A fairy in peril

BY : C-A-Tarn
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Authors note:

Thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.

Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.

The references for this are the PuPu Attacks! / PuPu Strikes Back event and several CGI sequences from the third exploration region Hunter Islands

The warrior of light worked his twin dagger in flashes of silver as he cut down the alien invaders.

PuPu the called themselves, arriving on Palamecia to conquer it and become the planet’s rulers. At least according to his companions interpretation of their gibberish language.

While they proved to be a different caliber than the fiends spawned from chaos they were still no match for a skilled ranger such as him.

So it was no surprise that he sooner than later was face to face the alien ringleaders after he thinned their lines.

„##$%#&“ one of the small aliens squeaked.

„Your prowess in combat is unexpected for species as undeveloped as yours.“ Echo said in a monotone intonation fulfilling her role as an interpreter.

„%$$#&§?%!“ another Pu-Pu chimed in.

„But even you will be no match against our secret weapon!“ The fairy repeated.

In that moment one of their UFO’s took off the ground, some kind of weapon mounted below it.

It shoot out a strange beam at the group. Surprisingly it did not aim for the warrior, but rather for one of their Pu-Pu comrades.

The Pu-Pu hit trembled and suddenly grew abruptly until it towered over the warrior of light.

„Oh, no! It’s… it’s… a Giganpu!“ Echo exclaimed in shock.

At hearing that the warrior nearly let go of his daggers, perplexed by her comment.

„A what?!“ he inquired.

„You know. Like with the cactuars, where the giant ones…“ she tried to explain

„Save it for later!“ the warrior interrupted the fairy as the now giant alien came at them.

As it turned out the fight against the… Giganpu went easier than the warrior would have expected. Their magic abilities did not grow along with their body and while they were stronger than before they were also a lot slower and could not keep up with the speed of a ranger.

But for any of the colossal aliens he felled another was hit by the beam and grew to take its precursors place. Yet he still got closer and closer to the UFO.

„#%&#$$§!“ the last of the leading croaked.

„Not good!“ Echo said in alarm.

„What did he say?“ the warrior asked.

„he told them to overcharge the weapon to make them grow even more!“ the fairy warned him.

Before the warrior had a chance to consider what to do the UFO crew seemed to have put the order into motion. It began shaking wildly, lightning bolts flashing across its hull.

It fired multiple beams aimlessly into the air and moments later it was torn apart and was swallowed in a huge blinding explosion, blowing everything away.

When the warrior of light woke up lying on his back his ears were ringing and his vision was blurry and unfocused.

He tensed his muscles and realized he did not seem to be injured. But while his arms and legs are free something was resting on his chest. It wasn’t painfully heavy but still pinned him to the ground in his dizzy state.

Without looking he reached out with one hand to figure out what was on top of him.

It was warm. And soft. Very soft, but also firm when he put some pressure on it. He instinctively liked touching whatever it was but couldn’t figure it out.

The warrior raised his head but found only a flurry of brown hair right in front of his face.

„…Oooww…“ just then the being on top of him stirred and a moment later he looked into a familiar face with a purple strand of hair skewed across.

„Echo?“ The warrior whispered her name in disbelief.

She blinked lazily, still dazed from the explosion’s blastwave.

„Echo…“ He said again and reached out with his free hand towards her face. The fairy saw the hand getting closer. A hand she remembered was large enough to crush her.

„H-Hey…“ She pulled herself up and away and stretched out her arm to block the warriors hand. And to her surprise it worked.

She saw a hand that looked very much like hers against the warrior’s palm to palm. By human standards it was tiny -her fingertips not reaching his- and much more delicate against the hand used to wielding blades. But for the once diminutive fairy it was a surreal sight.

Echo blinked several times trying to comprehend what happened in front of her. Then realization hit her hard, followed by utter confusion.

„Eeehh…“ She looked down her nude body, the warrior’s eyes following her sight and he now realized that his other hand rested on her taut rear all the while.

Echo closed her eyes and raised her head. After a couple of seconds of nothing happening she looked at the warrior of light questioningly and did the same thing again without any effect.

„Wha… Wha…“ She spun around herself attempting to look at her own back, giving the warrior a chance to take in her feminine shape. After several failed tries she gave up and sat on the ground, tears welling up in her eyes.

