A fated tag team

BY : C-A-Tarn
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Authors note:

Thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.

Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.

The references for this are the CGI sequences during the “Ultimate Coliseum” event and Final Fantasy X as a whole.

Tidus walked down one of the many hallways of the coliseum, spreading out like the tunnels of an anthill.

His last opponent, a fencer named Graff, proved to be very tough challenge and right now he wanted nothing more than a place to get some rest.

He just reached another crossroad of hallways and wondered where to turn next as he someone whistling from behind him. He knew he heard that whistle before, but it felt like it was long time ago that he last heard it.

Not trusting his ears or his memories he turned around to find the whistler. Even though there could have possibly been only one person he still cloud not believe his eyes. “Yuna…?” He whispered in disbelief.

At the other end of the hallway he came from truly stood none other than the young summoner, the long skirt of her garb gently swayed on the breeze and she smiled happily as he spoke her name.

“How did you get here?” The young warrior asked incredulously.

“A voice spoke to me. It told of a tournament in a faraway place, where only the strongest were invited” Yuna replied calmly, her serene voice drifting through the coliseums halls. “And in my heart I knew I would find you here.”

“You came here just to find me?!” Tidus exclaimed, his happiness dampened by his disbelief that he could be so lucky

“Of course! If it is you I would…” She started but her voice trailed off and a blush spread across her cheeks.

Without any of them being aware they moved closer to another until they were standing face to face. Yuna noticed first and without thinking brought her hands up to her decollete, looking like the embodiment of demure vulnerability.

As much as he revered her at that moment, he was not able to keep his longing in check. He took hold of her bare shoulders, pulling her in closer and leaned down to catch her lips with his own.

Yuna hesitated for just a moment but then kissed back just as eagerly as Tidus did. As their tongues explored the other’s mouth Tidus’ let his hands slowly travel southward, first along her arms then her waist, intent to keep moving.

But before he had a chance to lay his hands on her any lower they heard the sound of heels clacking over the floor, getting closer. As he first saw the long black hair of the person disrupting their intimacy he feared that Lulu also traveled to this dimension and he reflexively let go of his beloved and took a step back.

“Oh please, don’t stop just because of me.” the person said delighted. And as attractive as she was, by the size of her bust it was clear that she was not the black mage guarding Yuna, much to Tidus’ relief.

“Meia!” Yuna greeted her but was too embarrassed to look the passerby in the eyes.

“Ah, my little Summoner.” Meia greeted back as she reached the couple. “Wait. Is he the one you were looking for?” She asked her while mustering the blonde man beside her.

Yuna did not answer, but her intensifying blush was more than enough for the azure witch to figure her out. She smirked and slowly circled around the two of them, getting a better picture of the young warrior and Blitzball ace.

“And where were you trying to touch my summoner before I interrupted you?” Meia questioned him with a stern glare after she made her round.

“Uhm, you know… I mean, I wouldn’t…” Tidus stammered. Feeling caught red handed.

“It’s not like I don’t understand…” Meia continued without waiting for a coherent answer. Her wandering brought her to her self-assigned protegé and she let her fingertips lightly graze along Yuna’s firm posterior, making her gasp.

“…Because she is just so adorable…” Meia giggled from behind the transfixed brunette, carefully combing strands of Yuna’s hair behind her ear. She moved closer, pressing her curves against Yuna’s back and took a deep, audible, breath through her nose as she moved her head over Yuna’s shoulder “… So sweet…”

With the hand she used to comb through her hair Meia turned Yuna’s head sideways to her before sealing their lips together. Yuna was so shocked that she even stopped breathing and just closed her eyes and endured as Meia ravenously conquered her mouth.

The witch moaned sensually as she entertained herself but was aware of Yuna’s predicament and so she broke the kiss soon after. Being able to breath again, Yuna let out small high-pitched pants to catch her breath and her chest moved rapidly “…And so delicious!” Meia purred, licking her lips.

All the while Tidus could do nothing but watch in rapt attention, unable to handle such rampant promiscuity.

The two women remained close to another and feeling the other’s breath on their lips until Yuna opened her eyes again. Meia then turned her attention to the only spectator of their intimate display.

“About you…” Meia said as she rounded the dazed summoner and tossed herself against the dumbstruck warriors frame. She let her hands crawl up his body, her fingers exploring every recess of his muscular torso, the delicate touch making them ripple now and then.

