A cure for boredom

BY : C-A-Tarn
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first off, thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.

Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.

The references for this are the first three chapters of ACT I in the scenes Princess Sarah appeared. But the story happens before the Player Character meets her.

Princess Sarah was bored.

despite all the time she spent silently overseeing war councils or other meetings where the leaders discussed matters about fighting off chaos' minions.

She also tended to the little garden Castle Cornelia had and even found someone willing to secretly train her how to handle a bow and arrow. She talked to the moogles a lot, who told her stories about the world their brethren explored.

Yet still, Sarah was bored.

When she couldn't take the boredom anymore she sneaked out of the castle to explore the lands surrounding it.

Shaking off her moogle entourage was easy and the lookouts only had a watchful eye for anyone trying to get into the castle, not escape it.

Once she got tired and wanted to return to the castle she just approached the next blank she saw and told him that she got separated from her royal guard. They were always more than happy to escort her back.

And so today again she sneaked out, looking for something interesting to occur. She decided to go west, meeting the setting sun.

Sarah saw farmlands and pastures and wondered how many people were needed to cultivate all that. From a distance she watched Blanks building some fortifications for a while, for a battle destined to come.

Before she could travel much farther Sarah was caught by surprise by an oncoming storm swiftly closing in from the north. Like someone opened a valve a downpour was released from the clouds, drenching the poor princess.

Desperate to find shelter Sarah hurried to a barn near the road and went inside. She closed the door to lock out the howling wind.

There was no light inside and with the sun hidden behind the dark clouds the gloomy interior was filled with an eerie atmosphere. Most of the space was taken up by grains and crops. Bundled, stacked or filled into large sacks.

Sarah went deeper inside, looking around. All of her clothes were soaking wet and the cold sent a shiver up her spine. She did her best to wring out her dress as she searched for something to warm her.

It was just as she rounded a huge bale when Sarah heard the squeaking of metal hinges. She peeked from behind her cover and saw a hooded figure standing in the open door with a lamp in hand.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" the figure asked with a clearly feminine voice, holding the lamp higher.

"Yes, i am here. I'm sorry." Sarah answered as she emerged from her hideout, relieved that the stranger was another woman.

"Rain caught you cold, huh?" The woman asked lightheartedly. She carefully passed on the lamp's flame to the other, unlit torches mounted to the wooden posts around them to shed some light.

"Yes, you're right. I didn't want to intrude." The Princess apologized with chattering teeth as she entered the cones of light.

"Don't think about it. Wouldn't want to be caught out there as much as everyone else." The woman assured her. Even with all the lights the place was only dimly lit but it felt way more comfortable.

The woman pulled down the hood, revealing her short brown hair. She was tanned, most likely from working out in the open, and her face showed the wear of years full of hard work. Yet her smile was honest and her eyes full of warmth which put the forlorn princess at ease.

"Look at you, you're all soaked up." The woman said as she got closer to get a better look on her unexpected guest. "No wonder you are freezing. That dress is hardly made for travelling far. You..."

The woman stopped in her tracks when the light of her lamp shone right in Sarah's face. The young princess imagined she was hard to recognize. Her wet hair stuck to her face, her jaw jittering and her arms wrapped around herself. But at this distance there could be no mistaking.

"P-Princess Sarah?!" The woman whispered in disbelieve. "By the light, it's really you! What are you doing out here?" she asked full of concern.

"I... I got separated from the royal guards..." Sarah replied with a feeble voice. 

"Oh, i see." the woman spoke, lost in thought. Even though her voice expressed concern her smile had widened and eyes sparkled since she knew who was in front of her. Then she suddenly turned wide awake.

"Sarah, i mean, your Highness. You're freezing. Please, take my cloak." She undid the button to remove it, but stopped. "No, wait. Your clothes. You have to take them off!"

"Huh?" Sarah was dumbfounded by the unusual request and a little intimidated by the hectic energy the other woman now radiated.

"No! no no no. It's not... i mean, they are completely soaked. I could never forgive myself if you get ill, honestly!" The woman stressed, vehemently denying any impure intentions.

"Uhm, Okay then." Sarah concurred, seeing the reason behind the advice now. She turned away to not face the other woman as she undressed, spreading her drenched attire over a pile of bundled wheat.

When she was down to her underwear she hesitated for a moment, but the rain had managed to sink down into them as well so she slipped out of her bra and panties, arranging them next to the rest of her clothes.

Sarah self-consciously covered herself with her hands and looked over her shoulder. The other woman had stepped closer, the light of her lamp moving up and down the princesses mellow curves.

As the other woman noticed that Sarah looked at her she quickly cast her eyes downward. "Y-y-you must be very cold, your Highness." the found out woman stammered.

Sarah turned around and nodded silently while her whole body trembled.

As she beheld the quivering form in front of her the woman brought her hand to her face and bit her knuckle as her eyes flicked between Sarah's hands and the flesh they covered.

"I... i can warm you. I-If it's okay with you." The woman said, forcing herself hard to sound non-committal. She had already put down the lamp and opened her arms to invite the princess in before she had a chance to reply.

