A royal reward

BY : C-A-Tarn
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Author Note:


first off, thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.

Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.

The reference for this is one of the CGI sequences near the end of ACT 1, CHAPTER 3, PART 2.

The warrior of light made his way through castle Cornelia with measured steps. The battle against Chaos left him exhausted but he still obliged the princess’s request to see him.

When he opened the door to the princess’s chambers, Sarah was sitting at a table at the far end of the room. As usual she was surrounded by a group of moogles talking in a hushed voice.

Because the princess sat with her back towards the door it was one of the moogles to notice the warrior first. With an excited "Kupo, kupo!" it let the others know of the warriors arrival.

"You know what to do?" the princess asked the round of moogles after quickly turning to the warrior

All of them nodded, determination showing on their faces. "Just leave it to us, kupo!" one of them said. As fast as their little wings allowed them one moogle after another left the room soaring over the warriors head and down the corridors.

"What's this all about?" Echo wondered after the last moogle was out of sight.

"Don't ask me. Maybe you should go after them to find out. Who knows what they are up to." the warrior offered to his fairy companion.

"And leave you with her all on your own?“ the little fairy complained.

„What, after me going against Chaos you don’t think i will be able to handle the princess?“ the Warrior mocked Echo, who skidded from left to right before his face.

„Oh, you will handle her just fine, I bet...“ Echo mumbled while giving the warrior of light the cold shoulder. This resulted in a stare-down between the warrior and the fairy. One of several they had since they met on the warriors journey across Palamecia.

It wasn’t long before the tiny fairy lost her temper. „You know what? Fine! You go and have your little audience! See if i care!“ she rushed off after the moogles before the warrior had a chance to reply.

All he could do was sigh and shake his head, an act he went through a lot when dealing with his headstrong companion. He finally entered the princess’s private chambers and closed the door.

„You’re here at last.“ the princess greeted the warrior, closing the distance between them. Her eyes locked on his like she was searching for something the warrior wasn't sure what it was.

Princess Sarah was now at arms reach to the warrior. He felt a bit weird being so close to her. Not that he was shy but after so long dealing with nothing but other blanks, the heretic Garland and his tomboyish fairy accomplice, having someone so demure and graceful in front of him was surely different.

„You fought with such bravery, that it is only fair for you to be rewarded.“

She took a deep breath and without warning started removing her clothes. She started with her gloves. First one, then the other fell to floor and bared her slender arms. Next she opened the medallion in front of her breastbone. This loosened the leather strap going between her breasts. Then she reached around her back and opened the bodice hugging her slim waist. Once opened it slid down over her hips and down her legs. Finally she removed her dress by pulling it over head, baring herself to the warrior as she was not wearing any underwear.

The dress pooled among the rest of her clothes on the floor and left the princess nude, except her boots and thigh high stockings, for the warrior of light to behold, who was stunned by this performance.

Her hair was ruffled from removing her dress, some strands falling into her face. She focused her eyes on a point behind the warrior, afraid her determination would falter should she make eye contact. Her small firm breasts, followed the movement of her chest from her quick, shallow breathing. The tips began to raise to attention at the thrill of exhibiting herself to someone else beside her mirror image.

The princess' hands were trembling at her sides like she instinctively wanted to cover herself and she shifted her weight from one leg to another like she considered running away but refused to give up now after she went this far.

While the warriors eyes wandered around her body following each of her soft curves, they quickly centered on her most intimate spot. Her closed slit, barely visible from the warriors point of view, was crowned by a patch of blonde hair which was groomed to perfection like everything else on her.

The warrior of light felt his mouth become dry and a lump was forming in his throat. He tried to swallow it down but without success. It was like he was thirsty and a part of him knew the only thing to sate his thirst was right before him.

But he hesitated to take what he wanted. Like a person lost in a dessert was reluctant to chase the oasis he could see at the horizon in fear of it fading away like mist, the warrior was afraid that one wrong move would rob him of her delightful form.

And so the heavy moment between the two kept going on until it was replaced by another one. And another one and then one more. None of them dared to make the next move, even though  both were desperately longing for so much more.
"A-am i... not... to your liking?" the princess finally asked with a shaking voice.