„My wings?! Where are my wings?!“ the warrior could see that instead of her fairy wings she had a pair of exceptionally intricate tattoos in the color and pattern of her wings across her shoulders.

„A stray beam must have hit you before that UFO exploded.“ The warrior concluded after he pulled himself up to a sitting position.

„Oh, no. No, no, no.“ She tried to stand up but was unable to balance herself and fell backwards. The warrior managed to catch her in the nick of time.

„Can’t you stand?“ He asked the former fairy as stood up himself, carrying her in his arms bridal style.

„Of course not! I’m a fairy! We don’t stand! We fly!“ Echo raged, her tears already forgotten.

She looked down at her body cradled in the warriors hold and gasped as she noticed her other plight.

„I’m naked!“ she said in shock and the warrior willed himself to look straight ahead to not get caught taking in more of her petite form.

„Let me down this instant!“ The former fairy demanded.

Instead of following her order to the letter he carried her to a nearby tree so she could lean against it to keep herself upright, her delicate pale skin a contrast to the dark and coarse bark as she did.

„Did you look?“ Echo asked in a surprisingly meek voice.

„It was hard not to.“ the warrior confessed. He took off his vest, baring his muscular upper body, and held it out to her. On her slender frame it might pass as a jacket.

She hesitated for a moment then made up her mind. She reached out but did not seize the vest but the warriors wrist and pulled him closer to her.

„Echo, what…?“ the warrior of light muttered, thrown off guard as she dropped down to her knees in front of him.

Before he had a chance to say any more she hooked her fingers into the band of his shorts and pulled them down along with his underwear, disrobing him from the knees up.

He was already semi-hard and getting more rigid by the second as Echo began stroking him and kissing the tip.

„Echo…“ the warrior of light groaned from her tender caressing. He put a hand on her head but could seemed indecisive to push her away or pull her closer.

„I told you before. I am bound to you. I can’t share my memories with another Me. Or another Blank. It’s just the two of us.“ She explained to him in a calm voice in between kissing and licking up and down his manhood.

„What has this to do with… nnghn!“ he tried to ask as Echo sucked in his now fully engorged head into her tiny mouth and teased it with the tip of her tongue. She continued for a while, treating the peak of his erection like delicious candy before she replied.

„This might be my only chance. I want to make memories with you I never thought I could. Unless you don’t want me?“ She accentuated her question by licking her way up from the base of his shaft and closed her lips around the tip again, looking up longingly and waiting the warriors reply.

The warrior of light tenderly wiped away the strands or purple hair covering her forehead to get a better look at her. He searched for any sign of mischief or hidden motive but couldn’t find anything to doubt her honesty so he nodded his agreement.

Echo smiled around the intruder in her mouth and continued her ministrations with renewed joy. She never took more than the head inside her mouth but alternated between sucking, kissing, licking and even caressing his balls until all of his manhood glistened with her saliva.

Meanwhile the warrior had to hold onto the tree to steady himself as he got more and more worked up and the one or other grunt and moan escaped him.

What Echo lacked in practice she more than made up with enthusiasm. He was reaching his limit a lot faster than he would have liked.

„Echo, wait.“ The warrior tried to warn the ex-fairy. The reason was apparent even to her from the way his member twitched under her caresses. She shook her head and started stroking him up and down with zeal.

„It’s okay. I want to know that as well.“ She assured him and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as she worked him with both hands now, forming an alluring target for him.

„Echo!“ It was a matter of seconds until he went over the edge and began unloading his seed. Echo guided him back into her mouth and grabbed around his thighs. Splash after splash came from his twitching prick and she moaned as it filled her mouth.

When he was sure that his climax had finished he tried to take a step back, not having the presence of mind that Echo still held onto his legs. He stumbled and fell backwards into the grass.

Echo relished in savoring the warriors seed before she gulped it down. It was a massive load for a being not used to eat or drink and she had to swallow multiple times.

Sated, but not satisfied, she wanted to keep going, crawling closer to the now sitting warrior of light, kissing her way up the hills and valleys of his muscled body until she reached his collarbone.