"You don't have to push yourself." Sarah stuttered gullibly through trembling lips. She realized how the other woman was stressed out, but imagined it was because she had to indulge the princess and was forced to care about her well being.

Without another word the woman shambled closer, wrapping her arms and the thick fabric of the cloak around the both of them and pressed the shaking princess close to her. She was so tall she could easily rest her chin on Sarah's head.

"I didn't even ask your name." Sarah stated once her body stopped shivering in the warm embrace. She had rested her head against the other's chest, listening to the heart beating. It was pacing almost as fast as the heavy rain peltering the barn's wooden roof.

"I'm Fahm." The woman introduced herself, speaking like she was in trance.

"Fahm. That's a pretty name." Sarah decided and also slung her arms around her host's lean form and pressed herself in harder to siphon more heat off of her.

"Oh by the light..." Fahm mumbled as the Princesses plushness nuzzled again her.

They stayed like this for a while. Sarah breathing deep and steadily as she warmed up, humming a little now and then. Fahm took quick, shallow breaths, like she was catching her wind after a huge exertion with the famous royalty in her embrace.

"I'm sorry." Sarah finally whispered. "I can feel you trembling as well now. I never wanted to bother you."

"No, that's not it. Really not. I... It's just... I do..." but Fahm's voice gave out before she could speak another word.

Sarah leaned back to look at the discomforted woman and the gaze of her clear blue eyes met Fahm's wavering hazel one's.

As they stared at one another Fahm's head inched closer little by little, her face moving between doubt and resolve while Sarah marveled unsuspectingly.

Only when they were so close that their noses could touch did the princess retreat, writhing herself out of Fahm's hold. Sarah covered the intimate parts of her body again and gave the invasive woman a bewildered look.

It took a moment for the stunned Fahm to understand what she had done, or had tried to do.

"Oh, no! How could i...? Please, your Highness, forgive me!" Fahm babbled, appalled by her own act. "I would never... It's just, ever since i saw you at Garrison Ward i have... you were so beautiful, then... and now..."

Fahm was pacing from left to right, moving and talking faster as her nerves collapsed. "Now you're here... And so perfect... I thought, if only, if you would want me... But i..."

Sarah was moved by the words of adoration and reverie, but at the same time overwhelmed by the heated passion Fahm emitted as she went on. Yet she couldn't stand to see her suffer under her own guilt. Fahm was one of her people, after all.

The Princess reached out to take Fahm's hand, holding her to stop her clamor. "There is no harm done. Please don't blame yourself." Sarah decreed like the full fledged noblewoman she was raised to be.

"Your Highness..." Fahm exhaled, awestruck by her sovereigns benevolence and buried her face in her free hand to prevent her tears from falling.

"Do you truly think so much about me?" Sarah inquired, honestly curios. She didn't have many chances to talk with others beside the numerous Blanks and her moogle companions and both of those praised her generously at any chance.

"Of course, your Highness!" Fahm exclaimed, her mood brightening as she reminisced about her beloved Princess. "I would never do something against your will or harm you!" She vowed.

"It was only after i saw you... like this... that i couldn't stop myself. If... If you rather be alone now just tell me to go!" The sorry farmer apologized.

After some consideration Sarah shook her head to deny the offer of being left by herself. She believed that part of the blame was on her, because she had somehow charmed the other woman into overstepping this boundary.

"I am not angry or scared. It just really surprised me. Please don't feel bad because of me." Sarah explained herself, smiling warmly at the saddened woman.

"But... at that moment... if you hadn't stopped me... the things i imagined to do. This can't be left as it is!" Fahm baffled, almost angry at her Princesses kindness.

"You... want me to punish you?" Sarah asked uncertainly.

Fahm thought a moment what to say, but obviously came to same conclusion. "Yes. If it's you... because it's you, i have to." She pleaded.

Sarah felt that something was off. That whole scene, with her stark naked in front of a woman she never met before. A woman who almost sexually assaulted her and now begged her to be punished for it. It was so surreal, she would rather just be back in the castle.

But wasn't it Fahm's wish? What type of leader would she be if she disregarded her subjects needs only for her own comfort?

She had no idea how to handle this, so she tried to imagine what she would to if a man had advanced upon her like Fahm did.

"Go down to your knees." Sarah told her, more a helpful advice than an order.

In an instant Fahm shrugged off her cloak and was kneeling before the petite princess, her head level with the fine downs of Sarah's pubic mound.

Before she had time to have second thoughts Sarah pulled her hand back and slapped her overeager admirer across the face. The sound of skin smacking against skin resounded in the otherwise deserted barn.

Fahm stared wide eyed at the hand that had chastised her. She seemed to have trouble believing what just happened, yet she started smiling widely.

"Thank you." the beaten woman whispered and pulled Sarah's wrist closer and placed a kiss on the palm of the hand that had left a slight imprint on her suntanned cheek.

It was Sarah's turn to watch in disbelief. Of all the possible reactions she never expected that the stronger woman would thank her and bless the hand that hit her with her lips. But wasn't this the type of behavior that was the cause for this punishment?

