The Quistis Chronicles

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Quistis stood in front of the door of an elaborate mansion and rang the doorbell. She smiled sweetly at the man that answered. “Good evening, General Caraway.”


“Miss Trepe, it's wonderful to see you again,” he greeted. “Please, come in.”


She walked inside, seeing that nothing had changed she last visited him about a month and a half ago. “As always, it's wonderful to see you too, General.”


“How's my daughter?” General Caraway asked. He saw that she was wearing a long black trench coat that was tied in the middle to keep her warm from the cold weather outside, black stockings, and five inch black wedge sandals.


Quistis gave a sweet smile, sitting on the desk. “Fury…,” she said, using his first name. “Do you really wanna think about your daughter right now?”


He chuckled and shook his head. “You're right, we should get started. I already told you what to expect this time. Don't make me look bad. Understand?”


She nodded, getting off the desk. “Of course, General,” she replied huskily, rubbing her chest against his arm. “With the amount you paid, I'll give you a bonus…”


The older man shivered at that, giving her a heated look. “And that is…?”


She licked at his ear then nipped at the lobe. “Me, for a whole weekend and you can do whatever you want. Sounds good?”


He grabbed her hair roughly to give her an even rougher kiss. “Deal, now let's go enjoy ourselves,” he suggested and opened the door to the den. He pushed her inside, seeing the other four men waiting for them, his colleagues from the military. All of them were sitting around the room, drinking wine or champagne and smoking cigars. They all looked at him and Quistis when they entered.


“Fury, it's about time!” one shouted with a laugh. He was a stocky man with light blonde and gray hair, fair skin, and a thick mustache that looked a little bit older than Fury. “You need to join us!”


General Caraway laughed. “I will join you soon, Harold.”


“Is this the one you've been talking about all week?” another man asked. He was about the same age as Caraway and a little more built with dark brown hair, a nice deep tan, and green eyes.


“Yes, Jim. This is Q,” he replied. “She'll be joining us as well.”


“Good,” a man that wasn't that much older than Quistis. He was muscular and the tallest one with short black hair, dark-skin like Raijin, and gray eyes. “Good that you brought us nice company, Fury.”


“She seems…friendly,” another man said. He was older than the rest of the men and had light gray hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, and was a little more round than all of the men, but he wasn't in bad shape.


“Oh she is more than nice company, Nick. And she's very friendly, Ben,” Caraway told them. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and undid her trench coat then pulled it away, revealing her scantily clad body to them.


All Quistis was wearing was a black satin corset that left her breasts bare and gave them a nice lift and had a matching garter belt along with black stockings with a black lace trim at the top. She wore nothing to conceal her holes, leaving her bare for their gaze.


Caraway smirked as he gave her large ass a hard smack, making her moan. “Here you go, boys. Pussy on the menu tonight, and don't just stop there, her asshole is also on the menu. In fact, just use her body however you want. She is here to be your personal cum dump.”


All four men quickly removed their clothes then practically jumped the lone woman. Ben stood next to her then turned her head to the side, kissing her soundly as he groped one of her tits. Harold stood behind her and nipped at her neck as he lowered his fingers to her cunt and began rubbing her clit. Nick also helped with rubbing the swollen nub then shoved two fingers into her wet slit. Jim sucked on the other tit, loving how soft yet firm it was as he started undoing the corset. Caraway sat down on a nearby sofa and poured himself some champagne, watching them.


Quistis purred when Jim pulled her over by her nipples then bent her head down to his cock. Without needing him to order her, Quistis began sucking him off. She nearly screamed when she felt a cock slam into her pussy from behind and began fucking her nice and hard. Jim held her head still as he fucked her mouth desperately, as if he hadn't had a woman in ages. Quistis couldn’t help but moan as she was spit roasted, loving how hard her pussy was being pounded into and how Jim’s balls slapped against her chin with each thrust. Her legs were starting to shake from all of the pleasure she was feeling, the only thing holding her up at this point was whoever was fucking her from behind. Jim pulled his cock out her mouth with a loud pop, making her gasp for breath. She gave him a breathless laugh then looked behind herself, seeing that it was Ben fucking her. “Oh yes!! Fuck me!! YES!!!” She looked back at Jim, running her tongue along his length then swallowed him in one go. His cock hit the back of her throat almost making her gag, but she quickly adjusted.