“Ohoho, so strong…” Meia swooned as she brought her hands up to his shoulders below his jacket. In one swift movement she pulled the jacket over his shoulders and down his arms, baring his upper body, Even though it didn’t do much to cover him in the first place he still looked timid as he was forcibly disrobed.

“…Yet so bashful, how cute…” Meia teased him as her looked deep into his eyes, getting closer to him like she wanted to kiss again then sent her hand down his stomach into his pants and blindly fished for his dick, already semi-erect. “But all man where it counts!”

Meia turned around and ground her ample derriere against Tidus’ crotch and fixed her eyes back to Yuna, who tried her best not to let her jealousy show as she witnessed her former guardian being molested.

“You know, this can be quite a chance for you” Meia said casually as she rubbed herself against Tidus.

“Ch-chance?!” Yuna repeated puzzled.

“Yes. You two traveled to another dimension, where no one knows you or will remember you. Whatever happens here will never be known to those close to you. It’s like a dreamworld.” Meia explained. Yuna never considered the possibilities a visit to Palamecia could offer her beyond meeting her love again.

“So… what will it be? Will you wake up after you got this far? Or will you keep dreaming, fulfilling your desires, knowing you might not get another chance?” Meia addressed them both this time, pushing herself away from his lap to look at them, awaiting their answer.

Yuna and Tidus gazed at one another for a long time. They knew Meia was right, to a certain degree. They both wanted to be more intimate, but they never imagined it to happen like this. But their time on Yuna’s pilgrimage taught them that they will not always get what they want and sometimes taking the opportunities given is the best they can do.

“I… I don’t know…” Yuna spoke first, uncertain what would be the best course of action.

“Don’t worry, dear!” Meia interjected. She wrapped her arms around Yuna’s shoulders and gave her a reassuring smile. “I will guide you aaallll the way. Unless…” She turned around and flashed an impish smile to the turned on blitzballer. “…He doesn’t want to join us.”

“No! I mean yes!” He said agitated, more concerned about leaving Yuna alone in the fangs of this sexual predator than getting his rocks off.

Having both of them agreed, more or less, she took the couple be their wrists and guided them through the hallways, unerringly leading them to a door. The room, currently vacant, was some kind of warm up room, containing benches and mats to exercise on.

Meia rushed her charges into the room. Once in, she pushed Tidus to the far end of the room where a barre was mounted to the wall and made him lean on it.

She moved in closer and started kissing her way down his body starting from the neck. Yuna huffed from indignation at Meia’s actions but remained motionless behind them. Meia only stopped her kisses long enough to focus on unbuttoning his pants before she kept going lower, pulling his leg-wear with her until they pooled around his ankles.

Both visitors from Spira stared wide-eyed as Meia finally sat down on her knees holding her price, Tidus’ fully engorged prick, in hand. Meia reached out her other hand to the fretting summoner. “Come on, it’s not going to bite.”

“And I promise we won’t either.” She directed up at the stunned Tidus with a wink, giving him a light squeeze to get her point across.

Yuna hesitated for a moment, but ultimately decided not to leave Tidus to her tag-teammate and joined on the floor and sat down on her heels beside her.

“just follow my lead.” Meia said encouragingly and gave the tip a long full-lipped kiss, which Tidus rewarded with a satisfied groan, before pointing it towards her peer. Not giving herself time to garner second thoughts Yuna dove in and closed her lips around the swollen head.

“It tastes funny…” Yuna commented when she broke the kiss. Meia patted her on the back in praise. “And it will taste even better, believe me.” the witch promised.

Next Meia placed her tongue at the root of their shared toy and sensually licked her way up the shaft, giving it a flick with the tip of her tongue at the end. Yuna followed her example and while she didn’t look nearly as lascivious, her inexperience and eagerness gave her her own unique eroticism.
Meia gave her more and more space on the spit-shined tool and when she was sure enough that Yuna wouldn’t mind she began undressing her, against some weak mewls of protest, until she was only wearing her black bra from the waist up.

She returned to the dick at hand and each them moved their tongues in sync up and down his length on either side.

“Nao loogh aub adh ‘im.” Meia ordered without stopping and they both locked eyes with lucky man watching from above.

Part of Tidus wanted to lean back and just enjoy the incredible service he received but he couldn’t unglue his eyes, not as the two beauties kneeling at his feet looked up at him full of adoration as they worshiped his manhood.

He wanted to touch them but hesitated. Only when Meia gave him an approving wink did he put his hands on their heads, not guiding them in any kind, yet the way he felt them move and bob made the experience much more real to him.

