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first off, thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.

Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.

The references for this are the parts of the first two chapters which feature the player character and Sarah in act II.

The sun was already halfway swallowed by the horizon when the Warrior of light returned to the village Omega. Everything was quiet, which was partially due to his success as a village guard.

The hut he lived in was modest, but as he had no memories of his life before Palamecia he was not feeling like he missed anything.

As he opened the wooden door it already smelled like Dinner. Sarah must be home. Sarah, once Princess of all Palamecia, now lived together with him as an average villager.

A change in life she did not resent as she, among with every other human on Palamecia, lost all memories of their pasts due to the dark flood that followed Chaos' defeat.

They lived together as brother and sister, the best guise he was able to come up with so he could keep a watchful eye over her without raising suspicion. 

And it was in times like these, when he realized how dutifully she cared for him, that he hated himself for choosing that kind of masquerade. 

"Good evening, Brother." Sarah greeted him over her shoulder as he slowly sank down to his spot at the table. She was busy at the stove preparing a meal that was bound to be delicious, judging by the smell.

"Hello Sarah." he replied, sounding exhausted as he sprawled out on the wooden bench.

"Was the patrol difficult?" Sarah asked worriedly while she put out the fire in the stove.

"No, not really" The warrior waved off. 

It was true. Hunting fiends was hardly taxing on the brave hero who defeated Chaos. But as time had passed he felt more and more burned out. It was like he never felt rested, no matter how much he slept.

Sarah turned to him and closed the distance, looking at him with concern. "You look weary." She concluded when she stood beside him.

The warrior did not answer but the fact that he did not prove her wrong spoke volumes.

The former princess slowly lowered herself to sit sideways on his lap. He didn't mind the attention, even though his 'sister' wasn't usually so clingy.

When her delicate hands steadily moved up his chest to his shoulders the warrior didn't speak up.

When she nestled her nubile body closer against his he didn't stop her.

When the warrior felt Sarah's warm breath on the side of his neck he did not question her intent but his nostrils flared as he huffed.

Only when she started planting gentle kisses along his jawline did the warrior began to resist, taking hold of her hands but not moving them away from him. "...Sarah...?"

The warrior couldn't believe what was happening. He wondered if he went through the wrong door. Into some kind of twisted version of his reality. He wouldn't put this behind Palamecia to come up with something like that.

"I talked... with a friend. About you." Sarah whispered between kisses. "I told her how effortlessly you fight off the fiends around the village. She thinks you must have been some kind of war hero in the past. You might have forgotten, but your body remembers. That is why you fight so well."

The Warrior of light had to fight hard not to laugh out at this assessment. Some hero he was! Yet he managed to keep in a snide remark.

"My friend said you might be frustrated that you are not challenged enough and that you would need another way to vent. Something... only a woman can give you. But you never seemed take any interest in a woman." Sarah went on. Her voice quavered every now and then, but every time she pressed her soft lips on her 'brother's' skin she seemed to get another boost of confidence.

The warrior was concerned about where this conversation was going to. He also worried about who set Sarah up to all that. "I really like to have a talk with that friend of yours." He stated as seriously as he could with a cute girl squirming on his lap.

Sarah looked into his eyes for the first time since she began fawning over him. "When you say that she... she wanted me to tell you that... She would gladly come to help you out if... if i am not enough for you." Her voice gave out towards the end and her sad face, on the verge of tears, left only one answer for a loyal brother.

"I don't need anyone else but you." the warrior replied without thinking, only wanting to see her smile again. That he also gave consent to what Sarah intended to do was lost on him in that moment.

Sarah smiled broadly at the reassuring words and she returned to kissing him, only this time on the other side of his neck. Her hands disappeared from his shoulders, only to blindly search for a way to remove his clothes.

"But we shouldn't do this." The warrior interjected halfheartedly.

To convince him Sarah took one of his hands and guided it to her thigh, placing his coarse fingers on her soft skin and making him push up until he displaced her skirt and almost reached her hip.