Jim groaned as he continued fucking her mouth. “Fuck! You get her to do this to you often, Fury?” he managed to ask. “And how did you get such a sexy woman to say yes to you?”


Very often,” Caraway replied, taking a sip of his champagne. “And let's just say…I met her while on business.”


“Lucky bastard,” Harold said, watching the woman get spit roasted. “Give us a turn, boys! I want her pussy while it's still tight!”


Quistis gasped when Jim pulled away again and Ben pulled out of her cunt. She gave Harold a heated look as she walked over to him and pushed him on a nearby sofa and straddled him. She rubbed her pussy along his cock, leaving her juices on it. “Good sir, if there's one thing you don't need to worry about…my holes are always tight.” She pushed down onto the cock below her and began riding him wildly. Harold groaned and grabbed her hips as he thrust upwards. Quistis laughed then looked over her shoulder at the youngest man standing not too far from her and gave him a wink. “Hey, why don't you come over here? I guarantee my mouth is just as good until he's done with my pussy.”


“I don't want your mouth. I want…” He looked down at the large, round cheeks and stared at the hole in between them.


She smirked and moved her hands back, grabbing her jiggling cheeks and spread them as wide as they could go, making her asshole twitch. “Come on in,” she said huskily. “It’s thirsty for cum.”


Nick positioned his cock at the offered hole then quickly thrust into her. He didn't give her any time to adjust, which she didn't need, and just began pounding into her ass roughly. “Her ass is super tight!” he grunted.


The woman squealed in delight, loving how full her ass was. Ben climbed onto the couch and stood in front of her. She saw that his cock was glistening with her juices then leaned forward to lick at the tip. Before she could do anything else, he grabbed her hair and shoved his whole length in her mouth. If she hadn't been so experienced, she would've definitely choked, but she adjusted quickly. She bobbed her head, working her throat muscles around his cock and enjoying the taste of his precum that was leaking out.


Ben grinned as he held her hair as he began thrusting into her mouth, enjoying the way she looked as she sucked him off. “No wonder you're usually busy, Fury,” he commented. “She's great in the sack!”


Caraway didn't say anything and just nodded along as he watched his friends have fun with the blonde beauty. Harold grunted as he grabbed her tits while he fucked her pussy vigorously. Nick was also fucking her just as hard, watching her ass jiggle with each thrust. The garter belt framed it nicely, making it a sexier sight. The younger man smacked her large cheeks, making her moan loudly around the dick in her mouth.


Quistis pulled away, gasping for air as she looked up at Ben and laughed breathlessly then went back to licking at his length. “Mmm, yes! Fuck me!! Rip my holes apart!!” She swallowed his cock again, squealing in pleasure when Martin held her still and fucked her just as hard as the two men fucking her holes. This was the kind of sex she loved, being dominated and used like a whore to satisfy them. She knew she would be sore in the morning and unable to keep their cum in since her holes were definitely going to be ruined after this. She bobbed her head fast and tightened her throat muscles around Ben’s dick.


“Fuuuucckk!! I’m gonna cum!!” Ben yelled, watching her suck on his cock eagerly. When she looked up at him with a heated, lustful look in her blue eyes, he lost it. He kept thrusting into her mouth as he came then pulled out, seeing some drool and semen spill onto her breasts. He sat down on a nearby sofa as he recovered from his orgasm, having not had one that powerful in such a long time. “Fuck, Fury! You have such a talented companion.”


Quistis gave him a smile as she swallowed his cum that was still left in her mouth. She looked over her shoulder at Nick then down at Harold, tightening her holes around their dicks and rocked her hips as best as she could. “Mmm, yes!! YES!! Fuck me harder!! Faster!!”


“Want it harder, you little butt slut?” Nick growled, spanking her ass then began thrusting harder into her. “Gonna ruin your filthy ass!”


