A Captains duty

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first off, thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.


Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.


The reference for this are the cinematics of ACT II, Chapters 7 and 8 of Sophie's arc.

Sophie wandered through the halls of the Returner's Citadel. They had just fought off the fiend's latest attack and now had time to recuperate. While the battle was tiring, an easy walk was good enough for the lively freelancer to get some rest.


This part of the Citadel was mostly done, but did not house anything crucial like the infirmary. So it was no surprise it was more or less deserted. A pleasant change from everyone around her being hellbent on making her their Captain.




Huh? Did someone call my name? She wondered, perking up her ears. "Echo?" She asked into the empty hallway, but her tiny friend did not show herself. Also, that voice didn't really sound like the chipper Faerie.




Again?! The young woman kept moving on, sneaking along the hallways and searching for the source of the voice. She wasn't really sure why she sneaked, but when a mysterious voice calls after you being cautious might be better than charging forward head first.


She came across several rooms, either empty or filled with nothing but crates and barrels. The curious freelancer was just about to pass by the next doorway when she heard it again.




Must be in there... She looked into the room stocked with wooden crates. She took one careful step after the next as she went further in. Before she could decide if she should make herself known to whatever was hiding in there she found out who called for her.


It was Bandee, one of her brothers in arms she met on her journey. The rogue sat with his back against one of the crates with his eyes closed. Sophie wanted to greet him but once she saw what he was doing her voice gave out and a blush blossomed on her face.


That's his... his... thing! He had his fly open and held erect dick in his hand, vigorously rubbing up and down. "...Sophie..." He muttered to himself, engrossed in his own fantasies.


Sophie stepped back, now even more cautious than before not to make a noise. She would be too embarrassed to explain why she spied on him while he masturbated.


When she was sure it was safe she fell into a sprint, trying to get as far away as possible. He got off while thinking about me! was the only thought that repeated inside her head like a broken record.


She only slowed down when she heard footsteps getting closer. A couple of fellow Returners approached from a intersecting corridor. They gave their Captain elect a friendly greeting and she managed to fight down her nervousness to reply in kind. 


But then she noticed how the men's eyes wandered, down to her chest covered in the yellow and white bodice. After they passed her Sophie peeked at them out of the corner of her eye and saw how they turned to look at her. More specifically to look at the backside of her grey hotpants.


They were checking me out! She thought in shock and started walking again without caring where she went to. Her mind was racing. Was this a coincidence? Are the others also like that? Did they use her image as fuel for their wet dreams as well?


"Hey, Sophie!" someone shouted and abruptly pulled her out of her thoughts. Without realizing it the flustered girl had walked to the Mess Hall and was greeted by Raigo who lounged at one of the tables.


"Here, have something too! You must be starving after the battle!" The good-natured warrior beckoned her and offered her a basket full of fruits.


"Yes. Thank you." Sophie answered with an unusual meek voice as she slumped down on the bench opposite his. She noticed that everyone in the room looked over at her now and then, but none of them dared to hold eye contact.


To distract herself she picked up one of the fruits held out for her by her comrade. Sophie took a hearty bite out of the apple and for the moment the delicious sweetness made her forget about her troubles.


While she chewed a drop of juice from the tasty fruit ran down her hand and past her wrist. Without giving any thought she bent down to lick up the rivulet, slowly moving her tongue up her arm before she sucked on the pulp to keep any more from spilling.


It was only when she licked her lips clean that she realized what she had just done and the bashful warrioress now felt everyone's gaze upon her. She looked up to confirm it and all the heads in the room changed direction, pretending to be interested in anything but her. Even Raigo averted his eyes.


"I... I'm not that hungry... anymore." Sophie excused herself and placed her unfinished meal on the table. She left hurriedly, yet just before she rounded the corner she saw Raigo picking up the bitten apple, placing it against his mouth. Not to sink his teeth in, but to put his lips on the same spot hers were just moments ago.


This was all too much for the fledgling girl. Why is this happening? What caused this?


Sophie aimlessly wandered through the Citadel, hoping to simply walk through the right door and everything would be back to normal. She spotted Shannon, the cunning white mage, in one of the many rooms, studying a blueprint for a new part of the Citadel to be built. Maybe he could help her.


"Captain Sophie! Hello." The mage greeted her with her unwanted title. Yet she was too lost in thought to worry about that now.


"Hello. Say... do you... i mean, am i..." Sophie attempted to put her concerns into words without success as she paced up and down.


The mage stayed quiet and gave her a chance to keep trying. 


"Maybe... are the others..." Sophie started anew. She leaned forward on the table to close the distance between them, not wanting to speak louder than she had to. Yet as her friend's eyes twitched downward she realized how she displayed herself bent over like this.