Sarah retreated her hand out of Fahm's reach and extended her other for another slap, sending it down to strike again, this time on the other side of Fahm's face.

"Thank you." Fahm repeated reverently and again guided the hand that struck her to her lips for a rewarding kiss. This left Sarah no choice but to lash out again to discipline the unteachable woman.

This repeated for several times. Even when Fahm's cheeks were bright red and clearly hurting did she not stop to beg for the next hit. It was Sarah who tired first, taking a step back to look at what she had done.

"Wait! I need more. Anything, please." Fahm desperately demanded, lisping a little with her cheeks swollen.

Sarah couldn't believe what she heard. She finally realized that Fahm did not want to atone for her mistake. She wanted to be intimate with her, even if it was painful.

"What do you want from me?" Sarah asked, her question including the other's underlying motives. 

"I don't care! Just order me and i will do it! I'll do anything!" Fahm almost shouted, her voice competing with the heavy raindrops hammering against the roof.

"Then tell me why!" Sarah shot back in the spur of the moment.

This command was clearly a surprise for the kneeling woman. She had anticipated more physical abuse but not this. Her mouth opened and closed without a sound before she recovered her voice.

"I love you. So much. It was one thing when you were up in the castle. Out of my sight. But now you are here. With me. I don't want this to end. Never." Fahm admitted, suddenly sounding very tired and a tear ran down her face as she looked up to Sarah. "I know this is wrong. I heard the prophecy. You are promised to the Warrior of Light. And even if not, we are both women."

"What am i supposed to do then?" Sarah inquired resolutely, even though she was taken aback by the other woman's revelation.

"It doesn't matter. I can't be your lover. But i can be your captive, your prisoner. Your pet, your slave, your victim. Everything is fine as long as i belong to you." Fahm replied, laying herself bare to the princess she worshiped.

"You... You want to be owned by me?!" In a realm where people were fighting every day for their freedom and the freedom of others the idea of gifting it away so willingly was very alien. Yet Sarah had no doubt that this is what Fahm honestly wanted.

"Yes, your Highness." the farmer answered.

"And you want to be used by me?"

"Yes, your Highness." Fahm repeated, hopeful that her wish will be granted

"And you want to be hurt?" Sarah emphasized the last word as it was the one thing she had the most trouble to arrange with her own feelings.

"If this is what it takes, yes!" It was clear Fahm was eager to be put to the test by the inquisitive princess.

What should i do, Sarah pondered. She was not an evil person, wallowing in fighting and bloodshed. 

Maybe it was best to show Fahm the error of her ways. Push her to a point where she was forced to call it quits. Sarah had to become someone else to do that, though. A princess could never be so cruel.

But the way the other woman looked up at her, expectantly waiting, full of hope. It would break Fahm's heart if Sarah dismissed her now. And this was even harder for her to do.

"I don't know..." Sarah mumbled, lost between two impossible choices.

"You did so great already. Just do that some more." Fahm enthused her, feeling that she was near to her personal paradise.

"Just some more..." Sarah repeated like a mantra. Her time for decision-making ran out when Fahm started crawling closer on her hands and knees. When she was close enough that Sarah could feel the warm breath on her thighs she reacted on a whim, putting her feet against Fahm's shoulder to stop her.

"No." Sarah ordered strictly and pushed the other away with her leg.

Fahm landed with her back on the floor and her eyes lit up when she felt Sarah's bare feet on her chest, preventing her from getting back up.

"Yes. Step on me more!" Fahm exclaimed as she caught her first clear glance between Sarah's legs.

The Princess hesitated for just a moment before she placed her other foot on the farmers stomach. Her lithe frame was no problem for Fahm to handle, her body toned from years working on the fields.

Sarah shifted her weight back and forth and moved her foot from the chest to Fahm's left breast, compressing the firm flesh below her.

The mistreated woman moaned lustfully despite, or maybe even because of the rough treatment. "More..." she mewled seductively.

With no experience in this Sarah could only guess how to continue. "Undress." she finally demanded from above without stepping down from her living, squirming pedestal.

"But... i can't." Fahm wheezed, her breathing constricted.

"...Then tear your cloth's away." Princess Sarah decided after some contemplation. "You... You don't deserve them anyway." She added in a very poor attempt to sound despotically.

Yet even this vapid verbal jab was enough to fan the flames of Fahm's cravings and she whimpered in subdued pleasure. She ripped at her shirt and with great effort managed to tear the threads asunder. Next she wriggled out of her pants and underwear, flailing around with her legs to get rid of them.

Sarah silently observed the struggle Fahm went through and admired her figure. The arms and legs had clearly defined muscles and she could feel the contours of the stomach's six-pack below her feet.

Judging by her physique Fahm could easily stay eye to eye with any of the Blank soldiers, yet she decided to grovel before the dainty princess. The only softness was where it counted. Two handfuls of pliable flesh, one currently grounded below Sarah's toes.

"More..." Fahm panted needily as she writhed under her idol's stance. Sarah changed her footing again with a new prime target in sight and placed her heel on the unkempt patch of brown hair crowning the submissive woman's pubic mound.