„You sure you want this?“ the warrior asked her still a little out of breath.

„Yes“ she whispered into his ear before she started nibbling on his earlobe.

The warrior let his hand glide down her stomach until he cupped her hairless mound. He centered the tip of his middle finger on her slit and in one steady motion entered her until the last knuckle.

„You’re so tight.“ He remarks, seriously doubting if she could handle much more than his finger. But he was unwilling to disappoint after she made him feel so good, so he began moving his finger in and out.

„…Yes…Yes…More…Yes…More…More…“ Echo moaned into his ear and he tried his best to comply, wriggling and curling his finger, finding the spots that felt the best for her.

He changed his approach and pulled out of her wet opening and massaged her clit in slow circular motions. He was rewarded with a bite to the neck as Echo tried to suppress her cries.

Soon the warrior shifted his attention back to her glistening groove, in part afraid she might actually draw blood with her teeth, and with a little effort he managed to enter two fingers.

Echo arched her back like electricity run through her once his fingers reached her deepest point and it took a while until she remembered to breath again.

After she got used to being so filled she wrapped her arms around the warriors head and pushed him down, offering her modest breasts to him.

The warrior gladly took the invitation and to pay her back for the previous biting caught one of her hardened nubs between his canines.

„Aaaahhh!“ Echo shrieked as the warrior started his soft nibbling.

„It’s so sensitive.“ She pleaded breathlessly, so he showed mercy and stopped using his teeth instead kissing her pert breast affectionately.

„You make me feel so good.“ She whispered as she rested her head on top his with her arms still wrapped around it, moaning along with the motions of the warriors fingers inside of her.

Feeling himself challenged to make her feel even better the warrior increased the pace of his fingers, adding his thumb to add pressure on her clit again and sucking on each of her breasts in turn.

„Yes, oh yes. You’ll make me… make me… Ooohhh!“ Overwhelmed from the barrage of sensations she came. In the throes of her climax her legs gave out, making them both drop to the ground with her lying on top of him similar to how they woke up earlier.

„Wow. That was… you made me so… mhmm.“ Echo said more to herself than anyone else.

„I hope you are not satisfied yet?“ The warrior teased her.

She let her hand wander down his body and sure enough found his hard-on standing up proudly from his crotch, raring to go.

The former fairy kissed his chest and got up to all fours. She clambered over the warriors body. For a moment he thought she would sit down on top of him but she kept moving on. After she was past his feet she stopped and looked back, waving her firm rear.

„Do me.“ Was what she said as a playful order. It was all the encouragement the warrior needed. He got behind her and aimed for her lovely folds, the heat and wetness inviting him in.

Without hesitation he sunk in, slowing down to thoroughly enjoy the feeling of getting enveloped by her tight flesh. Echo gasped as he went deeper, air leaving her lungs as the warrior filled her up.

He took hold off her slender hips and pulled her further up his rod until he hilted inside of her. He leaned back and looked down and the sight of her adolescent looking body impaled on his member thrilled him.

Spurred on by this sight he started steadily pumping inside of her. Every thrust was a struggle against her tightness but it got ever easier like her insides molded to the shape of his dick.

„Yes, more… give it to me… faster, please… harder!“ Echo grunted in between the warriors strokes. He again followed her command and increased his pace until he pummeled into her without restraint.

Echo’s body was shaken wildly by each impact of the warriors hips but she still goaded him to be more ferocious.

He put a hand between her shoulder blades and pushed down until her arms buckled under her and she aligned herself on her elbows and forearms. Next he pulled her thighs off the ground handling her like a barrow.

With this new leverage he pounded into her for all he was worth until Echo started howling out her next orgasm.

He kept going without slowing down as deep as he could, driving her pleasure further and further but it was soon too much for the petite girl.

Echo’s voice gave out first, her scream of pleasure winded down to a croak. Her arms completely lost their strength and she landed face first in the grass, her body also slipping from his grasp.

The warrior of light sat back on his heels to get some rest as he watched the mess that was once his fairy companion.

Her spread legs won’t stop quivering and her formerly maiden hole had a distinct gape to it. Her upper body heaved from her panting and hoarse moans could be heard.