The sheepish woman retreated like the table just gave her an electric shock and she crossed her arms over her bosom to hide it. A surprisingly bashful gesture Shannon had never seen before from the otherwise carefree girl.


"Did something happen?" The smart mage asked full of concern. "Did they do something to you?" He jumped to conclusions.


"No... Wait! What do you mean?" Sophie asked back, unsure about his friend's train of thought.


"Ah, it's nothing really!" Shannon tried to dissuade her. "Me and the others, we just worry about you. We know how people might be under these... circumstances." At the last word his eyes quickly scanned Sophie from head to toe.


"Oh, by the light. Not you too!" She despaired and buried her face in her hands. "Just what is wrong with all of you..." She spoke to herself.


"Do you have any idea how... distracting you are?" Shannon grumbled, more than a little annoyed by her crude allegation. He walked around the table to face her directly.


"Huh?" was all the dumbfounded freelancer could say at the sudden change of his temper.


"The others... they are fighting alongside you. But me, i'm always standing back. Watching over you. Watching... you." His gaze went down her body again, yet this time it stayed on her nubile curves. "So... distracting."


Sophie took a step back, wishing to withdraw from his presence. But he followed her until she bumped against the wall behind her. "I never wanted it to be like that!" she pleaded.


"We know. This is also part of your... allure. The reason you are so distracting." Shannon whispered and placed one hand on the wall, beside her head.


"But i don't want this!" She repeated, clueless about what she could do.


"I'm afraid there is nothing you can do. You are already occupying everyone's thoughts." Even though the mage spoke gently Sophie still felt like she was being chided. "It's only a matter of time before someone makes a mistake because he is so distracted. At best, you could apologize for being so vexing."


"Apologize?" the distraught girl inquired hopefully. "How?"


Instead of answering the clever spellcaster smiled and undid his robe, letting it fall to the floor. His shirt was rather tight fitting and Sophie was surprised by how athletic he was. After all he mostly fought using his magic powers.


Shannon opened his belt and without it's support his pants slid down his legs. He fumbled with the band of his underwear for a moment, then fished out his manhood, already fully erect.


The inexperienced woman gasped as she saw it. She had never seen one from that close. And when not counting her earlier accident with Bandee she could count the instances where she saw a man's appendage by one hand.


Her heart beat harder and she could feel her blood pumping faster up into her ears and the tips of her fingers. Sophie watched with rapt attention as her hand inched closer to the bobbing shaft.


When she reached it she slowly closed her fingers around it, like she was scared she might get bitten. Shannon snorted through his nose when he felt her touch.


"It's so warm..." the young woman marveled to herself.


Shannon leaned in closer and placed both his lower arms on the wall, framing her head and taking up most of her vision. He was so close, the tip of his erection almost touched her. Sophie placed her other hand on his shoulder. It looked like she wanted to push him away, but couldn't even muster the strength to crumple the cloth of his shirt.


Mimicking what she had seen earlier, the entranced freelancer started moving her fingers up and down along the length of his twitching glans.


"Yes, just like that..." Shannon hummed appreciatively at that, contend to let the inexperienced girl find her rhythm.


After a few more pumps Sophie's hand began to get slick and she looked up quizzically at her friend.


"Natural lubrication. Makes things smoother." He explained in few words, too excited to go into lengthy lectures.


Yet this answer was enough to satisfy her curiosity. She picked up her pace and Shannon had to fight hard not to buck his hips in matching tempo to increase his pleasure.


"Maybe... mmhm... you want to take a closer look?" he offered after a while. He placed his hands on his friends shoulders and gently pressured her downward. She hesitated for moment, biting on her lower lip as she weighed her options.


Eventually she yielded and with her back still against the wall she sank down to her knees. Sophie's eyes were level with the helmeted head and she went right back to jerk him off with a tender hold.


She also noticed the small pouch of skin below the base, something she had never seen before. As she brought her free hand closer Shannon widened his stand and bent his legs a little to give her more access.


"Careful now." He reminded her from above as her fingertips landed on the wrinkled skin. There was something in that pouch. Two somethings. Firm, but also springy. She did not dare put them to the test after her comrades warning.


She realized the immediate reaction it had on Shannon when she cupped or caressed them, yet the inquiring girl soon changed her focus back to the rod jutting out in front of her face.


Sophie explored all parts of it. She ran her thumb along the underside, coaxing more of the clear liquid to trickle from the tip. "The smell... so strong..."  She mused entranced.


She circled her fingertip over the opening at the tip or only stimulated the flare of the bellend, always paying attention how Shannon reacted.


"Sophie..." The mage muttered after several minutes under her ministrations, his breathing labored. "I think i'm... Nnhgn!"