What control Tidus wouldn’t take over the two women Meia gladly took for her own. She stopped Yuna by holding her neck and gently guided her further down, below the base of the dick they caressed so affectionately, until they reached the pouch skin containing Tidus’ crown jewels.

Yuna wasn’t sure what to do until she heard Meia audibly suckling on the sensitive skin, so she mimicked her again without doing so much as scrunching her nose.

It didn’t take long until they each took care of one of the twitching orbs, engulfing them in their warm and wet mouths and cradling them with their tongues.

Meia retreated again, leaving Yuna to slather both precious marbles by herself. A task she steadily improved at and not even forgot keep eye contact as she pleasured her beloved.

Without even a hint of shame Meia got rid of her clothes, but only after she slipped out white lace leotard, her last piece of clothing, was she able to draw Tidus attention. She basked in his stares and gave him ample chance to enjoy the view, even spinning around herself once just for show.

“You know, I’m sure he is feeling really good right now.” She said as she knelt back to Yuna’s side. “But if you want to make him feel even better you have to take him deeper.”

“deeh’her!” Yuna exclaimed with her mouth full, misunderstanding Meia’s advise. She imagined what was beyond the scrotum she tried to swallow and for the first time she felt like she reached a line she could not cross.

Yuna let go of her spoils and looked at Meia, giving her her best puppy eyes as she feared to be scolded for her reluctance. It took a second for Meia to grasp their disaccord. She smiled warmly and leaned in to kiss her, Yuna’s sweetness and Tidus’ musk creating an exceptional flavour.

“No, silly. You have to take this deeper.” She explained and made a point slowly jerking the hot piece of meat next to them. Yuna immediately cheered up and enthusiastically closed her mouth around the helmeted head and sinking further down. But she noticed she may have miscalculated something when it hit the back of her mouth while only being halfway down to the base.

“Take it easy, dear. Just relax. Swallow bit by bit. And mind the teeth.” Meia said softly, stroking Yuna’s back and gently massaging one of her breasts. The unseasoned summoner made little progress which was nullified every time she came up for air. Try as she might she could manage to take it all.

“This is impossible!” Yuna finally wheezed after another failed struggle against her gag reflex.

“Aww, don’t say that, dear. You just have to practice some more. h´Here, let me show you.” Meia consoled her and took over. She licked around the head once and in one fluid motion went down on the respectable girth until her nose nestled in his blonde pubes.

This time Tidus did throw his head back and he moaned uninhibited, never having encountered such a skilled fellatrix.

After a moment to steady himself and grip the barre tighter he looked back down and felt a pang if guilt as he saw Yuna sitting on the sideline while Meia luxuriously swallowed him whole time and again.

He felt himself reaching his peak yet before he had the chance to speak up Meia unsheathed his pulsating meat from her gullet and started jerking him off.

“Yuna, get over her. He’s about to come.” She ordered and shimmied to the side, leaving the spotlight for her student. Yuna complied and was again eye to “eye” with the twitching bellend. “Lean your head some more. And stick out your tongue.” Meia directed her.

A couple more instructions later Yuna’s face made for a highly alluring target for Tidus’ seed, with her mouth wide open and her tongue stretched out. With one hand Meia held her head in place with the other she rapidly yanked the agitated warrior to completion.

Tidus groaned and Yuna squealed as the first rope of semen shot out and hit her forehead. More followed and burst forth, glazing one of Yuna’s eyes shut.

At the end multiple strands of white crisscrossed Yuna’s face and Meia ran her thumb along the underside of the throbbing shaft, milking the last precious droplets on Yuna’s waiting tongue.

Exhausted, but very satisfied, Tidus slumped against the wall. Through her one unobstructed eye the sperm-faced summoner looked to her tutor for guidance. With a smile Meia put a finger under Yuna’s chin and tilted her head up, indicating her to swallow what she had caught with her mouth.

Obediently she let it run down her throat, the taste lingering even after everything was gone.

“You like it?” Meia inquired curiously. Yuna apparently gave it some serious thought, smacking her lips while the salty bitterness was still fresh. Yet after having made her decision she shook her head coyly.

Meia shrugged as she leaned in and put her hands on Yuna’s shoulders. “Just give it time.” And without further ado she started licking her buddies face clean, following each line of seed up and down her soft skin.