She nodded frantically, reaching around to wrap her arm around his neck then gave him a heated kiss. “That’s it!! Fuck my filthy ass!!” she yelled. She looked down at Harold and leaned down to kiss him roughly for a few seconds then brought her tits up to his face. He latched onto them, greedily sucking on the pink puckered nipples. “Oh yes!! Suck my nipples!!”


Ben sat next to Caraway as he poured himself a glass of wine. “Fury, I gotta hand it to ya. Ye sure know how to throw a good gathering.”


Caraway nodded as he took a sip of his champagne. “Thank you, Ben,” he replied. “Make sure to fuck her to your heart’s content. I guarantee you, her pussy and ass are just as good as her mouth.”


Ben laughed heartily as he drank some wine. “Don’t worry, Fury! I’ll fuck those holes nice and good once they’re done. Little whore is gonna be sore once we’re done with her.”


Jim, who had been standing by and watching her while he stroked his own cock, saw Nick and Harold roll over so that the younger man was on the bottom and continued fucking her ass while Harold continued fucking her cunt. Quistis screamed loudly in pleasure as both men picked up the pace, making her breasts bounce wildly. Jim walked over and straddled her waist, sliding his dick in between the large orbs. “Gonna fuck your lovely tits and cover them in my cum,” he grunted as he began squeezing them around his cock and fucking them.


She smiled up at him, feeling the tip hit her chin. “Mmm, yes!! Fuck my tits! Use my body for your pleasures!! Make me your whore!!” she screamed.


Jim continued fucking her tits, watching the precum from the tip smear on her chin. “Suck the tip, slut!” he shouted. He watched as she lowered her chin and opened her mouth, moaning at how good her lips felt. “Fuck, Fury! She’s great! Gonna have to get her number from you!”


Caraway didn’t say anything and continued drinking his champagne as he watched Quistis being used like a whore. He was glad that he called her to help his comrades de-stress from all the work they’ve been doing. What was better than having a sexy woman come over and let the men have their way with her supple body?


Harold grunted as he started thrusting more frantically in her pussy, feeling his orgasm nearing. “S-SHIT!! I’m g-g-gonna cum!!”


Quistis wrapped her legs around his waist and tightened her vaginal muscles around his cock as she pulled away from Jim’s cock. “Cum inside me!! Fill me with your cum!! I want it!!”


“Gonna fill you up, whore!” he shouted as he gave one last thrust, filling her womb with his thick, creamy cum.


The woman screamed as she felt his hot jizz fill her cunt. Her vaginal walls tightened around the cocks in her, gripping them so tight they could barely move. “YES!! YES!!”


Nick gasped as her anal muscles clenched him in a vice grip. “FUUUUCCCKKKK!!! I’M CUMMING!!!” he shouted as he came inside her asshole.


“Cumming!! Ah! Ahh! AAAHHH!!! CUUUUMMIIIINGG!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!” Her juices squirted out around Harold’s cock as Nick filled her rectum with his cum. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head in pure unadulterated bliss as her body twitched from the intensity of her orgasm. She looked up Jim standing over her with his cock in hand and stroking it fast. Before she could do anything, thick shots of semen sprayed and covered her face. She opened her mouth, catching as much as she could, feeling some of his cum land on her tits.


“That’s a good girl…,” Jim praised her as he continued cumming on her face, seeing some land in her hair.


Once all three men were done, Nick pulled his cock out of her ass, hearing sloppy wet pop as Harold pulled out and saw his cock was covered in his and her cum then sat down on a nearby sofa. Jim sat next to him as Nick pushed her to side, leaving her alone on the loveseat. Quistis just laughed breathlessly, leaving her legs wide open for all of them to see their handy work. She could feel some of their cum leak out of her orifices. She brought her fingers down to her cunt and brushed them along her drenched slit then brought them back up to her mouth, moaning as she licked them clean. “Mmm, I hope that’s not all,” she said lustfully. “I want more cocks.”


“Guess that’s my cue!” Ben said with a hearty laugh and stood up with his glass of wine in one hand. He walked over to her with a lustful smile. “Get on yer knees, slut. Give my cock a nice oral massage before I fuck ya!”