It took a second for the warrior of light to understand her question as nothing was further from the truth than him being displeased. After he gathered his thoughts -and managed to un-glue his eyes from her lovely mound- he tried to make sense of what had happened before his eyes.

"Are you... trying to seduce me?" The answer was obvious but his mind had still to comprehend it.

The princess completely froze like a doe caught in a spotlight. "I... i just.. i mean, you... and... i wanted to..." she stammered out, followed by an adorable whimper as the words refused to obey her before slowly dropping her head.

He couldn't resist her anymore. Just as she began to turn away and raise her arms to cover herself, her movements were stopped by the warrior kissing her. His right hand cupped her cheek while his left hold her waist, preventing her from turning away further.

"Nnghn!" The sudden ambush surprised princess Sarah, but she soon started moaning softly into the kiss.

While the warrior was hesitant at first he soon became much more insistent. His right hand moved to the side of her neck and his grip tightened on her waist, confirming to himself that this was not an illusion. As if to reassure him -and to not lose grip on consciousness- she wrapped her hands about his still armored wrists.

This lasted for several minutes until they broke the kiss to catch some needed breath. Their foreheads and noses rested against each other and their chests moved rapidly to keep up with the demand for oxygen.

But the break was short. When the warrior's eyes fell on the king size bed at at the far end of the room his desire, the thirst, he felt and which was temporarily sated as he could still feel the taste of the princess's lips lingering on his came back with a vengeance and reached a new height.

The warrior of light started kissing princess Sarah again, now more vigorously, and drew in closer, nearly overwhelming her. He reached around with his left hand and pulled her into him while squeezing her firm butt, her breasts pushing against his chest and her half-naked thighs making contact with his armored ones.

"Mmhm!" Surprised by this, the princess squealed into the warriors open mouth that sealed hers.

All the sensations washing over her, the kneading pressure on her right butt-cheek, the cold metal against her thighs contrasting the heat between them, the rough cloth of the warriors shirt rubbing against her sensitive nipples, the warriors muscular tongue toying with hers as he pleased, all of this left her unable and unwilling to do anything but let the warrior continue his conquest of her body.

Meanwhile the warrior of light used his free right hand to begin undoing the straps of his gauntlets, pauldrons and greaves without ever stopping the ravaging of Sarah's body. When he could not reach any more of the sturdy leather straps he changed hands, his left hand leaving Sarah's rear only after his right had a firm hold on the soft flesh of her behind.

One by one the pieces of his protection dropped to the floor, both the warrior and the princess unfazed by the noise of metal hitting marble, until he was only in his shirt and shorts. He then took her arms, by now hanging limply at Sarah's sides, and guided them up his chest and shoulders until her hands crossed behind his neck.

He then let his hands drift down her body.

"Ooooh..." Sarah moaned and shuddered when he made contact with her breasts, his thumps gently gliding over them to her erect peaks and further down to her belly and around her waist, caressing her buttocks with a light squeeze until he held on the backside of her thighs, her butt cupped between the spans of his hands.

"Ngn?" The warrior of light pulled at her legs and the princess groaned in confusion at this.

He pulled again, this time with more force and pushed one of his legs between hers. She lost her balance from that and had no choice other than to entwine her fingers and wrap her legs around the warrior to carry her.

While Sarah could not see where she was taken to, the destination became clear to her by the telltale bulge pressing against her pelvis through the warriors pants. Although she had never been this intimate with a man, what she had read and heard left her with no doubt what it was and she was happy that she was able to cause such a reaction, smiling as wide as she could while her tongue danced with the warrior's.

The walk to the bed was short but still plodding. Not so much because of Sarah's weight -to the warrior of light she was nearly weightless in his strong arms- but for one he had to walk more or less without seeing where he went, Sarah's hair blocking most of his view. And every now and then the princess would increase the pressure of her legs around him which caused her softness to be pressing against his crotch oh so nicely, letting him nearly tumble over his own feet.

Once he reached the foot end of the bet he went down to one knee and lowered the princess to the sheets as gently as he could until her body sank into the soft bedding, propping himself on his arms after he did so.