She also leaned into him even more, forcing him to support her so she wouldn't fall backwards and she quickly found herself cradled in his strong arm.

Every time the warrior thought the person he treated as his sister would be too embarrassed to keep going she surprised him and did something more bold. Her bravery captivated him as much as her feminine charm.

From her new position she could no longer shower him in light pecks but her eyes zoomed in on a much more alluring target. Her breathing got faster as she stared at his lips, like a deer caught in a headlight.

With what seemed like it took an incomparable amount of courage she lunged forward, molding their lips together. Caught by surprise the warrior instinctively squeezed her tighter to himself, making Sarah hum appreciatively into his mouth.

Sarah's inexperience and the warriors reluctance made the dance their tongues performed a slow one. Yet they each felt the other persons hunger lying beneath that, waiting for chance to be satiated.

She shifted her weight rhythmically, pleasurably massaging his loins as she kept on removing his clothes. The closer she got to revealing his upper body the faster and more frantically her fingers worked.

As far as she could trust her memories, she had never seen her brother shirtless, much less naked. She was much too shy and honest to steal a peek. At least she been until today.

Sarah had observed her brother at other times though. And she never saw him more alive than when he was fighting. It wasn't bloodlust or anything. He looked... liberated when he was lost in the moment of battle.

Yet most of the time he looked rather downcast. In grief. Like he lost something dear. In some way everyone had lost something when the dark flood took people's memories. But for her brother it was somehow different. And it hurt her that she could not help him.

When her dear friend and Mentor, Meia, heard Sarah's stories she quickly reasoned that it must be her brother's bodily needs that were the cause. Meia explained to her, sometimes in rather crude terms, what was needed to calm him.

But the days went by and her brother's mood got worse bit by bit. He seemed to only care for his job and for her. Sarah wanted him to be happier, but when she imagined her brother together with another woman she was astonished to feel jealousy and so she made no real attempts to fix him up with one of the village girls.

At the beginning she thought it was normal. Her brother was the only family she knew and he cared for her and kept her safe. She adored him.

Though as Meia told her more and more stories about what it means to be intimate with a man Sarah began imagining doing all of these acts and mostly she imagined doing it with her beloved brother.

None of her fantasies felt wrong to her and with every new scene her lust for her brother grew together with her resolve to be the one to help him and fulfill his needs.

Back in the present Sarah had manged to peel away all layers of his brothers garment to unveil his torso. She bit on her lower lip as her hands roamed his chiseled body, her fingertips following the contours of his muscles.

The Warrior of light gently stroked her thigh and back, the soft flesh yielding to his touch as he did his best not to grasp her more possessively. He resisted his own urges. He had to. Because this was what a good brother would do. And that was the role he chose for himself to play.

"This isn't right, Sarah. The others wouldn't understand." He whispered his plea, unsure who he wanted to convince.

The woman who was once a royal princess looked up at him, peering innocently with just enough mischief in her eyes to make a man lose his mind. "Then i don't want to be right. I want you. Just as much as you want me."

It was difficult to disagree with her as he now noticed how the tip of his erection poked against the fabric of his pants and her taut butt while she kept moving back and forth on his lap.

They stared into the others eyes. It was a stalemate. Between the two 'siblings' and inside each of them, between each their consciences and their desires.

"Would you, uhm... i mean, kiss me. Now." Sarah said. What started as a humble plea turned into an order with the same serene voice.

Again the warrior was awestruck how his usually demure 'sister' ascertained her dominance without losing any of her loveliness. This even made things easier for him. No doting brother would turn down his sisters wish, right?

He moved forward, bringing their lips together for another, more passionate, makeout. And he kept moving, making Sarah arch her back until she was caught between him and the wooden table. Judging by her delighted mewls there was nowhere she would rather be.

They kissed, way more enthusiastically than before, and even the Warrior of light let out a contend grumble as he relished in his faux sisters sweet taste. Just as he got around to enjoy himself without reservation Sarah attempted to push him away.