Quistis nodded and got on her knees in front of him. Her hand grabbed his hardened cock and began stroking it slowly as she licked at the tip a few times. She swallowed most of his length in one go and bobbed her head at a medium pace. Her eyes looked up with a lustful haze as she tightened her mouth around, moaning loudly.


Ben groaned as he looked down at her sucking his cock. His free hand fisted in her hair while he began moving his hips a little more. “That’s it. You like sucking cock, don’t ya?” he asked. He felt little vibrations when she purred in agreement. “Yeah, yer a good cock-loving whore. No wonder Fury got ya.” He looked over to his friend with a grin. “So where should I dump my load, Fury? She’s filled up in both.”


Caraway smirked as he finished off his champagne and poured more into his glass. “If you want to feel absolute filthy wetness then fuck her pussy. But if you’re wanting something more…exquisite, then her ass. I enjoy both equally.”


“Hmm, let me try out your pussy again. Let’s see if I can fuck ya to yer a squirtin’ mess,” Ben said, pulling her away from his cock. He smirked down at her and brought his glass to her lips. “Here, have some before I wreck ya.” Quistis drank some of the wine, moaning at the taste as she continued looking at him lustfully. Ben set the glass aside and patted her hair. He made her lay on the floor then brought her hips to rest on the edge of the couch as her head and shoulders rested on the floor. Her legs were spread wide, dangling near her head as he spread her large supple cheeks. Ben smirked at the sight of her quivering holes leaking thick creamy white fluid. “There ya go, perfect position! Now, it’s time to fuck ya!”


Quistis watched in utter fascination as his large cock aimed and slowly started pushing into her pussy. He was about the same size as Fury, stretching her cunt wide. “FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!! It’s going so deep inside me!!” she screamed. “Feels so good!!” She felt his balls resting against her pelvis as he managed to shove it all the way in. Her eyes widened in distress when she saw him pulling out, trying her best to clench around to keep him in her. When it reached the tip of his cock, he shoved it back in with a little more force, making his balls slap against her clit. He continued to do this at a slow, steady pace that was driving her insane with his thick shaft. “Mmm yeseeessss!!! Ohhh, fuuuuccck, yesss!! Fuck, fuck!! It feels so gooooood!!”


All of the other men watched as Ben fucked the sexy woman stupid. Nick sat not too far from them and was able to get a really good view of Martin’s dick pounding into the woman’s snatch as he sipped on some champagne. He felt his own dick get hard from seeing her wet hole stretch wide to accommodate Ben plus her asshole that was leaking his own cum from earlier. Her arms laid limply next to her as she kept crying out in delight from getting fucked.


“Now that I got yer pussy all warmed up…,” Ben began and looked over at her with a smug smirk as he pulled all the way out, but nudge the tip against her wet lips. “I have a twenty-five year old ache that yer gonna take care of! Don’t disappoint me, slut!” With that said, he savagely drilled back into her pussy and began fucking her hard, fast, and rough. Quistis screamed as she watched him carve out her cunt with his long, thick shaft. His cock hit the back of her womb as her clit swelled from his balls practically beating against it. Her vaginal juices were gushing out with each thrust, landing on her torso, tits, and even some on her face. Ben nearly growled as he plunged ruthlessly into her soaking channel, loving how hot and tight she was around him. “Fuuuccckk!!! Yer feel so fucking great!!” He looked down at her ass, seeing his hands holding onto the round cheeks. It had been long time since he had a woman and Fury chose well. This woman had curves in all the right places, breasts that were big, well-rounded, and ample, and an ass that was plump, firm yet soft, and large. It also didn’t hurt that the garter belt framed it nicely, making it look more erotic when the cheeks jiggled. He gave both cheeks a few sharp slaps, smirking when he saw them turn red. “Does it feel fucking good, slut?”