He tried to straighten up but found Sarah's arm still lodged behind his head and her legs locked behind his back. Even his second, more insistent, attempt to separate himself was unsuccessful.

"MhmaaaAAH!" Only after he resorted to squeeze one of her breasts in a way like he was trying to milk her all of her limbs went slack and was he able to free himself.

After standing up the warrior leaned his head back and closed his eyes trying to memorize the taste and aroma the princess left behind in his mouth.

When he looked down again his heart nearly skipped a beat. The princess lay sprawled out on the bed in front of him. Her whole body was covered in sweat, her hair stuck to her forehead, and glistened in the evening sun shining in from the high windows of her chamber.

"Hah. Hah. Hah." Sarahs heavy panting kept her chest in constant movement, giving her breasts a mesmerizing jiggle. It's clear the princess was not used to endure such physical exertion but this would not keep the warrior from going on.

As her heeled boots were still resting behind his legs and her knees were splayed out he also had clear on view on her slit. Even though she was practically spread-eagled it was almost completely closed, looking so innocent that it would be more fitting for someone much younger than Sarah could be. For some reason this stirred the warrior on even more as he got rid of his last clothes, nearly ripping them apart in his haste.

Part of Sarah was glad she finally had some time to recuperate, although it was her who resisted undoing their embrace, as she had no idea how much longer she could have went on making out with the warrior of light without fainting. Not that she would have minded at that moment. But part of her quickly longed for more. More kisses, more touches. She longed for anything more from him. But as she was left yearning she gathered what strength she had to find out the reason for the wait.

She looked up just in time to see the warrior's erect manhood being freed from the confines of his pants. And no story could have prepared her for that sight.

'It's so... masculine' she thought. It stood out rigidly from the warrior's frame, having a slight upward curve as if to better present the pouch of skin below it from a meadow of silver-white hair. The princess wanted to touch it, to feel it's texture, it's warmth, it's... power. But at the same she was too awestruck to move her hands and instead just followed the glistening head with her gaze.

'This is no limb made from flesh blood', Sarah marveled in amazement. Not that the warrior's body wasn't muscular. Yet his muscles had a certain tenderness to them. A muscle could be tightened or relaxed.

'But not his... his...' -in her naivety she could not even think of a word it would deserve to describe it. It was a tool. A weapon. Something to be wielded. To fulfill a purpose. And she became aware that she would soon be that very purpose. If this were a hammer, she would be the nail. If this were an arrow, she would be the mark. This line of thought made her blush harder than the warrior's nakedness in front of her eyes ever could.

During Sarah's absence of mind the warrior was also occupied with an internal struggle. While he could be happy just entering her and claiming her as his own he decided he would much more enjoy every part of her to the fullest first.

His eyes went to the only clothing still in use. He set the tips of his fingers at the top her right thigh, tantalizingly close to her pubic mound, and let them wander down her stocking-clad leg until he reached the hem off her boot. He pulled off the boot and drew her foot to his face by her ankle. The stocking didn't cover her whole feet, just a band going around her sole between her ball and heel.

Without hesitation he brought his tongue to her feet and licked his way up to her toes. One after another he sucked her toes into his mouth and played with them with his tongue. As he continued worshiping her foot his hands went back up her leg again, making pauses to knead her calf and thigh until they reached the hem of her stocking.

As the warrior began to roll up the flexible material and expose more of her warm and creamy skin to the evening air he hummed in contentment. The smell, the taste, all the new impressions were wonderful to him because they were all part of Sarah.
At first the princess was confused by the foreign sensations, never having her sole and toes caressed in this way. But by the time the warrior had denuded her right leg and started the same process on her left she had given up on her reservations and revelled in his tender ministrations.

It wasn't long before the warrior of light was playing her like an instrument using his mouth and hands, eliciting moans and squeals from her as he pleases while Sarah was caught in a loop of her hands mindlessly roaming over her body, trying to find spots to heighten her pleasure and after she became aware she willed them back to her sides in embarrassment, gripping to the bed-sheets only for them to start their journey up her body again.