When she had finished tongue-bathing her susceptible comrade she grabbed Yuna’s face with both hands and nearly overwhelmed her as she leaned in for a fervent kiss. Yuna mewled in surprise as she was force-fed the collected cum from Meia’s mouth.

Only when she had gulped down everything that was funneled into her did Meia break the kiss, giving Yuna a chance to get some well needed breath.

“Taste better now?” Meia asked playfully. Yuna wasn’t sure if it was because some of Meia’s spit was mixed into it or if she really just needed some time getting used to, but the gooey liquid that was fed to her did taste a bit better now.

Too embarrassed to admit that she remained silent yet couldn’t help but smile a little. Thinking that this was the end of her role here she looked to her discarded clothes, but her jaw was quickly caught by Meia and turned to face her.

“You don’t think we are done here, do you?” Meia asked, feigning indignation. She turned Yuna’s head further to the side. “Does he look done to you?” pointing her focus to Tidus.

Without a doubt he was ready to keep going. Even though he still looked a bit shaky on his knees, his erection stood up as proud and energetic as before. Yuna shot him an incriminating look for his lack of self-control.

“You two just look so… I mean, you are really…” Tidus tried to defend his rock hard display of primal lust, but stopped as he thought he would only make things worse if he kept talking.

“Come!” Meia ordered as she stood up, pulling Yuna with her to her feet. Without reservation Meia  started divesting Yuna of her remaining clothes until she was only wearing her boots. The similarly nude witch took a step back to appreciate the youthful beauty in front of her.

Yuna shivered involuntarily, standing in the unheated room without a single stitch on her body. Meia noticed that and pulled her into a tight embrace. Their pubic mounds, each crowned with a small patch of darker hair, their taut stomachs and firm breasts were pressed against another as they held each other close.

“You are so warm…” Meia swooned quietly. Yuna’s blush intensified as she was at a loss for words but found the resolve to place soft kisses on Meia’s neck and shoulder.

Tidus pushed himself from the wall as he saw that, feeling, if nothing else, left out. Meia nodded at him to assuage him and broke the embrace. She pulled the other woman back to a small stack of mats and with a little clap on her fanny made her hop on it.

The domineering witch followed and moved behind Yuna. She pulled them both down to their knees and then back until Meia laid back on the mats and Yuna with her back on top. The summoners head rested between the soft cushions of Meia’s breasts, who brought her hands around and began exploring the body on top of her.

“Mmh, so nice and soft.” Meia purred as she fondled her peers flesh, squeezing her every now and then as her hands traveled south. When her hands passed Yuna’s cute belly button Meia brought her legs to work as well, using them to pry apart Yuna’s knees and spreading them further until she lay there spread eagled, forced open by Meia’s leg-hold.

Meia’s hand homed in on her target, past the soft down of Yuna’s pubes, and found ample wetness as they reached the almost closed slit.

“Oh my, feels like you are all set already.” She teased but Yuna was already lost to the sensations of being touched down there for the first time and mewled and moaned as Meia drew slow circles over her skin with her fingertips, pulled her lower lips apart to expose them to the cold air and do much more wondrous things the inexperienced woman never had considered before.

Slowly Meia let one of her digit glide into the drenched folds searching and finding what she had anticipated. “I can feel it, you know. Your maidenhood.” Meia whispered affectionately. “It would hurt less if I take it, but maybe this is not what you want.” She even stopped her ministrations, giving her subject a proper chance to think.

As the flames Meia stoked inside Yuna’s core shrank to a simmer she finally had the presence of mind to decide. Smiling warmly with her eyes full of adoration she reached out with her arms, inviting Tidus to join her and be with her.

Infatuated Tidus complied wordlessly, lured in by her outstretched arms and widespread legs. He joined them on the mats, paying mind not to add any more weight to the poor witch at the bottom.

He leaned over them and kissed Yuna, like he wanted to kiss her for so long. Impatiently, feverishly. Like he was nearly parched to death and her lips promised live saving liquid.

As he did he ground his length against her sopping folds, pleading for access into her depths. “Oh Yevon, it’s so hot.” Yuna murmured in between kisses as he felt him grind against her lower lips, partially doubting if she could take him inside.

When Tidus had sated himself he leaned back looking down to where their bodies were still in touch. He took hold of his hardened member and aligned it to pierce her virgin sheath. “Are you… I mean, can I…” Tidus stammered, unsure how to ask his love if she was willing to offer one of the most sacred things she could give.

