate and planted a kiss on her forehead, carefully stroking her neck with one hand.

          She laid back and stifled the various sounds that came out of her mouth with one arm, gripping one of his armbands with the other hand while he thrusted.

          The worker found them by the squishing sounds and the smell of sweaty human. He turned the corner of one of the nearly-completed buildings and almost jumped back with embarrassment. There were the woman’s legs, hooked around the man’s waist while he knelt in front of her, his ass barely covered by the edge of his tunic. One slender brown hand, a ring glinting on one finger, was hooked onto a leather armband, not quite able to reach a shoulder to hold onto. He decided that maybe he shouldn’t watch it, so he rounded the corner again and just listened in case of anything suspicious being said.

          He waited for five minutes. Just varied speed of squishing, grunts, and the occasional stifled yelp emitted from the alleyway. The squishing stopped and the groaning started. Two more minutes. He glanced around and saw the man’s trousers pulled back up, scarlet locks now shifting between the woman’s legs. He’d heard that humans and Burmecians were the only ones to participate in such gruesome acts, and the man was hard to pin as definitely human. He turned back, mildly queasy, then peeked again out of curiosity. The woman laid there, limp, the man’s hand was at his face, probably wiping something off his beard. Two more minutes and they would be expected back. He left.

        The foreman came out of double-checking the office just in time to see the aardvark man trundling back, snuffling a little. His ears seemed oddly pink. “Did you find them?”

          “They’re just a young couple in love. Lani seemed fine.” The foreman looked back and saw the duo back, then checked the clock again when the woman wordlessly passed them into the office, mildly disheveled. It was exactly 10 minutes from the point she’d left as she sat down and started going over the books herself again. “Well, I’m getting back to relieve Joey for lunch, Boss.”

          “Right.” He nodded and went to double check on the rest of the workers. He’d continue to trust the ex-con duo… for now.

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