"Haaauuuhh..." Just when Sarah's voice reached a new octave the warrior stopped sucking on her big toe, removing it from his mouth with an audible 'pop' and spread her legs apart so they formed a 'V'.

Steady breathing was a thing of the past for both them and an audible staccato of quick inhaling and exhaling filled the room. If the princess' body was glistening before it now shone like it was lacquered.

For any potential spectator it would be apparent the the warrior of light was rearing to finally claim the princess and make her his, his shaft seemingly forgotten what gravity is and pointing nearly straight upwards ever since he began slathering Sarah's feet. But there was one more place he desired to play with.

The warriors hand went slowly to Sarah's mound. When the tips of his index and ring finger made contact with the heated skin of her outer labia her whole body locked and she held her breath. Only when he began moving his fingers up and down did she start breathing -and moaning- again. Her lungs followed the strokes of his fingers and her back arched every time he increased the pressure like all the nerves in her body were rewired to connect to her sex and respond to the warriors gentle touches.

Next he reached out with his middle finger, spreading her folds apart and let the digit explore her as deep as her contracting walls would allow him. When the warrior was sure he caught enough of her juices he drew his hand up one more time and spend some time playing with the princess' clit before moving away which left her as a quivering mess.

He brought the stained finger to his mouth and licked it clean. The act made Sarah blush furiously, unable to imagine that someone could relish something that came from... down there. He sighed in delight at the taste but his voice soon turned more guttural until it sounded more like a predator feasting on it's prey and ultimately the thread of his restraint snapped.

He grabbed onto the hollow or her knees and pushed her further up the bed until her head reached the pillows propped up at the top end and followed her onto the mattress. He then took hold of Sarah's hands and guided them to her knees and wrapped them around, making sure she would keep holding them to spread herself wide for him.

The warrior balanced his weight on one arm placed right next to Sarah's face, using the free hand to guide himself to her wet entrance.

He felt the heat of the princess’s virginal folds on the tip of his dick, the only stimulation he received since he stripped off his clothes, like searing hot honey coated silk and he stopped to move.

But it wasn’t this divine feeling that made him stop but a final moment of clarity for what he was about to do.

The warrior of light looked at Sarah to confirm himself, to be allowed to inflict a wound on her that could never be undone and never be done again. But Sarah was unaware as she had he eyes closed, looking fully contend in nuzzling her cheek to his arm. He was about to call out to her as she broke the silence.

„nuh… p-please…“ the warrior felt the breath of her words on his arm as much as he heard them that’s how faint they were but it was still enough for him to know that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

And in one fluid motion the warrior of light penetrated princess Sarah.

Nothing could have prepared the princess for this moment as the shocked surprise was apparent on her face and she filled her lungs with more breath than she ever had to.

The initial pressure building up and releasing itself with a sharp sting only to be replaced a split second later by sensation of being filled more and more. Being filled in places she didn’t even know there was emptiness before and where she can already foretell she will feel empty once again her warrior leaves her.

Then she felt the heat of his member pulsing outward from her core all through her body. Like another heartbeat. Different. Alien. But perfectly right at the same time.

All of this overwhelmed her senses and just as the warrior pushed into her for the second time she reached her climax for the first time.
Not an explosive climax. Even beyond that. Implosive. Like the whole world collapsing in on itself and coalescing in that one spot behind her bellybutton, sending quaking shockwaves through as it tries to break free once more and sending tears down her face with hers and mouth still wide open.

At this moment the warrior ceased his movement once again. As much as would have liked to keep going, to send Sarah even higher, he still could not do it. Because Sarah’s climax made her walls around him contract in a way that any thought of withdrawing are choked out before they could even form.

He wanted to kiss her, but was afraid she would never start breathing again if he occupied her mouth right now so instead he planted his lips on her neck and worked his way down to one of her breasts with gentle kisses, ignoring the nipple for now.

But as the coils around his dick kept massaging him and her chest remained motionless he had to take measures. With his free hand he took hold of her free breast and started squeezing and rolling her nipple under his thump while his mouth closed in on the other and started softly nibbling.

The effect on the princess was immediate. She started a series
of hoarse moans, her pitch following the warriors ministrations like the notes on a scale. She let go of her legs as her body trembled, unable to tell apart if this is the aftermath of her first orgasm or the throes of the next one.