Fahm groaned and pressed her thighs together while the pressure on her delicate insides increased and she smiled in elation.

"Keep your legs spread!" Sarah ordered, wanting to see more. She had never seen a naked woman beside herself and had to admit she was curios.

The floored woman obeyed and presented her inner thighs, already glistening with moisture. Even though the young princess had little experience in exploring her own body she could read the signs of increasing arousal below her feet.

Sarah turned her foot around and caught the prominent clit between her toes.

"Oh, by the light!" Fahm shrieked as her erect bundle of nerves was rubbed and squeezed. Sarah's toes lacked the same finesse her fingers had so she was treating Fahm's pearl rather callously, which did nothing to impede the farmgirl's delight. "Yo-Your Highness! Harder, please!" she added.

Sarah attempted to satisfy the desperate wish, but she slipped and her foot moved from the heaving chest and suddenly landed on Fahm's throat, who choked as the flow of air was abruptly cut off.

Before the princess had the chance to react Fahm already took hold of Sarah's calf, not trying to escape but to support her tormentor and make sure she stayed right where she was.

With her eyes wide open Sarah stared in disbelief how the other woman happily strangled herself with her feet. Part of her wanted to stop, yet Sarah was mesmerized by the sensations. How the larynx frantically tried to remove the block against her sole without success.

She kept teasing the clit with more vigor, pinching and prodding with as much strength as her tiny toes could muster while she watched Fahm's face slowly changing color.

Seconds passed by until Fahm's eyes rolled back inside her head and her arms fell to the floor, lacking the strength to hold on to Sarah's soft skin as her whole body spasmed.

The princess stepped down immediately and Fahm began coughing and taking deep rattling breaths to stay conscious.

This scene was deeply unsettling for the sheltered Princess, even after she noted the small puddle of juices that grew ever larger between Fahm's legs as each contraction unearthed a new rivulet. "You... you came?" Sarah asked the still stifled woman on the floor.

The blissful smile on Fahm's face was all the answer she needed. "Please... Your Highness... let me... do you too." She pressed out with a rasping voice, turning on her stomach to crawl towards Sarah.

Sarah stood in wicked fascination with her hands covering her mouth as Fahm closed the distance and leaned down to kiss and lick the feet that had almost made her faint. When her tongue had delved between each pair of toes at least once she went higher, covering more of Sarah's smooth skin with her saliva.

"No!" The princess exclaimed before Fahm could dive for her destined target between her ruler's legs. Like a good subordinate the woman did stop, looking up expectantly but still hugging Sarah around the knees.

"Would you really lick me... there?" Sarah questioned the peasant groveling at her feet.

"Yes! Everywhere! Order me and i'll do it!" Fahm jubilated, her voice not yet back to its mellow tone.

After some hesitation Sarah silently offered her hand to Fahm's eager mouth, who wrapped her lips around the middle and ring finger. She took the two digits deep and Sarah could feel how her fingertips went past the gum into the throat.

Fahm gently moved back and forth, taking the dainty intruders as far as possible with every motion. Even when she invited the indexfinger into her maw did she not miss any depth, although her gagging and heaving got more noticeable.

Before long Sarah pulled her hand away. She marveled at the mixture of liquids stuck to her hand that glued her fingers together and at the woman who produced them, waiting for her next order with her tongue lolling out like an animal.

Even after everything that had happened Sarah had trouble understanding how a strong and kind woman could abase herself so willingly and she was still torn between guiding Fahm away from this self-destructing path or acknowledging her dedication and give her what she so much desired.

"Moah..." Fahm moaned without retracting her tongue.

Sarah lifted one arm and pointed at the exposed armpit. The kneeling woman understood and raised herself higher until she could grace the offered flesh with her tongue.

She licked up from the side of Sarah's pert tit to the upper arm again and again and it was hard to tell which of the two felt more pleasure as they both moaned sensually from this act.

"Your Highness! You taste so good! Let me taste you more. I want to make you feel good." Fahm said between licks, trying to spur on her royal lady to go further. "I can suck on your teats. Or lick your slit. Even your butt."

Sarah woke from the oral attention at the last part. "You wouldn't!?" She gasped.

In response Fahm only laughed around her outstretched tongue. She dropped to her knees and crawled around until she was right in front of the two globes of Sarah's rear. She put her hands on the immaculate shape and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Command me, your Highness." Fahm said breathlessly without taking her eyes away from the slightly jiggling meat.

At this point Sarah wished that the roles were reversed. That Fahm was taking charge and all she had to do was to bear with it. This would have been easy. Yet Fahm wished to be taken. To sacrifice herself to the person she worshiped. And she wanted this sacrifice to be accepted in kind.

Sarah leaned forward and moved her feet apart. She placed her hands on top of Fahm's and helped her spread her butt to reveal the taut ring of muscles. Before today Sarah didn't even consider it might be involved when making love.

She looked over her shoulder and saw how Fahm was literally drooling over the sight in front of her. "Go." was all she could manage to say to sic her retainer on her target.