Intellectually Sophie knew what was about to happen, but knowing it and experiencing it turned out to be two very different things. She had the helmeted head in the palm of her hand when it started spilling it's seed.


The mesmerized woman's eyes went wide in fascination as with every throb the pool of the milky white substance grew larger in her hand, almost running over by the end. After the deluge ended Shannon ran his fingers along the belly of his glans one last time, squeezing out even the very last drops into Sophie's waiting hand.


If she thought the smell was strong before it was now almost intoxicating, making her head spin as she stared transfixed at the puddle of cum. Sophie looked up with the spoils of her effort in her hand. She was not sure what to do although her mouth suddenly felt very dry.


Yet it seemed Shannon was just as inconclusive about how she should divest of his load. And before he could tell her someone else broke the silence.


"Hey Shannon! You won't believe what Raigo told me. Our Captain had..." It was Bandee who entered from the hallway. He fell silent the moment he saw the two of them and his jaw fell open.


He gawped at Sophie on her knees with a handful of semen and Shannon looming over her, his softening dick still in his fingers.


"I-i-i didn't... uhm... sorry. I'm just gonna leave now..." the rogue stammered while tumbling backwards.


Shannon prodded the girl kneeling in front if him with his foot, nodding Sophie towards the dumbfounded intruder.


"Bandee, wait!" She called out to him, shifting on her knees to better face him. "I realized it's making things complicated when i'm around. And i want to make it up to you guys." she attempted to explain with an agitated voice.


"You serious?!" He exclaimed in disbelief. Sophie gave him a reassuring smile, with the same confidence that made him join her on her dangerous path to begin with. Shannon just shrugged in feigned innocence.


After he had convinced himself that his mind didn't play a trick on him Bandee moved closer, already tugging on his pants and underwear. "Then suck me off, too!" he demanded eagerly once he stood in front of his waiting friend.


Shannon shook his head and gave him a stern glare at his rude choice of words.


"I mean, if you could use your mouth on mine as well, that would be very kind." Bandee corrected himself, humbled his peer's silent warning.


"But i haven't done that..." Sophie said bashfully, her eyes already focused on Bandee's crotch. His was a bit thinner Shannon's, but the slight upward curve made it look just as imposing, if not more.


"Uh, i just assumed you... It's okay when-Ooh!" He started but was caught of guard when the eager girl lunged forward and took half of his length into her mouth.


She moaned at her first taste of a man. Sophie pulled her head back, keeping her lips sealed around him and her cheeks hollowed in as she sucked hard to gather as much of his aroma as she could.


"Oh, by the light..." Bandee groaned as his knees slowly turned to jelly from Sophie's first attempt at fellatio. Even after the tip of his dick left her lips she kept her eyes closed, wallowing in the aftertaste.


"Do you... the stuff you have there... what...?" The rogue began as he looked down at her and what she still carried in her hand, hesitant not to push her too far like he almost did before.


"Oh, uhm... i don't know..." Sophie muttered in reply, only reluctantly willing to admit her inexperience.


"Well, a man is supposed to release it inside a woman. So..." He tried his best to hide his indecent wish behind the helpful advise. But the lust in his eyes made it clear to the woman kneeling in front of him that he only thought about one thing right now.


Sophie raised her filled hand over her wide open mouth and let the sticky fluid dribble down onto her tongue. It tasted bitter. Musky. Strong. In one word, male.


Yes! This is what a man MUST taste like! Sophie decided. She couldn't imagine any better description. It wasn't her favorite taste in the world. But that was just the way things were. Medicine had to taste like medicine. And a man had to taste manly.


She diligently licked her palm clean of any leftovers. The two man standing around her observed her every move, awestruck by the lewd spectacle. With her 'plate' empty, Sophie began to wonder if all man tasted the same and with new zeal went back down on Bandee's stiff rod to get herself another helping to find out.


At first it was difficult for the aspiring fellatrix not to use her hands to stimulate the pulsing meat, but she quickly learned that her lips and tongue and even her palate can be used to pleasure the dick in her mouth.


But try as she might, Sophie was not able to reach the base. Every time the bellend collided with her gum her stomach heaved, not allowing her to take Bandee any deeper. Despite her shortcoming her partner did not seem to have anything to complain.


"Mmh, so good. Captain... More..." Bandee groaned. He had already placed one hand on the wall to steady himself, as Sophie's bobbing head slowly sapped him off his strength. With his other hand he affectionately stroked her hair, already too worked up to compliment in any more eloquent way.


"Maybe he would appreciate it if you showed a bit of yourself." Shannon offered from the sideline, startling his subservient friend who had pretty much forgotten he was still there, lost in her worshiping blowjob.


