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     Tifa scrunched her nose at the scent of chocobo manure. She wasn’t a fan of farm work to begin with, but Cloud was busy chatting with Chloe about breeding and racing and had asked Tifa to tend to the giant birds for the night. The former barmaid wasn’t exactly dressed for this kind of work, she couldn’t remember ever seeing a farmhand in a miniskirt before, and as she lugged the greens around the stable she started to get worried that she’d sweat through her white crop top.

     She lifted Cloud’s huge satchel of zeio nuts he’d procured for chocobo breeding and hauled it over to the last stall on the stable’s left side. He was determined to breed a golden chocobo, but to date his attempts at breeding the oversized fowl had only resulted in the plain yellow chocobos that you could find all over the world.

     “Wark!” The chocobo cried excitedly at the sight. As Tifa took a scoop of zeio nuts to drop into his feeding trough the big bird reached his neck over the gate to his pen and started pecking at her satchel.

     “Woah, calm down buddy,” Tifa protested. “You’re about to get your fill. Hey, quit it!” Despite her words the big yellow bird showed no sign of slowing. Its beak tore at the fabric of the bag itself, and suddenly a small fortune of zeio nuts were cascading into the trough, pen, and onto the floor around Tifa’s feet.

     “Cloud’s going to be pissed,” she muttered to herself as she looked at the mess. The chocobo didn’t seem to share her pessimism and was gleefully devouring every nut within reach. Tifa knelt down with a sigh of frustration and started gathering up the scattered nuts, all the while asking herself how she wound up with this job in the first place. The big yellow bird let out a distressed squawk as she left to deposit the nuts in the manger of an empty stall.

     “Oh, shut up. What’s so good about these nuts anyway?” She asked. Tifa regarded the nuts she had set down and retrieved one from the feeder. Out of curiosity she cracked it open and popped the two seeds inside into her mouth. Considering how many she had lost she figured one more wouldn’t make a difference. It was slightly sweet, slightly savoury, and had a certain je ne sais quoi. With a little bit of salt, she figured, they wouldn’t be half bad.

     Then it hit her. A small budding warmth deep in her abdomen which waxed and waned with each breath. The sensation started to spread throughout her body and filled her with a pleasant tingling, which seemed to be concentrated between her thighs and in her chest. Her nipples began to harden, and became visible protrusions beneath the white fabric of her top. Evidently the aphrodisiac effects of the zeio nut didn’t just apply to chocobos and goblins.

     Tifa bit her lower lip. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this horny, she was almost ready to strip down and masturbate on the spot. She decided that as soon as she was done cleaning up after her unfortunate spill she would have to grab Cloud and drag him into one of the unused stalls for some breeding of their own.

    Eager to get her work over and done with so she could be with Cloud as soon as possible, she hurried back to the chocobo’s stall and heaved herself over the gate. Her boots landed on the straw covering the floor with a muted thud, and she knelt down to pick up the nuts that the greedy chocobo hadn’t yet consumed. Before she had lifted so much as a single nut she glanced at the bird’s undercarriage and saw the largest penis she’d ever witnessed. Tifa lifted her head and looked at it in awe.

     That chocobo’s cock made Red XIII’s look unremarkable, it made Barrett’s seem paltry, and put Cloud’s to actual shame. The member which protruded from the chocobo’s downy feathers was enormous, pink, and covered in thick visibly pulsing veins. It had to be well over a foot long, and it was wider than her bicep at it’s base. The cock was mostly tubular but sloped to a thinner tapered end, and even the tip was wider than any human cock she’d ever taken.

     Tifa wanted that cock. In the back of her mind she knew it was the zeio nut that made her want to fuck the chocobo before her so bad, but in that moment that dick looked so amazing that she just didn’t care. Without hesitation, Tifa leaned forward to kiss the tip of the animal’s member. She tilted her head and gave it a second loving kiss while her hand slipped beneath her skirt and panties. As her fingers slipped inside of her she gave it a long nuzzling kiss.

     The chocobo warked excitedly as Tifa began pleasuring his cockhead. The many nuts he’d devoured had him ready to breed every hen in the stable, he was so hard that it hurt, and he could feel his insides churning with fertile spunk that he was just aching to deposit inside of a female. He turned towards the slut at his feet to give her better access to his shaft, and then started thrusting his hips towards the moist hole in front of him.

     As her oral cavity was filled with the hot rigid cock, Tifa was amazed by just how large even the tip felt inside her mouth. Tifa’s cheeks bulged as the chocobo forced his cock inside of her mouth. She grasped hold of the chocobo’s cock to better direct it into her throat. With no gag reflex the cock easily slid down her throat, which bulged obscenely around the invading organ. Every thrust sent his dick deeper inside of her gullet, but after a full foot of his cock was crammed down her throat Tifa’s jaw just couldn’t stretch any wider to take in any more of his behemoth member.  The chocobo gleefully fucked her throat and Tifa moaned around the invading member.