Fahm stretched out her tongue as far as she could and moved in, aiming right for the center. As they finally collided Sarah hissed at the alien sensation of something trying to enter her there for the first time in her life.

But her muscles wouldn't yield so Fahm changed her approach, licking everywhere around, covering all of Sarah's virgin butt in her spit. She hummed full of delight at the taste while she gave her princesses crack a tonguebath.

When she tried again to breach the clenching rosebud it allowed the tip of her tongue to enter and Sarah whimpered as she felt herself being parted. With no prior experience the fleshy invader felt uncomfortable large and when she couldn't take any more Sarah stepped away.

"Did i hurt you, your Highness?" Fahm worried, panting as she licked her lips to catch all of Sarah's taste.

Sarah stood on her tiptoes and had her legs clenched together, equally out of breath as the woman kneeling on the floor. "It's alright. I just had no idea what it would feel like." She said reassuringly.

They looked at one another as they caught their breath, both awaiting the other to continue. Several questions coursed through Sarah's mind, like how long Fahm intended to continue.

But she realized that all answers might end up the same with the absolute devotion Fahm harnessed. If it were up to that woman they would surely stay in this barn until the end of time and continue this play.

Sarah was afraid that the role she played was growing up to her with every new act, that she lost herself in the others wiles.

She felt she was already affected, images of what she could do next to the person that wished to be her perverted slave popped up in her mind. She needed to calm herself, to get rid of her arousal that threatened to cloud her judgement.

"Then let me please you in another way, your Highness." Fahm begged and pulled Sarah out of her thoughts.

"Yes." the Princess decided without hesitation. If she would gain release, maybe she could think clearer and find a way bring this strange encounter to an end.

There was a pile of full jute sacks further in and by moving some of them Sarah was able make a comfortable seat for herself. She sat down and spread her legs wide.

"Kneel here." Sarah ordered the ever-attentive farmgirl who set into motion posthaste, crawling on her hands and knees.

With her knees as far apart as she could on her makeshift throne the princess nodded her consent, lacking the courage to speak out what she wanted from the woman that crouched before her. "But don't use your tongue. It's dirty." She decided. "And... be gentle, please." Sarah added with a bashful smile.

If Fahm wasn't totally infatuated before she was now as she beheld this pure and innocent demeanor together with her princesses angelic beauty.

"I am honored, your Highness." the submissive woman whispered reverently, reaching out to lay her fingers on Sarah's heated quim. Fahm touched carefully as even the slightest contact made the inexperienced princess twitch and shiver in unexpected pleasure.

Fahm spread Sarah's folds apart and found ample wetness had been hiding behind the closed petals of her sex. She fought hard to resist the urge to taste the royal nectar right from the source and instead collected some of it with her finger and brought the laden digit to her mouth.

Her eyelids fluttered as she got the first taste of Sarah's juices and she went right back for more, moaning delightfully. While she feasted Fahm focused her attention on the apex of the trembling princesses slit.

Even though the clit was already fully erect it was still partially hidden under it's hood so Fahm gently freed it from it's shelter. Once she caught it between her fingers Sarah's body locked up and she groaned in wanton lust.

The sound was music to Fahm's ears and she desperately wanted to hear more of it. She send a finger all the way into the tight sheath and stirred against the convulsing walls. She also brought her face closer, needing to smell her monarchs feminine musk.

Sarah sank her hands in her self-assigned servants auburn hair as she gyrated her hips around the slim invader that had entered her. She could not tell if she was already more worked up from mistreating the other woman before than she would want to admit or if Fahm was just very skillful with her hands.

But she knew she wouldn't last long even though Fahm still caressed her so deliberately. "Mmh, so good. I... i can't... any more and i..." Sarah babbled barely intelligible as white hot pleasure seeped into her mind.

Even without the princess telling her Fahm was aware of how Sarah felt simply by the way her insides convulsed around her probing digit. And it got even more intense once she discovered her idols weak spot in her drenched depths.

She wriggled a second finger into the never before used hole and attacked the spot repeatedly while also rubbing the highly sensitive clit, making the princess howl in rampant pleasure sounding like a lost puppy.

Unable to express herself in words anymore Sarah pulled on Fahm's hair, bridling the others effective ministrations.

Fahm obeyed and gave up her claim on the erect clit but did not stop her fingers penetrating the princesses pristine slit. She climbed up over Sarah's body, yearning for a better view when she would ultimately succumb to her lust.

She loomed over Sarah's quaking form and lowered her head until their foreheads pressed against another. When Sarah felt the presence she opened her eyes and their gazes locked onto one another.

"I love you, your Highness." Fahm whispered as she lost herself in the pair of clear blue irises in front of her. All of her senses focused only on the person she adored. Her cute panting moans. The sweet odor of her sweat. The heat her body gave off. Everything that mattered was her beloved princess.

Her fingers sped up, trying to match their pattern with the staccato of Sarah's moans. But the added stimulation only amplified the tone and volume of Sarah's lustful breathing. And so they incited one another to go further and further.