“Yes, oh fuck, YEEEEESSSS!!!!! Haah!! Hah!! Aah, haah, nyaahh!!!” Quistis cried out in ecstasy as her cunt was fucked. “OOOHHH HYNE!!! I CAN FEEL YOU THROBBING IN MY PUSSY!!!” Her eyes slowly started rolling to the back of her head from the immense pleasure she was feeling. She could feel tingling going down her spine every time his cock rammed into her and her cunt swelling from the brutal force. Hyne, she was such a slut for anyone who used her like this. “T-Tearing…! Tearing my pussy apart!!”


Nick stood up and knelt down in front of her with his cock near her mouth. Quistis gave him a cheeky smile and opened her mouth. He roughly shoved his dick in all the way, hitting the back of her throat. Quistis’ eyes widen at how rough he was, but didn’t mind one bit. He began fucking her mouth just as hard as Martin was fucking her cunt, feeling his balls slap her face every time. “Oh yes!! Fuck your mouth feels so good!!” Nick shouted.


Jim and Harold joined in after a few minutes of watching their friends use her for their carnal pleasures. Both of them sat on the couch on either side of her. Ben grinned at them and opened her ass cheeks as far as they could go. “Gonna make good use of her back door?” he asked them.


Jim nodded, looking at the small opening that had some semen dripping out of it. Hell, the hole was practically winking at them, almost like it was begging for someone to do something to it. He leaned down and gave it a small lick, seeing it clench then unclench. He licked at it again, watching it do the same thing and chuckled. “What a back door slut,” he stated.


Harold smirked as he watched Jim continue playing with her butt hole, sipping on champagne. “I can’t wait to get a turn in there,” he said with a hearty laugh. “Fury, aren’t you gonna come and look?”


Caraway shook his head. “No, I’ve had her plenty of times,” he replied with a small smirk. “I purchased her for you gentlemen to use. Please, have fun with her.” Of course, that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to join in, but he wanted to watch her get used before he did so. There was something erotic about watching your sex partner get fucked before joining in.


Jim nipped around her opening then shoved his tongue as far as it could go in her anal passage, swirling it around for a few seconds then pulled away. He laughed when he saw her reaction. “Fuck, Harold! Look at this!”


Harold looked over and saw her asshole gaping widely and twitching like crazy. “Damn! Little slut must want something in her ass!” He looked down at her face, seeing Nick still fucking her mouth roughly and her deep throating him as best as she could in her position. “Want something in your ass, whore?”


Quistis gasped, catching her breath with Nick pulled out, leaving thick trails of saliva and precum connecting his dick and her mouth. She closed her eyes, making her asshole twitch more. “Ravage my pussy and ass! Do what you want to me!” Nick shoved his dick back in and let him fuck her mouth while she let the men decide what to do. She didn’t care at this point what they did. She just wanted to enjoy getting fucked like the whore that she is.


“Oh, I think we have something for your ass…,” Jim said. He grabbed the bottle of champagne and poured some in her asshole. Quistis squeaked around Nick’s cock in surprise from the cold liquid and unintentionally clenched her hole shut.


Harold quickly used his index and middle fingers to spread her wide open. “Not uh, you’re not gonna keep us out of this treasure,” he told her.


Jim poured more in then licked at it, groaning in pleasure at the taste. He slurped on the champagne inside then moved away so Harold could get some as well. “I think she likes it. Gonna have her spray this out of her ass!”


Nick was breathing heavily as he gave a few more hard thrusts then came. Quistis’ eyes widened at the amount he shot, swallowing as much as she could. When he pulled out, some of his cum dripped onto her face, but she didn’t care. All she could really focus on was Ben fucking her stupid and Jim and Harold pouring the cool champagne in her ass. “Mmm, oh yes!! YEEESSS!!! Ohhh fuck, my pussy is going to tear!!”


Harold and Jim laughed as they saw her asshole squirting the champagne out of her ass, licking the excess off her butt cheeks. “This is gonna be a nice fuck right here!” Jim crowed with excitement. “Can’t wait to stick my dick in!”


Ben wasn’t paying attention to any of them, only focused on mercilessly ramming into the glory hole that was surrounding his cock. “Hyne, this pussy…! So tight! So good!” he yelled. “My dick is gonna explode!”