The Warrior leaned back, confused and more than a little irked at the sudden break. It had taken a while for Sarah to realize -her mind clouded in a lustful haze- the power she had exerted when he followed her words. 

She took hold of the waistband of the warriors clothes. "Take this off." She requested. Objectively 'No' was a viable answer, but for the smitten brother he impersonated this option didn't exist.

Without a word of protest he guided Sarah to his feet and did as he was told, shuffling out of what he was still wearing until he sat buck naked with his pants and underwear pooling around his ankles.

Sarah's eyes were riveted onto his girth from the moment it was freed from it's cloth prison. The way it bobbed and twitched mesmerized her and she just barely managed to keep herself from drooling. Her fantasies clearly weren't matching up to the real thing.

She moved right in front of her beloved family member and began to tormentingly slowly bunch up her skirt. Sarah watched her brother's eyes follow every slight motion of her skirt's hemline with wicked joy. His eyes went wide as the first glimpse of her panties flashed through. 

After she was done and her skirt was now nothing more like a belt over the curve of her hips Sarah caught his brothers attention by gently moving up his chin with her fingertips until he was bound to look at her face.

"Remove these too." Sarah suggested and pointed back to her modest underwear. Pure white and smooth. His hands moved up her legs -starting at her knees- and his careful touch sent shivers up her spine.

The warrior hooked his fingers into the waistband and pulled until the material stretched over Sarah's full derriere. Once passed the cushioned obstacle the panties slid down her slim legs to the floor and revealed the light downs crowning her pubic mound.

The erstwhile princess gracefully stepped out her panties and sat back on the warrior's lap, this time with one leg on each side of his. She slid closer until their bodies pressed against each other and his pulsing shaft was caught between them.

Sarah ground her hips, her pubes tickling the underside of his manhood and the hardened tips of her breasts, still covered by her dress, glided over his chest. She moaned every time her gyrations made her sensitive clit collide with his hot flesh.

The Warrior of light tenderly caressed her skin, but did not dare to do anything more, although he knew his hesitancy only served to make Sarah take control again.

"Hold me." She panted and took him by the wrists, steering his hands around her hips to her rear and made his fingers sink into her supple backside. The warrior held onto her and even squeezed and massaged the pliable flesh in his hands, but made no further attempt to aid her in her sensual movements.

Sarah cupped his alleged brother's face in her hands and pulled him in until their noses and foreheads touched. She rose her body higher, keeping her eyes focused on his and moved her pelvis until the helmeted head of the warrior's dick knocked at the entrance of her slit.

As her lower lips spread around him he gasped as he felt how wet she was already and a single bead of her dew ran down his length.

She still had his face in her palms when she made her next demand. "Take me!"

The Warrior of light froze, not daring to look away from Sarah's mesmerizing eyes or even blink. He didn't had to do much. Just a little tug and he would sink into her welcoming folds. It was easy. Especially if he decided to just give up the act as her brother.

In the past there would have been no holding back for him at this point, when she was still the princess and he was the hero she put her hope in. But now? Would their sibling relationship suffer after this? What if people found out?

After the dark flood had washed away everyone's memories he could have turned his back and leave. But he couldn't leave Sarah behind. She was too important to him. He rejoiced that she was now pushing herself only to make him feel better. And to pay her back all he had to do was let her.

So he did. With great care he pulled Sarah's hips down and advanced into her dripping wet sheath. A long drawn-out moan escaped her as he inched closer to her core.

Their position did not allow him to enter her completely but once Sarah safely rested on his lap she felt a sense of fullness she never could have imagined.

"I love you, Brother." She gasped out of breath before she tried to move her hips again. But after just one revolution she had to stop and her eyelids fluttered as arcs of pleasure coursed through her.

"Sarah..." the Warrior growled as he felt the rhythmic contractions all around his manhood and they both made do with savoring this premiere sensation for a while.