Her hands went to the back of the warrior’s head and she tightly  gripped his hair. He was unsure if Sarah tried to pull him closer, asking for more pleasure, or if she tried to move his head away to get some reprieve and so to accommodate her he stopped his assault on her breasts and rolled them both around until he was on his back and Sarah laid flat on top of him, still deeply impaled on his rigid pole.
After a few moments of rest princess Sarah finally managed to regain her voice, although she is still out of breath.

„Oh… Oh, heavens… It-it felt… I’m sorry, i… You are… so… NNGHN!“ In an attempt to stop her queasy praises and to keep up his own pleasure he used the softness of the bed to move his hips again. Slowly, but burying himself inside of her as deep as he could in every stroke.

„AAH! Oh, my… MMHM! Oh, please… OOH! So good…“ she said more to herself than to the warrior of light, any form of coherent thought scrambled by the jolts of pleasure traveling up her body.

„You know we just begun, right?“ The warrior asked the disheveled princess while caressing the side of her face.

In response to that Sarah looked at him, after a long time of having her eyes closed by now and made a face like she suddenly realized she was not alone in her bed anymore.

It took her a moment to overcome the haze in her head and the embarrassment of having lost her composure like that. Then, with newfound resolve, she placed her hands on the warriors muscular chest to push herself up, eliciting a drawn out moan as the change of position caused more stimulation from pulsing mass still lodged deep inside of her until she was sitting on top of him.

Once there and with a seemingly herculean effort she raised her hips a couple of inches and dropped down again, her breath taken away once more as her hips met his.

She kept on doing this as often as the waves of pleasure running up her spine allowed her while always keeping her eyes locked on the the warrior’s.

Amused by Sarah’s newfound eagerness the warrior of light let her continue in her pace as he leisurely stroked her thighs and took in the sight before her.

He was most fascinated by the juncture of their bodies where he disappeared inside of her time and again, his pubes damp and matted by Sarah’s juices running down his shaft and spreading further every time she pressed down on his crotch.

For a while he just followed her movements and savored the sounds she made, but as her tempo went down he took over again.

He got a firm hold of her hips and started guiding her, alternating between the up and down motion Sarah already got used to, grinding back and forth or gyrating in his lap while also going ever faster.

This soon had Sarah wrapped up in her own pleasure again as she approached her second orgasm. As the pleasure build up her strength left her and she threatened to fall backwards as her arms could not hold her anymore.

The warrior pulled in his legs, forming a rest for the princess to lean against as her head lolled back. At his sides Sarah's leg began spasming and she started squealing with clenched teeth, using what little self-control she had to not scream at the top of her lungs as her climax washed over her.

He was unrelenting in steering her hips at his whim, making her ride out her orgasm for as long as possible with the sounds coming from Sarah becoming more guttural as it went on.

Only after the princess’ body stopped shaking did he move his legs to the side and let her fall backward while pulling himself up to a kneeling position, careful never to leave her now sopping wet hole.

The warrior splayed Sarah’s legs apart and braced himself to once again sink into her depths as he felt her hands on his shoulders lightly holding him at bay.

„…Still…?“ The princess asks. A weak plea for mercy, not sure if she can take more pleasure without breaking apart.

„Well, it wouldn’t be fair if you are the only one to feel good, right?“ The warrior of light replied with a smug smile.

This made the princess reconsider as her eyes wandered down the warriors body to his hard manhood, covered in a glossy sheen from her juices, all but the head exposed outside her velvet folds.

She lowered one of her hands down to her pubic mound, beginning to comprehend the implications of what it would mean if he were to ‘feel good’ inside of her.

After the line of thought concluded in her head a blissful smile spread across her face. The princess held unto the warriors face by his cheeks and pulled him in close until they could kiss each other again.

Not as fervently as they had before when they were lusting for one another, but with a tenderness shared among a couple deeply in love.

The warrior could not hold back for long until he started moving his hips again with slow sensual moves, but it was Sarah who broke the kiss.
„Please… feel good… with me… do it… in me…“ she whispered to him. It was all she could say, not out of breath but out of words to comprise her immoral proposal.