Yuna beamed from ear to ear, touched by his honest consideration. “I love you.” Was all she could reply, all that occupied her thoughts and more than enough to be understood as she put her hands on his shoulders.

Carefully Tidus dove into her, hissing as he felt the molten heat surrounding his manhood. Yuna tossed her head back as far as she could, moaning wantonly. Whatever spike of pain she felt was washed away by a sea of pleasure, born from their long awaited union.

Tidus pulled his hips back, setting a slow pace of back and forth, not that the tight confines of his loves just-deflowered passage allowed anymore right now. Both were lost in the delicious sensations of their coupling, groaning in tandem every time he reached her deepest core.

Meia unhooked her legs from Yuna’s, who used this chance to wrap hers around Tidus’ waist, pulling him in as tight as she could paying no mind to the person below as she did. Her partner was more considerate and once Yuna had him in her embrace he held her tight and lifted her up enough so Meia could slip out from under them.

Such chivalry had be rewarded and Meia dragged her hero out of Yuna’s grasp enough to give him a passionate kiss. Then she directed her attention back to the mewling girl lying in front of them. Meia latched her skilled mouth to one of Yuna’s pink areola and sent a hand down to the junction of the lovers bodies, strumming her erect little clit.

Yuna bit her lip to stifle her cries of pleasure, but it was only a matter of minutes under the two-pronged assault until she reached her zenith. She wailed in unparalleled satisfaction and arched her back, her spine only relaxing after every bit of air left her lungs and her voice ran out.

Tears started streaming down the climaxing woman’s face, having experienced her very first orgasm, an earthshaking sensation she was wholly unprepared for. Also never having seen a woman in the throes of her own passion like that, Tidus leaned back, concerned for her well being.

Meia wistfully shook her head at such juvenile naivety, then climbed over the tuckered out summoner until she was on her hands and knees above her, shaking her rear enticingly towards the worked up warrior. “Get over here and make me scream like her.” Meia purred in her most seductive voice.

Worried about his fidelity Tidus held back, but the sight of Meia’s glistening petals above Yuna’s dripping slit he plundered before got the better of him and with a primal grunt he grabbed the witches waist and fully sank into her in one go.

While no less pleasurable Meia’s convulsing quim offered only little resistance so Tidus could increase the pace, pounding her hard and fast and making her whole body shake every time their hips collided.

The azure witch wallowed in the rough treatment, not even trying to stop her moans as she was filled so nicely with each forceful plunge. She almost came a little when Tidus put one of his strong hands between her shoulders and pushed her down on her elbows, seeking for a way to breed her more fervently.

Roused from the wanton lovemaking Yuna woke from her climax-induced trance and found herself face to face with Meia again, her long black hair veiling most one her view. Although the way Meia’s body rhythmically shook towards her and back gave her a good idea what was going on.

“I hope… Ahh… you don’t mind… Mhmm… that I borrowed… Ooh… him for a while.” Meia panted between thrusts. As much as Yuna was plagued by jealousy at the start, after everything that had happened until now she could no longer muster any grudge for the raven-haired woman.

“I can… pay you back… If you want… Oh, heavens… but you… have to… move up… a bit…” Meia offered, raising her eyebrows suggestively. Yuna followed without giving thought on the type of payback Meia had in mind, wriggling herself up from below her besieged comrade.

She had almost freed herself when Meia took hold of her thighs. “What are youooOOHHH!” Yuna tried to ask but was cut short as Meia dove between her legs and started frenching her still sensitive slit.

Yuna couldn’t believe her eyes, even as she felt all the nerves in her nethers lighting up under Meia’s skillful ministrations. Never could she have imagined that another women could be doing something like this to her. Part of her reasoned that this was wrong. But how could it feel so right then?

“Please, don’t stop!” She whimpered as she grabbed Meia’s head and pulled her in closer, feeling each of her fitful moans filling her own depths with hot breath as Tidus pierced the naughty witches core and by that extension feeling connected to Tidus once again.

Not having intended to stop at any point Meia continued her oral onslaught, licking and sucking with gusto as she demonstrated the feats of sapphic love.

Meanwhile Tidus was on cloud nine as she took in the sight in front of him. The lewd woman that had coerced him into this situation was on her knees in front of him, her curves shaking and jiggling every time her drove his pulsing length inside her as she pleasured the woman he fell in love with, making her writhe in ecstasy and her needy moans rose to his head like an entrancing tune.