"Undress me." She begged in reply with a feeble voice, desiring to remove the last barrier between them. Spurred on by her command he simply moved both his hands up her lithe body, gathering her dress and pulling it away over her head, denuding her in record time.

Sarah leaned forward against his broad chest and wrapped her arms around his head to steady herself. The warrior likewise embraced her and held her close drinking in her sweet smell as he kissed her neck and shoulder.

The former princess put her hips into motion again. Slow, little circles to get used to being filled out by her brother and getting stimulated from nerves she never knew she had.

Their bodies swayed a bit and from a distance it looked sort of like they were dancing arm in arm. Naked and sweaty. Sitting on a wooden bench. Moaning and groaning as they gradually increased the pace of their lovemaking.

The Stakkato of heavy breathing turned into a single more guttural sound as they sped up and they soon threatened to fall backwards as Sarah rode her brother with abandon.

Sarah drew in her legs and placed her feet by his brother' sides on the bench and instead of keeping up humping her hips she lifted herself higher until all but the bellend left her quivering quim and let herself drop down to his lap, impaling herself on his length again and again.

"It feels... Nnh! So good! Mmh! I love... Aah! You... Ngh! Brother! Aah!" Sarah panted barely understandable, interjected every time her beloved brother reached her deepest parts.

The Warrior of light tried to slow her down, if only to keep them from falling over, but in the end was not able to do much more than make sure that he stayed right on target as Sarah plunged down on his erect rod.

The sound of skin repeatedly slapping against skin predominated the hut and more than ever the warrior was worried they might be caught by someone who got overly curios. He called out to her, yet it seems every time he spoke her name only made her hump him more eagerly.

He decided the better approach to prevent being discovered was to bring this compromising situation to a sooner end. With matching rhythm he lifted off the bench, thrusting into her when Sarah let gravity descend her unto him.

Sarah moans became more desperate and she wrapped her arms tighter around him, almost strangling her brother. He reached even deeper and with more impact, the sensation filling her guts with pleasure like a riptide and turning her thoughts to mush. Everything around her faded out until her brother was the only anchor to reality which she clung to for dear life.

The slapping sounds got increasingly wetter, both of their thighs glistened in Sarah's spread juices. She tried to articulate how happy she was that her brother finally reciprocated but was not able to string two syllables together anymore.

It was when the warrior first nibbled on her earlobe that Sarah could no longer withstand and reached her climax. She buried her face and let out an animalistic grunt, suppressing most of her orgasmic cry. Fueled by the powerful culmination of her pleasure her lower body kept moving, recklessly driving her mound against his crotch.

For the warrior it seemed like Sarah's whole form was vibrating in his arms and the contractions of her climaxing cunt pretty much sucked him in every time he entered her. He wouldn't last a lot longer this way.

In a fortunate moment of clarity he lifted her high, completely pulling out of her moist quim and unlatching her from his shoulders. Just in time, as he began unloading his essence the moment his manhood sprung free.

He let out a low, contented growl as his seed streaked Sarah's silken skin from her navel to the underside of her heaving breasts.

Sarah's eyes didn't focus right away, her mind still shaking from the afterquakes of her overwhelming orgasm. Once she was fully back to her senses her view immediately fell to her stomach, completely captivated by the milky white liquid.

'If this would have been unleashed inside me...' that twisted thought was almost enough to send her over the edge another time.

The warrior observed Sarah's rapt fascination while he caught his breath. Until today he thought he had a pretty good idea what was going on her mind. But now? The way her 'sister' was transfixed on his spend, almost wistfully looking because he didn't follow his biological imperative to sow his seed inside her, worried him.

He reached out and gently caressed her cheek to shake her out of her reverie, trying his best not to appear concerned. Sarah was startled out of her trance and smiled sheepishly, a little embarrassed that she neglected her brother who gave her such a splendid experience.