"Ahh, yes... close... so close... just a bit..." Sarah pressed out. It didn't take much longer until her eyelids fluttered and her eyes rolled back into her head. She howled out at the top of her lungs against the ongoing cloudburst over them and wrapped her arms around Fahm's back to hold her close until their bosoms pressed together tightly.

The happy farmgirl pulled her fingers out of the heavily constricting channel and licked the copious amount of juices from her hand as she watched her princess writhe in climactic bliss.

It took almost a minute until Sarah let go and laid back, completely powerless. Fahm slumped down beside her, watching and waiting for her love to come back to her senses.

"What will happen when the rain stops?" Sarah finally asked towards the ceiling, still out of breath.

"It's all up to you, your Highness. I will love you, even if we never meet again. Even if you would let your guards imprison me because i violated you. I will understand it." Fahm replied with a somber voice, her eyes never leaving the features of the young woman next to her.

Sarah thought about that for a while before she spoke again. "'None shall remember the names of those who do not fight.'" She recited Palamecia's oldest law.

"Your Highness?" Fahm asked quizzically.

"It must have been quite a struggle. Keeping all those feelings to yourself for so long. I don't know if i could do that." Sarah explained sympathetically. "I want to remember today, but..."

Instead of continuing the conversation Fahm crawled back over Sarah, kissing and licking her way down from the navel to her damp snatch.

"Please, let me rest a bit more." Sarah urged, still a bit groggy. But the taller woman ignored her and lapped over Sarah's inner thighs.

"I said 'No'!" Sarah insisted and raised herself to her elbows to look at the defiant farmer. But she still fell on deaf ears as Fahm's tongue tried to worm her way between Sarah's flushed labia.

I even told her not to use her tongue, Sarah remembered her previous order. Angered by the other's misconduct she grabbed Fahm by the hair and forcefully pulled her away. She expected her to resist against this, but found out that Fahm was smiling. A smug, calculated smile.

It took a moment for Sarah to understand. Fahm had stated she didn't care how their relationship continued. And the Princess herself had just admitted that she wanted it to go on as well, but didn't see a way to do this. So Fahm chose a way for them.

The way where Fahm played the predator. The fiend chasing after it's prey. And Sarah would be the one to keep her in check as much as she wanted to. Sarah was the main actress, sure. But it was Fahm who picked the script.

As the brunette realized that Sarah was aware she did begin to struggle against the hand holding her mane. She was strong enough to throw the dainty princess across the room if she wanted to, yet was apparently unable to break free.

"I had told you not to touch me with that filthy tongue." Sarah stated accusingly, feigning disgust.

"Forgive me, your Highness." Fahm begged, still smiling.

"Maybe i will." Sarah stood up and steered the misbehaving woman by the hair to take her place on the sacks. With her free hand she reached between Fahm's legs and pinched one of the heated lower lips between her fingers. "Maybe i won't."

"Don't... stop..." Fahm winced and for a moment Sarah hesitated before she understood what the sly brunette wanted to say.

"You should have thought about that sooner." Sarah pointed out meaningfully.

Partly mimicking what had been done to her before She sent three finger into Fahm's slick passage and took a firm hold of the pubic mound with her thumb still on the outside.

"No... please more...." Fahm begged short-winded.

Sarah was now smiling just as much as her quarry, amused by the poor act they both put up to not let the play end. She used the fingers inside the hapless woman to roughly scrape along the inner walls, poking and prodding left and right.

She slowly bent forward, bringing her mouth closer to Fahm's wavering lips. At the last possible moment Sarah turned to the side, instead sinking her teeth into Fahm's defined jawline to give her a playful bite.

"Ah... it hurts... not there..." the beleaguered brunette mewled, but couldn't fully contain her laugh.

The princess worked her way down, leaving a set of teethmarks every couple of inches until she reached the rock hard pebble on top of Fahm's left breast.

"Ooh... you are stretching me so much... i don't know if i can take any more." the farmer pleaded, not really looking for mercy.

With some effort Sarah inserted a fourth finger into Fahm's sopping wet cunt, pushing her digits into her until the root of her thumb. At the same time she caught the sensitive flesh between her canines and pulled on it, stretching her skin taut.

"Oh, by the light!" Fahm yelled as she had to raise her shoulders to ease the tension on her strained tit. Yet Sarah's hand still intertwined in her hair stopped the besieged farmgirl from rising any higher. "Nghn! Your Highness, please..."

The princess held on for just a moment longer before she released the sensitive nub -a pair of indents remained clearly visible on it- and nipped her way further down.

Once she reached the end of the defined six-pack Sarah let go of Fahm's head and repositioned herself to sit between her subordinates legs. She worked her hands faster into the dripping hole, drops of liquid lust running down Sarah's forearm.

Fahm squealed in delight every time her princesses fingers reached her deepest parts and without the ripples caused by Sarah's nibbling her pleasure crested even higher. At least until the motion rummaging inside her stopped.

"Wha... Y-your, Haah... Highness, why...?" Fahm slurred, looking down her body to search for the disruption's reason. She first noticed the trail of bitemarks that still lingered on her skin, secretly wishing they would remain forever, marking her as her lover's possession.

