Premonitions II-A: The Long Week of Hell

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Chapter 16: Bruised, Battered, and Broken

Thursday, January 31, 0008

Two Days Until the Wedding

"Well, well, well," gloated Karnak as he stood before Tifa. "Someone didn't take my advice."

"You knew I wouldn't, anyway," Tifa retorted.

Karnak did not dignify the taunt with response. Instead, he pulled out a firearm, pointing it at Tifa.

"Don't try to escape, you'll be shot," he warned.

"I always thought the Continental Governor as a scoundrel," Tifa said. "But I never saw her as a criminal."

"She has nothing to do with this," Karnak cackled. "Didn't I tell you that?"

"In any case," Tifa continued, "you failed. I know my father's at your Island Gulag. I know you do experiments on people there."

"And where is it?" Karnak asked her.

Tifa was silent; she did not know. It was the final vital thing she had failed to find out; she would learn that from the journal. If she survived long enough.

"I know you were warned by multiple people," Karnak gloated. "You just didn't listen."

"And that's why I'm about to get shot?" Tifa demanded.

"You're not getting shot as long as you stay here," Karnak retorted. "But you are getting beaten to death tonight."

"Don't underestimate me," Tifa warned as she cracked her knuckles. "You of all people know what kind of training I have. We would be quite a fair fight."

"I don't hit girls," Karnak said.

"How noble," Tifa said sarcastically.

"Yesha," Karnak commanded.

Yesha began to menacingly approach Tifa.

"You're going to have her kill me?" Tifa demanded.

Karnak chuckled.

"She'll do far worse than kill you," he replied.

At that moment, Yesha stopped a mere foot from Tifa.

"Did he tell you how dangerous I can be?" Tifa demanded as she stretched her arms.

Yesha, without saying a word, struck Tifa across the mouth.

Tifa felt a pain there like she had never felt before. Tears immediately escaped her eyes.

"Don't say I didn't warn you!" Karnak taunted.

Soon, the damage began to show. Blood began to trickle down Tifa's mouth, and she realized that she could no longer open it. Her jaw was broken, and she could feel teeth on her tongue.

"That was only one punch," Karnak continued. "There'll be more."

Tifa glared at Karnak. Blood was now oozing from her mouth and down her chin, dripping onto the ground. She then realized that Karnak was the lesser of the two threats. She turned her attention to Yesha. If she was going to die that night, she would at least die fighting. She charged for Yesha and drove her foot into her crotch.

Yesha stood still as a statue; the kick apparently did nothing.

"Hit her again," Karnak commended.

Yesha struck Tifa again, this time in the chest.

An even more unbearable pain seized Tifa as she fell to the ground. She then began struggling to breathe; a rib had punctured her lung.

"One more time," Karnak ordered.

Yesha stomped on both of Tifa's feet, with an audiable sound of multiple bones breaking.

Tifa sorely wanted to howl in pain, but she was unable to do so; her broken jaw was swollen too badly.

Yesha then stomped on both of Tifa's legs, breaking them instantly.

Her pain was now so unbearable that she forced her broken mouth open, allowing a small pained cry to escape.

Karnak grinned.

Yesha, meanwhile, continued to stare at her victim, ambiguous whether she would attack her again.

"" Tifa uttered through her pain.

"She's already killed you," Karnak replied. "You live another four or five hours before you finally bleed out."

As he said this, rain began to fall. The droplets began to wash some of the blood off of Tifa's face.

"You tried to find your father, and you ended up getting yourself killed," Karnak continued.

At that moment, a helicopter, piloted by Anez, landed several yards away.

"Well," said Karnak as he and Yesha turned, "it looks like this is our ride."

"Happy bleeding out," taunted Yesha.

"Good-bye forever, Tifa," Karnak said before he and Yesha disappeared into the helicopter.

The chopper then took off, vanishing into the night.

The dying Tifa continued to lay on her back, the now-pouring droplets liberally pelting her failing body. There was no way she could stand, as both of her legs and both of her feet were broken. She was going to die on this spot in a matter of hours, alone and in failure.

Or so it would be, had she not reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out her prospective salvation.

It was the pager. Had she not brought it with her, her injuries would mean certain death. Now, she had a fighting chance at life.

Tifa grinned inside as she pressed it; she knew she would need it again one day. The flickering red light was now a constant green. It alerted her that help was on the way.

In less than ten minutes time, the shuttle arrived, landing gently several yards away from her. It was not a large shuttle, large enough to only hold two or three people, but it was enough to remove her from the awful place that she was in.

A robotic contraption then emerged from the shuttle. Attached was a stretcher. Slowly, it approached the fallen Tifa, gently lifting her onto the stretcher. The pain worsened as she was lifted, but she was well aware that it was a necessary evil.

"Vital signs critical," a female, computerized voice read.

"No shit," Tifa whispered.

The robotic contraption gently pushed Tifa into the shuttle. The door then closed, and, moments later, Tifa could feel the shuttle moving, beginning to proceed to its destination. She could only hope that it would arrive at the destination in time. She began to feel weaker, but no less determined.

Tifa opened the journal.

It read: "The Journal of Tobin Lockheart, Beginning September 6, 0000."

Below was somewhat of a disclaimer.

"This journal is told from a first person perspective. Some of the events that occurred without myself present have been assumed to have happened or pieced together from later conversations."

Although Tifa was unable to move her mouth, she was smiling inside. She had the journal. It would no doubt reveal where the Island Gulag was.

She thought of Karnak. She thought of Yesha

You've won this time, she thought. You've left me bruised, battered, and broken. But when I return after reading the journal, it'll be a whole other ball game.

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