Like this their ménage à trois continued for an indeterminate time. It was Meia who came first. Her whole body quivered and her well used orifice clasped onto the dick tenderizing it with all her might.

She groaned her release into the sensitive channel of the women she fellated, sending more ripples of pleasure up Yuna’s spine and triggering her second climax of the evening. Yuna wrapped her soft thighs around Meia’s head and shook her head left and right as she grunted through clenched teeth.

That all-feminine orgasmic duet filled the room and Tidus’ mind, sending him over the edge as well. At he last moment he pulled out and came to rest between the full globes of Meia’s butt spraying his seed all over her back.

When he had spent his load he fell back on his rear breathing heavily. Without Tidus supporting her Meia’s knees gave out and she sank down to the mat and forward, resting her head on Yuna’s stomach.  The young summoner laid flat on her back, her arms and legs splayed apart, still whimpering quietly with every breath.

Surprisingly it was Yuna who stirred first, rolling to her side to lift herself up and taking stock of the situation. She slowly hauled her body over to Meia’s and sat back down next to her.

Without any warning Yuna bowed down and started licking the cum from the exhausted woman’s back. Meia did not show any surprise but purred affectionately as she felt the warm tongue cleaning her smooth skin.

Yuna took her sweet time gathering Tidus’ essence. When she had licked up the last drip she leaned back with puffed up cheeks. Meia straightened up as well and caressed the side of Yuna’s face with a hungry look. “Come give me some.” She whispered needily and closed in to lock their lips.

Seeing a chance to get the upper hand over the authoritarian woman for once Yuna decided differently and quickly gulped down the precious cargo down her gullet, confirming her deed done with a loud “Puah!” As she opened her mouth and licked her lips.

This sure had the intended effect, leaving the azure witch dumbfounded at such a kind of disobedience. “Now you’ve done it!” Meia said with trembling, sinister voice, but never loosing her seductive smile.

She pounced at Yuna, easily overpowering her. As punishment Meia started teasing her all over, playfully nibbling at various parts of the insubordinate summoner, pinching her tender flesh until Yuna squealed and always tickling her at one place or another.

Even at her best Yuna wouldn’t stand a chance and naked in the close quarters between the mat and the equally nude witch she knew she would be fighting a lost battle. So she breathlessly asked for mercy between her jovial shrieks and fits of laughter.

When Meia did decide to stop Yuna was laying face down and completely out of breath with Meia sitting on top of her back. She grabbed Yuna’s ankles and dragged them to the side and down the mats so only her upper body rested on the stack.

“Time to show you your place!” Meia declared theatrically and looked around for an accomplice, finding Tidus. He must have obviously liked seeing the show the two beauties had played because, even to his own amazement, his member stood rock hard and raring to go again.

The witch lured him in, curling her finger in a come hither motion and pointing at the taut rear presented at the edge of their makeshift bedding. The weary warrior took one more deep breath before he followed Meia’s command and her exciting offer.

As he knelt behind his pinned down lover he paused for a moment, not out of hesitation but to admire the pure loveliness in front of him.

Yuna’s once virgin folds glistened wetly, droplets of her sweet nectar running down her thighs. He gently traced his fingertips up her legs, sending shivers up her spine. His fingers followed her shapely calfs and soft thighs until they the firm flesh of her butt.

He took a possessive hold of the two globes, kneading and spreading them as he pleased, making her squirm delightfully under his palms. When he couldn’t control his need anymore he thrust his hips forward, sinking back into the woman he deflowered earlier.

As he felt the divine pressure all around his length once again Tidus had to steady himself with both arms lest he would topple over from sheer pleasure. While Yuna was still deliciously tight the tension from before was no longer there so Tidus could pick up the pace as he pounded her energetically.

With Meia sitting on top of her shoulders and Tidus holding her hips Yuna had no other option than take the fucking she was subjected to and judging from the moans of wanton lust she let out escape was the last thing on her mind.

After he found his rhythm rutting his hips back and forth Tidus let his hands wander. First up Yuna’s shivering back to Meia’s thighs, then up the witches body until he found purchase taking hold of her soft breasts.

Meia purred at the manhandling of her pliable flesh and she put her own hands on top of his, coaxing him to be rougher, to treat her tender tits like he owned them. The lust-drunk Blitzball star obliged and Meia began sensually humping her hips as her chest was at the mercy of Tidus’ strong hands.

They continued like this for some time, with Yuna squirming helplessly below them as Tidus pawed at Meia’s supple form, nearly bruising her. But soon Meia wanted more, so she bend downtime hips smacking wild against one another.