Sarah was looking up at her, waiting to make eye contact with the panting woman. When she was sure she had Fahm's attention Sarah cast her eyes down to the open stretched slit, then back up to the confused Fahm.

Next she licked her incisors with a mischievous glint in her eyes. It slowly dawned on the pleasure-drunk farmgirl what her beloved royal wanted to do next as Sarah inched closer to her pubic mound with an open mouth.

"Please, your Highness. I beg of you. Have mercy!" Fahm pleaded. It was hard to tell if she was sincere this time, yet she made no attempt to stop Sarah's approach. She closed her eyes and her whole body tensed up as she waited for it to happen.

Like before Sarah changed her course in the last moment and she sank her teeth into Fahm's soft inner thigh. Taken completely by surprise, Fahm yelped out in more surprise than pain as her princess cautiously gnawed and sucked on her tender flesh.

Sarah also resumed working her hand into the quivering folds, steadily increasing her pace until the shapely brunette moaned in overwhelming pleasure.

"Y-your Highness, please... I have never been so full... any deeper and i... i..." Fahm whined after a while in poorly pretended dismay.

"Deeper... you say..." Princess Sarah looked up to see her worshiper still smiling broadly. "Oh, um... this... this wouldn't be much of a punishment if i go easy on you." She declared smugly once she found back to her role.

"...Of course, your Highness." Fahm replied in fake submissive fear, goading Sarah to move on.

Sarah pulled her hand out until only the fingertips remained in the well-used hole. She added her thumb and gently pushed back inside until the widest part neared the entrance to Fahm's insides.

A little grunt escaped Fahm's mouth as she was stretched wider than ever before, but she was determined to keep going to prove her devotion to her beloved princess.

Her hand moved in slow-motion and Sarah stared in amazement as she overcame the resistance bit by bit. Of course she knew that it felt good to have something pushed inside, even before today. But she never imagined that something like this was possible.

In one moment the subservient woman's flesh suddenly yielded and Sarah's hand was engulfed up to the wrist in the hot, tight confines. Both of them gasped in pleasant surprise at the accomplishment.

Carefully Sarah pulled her hand out and then back in, marveling how the tender flesh managed to accommodate the invaders girth. Next she tried for depth, steadily sinking her hand into the welcoming folds until she met some resistance.

"Oh light have mercy!" Fahm moaned in wanton bliss. "Any more and i'll go mad!"

"More?" Sarah asked back. By now She understood the scheme well enough to know that the woman wrapped around her hand wanted just that to happen. She balled her hand to a fist and pushed in once more, twisting her arm to stimulate as many areas as possible.

Fahm dug her nails deep into the coarse fabric she rested on and tossed her head left and right as the royals fist conquered her wet and convulsing cavern. "Oh, by the light! I love you! love you! love you!" She screamed like mad.

"I never imagined it can be loose enough to take so much. You surely must have a lot of experience." Sarah wondered in reply to the repeated confessions, jabbing at her subordinates virtue and pausing her hand at the entrance so it parted around her knuckles.

"Never!" the besieged farmer shot back through clenched teeth. "I only did it alone, thinking about you!"

"So you molested me several times already? In your fantasies?" the young princess inquired, slowly opening and closing her hand deep inside and stretching the malleable walls further.

"Yes!" Fahm confessed like a sinner on the stake while her quim was excavated. "It's always you, your Highness!"

Sarah picked up the pace, trying to go faster and deeper with every push of her fist. The toned brunette soon adapted to the new rhythm and ground her hips in time.

"No one... no one can make me feel like this! I don't care if i break! Just never stop! And never leave!" Fahm jabbered in delirious bliss, abandoning any pretense and let her heart spill out.

Considering that it didn't look much like a punishment anymore as Fahm eagerly rode her arm Princess Sarah searched for a new way to tighten the reins.

After some rumination she decided to take hold of the patch of auburn hair crowning Fahm's pubic mound and pull on it.

The effect was immediate as the surprised farmer growled loudly torn between pleasure and pain. Her hips followed the pull, moving up to ease the tension on her soft pubes.

But Sarah didn't gave her a rest, always pulling higher until Fahm had to form a bridge with only her feet and shoulders on the ground and the rest arched up in the air.

Through all this the Princess never stopped pumping her fist into the tight sheath, stirring up more of Fahm's juices to coat her thighs and the sacks below them.

The agonized peasant howled incoherently and even though someone was close to rip out her intimate hair her voice pitched higher and higher, signaling her approaching climax. "Your Highness! You make me... make me... ahh!" She stammered

"Come for me." Sarah whispered, spurring the other woman on. "Your princess orders you to."

Being hopelessly abject, Fahm's body followed the command of her petite mistress and with a long drawn out mewl she succumbed to her second orgasm of the evening. All of her muscles twitched and trembled uncontrollably.

Her vaginal walls clenched so hard that Sarah could barely move her hand anymore and had no chance to escape the spray of juices that was expelled around her arm, making the princess squeal as she witnessed the unheard-of effect.