“OOOHHH!! AHH!! Hah!!! YEEESS!!! Fill me! Please, fill my dirty pussy with your wonderful cum!” she screamed in ecstasy.


The older man just grunted as he went for broke, viciously drilling into her. His balls smacking even harder against her engorged clit. “Cumming!! Gonna cu-UUUMMM!!!” Ben gave her one final hard thrust then came, lots of cum shooting into her hungry cunt.


“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! YES!!! I’M CUMMING!!! CUUUUMMMIIIINNNGGGG!!!!” she screamed, clamping around him in a vice grip as she felt him pumping a great amount of cum in her as her own juices mixed with the thick cream. Her asshole squirted out whatever champagne was left in it, landing on her ass, Ben’s hands, and even a little on Jim and Harold.


Ben stayed in her for a while, feeling his dick twitch from the aftershock and the cum still pouring in her. Quistis moaned as she felt her stomach swelling from the amount he poured into her. He gave both of her ass cheeks a firm smack. “Fuck…that was amazing.” When he felt he was done, he pulled out and stood the side. She stayed in the same position as she continued to catch her breath. Her thighs were shaking from the intensity of her orgasm and her pussy was twitching and gaping. He and the other men laughed when they saw some globs of semen spill out and land on her tits. “Thanks fer getting rid of my ache, slut! Definitely gonna get yer number so I can fuck ya again after this!” He gave her a lewd smirk and a wink. “But I’m gonna rip that ass apart before tonight is over.”


Quistis gave him a smile then gasped when Jim lifted her up. She was facing away from him as he sat on the couch, holding her above his hardened dick. She cried out when his thick member slid into her asshole. Her head rested on his shoulder as her hands rested on her stomach. “Oooohhh!!! Yes!! It feels so good in my ass!!” She saw Harold standing near them with his own cock in hand, stroking it as he watched them. She moved her hands down to hold her cheeks apart, moaning when she felt Jim start moving. “More, I want more cock!!”


“Want more cock in your ass?” Harold asked her with a grin, positioning himself near her full ass. “Can your slutty ass handle two cocks?”


“Ooohhh, H-Hy-Hyne!!! Just get in my fucking ass!!” she told him, looking at him a firm, heated look. “Fucking use my ass!! I WANT IT!!!”


Harold grinned, pushing his cock inside along with Jim’s. Her ass felt extremely tight around both of them. “Fuuuuccckkk…! So damn tight!” he groaned once he was fully inside her.


“O-Oh, Hyne! It feels amazing!” she yelled, feeling both of them begin a punishing pace in her ass. Her asshole was going to be a mess after tonight, but that didn’t matter to her. All that mattered was the immense pleasure she felt. “Don’t you dare stop giving me those cocks! Destroy my ass!”


Caraway, Ben, and Nick all sat together as they watched Jim and Harold fuck the sexy blonde’s ass mercilessly. “I can see why ya go yapping about this broad all the time, Fury,” Martin stated, drinking more wine and smoking a cigar. “Her body is a wet dream come true! Ya get her to come to ya on a regular basis?”


He nodded. “Yes, I figured since we’ve all been busy with work that you gentlemen deserved a reward,” he told him then gave a small smile. “So, feel free to do whatever you want to her. She enjoys a lot of fetishes and loves being used like a whore.”


 “AHHH!! Good! So good! So DEEP! AH! HAAH! T-tearing me apart!!” she shouted. She looked up at Harold and brought his head down to kiss him heatedly. When they pulled apart, she laughed breathlessly, clenching her anal muscles tightly around them. “Oh yes!! Yes!! YEEEESSSS!!!! It feels incredible in my ass!!” She turned her head around to kiss Jim, moaning when she felt them pick up the pace. She moved her hand down to her pussy and shoved four fingers in, gasping into the kiss as she started fucking herself with them.


“S-SHIIITTT!! I’m gonna cum!” Harold grunted as he slammed into her ass with one more brutal thrust, shooting his cum inside her.