Part of him wanted to just get some rest and find a way get things back to normal. Or at least more normal than now. But the thought of who he is mingling with and how much that little devil got on his nerves in the past made him want to pay her back a little bit.

„She really can be a pain in the…“ he mumbled without ever completing the sentence.

He crawled forward and planted a kiss on the girls tailbone and then a bit higher up, kissing his way up her spine. He paid special attention to the edges of tattoos symbolizing her fairy wings. Every time his lips made contact with her skin a shiver was sent through her tiny body.

„Echo?“ The warrior whispered into her ear after he kissed his way up.

„Uh-hu“ was all she could bring out to acknowledge him, still delirious after her powerful climax.

He wriggled one of his hands between her body and the ground, taking hold off one of her breasts and carefully squeezed it.

„You want to make more memories right?“ He asked as suave as he could. Echo gulped audibly before she elicited another moan from having her breast fondled.

„Uh… hu…“ she replied breathlessly.

„Then you have to be really brave now and relax.“ He aid and kissed her on her cheek. With his free hand he guided his member. Not to her already used hole but a bit higher.

Once he thought he found the entrance to her bowels he slowly pushed in. Her puckered hole dented in, trying to make room foe the foreign object until it had no other choice than to open up and let it in. This entirely unfamiliar sensation also woke Echo from her stupor.

„Wha… wha… what are youuuhhhnnnghn!“ Echo tried to ask as the head of the warriors manhood finally went past the ring of muscles.

„You feel so great. Just relax.“ the warrior of light breathed in her ear as he kept kissing her. He also continued massaging her breast, mixing in as much pleasure he could to ease her ache.

All Echo could do was whimper and endure as the warrior went deeper inside her until the distance between their bodies closed and her pert butt stopped him from bottoming out inside of her.

His hips remained motionless, letting the petite minx he loomed over get used to being invaded like that.

When he felt like she could handle it he raised his hips to pull out but Echo, to avoid the friction of his member being expelled from her guts, followed with her own and raised them off the ground towards his lap.

„Think you are clever?“ The warrior teased the pinned down transformed fairy. He reached around her with his other hand. His questing hand found her pubic mound and he sank two fingers inside her again.

The next time he pulled out of her he also moved his hand down, holding her pelvis in place and giving her no chance to avoid it.

He pulled back until only the head of his rock-hard member remained inside and he waited a moment before pushing in again, setting a slow rhythm.

Echo grunted and gasped with his every move in and out, feeling uncomfortably full and she ripped out clumpfuls of grass in her distress.

But the constant stimulation at the warriors hands and the kisses at nape of her neck sent pleasant waves up her body and she relaxed little by little as her body was torn between the conflicting sensation.

Soon she realized how he reached places deep inside of her she didn’t even know existed. And the way he scraped and pressured them had her panting again before long.

She was also thrilled by the way the warrior lorded over her now. Caught in his grasp and impaled on his rigid pole she could to nothing but submit and acquiesce. Something completely new to the headstrong mind of the now gigantic fairy.

The warrior of light increased his pace ever since he noticed the  sounds Echo made were born from pleasure and not pain. He was surprised how good it felt grinding into her tight backside. Her entrance held onto him like a vice, but it was the walls inside that felt marvelous.

The contractions were wholly different from cavity he is currently digging his fingers in. It contracted randomly, chaotic. Especially when she came.

This too felt wonderful around him but right now it felt… coordinated, intentional. Like she decided to make it move in ways that gives him more pleasure.

For a moment he reminisced about his life before Palamecia. He wondered if he ever did something like this with another woman before. Or was Echo the first. Maybe Echo was even his very first. But he knew where to touch, where to aim for. Did he do this a lot in the past?

He realized how pointless thinking like this was and once his mind was back in the here and now he got back to the task at hand with more vigor.
„Ooh yes… you’re so strong… please don’t stop!“ The warrior was relieved that Echo was back to pillow talk again and enjoyed the experience now.

Echo tried to reach out and caress him from her captive position below him but soon gave up and instead she used her arms to push back and meet his thrusts, increasing the impact on her plump cheeks.

„Echo…“ was all the warrior said over and over between kissing, sucking and biting every bit of her flesh he could reach leaving more than a few hickeys on her immaculate skin.