When the current of Fahm's climax ultimately flickered out her body went limp. She dropped down to her seat, Sarah's fist at long last leaving the battered hole.

Because she had not let go of the fine downs Sarah inadvertently ripped out some pubes from the sensitive skin. To that Fahm only reacted with a weak moan and another little gush of her dew dripping out of her slit.

Sarah stepped back and took stock of what she had done. Part of Fahm's throat had turned blue from where the princess stepped on it earlier and a few teethmarks were still faintly visibly on the lightly tanned skin.

The well-used slit retained a slight gape after the strenuous exercise and a tuft of dark pubic hair was obviously missing, the skin around it looking red and sore. But despite all of this the dazed farmgirl had a serene smile on her sweat-soaked face.

Part of Sarah felt anguished about how vile she had treated her fellow countrywoman, no matter what they had agreed upon. But part of her was also exhilarated, as this was the very first time she left behind the etiquette she was trained to adhere.

In her silent contemplation she noticed that the rain was no longer pattering against the roof. Following her first impulse, Sarah decided to go back to the castle and let this day become a thing of the past as quick as possible.

While Fahm wallowed in her post-orgasmic stupor Princess Sarah slipped into her still damp clothes. She was almost fully dressed when she was caught.

"...Your Highness?" Fahm groaned, stirring from her perch of stacked supplies. Although she did not appear fully awake she had no trouble to figure out what was going on.

Guilt joined Sarah's other complicated feelings as she witnessed how Fahm's face filled with sadness. Like a pet that was left behind by it's owner.

The Princess weighed her options, afraid what might happen if she kept messing with the imposing woman but also fretting that she might break her heart. She returned to Fahm's side, but immediately stepped back before she had the courage to say something.

"Don't do that." The exhausted brunette said softly. "Don't feel bad because of me." She tried to reach for Sarah's hand, but was too tired to close the remaining distance.

Sarah stood in awe at Fahm's unwavering adoration. She seemed to be unable to find the words to express herself. In her insecurity she looked around, like she was searching for something.

Something had caught her attention and she went deeper, disappearing between stacks of harvested goods. Seconds later she returned, holding a knife and a length of rope.

These tools caught Fahm's attention and she did her best to raise herself up, getting ready for whatever was to come.

"I don't believe you have learned your lesson yet." Sarah declared, turning the small blade left and right. She knew it was too late. She couldn't leave the stage anymore and had become a permanent part of the cast.

With a swift cut Sarah sliced off one end of the rope, the new part less than a foot in length. She bound the short rope around Fahm's wrist, who still watched her every move. The princess tied first one, then another knot, making sure it won't come undone easily. As a finishing touch she placed her lips on the intertwined clew, sealing it with a kiss.

"With this you are no longer free." Sarah explained to the astonished brunette. "You belong to me now. You will be mine to command and never submit to anyone else. Do that and you will be my most valuable possession."

Fahm stared at the braided cord while she listened to her Princesses words. It took her almost forever to comprehend what had happened, her face remaining expressionless until revelation dawned on her.

Tears streamed down her face and she smiled exuberantly. "Thank you..." She whispered before the lump that had formed in her throat cut off her voice.

Rejuvenated by the new bond she had formed she rose from her seat, only to fall back to her knees in front of her new owner to bury her face into Sarah's belly and hug her as tight as she could.

"Don't cry." Sarah stated after a while, her voice filled with just enough sternness to let her recent acquisition know that this was not meant to console her.

"Y-yes, your Highness." Fahm sniffled and rubbed away her tears, resting on her knees for her next order.

"Put on your shoes and your cloak." The Princess demanded as she picked the remaining rope she had brought along earlier.

The former peasant complied, standing up to slip into her boots and shroud her naked body into the hooded cloak.

When she was done Sarah wrapped the rope around the taller woman's bare hips and fastened one end to a knot around it. She held the other end in hand and pulled on it to test the fixing.

"We are leaving for the castle." She declared, using the improvised leash to steer Fahm by the rope girdle.

"But... your Highness, my clothes? I'm naked." Fahm fretted. For the whole evening their little world consisted only of the barn's interior. The thought of leaving this place, but not return to her old life filled her with insecurity.

"No, you are not." Princess Sarah corrected her teasingly. "You still have your cloak. If you rather be naked that is fine as well."

The scolded brunette shook her head and wrapped her only piece of clothing closer around herself. But as the rope still peaked through a small gap stayed open to allow a glimpse of her skin.

On their way back to the castle Sarah held her end of the leash behind her back and Fahm always followed close behind her. So for any spectator they were only two people walking in single file.

Only the castle guards noticed, but did not dare to question the royal princesses whereabouts or who her 'guest' is.

On the whole march all Fahm could think about was that only one layer of fabric protected her from being exposed to everyone and by the time they reached the castle gates the insides of her thighs were drenched down into her boots from the lewd fantasies her mind conjured.

And she was certain she could make her new owner make use of her again soon. Neither of them could deny the other anything anymore, not with the bond they now shared.

Life at the castle would become a lot more interesting...

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