     Coming up for air proved to be a challenge. She pressed her hands against the enormous creature’s pelvis and tried to push away, but the chocobo was too strong. It just kept fucking her face, either unaware of her distress or just not caring. Tifa tried to pull back away but the chocobo just kept moving forward until she was pinned to the side of the pen. Tifa started feeling lightheaded and stars began to dance in her vision. The chocobo let out a resounding cry and she felt his organ pulse inside her throat in earnest. As she realized the dumb bird was actually filling her stomach with his animal jizz she felt the warmth of the zeio nut turn into an inferno. She felt every muscle in her body contract, and felt the most curious yet wonderful fluttering in her pussy. Tifa had always been a squirter, and her juices flooded her panties until they were completely soaked, and then proceeded to leak out from her skirt onto the straw beneath her.

     When Tifa was certain she was about to pass out, the chocobo finally withdrew his still spurting cock from her throat. It retracted from her body, filling her throat and mouth with hot cum along the way. Tifa swallowed what she could and gasped for air, and enjoyed the feeling of her body getting hit with rope after rope of bird cum as she regained herself. The thick white substance permeated her clothes, and she let out a slight moan as she felt its warmth touch her voluminous breasts directly.

     Eventually the flow of semen stopped, yet the chocbo’s cock remained rigid. Tifa was glad. While novel, the touchless orgasm she’d experienced during her skullfucking did little to quell the arousal the zeio nut had given her. It was no wonder that the bird’s dick was still ready for action considering how many of the nuts he’d eaten. Tifa wouldn’t have been surprised if it turned out he could go all night, and she was more than eager to find out.

     Tifa stood and began stripping out of her cum soaked clothes in front of the bird. As her curvaceous body was exposed before the bird Tifa noted that his cock stiffened even greater than before, as if the beast could actually appreciate the nude form of the goddess before him. More likely, with her panties discarded he could smell the scent of her arousal.

     She leaned over to grab hold of the edge of the pen and swayed her hips invitingly, not that the chocobo needed any invitation. He rushed towards his willing mate and thrust his cock towards her rump. Tifa giggled lovingly as his cock missed its mark and slipped between her thighs. On his next attempt it slid along the cleft of her asscheeks, and then it bumped against her ass and slid to her side.

     Tifa reached a hand between her thighs and spread her pussy lips to give the creature an easier target. It worked. He plunged inside of her so hard and went so deep that Tifa cried out in surprise. The chocobo paused briefly and regarded her with a curious cocking of its head. “Nooo, I’m sorry I screamed. Please don’t stop, I need you to breed me!” Tifa pleaded.

     It was a moment before the chocobo got to work again. Tifa bit her bottom lip and let out a long ragged breath. The cock inside of her felt unbelievable, she’d never been filled up like this before in her life. As it stretched out her hole it felt like every nerve in her cunt was electrified. She couldn’t tell if it was the zeio nut at work again, or if his cock was just that incredible.

     The chocobo’s thrusting accelerated as he worked his way deeper into her tunnel. He seemed determined to force the entirety of his inhumanly large tool inside of her sopping wet cunt. Tifa looked down and saw an enormous bulge in her abdomen where the chocobo was penetrating her. She wasn’t sure how much more she could physically handle, but she couldn’t bring herself to pull away from the member which was giving her so much pleasure.

     With a dramatic and powerful thrust, the chocobo bottomed out inside of her. Tifa’s whole body tensed up from an explosion of pleasure along with the most curious sensation from her tingling womb. The chocobo’s cock pulsed powerfully again, and Tifa felt the warm sensation of his piping hot cum filling her fertile womb. The chocobo pulled out and Tifa crumpled to the straw covered ground, her body quaking in the aftershocks of her orgasm while the chocobo humped the air above her and showered her with his semen.

     The next morning Cloud found Tifa curled up with the chocobo in the pen, a smile on her face and a strange swelling in her abdomen.



     “What’s so important that I had to come in all the way from Wutai?” Yuffie asked.

     “I’ll explain in a minute,” Cloud replied. “Here, eat this and follow me.” The ex-soldier punctuated his statement by tossing her a large nut.

     “A zeio nut? Okay, whatever…” Yuffie cracked it open and popped them into her mouth. “Gross, needs salt,” she complained. Nonetheless she chewed the nut and followed him into the barn. What she saw inside made her swallow the zeio nut in shock. Tifa was in one of the stable pens, completely naked but for a bit and bridle and a hearty coating of semen. A blue feathered chocobo had mounted her and was humping at her behind with abandon, causing her ass and tits to jiggle violently. Tifa’s stomach was completely bloated with the unmistakable bulge of pregnancy, and her tits dribbled droplets of milk as she was passionately fucked by the bird. The barmaid looked like she was in another world where she was having the time of her life.

     Yuffie didn’t know how to react. She was completely dumbfounded at the sight of her friend happily being fucked by an enormous animal. Then it hit her. A small budding warmth deep in her abdomen which waxed and waned with each breath.

     Cloud grabbed the reigns of a large yellow feathered chocobo and led it towards the ninja. Yuffie saw that the chocobo was clearly aroused, and had an erection as long as her forearm protruding from its crotch. Yuffie licked her lips and her hand slid into her shorts.

     “I’ve been getting nothing but blues and greens from Tifa, I hope you can do better as a chocobo breeder. We’re not stopping until we get a gold chocobo.”

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