She arched forward, careful not to ruin the masterpiece of art her brother painted on her belly and she showed her gratitude with an affectionate kiss. 

With their lust sated the kiss did not have the same urgency as before and they chuckled when Sarah playfully nibbled on the warriors lower lip or tried to wrestle down his tongue with her own.

Night had set in while they had basked in their quasi-incestuous lovemaking with no sign of it ending soon. Every time one pulled back to break the kiss the other followed to maintain it. A tug of war no one wanted to win.

They peered at one another and found a kindred spark on the other's eyes, igniting the fire of their craving once again. Sarah reached down and found her brother's member, still slick from her juices and almost back to full hardness.

As the warrior needed one arm to support them he had only one free hand to take hold of one of her tender breasts and claim it as his own, massaging it forcefully until Sarah squealed delightfully into his mouth.

He compressed her flesh between his fingers and used his thump to tweak and rub the erect tip and areola. When she could no longer take the rough teasing Sarah leaned back to escape the playful torment.

As a form of payback she gave a firm pull on his meat that had grown back to it's full glory in her otherwise careful hand, making him grunt in dissent without losing his smile.

Sarah scanned the room to find a more comfortable place to continue this bout. She quickly disregarded the wooden table she leaned against, then looked to the side to find their beds.

"My bed." She said curtly, pointing her brother towards it with her head. He rolled his eyes but complied, moving one of her legs over him by the ankle to he could carry her in a bridal hold.

Sarah wiggled out of her heeled boots while she rested in her brother's strong arms and he effortlessly crossed the distance and gingerly placed his sister on the white sheets.

She ended on her hands and knees and was about to turn around to receive her brother, but decided against it. Flashing an impish smile she looked over her shoulder, swaying her hips enticingly to give her brother a show.

'Like a mare that tries to seduce a stallion...' Sarah imagined.

The Warrior of light stared in awe at what was before him. With her knees together and slowly moving from side to side Sarah's intimate bits waved at him most invitingly. She was always beautiful and he had admired her beauty since he first saw her image in a crystal.

But it was her new personality, which had apparently turned out to be quite the temptress, that took him by surprise.

His hands inched closer slowly, acting like he might scare her off if he moved to fast. A fingertip made contact with Sarah's mellow butt and she froze completely with all her nerves standing on edge.

He grasped her rear with one hand and used two fingers to move over Sarah's flushed labia, stroking them rhythmically. She could barely keep her body up as she swooned over her brother's hands treating her so nicely. But this was not what she was carried here for.

"Put it in." Sarah mewled, the anticipation thrilling her as much as her brothers deft fingers.

The warrior followed her up on the bed, kneeling behind his eagerly waiting sister. He send one hand over her body, following the fine contours of her spine. Sarah arched her back against his tantalizing touch until he reached her shoulder.

He took aim with his throbbing pole, his bellend spreading her apart like petals of a flower and he steadily sheathed himself inside her to the hilt.

Sarah's arms went weak and it weren't for her brother's hold on her shoulder her face would be buried in her pillows by now. He considered letting her fall as she howled in blissful rapture after she was impaled on him again.

"Ooh... so good! I never... so full... Mhh!" Sarah stammered with a cracked voice. The warrior held still to give her a chance to catch up and he feared that the way her quim convulsed around him was enough to get them both off without any more effort.

"Please... tell me! How do i feel?" the former princess panted. He noticed that she had fallen out of her new character by asking instead of ordering, but at this stage it didn't bother him in the slightest.

"You feel so great. You are so warm and soft." He replied honestly and made first hesitant stroke with his hips that had Sarah whimper as he scraped along her inner walls.

"Do you like it?" Sarah inquired suggestively.

"Yes. I love it. I never felt anything like that!" The warrior groaned in response. Not that his judgement had any value. After all, he was supposed to have no memory of the past.

"What about me?" was the next prompt. Sarah was feeding him lines now and she enjoyed her brother's pillow talk immensely.