„Please… come here… come…“ Echo begged and turned her head as far as she could trying to catch his lips with her own.

He teased her a bit, drawing back just before their lips met, before he yielded and kissed her.

They spend the next time ferociously making out as he humped her butt, their tongues only stopping long enough for them to get some much needed breath.

The warrior felt his release getting closer. He wanted Echo to come together with him so he found his second wind and increased the pace of his hips driving his girth into her accommodating hole.

Echo moaned in wanton lust at this treatment, her ability to speak washed away by the blinding pleasure she felt as the warrior mated with her like a feral animal.

They both grunted in unison as they came and the warrior powered into her one last time using his full body weight to pin her to the ground as he emptied his seed inside her.
The feeling of the liquid heat that filled her depths triggered another smaller orgasm in the tuckered out girl and she weakly kicked out her legs as her body tightened around the warriors manhood.

The warrior breathed in the smell of her hair as his loins pumped out jet after jet of his seed his whole lower body contracting until he had nothing more to give.

He waited until his erection softened before he pulled out of her and rolled sideways off the smaller girl to rest on his back. He enjoyed the post-climactic satisfaction as he caught his breath

„Echo? Are you okay?“ The warrior asked, concerned that she still hadn’t moved except her body’s up and down from her breathing.

„No…“ it took a while before she replied, her voice quaking like she was about to cry. The warrior stood up to see how he can help her.

„Something’s happening!“ Echo panicked.

The warrior of light didn’t notice it at first but on looking closer that the skin of Echos back moved up by itself, like it's attached to strings. Theses movements got more intense until the tattoos broke free from her skin and turned back into her fairy wings, although they looked very small on her human body.

This was alleviated moments later as her shrunk rapidly Echo was back into her own miniature body.

He scooped her up in his hands very carefully and brought her level to his face.

„What a day, huh?“ He asked the still denuded fairy in his palm.

„You have no idea.“ Echo sighed in reply, totally exhausted.

He waited for her to regain her composure then held out his pinky finger for her to pull herself up. She took some more time just sitting there on the palm of his hand before she managed to rise into the air, floating a bit unsteady in front of him.

„Maybe you could…?“ He started, eyeing her from head to toe hoping she would get the hint.

„Oh, now you are getting shy?!“ Echo mocked him as looked down at herself, her previous exhaustion apparently leaving her once she was back to her right size.

„First you ravish the innocent beauty in front of you, claiming all her virginities and then you don’t want to look at your handiwork.“ She shouted at him faking an outrage.

„Innocent beauty, huh? Must have hit my head pretty hard because I can’t remember meeting someone innocent lately.“ The warrior of light bantered the nude fairy.

„Like you could recognize innocence when you see it! And you also couldn’t appreciate true beauty as well! You and your grumpy face!“ Echo fumed at the warrior.

She turned into an orb of light and a second later reappeared, this time clothed, although her short skirt and tight bodice did not much to help conceal her tiny yet nubile form to begin with.

„There, no more naughty bits for you! Happy now?“ She taunted him, spinning around to present herself to the warrior. While she did he caught a glimpse of skin below her shimming skirt.

„Uhm, Echo? I think you missed something there.“ He informed her.

„Really? How do you know I had one on before?“ Echo teased him. He honestly did not know for sure and tried to remember if he ever saw below her skirt in the past but he never looked at her like that.

„So? Ever checked me out before?“ Echo interrupted his train of thought.

„No.“ He answered, unsure if it was a lie or not.

„Really? What a pity.“ Echo tittered. Once more she turned into an orb of light and back into the blink of an eye.

„Done! Do you wanna do a panty check?“ She asked the warrior of light seductively.

„Thanks, but no thanks“ he waved her off and brushed past her. He gathered his clothes and got dressed.

„The teleport stone must be close now. I want to keep moving on.“ He said as he went back to road to continue the journey.
But he stopped after a couple of steps and turned around to face his fairy follower.

„I… will remember that, Echo.“ the warrior of light tried to convey how he felt as best as he could.

„Thanks.“ Echo answered gratefully with a content smile.

„Let’s go then!“ He cheered them both on and together they set out down the road.

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