Jim didn’t hold on for much longer. He pulled away from her lips and groaned with each thrust then gave her one more hard thrust then also came inside her.


Quistis moaned as she felt their combined cum fill her stretched insides. She gasped when she felt them pull out, leaving her empty. She felt Jim’s hand turn to her face to his and started kissing her again. She managed to turn over and straddle, deepening the kiss. His hands moved down to her ass, cupping the luscious cheeks that he and his friend had just fucked not five minutes before.


Harold smirked as he sat down on the couch nearby, picking up a cigar and lit it. His and Jim’s semen were leaking out of her shuddering hole. “Gotta say, boys, both of her holes are equally great! Can’t wait to fuck ‘em again!”


The blonde woman moaned when Jim tossed her on the sofa, giving her tits a light smack as he stood up and went to pour himself another glass of champagne. She moved her hands down to play with her nipples and clit, rubbing and pinching the nubs. Even after being fucked as much she had been, she still wanted more. “Please…,” she whined, tugging at her clit harshly. “More…give me more cocks and cum! I want more!”


“Then come have a seat on my cock,” Caraway told her with a smirk.


She stood up shakily and walked over to him, straddling him and quickly forced his cock inside in her pussy. “Ooooh, YES!!” She started bouncing on his cock like a wild woman, desperate to cum again. “Feels so fucking good!”


The other men watched as the lone woman rode their friend, mostly watching her large ass cheeks clap against each other and Caraway’s thighs with each thrust. Jim felt his dick harden again at the sight and walked over to the couple, grabbing her hair then pulled her head back to kiss her lustfully as he aimed his cock at her cock-stuffed pussy. Quistis gasped as she felt his cock push itself in with the other dick already fucking her.


“Fuuuuuuuuck!! You're stretching me so much! Ohhh fuck, my pussy is going to tear!! Ohhh yeeeesss!!” she screamed, moving her hand down to rub her clit.


Jim grunted as he and Caraway pounded into her, wondering how the hell she was still wet and gushing out juices with each thrust. “Fuck, how can she still be so wet?”


Caraway chuckled breathlessly and popped both of her ass cheeks at the same time. “Because she’s a slut,” he said. His hips snapped up brutally as he began going faster along with his comrade.


The woman between them moaned as her pussy was fucked hard, making her spurt. “Oh yes! Just like that! Tear my pussy up! Yes!! YES!!!”


Caraway and Jim kept it up for a few minutes then switched positions. Jim sat on the couch with Quistis’ back to him as he continued plunging up into her wet hole as Caraway stood above them and pounded her cunt with renewed vigor. He looked down at her large tits bouncing wildly and grabbed them, giving them a firm enough squeeze to make Quistis cry out in ecstasy. He then slapped them, turning the fair skin a little red.


Jim hissed as he felt his balls tighten and his orgasm nearing. “FUCK!! I’m gonna cum!”


“M-Me too!” Caraway grunted, feeling his own orgasm near.


“Cum inside me! I want your cum!” she shouted. “Fill my pussy with your delicious cum!” Both men lasted a few more minutes then came inside her, their semen shooting into her already-full cunt. As Quistis felt their hot jizz inside her, she came as well. Her pussy spilled out her juices and excess semen. “Mmm, yeeeeessss……”


Caraway was the first one to pull out and went to sit down. Jim pushed her off him and gave her ass a hard slap. “Thanks for the hole, slut” he said with a smirk.


Quistis smirked at him over her shoulder and got on all fours then shook her ass in his face. “Don’t thank me just yet. My holes are still hungry.”


“Little slut’s got stamina!” Ben said with a hearty laugh.


“Indeed, she does,” Harold stated, watching Jim turn Quistis over and get on top her then started making out with her. “Is she always like this, Fury?”


Caraway nodded, feeling his cock harden as he watched her and his friend make out heavily. “Yes, it takes a lot to tire her out.”


Nick grinned as he stood up. “Then let’s see if her taking on all five of us at once does it for her.”


Caraway smirked as he saw the others nod in agreement. “What do you say, Quistis? Think you can handle five of us at once?”