Spurred on by this -and raring to get off for a while now- he leaned back and got ready to thrust into her in earnest. And that was just what he did.

He picked up speed immediately, pummeling into her hard and fast, his own release being paramount right now.

Sarah’s body rocked back and forth with every thrust and the warrior had to grab onto her thighs to keep her from being pushed away from his pounding.

It was not long before the warrior of light neared his limit, his exhaustion and his pleasure racing each to see which will overcome him first.

He also noticed that the princess got close to her third orgasm, for by now he was able to read the signs of her body well enough and he decided to use this to his advantage.

The warrior reached between Sarah’s legs, through the soft down of her pubes, to find her clit and begin circling his fingers on it.

The effect was instantaneous and it was only a matter seconds before she reached her peak. She came undone completely, screaming out her climax with a husky voice and it looked like the only muscles that did not fail to function were the ones contracting along the wet walls of her vagina.

The sight of this howling mess that once was the demure princess Sarah as well as the massage his dick received buried deep in her drove the warrior over the edge too.

With a final thrust and an animalistic grunt he unloaded himself into her depths. As wave after wave of liquid white pulsed through his loins and into the princess he tightly embraced her, pulling their bodies together as close as he could.

It took a while until they both came back to their senses but neither of them wanted to move so they just lay there, Sarah still in the warriors firm embrace.

Knowing they could not remain like this forever the warrior stirred first, lifting Sarah off the sheets and moving her towards the top end of the bed, only letting go once her head rested on the pillows.

As he leaned back his softening member slipped out of the princess’ slit, a dribble of cloudy liquid following it and pooling between the wrinkles of the bedding.

He moved to the side and let his body fall down until he was on his back resting next to Sarah, their arms touching another.

She put her hand to his and intertwined their fingers.

„You will leave.“ Sarah said. She was stating a fact. Even if she wanted it to be different the course of the prophecy was unerring. All that just happened was also caused by the prophecy’s influence, so she could only hope for the future.

„Yes.“ was all the warrior of light could reply. What choice did he have? Only as long as tries to become the warrior of light can he stay by her side. He must leave in order to be with her.

„Will you return, once the fight is done?“ the princes asked as she turned towards him and put his hand on his chest, caressing him lightly

„Yes.“ he replied tight-lipped. Lying, even to himself, how much he wanted that -wanted her- for he feared losing anything important.

Princess Sarah only squeezed his hand in reply and smiled.

One minute later the pressure on his hand and the caressing of his chest stopped and the warrior looked over to Sarah.

Tiredness had overwhelmed her and she slept peacefully, looking perfectly innocent albeit -or maybe because- she was stark naked.

After a long moment where he tried to forever imprint this picture into his mind the warrior carefully untangled his hand and slid out of the bed. He covered Sarah with one of the blankets and put on his clothes and armor, trying to make as little noise as possible.

He left her room and closed the door, not meeting anybody on his way out until he reached the front gate where a fuming Echo just entered through an open window.

„So, could you find out what the googles were plotting?“ the warrior asked his fairy companion.

„Oh, cut it out, won’t you! Do you have any idea what I went through? I just spend the last fifteen minutes observing one of them moogles plucking blossoms from a flower patch!“ Echo raged.

He knew she would be gnawing on his ears for a long time about this but he was just in too good a mood to worry about that. And this was not lost on the tiny fairy.

„And what were you doing all the time, huh?“ Echo inquired, floating so close to his face she could land on his nose.

„…Nothing.“ cursing himself on the inside that she managed to see through him so easily.

„Hmpf, must be a whole lot of nothing if it took you so long!“ the tiny fairy jabbed while flying figures in front of the warrior’s face.

„I’m leaving.“ The warrior said and pushed past her before she had a chance to interrogate him further.

„Hey, wait! I’m not done with you mister!“ Echo shouted.

„Can’t hear you. I’m busy trying to find more loot.“ The warrior teased without turning back as he opened the gates.

„Don’t think sweet-talking will get you anywhere here! Let me tell you what I went through. There was this one google who…“ And with that the gates closed behind the two.

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