Because Meia’s long black hair hid her actions and his thrusts made him bump against her head now Tidus was about to protest, but whatever it was she was doing, it had the immediate of making Yuna howl like an animal and her folds enclosing his dick in a vice-like grip, almost like she tried to milk him, making him groan.

What was unseen by Tidus was very much apparent to the squirming summoner, although she had trouble believing it. At that moment Meia had buried her tongue inside Yuna’s butt, spreading the tight virgin ring of muscles as wide as possible.

Yuna knew from having made out with Meia that the flexible intruder raiding her colon wasn’t that large but as it broke into her untouched depths it felt impossibly big. And every time it dug into her it brought along another rivulet of saliva, running down further inside and feeling scalding hot to her oversensitive guts.

She curled her toes and clawed her fingers into her sides as she felt Meia’s breath filling her insides after her sphincter ultimately relented to the witches expert tongue. In this turmoil of new sensations she even forgot about the shallow thrusts of her lover, her whole world orbiting around her breached butthole.

Just as she finally accommodated to being pried open and vulnerable did the probing tongue pull back. Meia licked her lips and gave Tidus a chance to see her work. The hole she prepared was dripping wet and winking invitingly, waiting for more.

Wordlessly Meia took hold of the base of his stiff erection, making him slip out of Yuna’s sopping quim. She realigned his throbbing erection and Yuna yelped as the tip made contact with her abused sphincter.

Tidus froze as he heard her discomfort, staring wide-eyed at the woman holding him by his dick. Meia rolled her eyes at this token of distrust. She lifted herself off of Yuna’s back and grabbed one of her legs. With that leverage she made Yuna turn around onto her back.

Meia took hold of both ankles and pulled them to her, increasing Yuna’s spread and making her holes a more prominent and enticing target. She kept pulling until the tips of the surprisingly flexible summoners toes reached the mats surface.

Yuna’s face turned beet red from embarrassment after Meia bent low to whisper something directly into her ear. “Come on, he’s waiting.” Meia coaxed her playfully.

“…P-please, make” Yuna began “no no no. You forgot your hands.” Meia singsonged as she chided her. Yuna swallowed hard and brought her hands between her legs, spreading herself further for her beloved. Not that her desperately waiting orifices could be presented in a more obscene way with the way her legs were sprawled from her in a large ‘V’.

“Please, make use of my… my ass. I beg you.” Yuna repeated the words surely fed to her by the azure witch holding her ankles. She was way past her threshold to feel ashamed and simply trusted that whatever depravity Meia came up with would be rewarding enough warrant her descend.

Tidus didn’t understand what it was. Maybe it was Yuna’s plea to be sodomized. Maybe it was how both of her holes literally oozed with various juices. Or maybe it was that at the same time Meia winked at him to encourage him to take the offer Yuna’s anus also opened and closed liked it was winking at him, inviting him in.

What he did understand was that he didn’t care anymore. So he moved forward, using his whole body weight to vanquish any resistance left and sink into Yuna’s butt. Both of them groaned savagely as Tidus hilted inside her, neither of them having ever felt anything like this.

Never could Yuna have imagined to feel so filled and she appreciated the time Meia spend preparing her for this. Every thrust into her depths felt like it rearranged her insides and sent waves of untold pleasure through her body.

With every shove Tidus lost a bit more of his composure, going harder and grunting louder as he ravaged Yuna’s hole. First the vice-like grip of her sphincter followed by her inner walls, which seemed to have a mind of their own as they massaged him with just the right amount of pressure.

Meia watched the spectacle and she let go of Yuna’s ankles. Although as her legs folded in Tidus grabbed the hollows of Yuna’s knees to keep her hips angled as they were to make pumping into her all the easier.

“I’m so proud of you, Yuna.” Meia swooned as she placed soft kisses and even softer touches all over her body, the sweet tenderness a stark contrast to the rough anal pounding bestowed upon her.

“You sucked our first cock. And swallowed you first load of cum.” Meia narrated as she slowly kissed her way up from Yuna’s erect nipple over her collarbone to her neck. “You were fucked for the very first time and even had your first orgasm.” She whispered directly into Yuna’s ear now as she gently nibbled on her earlobe.

The unabashed dirty talk rose to Yuna’s head and added to her sexual delirium. She reminisced about the lewd and shameful acts she had done earlier and did even now and as disgusting as she would have considered some of them until today she realized she liked doing all of that. More than liked, if they continued she might as well become a slave to the pleasure she felt.