"I love you, Sarah." The warrior leaned forward to whisper directly in her ear before he returned to his measured thrusts. He could almost see the goosebumps forming on his sister's back as he confessed to her.

"Do you want for someone else?" Sarah asked as she tried her best to place a kiss on her brother's hand on her shoulder. She wanted his praise just as much as the pleasure he gave her.

"Never! I want only you! You are perfect. My perfect sister. My sweet and caring sister. My brave and clever sister. My beautiful and sexy sister. I don't need anyone but you." the words flooded out of his mouth. While he glorified her he increased the tempo of his thrusts, driving into her faster and harder with every word.

Both the powerful thrusts and his word of praise went right on their mark and Sarah was caught in the throes of her next climax. Her lower legs kicked the mattress repeatedly and her mouthed gaped open in a soundless cry.

throughout her mind-blowing orgasm the warrior kept pounding her, turning the dew that trickled out of her spasming tunnel into a froth as he rocked her body back and forth with every impact.

When she finally went past the crest of her pleasure Sarah's head hung limply, swaying along her body as her brother bore further into her overstimulated honeypot. With her lust-addled mind she could only form a single sound she repeated with a groggy smile "...Moah..."

So more is what the warrior gave her. He pumped into her, pulling until he almost left her tight-fitting sleeve before he buried himself inside her without reserve.

He also picked up complimenting her, singing an eulogy to the sister he currently took from behind with animalistic frenzy. Telling her how he loved to see her smile and hear her voice. How pretty he thinks she is and how much he lusted after her nubile body now. And how he will have only eyes for her and will never be unfaithful to her.

Sarah floated on cloud nine, becoming her brother's center of attention and source of happiness. She was hightailing towards her next release when she noticed the deeper and more labored moans of her brother.

She had a good guess what was going to happen. Sarah turned to her brother and grabbed his outstretched arm, nearly clawing her nails into his biceps.

It was clear to the warrior what she insisted him to do and at this point he was too far down on his way to turn into a rutting beast to defy her. He would not back down this time.

He only needed a few stroke before his pleasure reached it's peak and with all his might he drove himself inside her for the final time, pressing against her so every single bit of his length was enveloped by her when he painted her deepest parts with his seed.

Sarah's eyes shot wide open as she felt the liquid heat filling her up and igniting nerves in her core she wasn't even aware of. She climaxed again and her whole body locked up, like it was a single muscle flexing in a monumental effort.

She howled weakly, her lungs too tired to make her voice reach the same heights to match her corporeal sensations. Her brother grunted in exertion behind her as load after load fueled her womb. Judging from the sounds it seemed both of them had shed off their sanity and wallowed in the carnal instincts woken along with their forbidden love.

When the Warrior of light had infused her with every last bit of his essence he let go of his sister. Sarah slumped forward into the ruffled sheets, completely exhausted yet smiling from ear to ear. Her brother following suit, lying down on his side next to her.

"Hold me." Sarah mumbled lazily into her pillow, just loud enough be heard by her brother. The warrior wrapped his arm around her waist an pulled her close, turning her sideways and cradling her against his body. 

Sarah lounged in his warm embrace and hummed contentedly when she felt the first drips of his semen left her tenderized cleft and ran down her thigh. She felt her brother scrambling closer and imagined that it must be rather cramped with the two of them in a single bed.

"I think we should move our beds together." Sarah decided after a while, convinced by her clever idea.

"We can't." The warrior replied resolutely and kissed the back of her neck to console her. "If anyone would ever see this and word got out, the people would..." his voice trailed off. His thoughts were too grim to put into words.

"Then... maybe just, sometimes?" Sarah pleaded uncertainly. She reached back and searched for her brothers face to caress it.

"Yes... sometimes." He yielded, disarmed by her kindness. He knew there wasn't much he could deny her anymore now and that 'sometimes' would be more often than not. But he didn't mind gladly following his sister's charge.

After all, what else was an enamored brother to do?

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