The blonde moaned as she pulled away from the kiss. “Mmm, I know I can handle it.” She pushed Jim off of her and stood up. “The question is: can all five of you satisfy me?”


“I think we’re up for the task!” Ben said as he finished his champagne then reached over and grabbed her wrist, pulling her to him. “Now, how about you spread those lovely cheeks and take a seat on my dick?”


Quistis gasped as she lowered herself on Ben’s cock, filling her ass and laid back against him then spread her legs. She reached down and used her fingers to spread her now ruined pussy wide open. “Mmm, please fuck me! I want it!”


Caraway lined his cock at her pussy then quickly thrust inside her. Just when she thought they were gonna start fucking her, she felt something else trying to force itself inside her pussy and saw Harold smirking at her. “Make room for one more, slut,” he told her, forcing his dick in.


The blonde woman gasped as she was filled with a third cock, moaning as her pussy was stretched obscenely and her ass was filled with Ben’s cock. “Mmm! Feels so good!”


All of the men laughed. Before she could say anything else, her head was turned to the side and another cock was shoved into her mouth. Jim smirked down at her as Nick straddled her waist and placed his dick in between her large breasts. “Okay, gentlemen…,” Caraway began. “After this, we'll have dinner then we can come back and resume our fun with her. Sound good?”


They nodded in agreement and began. Nick squeezed her tits tightly around his dick and fucked them with short, fast thrusts. Jim fucked her mouth roughly and she could taste some of her juices left on his cock from their earlier round. She could feel Ben’s hot breath and hear his grunting while he fucked her ass. Harold and Caraway were in perfect rhythm as they fucked her pussy, stretching it out.


None of them knew how long they did this. All of the men just savored the feeling of using her body while she enjoyed being used. Jim felt his end nearing and started thrusting faster into her mouth, gripping her hair tightly to hold her head still. “I-I’m getting close! Gonna cum!” he said.


“Same here!” Ben grunted, pounding her ass as hard as he could.


Nick started gripping her tits tighter and thrusting desperately into them, breathing harder. “Me too! I’m gonna cum!”


“Her pussy is squeezing my cock like crazy!” Harold breathed out.


Caraway just continued thrusting into her, feeling his end near. “Wait until she cums!” he told them. “After she cums, we’ll cum on her.” He knew Quistis was close. Her vaginal walls were tightening around him and Harold, making it a little hard to thrust.


“Sounds like a good plan!” Ben said. He moved his hand down to her swollen and abused clit, rubbing it hard and fast. “Ready to cum, bitch?” He heard her hum in approval as Jim mercilessly fucked her mouth. His fingers twisted her clit harshly then gave it a hard smack. “Then cum!”


Quistis couldn’t take it and just when she was about to cum, all of the men pulled away or out of her. She gasped when Caraway and Ben shoved their fingers in her pussy and ass, pumping them harder than before. Her back arched and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she came. Her pussy shot out a strong gush of juices, covering Caraway’s hand and the floor when he pulled it out.


All of the men stood above with their cocks in hand, stroking them as they came. Hot, sticky sperm covered Quistis’ body and face, leaving her a white mess. When they were done, they all sat on the sofas around the blonde woman. All of them just looked at her as she laid there with her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her tongue hanging out of her mouth. “Damn, Fury…,” Jim said after a few minutes. “Is sex with her always like that?”


Caraway nodded, pouring himself a glass of champagne. “Yes, and you’ll have plenty of time to see for yourself.” He stood up and walked over to the closet, pulling on a robe then tossed robes to each of his friends. “There’s food in the dining room. Let’s eat and recover then we’ll come back and enjoy her body some more.”


“What about her?” Ben nodded to Quistis.


“Don’t worry about her,” Caraway assured him. “She’ll be ready for us no matter what.”


The five men left the room, leaving Quistis on the floor covered and full of semen. Her body was still twitching from the aftershocks of her orgasm. She moved her hand down in between her thighs and ran her fingers along her pussy, gathering some semen and her cum mixed together and brought them to her mouth. She moaned at the mix taste of it.


“Mmm, I can’t wait to have more…”

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