“And right now you are fucked in the ass, also for the first time.” Meia continued her smutty story. “I’m sure he will come inside you, too. Another first time.” Yuna’s moans hit a new pitch from the vivid images Meia’s words created in her mind.

“I wonder, what other first times could we accomplish? We don’t want to miss one, do we?” Meia asked rhetorically, as at this point both of the couple were too drunk from their sodomite escapades for coherent speech.

After some consideration Meia rose to her knees and turned around to face the bristling warrior, hovering her hips Yuna’s face and getting lower until she could the warm breath against her sensitive labia.

With one hand she reached out for Tidus making him lean towards her until their lips locked into a frantic kiss, their tongues wrestling for dominance. At the same her hips sunk all the way down, sealing another pair of lips together.

At first Yuna’s mouth remained passive, primarily because her thoughts were too occupied with having her butthole stretched beyond her imagination. Yet when Meia used her free hand to sink two fingers into Yuna’s dripping honeypot while at the same strumming her thumb over Yuna’s erect clit she lost the last shreds of control.

Yuna grabbed Meia’s thighs and pulled her even closer onto her and she started passionately making out with the juicing snatch riding her face. Meia moaned wantonly into Tidus’ mouth, pleasantly surprised by Yuna’s enthusiasm.

Like this their love triangle went on, their fatigue competing with their unbridled lust as they pushed each other to their ultimate height.

The twin barrage of Meia’s fingers and Tidus’ rock-hard girth set Yuna’s nethers on fire, a heat that began to engulf her very core once again, while she feasted on the abundance of sweet honey she lapped from the witches quivering sheath.

Above her at the same time the azure witch and the Blitzball ace fought their own battle of supremacy with their tongues, spurred by equal lust and desire to control the other and Meia smiled obviously happy that her counterpart finally showed his true colors.

As a last trump card he let go of Yuna’s legs and and took a rough hold of Meia’s shaking breasts, the powerful touch sending shivers down her spine like electricity. The commanding treatment of the once shy warrior excited her immensely.

But all good things had to come to an end. Yuna hit the lights first and she grunted her release into the sopping cleft silencing her. Her whole body spasmed, subdued as she was, and her holes convulsed around the foreign objects penetrating her.

These contractions brought Tidus over the edge and it felt to him like Yuna tried to expel him and suck him in deeper at the same time as he fired his essence deep into her.

Yuna’s voice reached a new octave as she was filled up with her lovers liquid lust, the sound resonating into Meia and together the brutish kneading of her supple flesh made her reach her climax as well, igniting her nerves and taking her breath away.

Meia’s squirting love juices filled Yuna’s mouth and nostrils with an aroma incomparable and almost made her come a second time as she was made to receive her partners fluids on both ends.

The three of them ground their hips and flexed their muscles, trying to gather even the last little morsel of pleasure while they could.

Yet once there was nothing more they had to part. Meia rolled to the side to rest on her back beside the vanquished summoner. Tidus fell to Yuna’s other side after he slipped out of her rosebud, leaving it gaping a little with his seed dripping out.

All of them were exhausted but satisfied beyond measure as they were busy catching their wind. With her last strength Yuna turned to her side and pulled herself closer to her love. After everything that happened she looked for the intimacy only he could give her and Tidus held her hand as she nestled against his broad shoulder.

Meia looked at them with a poignant smile, knowing full well she had become superfluous. She stretched herself and crawled down the mats to retrieve her clothes.

After she unhurriedly dressed up she went back the resting couple, finding Yuna fallen asleep in her former guardians arms.

“The tournament is about to continue soon.” Meia said quietly to not disturb the sleeping beauty.

“I think we are good.” Tidus replied and waved her off, smiling down at his truelove as he caressed her.

As a farewell Meia bend down planting a soft peck on Yuna’s forehead, making her stir and sough just a little without waking her up before she met with Tidus for one last soulful kiss.

“Dream another little dream with her, will you?” She inquired while she was still eye to eye with him and stroking his cheek.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He replied earnestly.

Without saying another word she turned around to leave. She put an exaggerated sway to her hips, knowing she still had his eyes on her.

At the door Meia looked back one last time. She wondered if she might be able to somehow get to Spira, finding another chance meet them again.

She shrugged and closed the door. Maybe later, when she ran out of toys here in Palamecia.

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