He divested her of her cropped jacket and undid the zipper on the back of her tight fitting bodice. When the well-toned martial artist slipped out of her clothes and bared her ripe breasts to the fresh air she noticed for the first time how painfully erect her nubs were and even grazing over them was enough to make her hair stand on end.


Shannon helped himself to her naked skin, massaging her breasts and roaming over her toned muscles and feminine softness. Sophie moaned around the rigid prick in her mouth. It was the first time she exposed herself to someone else. She never imagined it would be like that, presenting herself to several men at once who made use of her as they pleased.


Her head moved faster the more Shannon caressed her sensitive flesh. Sophie wrapped one hand around Bandee's girth rubbing the part she couldn't reach with her lips near the base. Giving her first blowjob caused her to work up a sweat and her auburn hair stuck to her forehead and the side of her face.


"By the light... this is great..." Bandee huffed and puffed under the energetic ministrations and he had to use his friends bare shoulder as additional support. Every now and then his hips bucked reflexively, always testing the obliging woman's gag reflex.


Yet the heaving and choking only caused to incite Sophie more and part of her imagined herself taking him all the way to the hilt, suffocating herself on the throbbing mass.


"Captain Sophie...!" Bandee pressed out between clenched teeth and moved her head back. He wrapped his hand around her's and together they rubbed him a few final times before he fired his load all over her outstretched tongue.


The first few shots went up to the back of her mouth, plastering her gum. Every volley had a bit less pressure but seemed to increase in volume and Sophie had to suck the head of his dick back in or her tongue would have overflown.


They do taste different, Sophie noted with a contend hum as she swallowed the thick substance, feeling her gullet getting pasted with it. She gave the tip a parting kiss before she let go of Bandee's spend appendage.


With his dick freed he stumbled backwards, his pants around his ankles, until he could grab the edge of the table for support. "Heavens above..." Bandee panted, completely winded.


"Seems like he is rather pleased with your apology Captain." Shannon commented, still cupping one of her breasts as it moved from her quick breathing. "Not bad for a first time." he teased.


"Almost looks like she had a little accident." Bandee added breathlessly, looking down at the kneeling girl. Sophie gazed down as well and found a huge stain between her legs. Something had stained her underwear and the crotch of her hotpants.


"Whoa, what's going on in here?!" Someone shouted. The three of them were so immersed that they did not notice the two men who entered the room. "What have you done to Captain Sophie?!"


"See how they are led astray? Just because they are only concerned about you?" Shannon whispered so only Sophie could hear him. The two new arrivals got closer, seemingly ready to fight any who molested her Captain.


"It's not what you think!" She addressed her would-be defenders. "It's just... i burdened you all so much. I don't want to see you hurt because you only worry about me."


She crawled over to them on her hands and knees. "I wanted to prove that i care for them and ease their worries. And yours too." Sophie sat back on her heels, proudly showing herself to her fellow Returners.


The two exchanged bewildered looks with one another and those who had already experienced their Captain's 'care' first hand. If this was just a joke no one appeared to be willing to tell the punchline.


Deciding that she spoke the truth one of them grabbed Sophie below the arms and pulled her to her feet, right into a deep kiss. His dark shoulder length hair fell over her face. "Ugh, tastes like cum." He complained once their lips parted.


"How do you know what cum tastes like, Thon?" His friend joked, rounding the couple and taking Sophie's breasts in a firm hold from behind, pulling her back against his rugged chest. She mewled lasciviously when he caught her hard pebbles between his broad fingers.


"Just shut your trap, Gibs!" Thon shot back annoyed. He knelt down in front of the ensnared girl to unbutton her hotpants. Without ceremony he pulled them off together with her padded stockings, leaving her in just her panties.


The modest white item was already so saturated in Sophie's love honey it was pretty much see-through. Thon raised one of her toned legs and placed it on his shoulder, giving him better access to her mound.


He gave her a long lick from the inside of her thigh over her crotch almost up to her navel. "Ah, tastes much better." He decided as he licked his lips.


Despite her unassuming looks Sophie would have easily dispatched those two in a sparring match, her previous life as a freelance scavenge hunter and the scores of fiends she had to take down were more than enough training for that.


But she had slowly slipped into a daze, her reason and better judgement floating away on cloud nine and leaving her down on earth alone with everyone's lust for her. All she could do was squeal delightfully when Gibs kissed her neck and sucked on the tip of her ear.


Egged on by her lovely voice Thon freed Sophie of her last piece of clothing, letting the moist panties fall to the floor. With his prize now in plain sight he dove right back in, squirming his tongue deep into her tight confines.


For the first time someone else but her touched her most intimate parts and when her labia parted around the invading muscle Sophie tossed her head back so hard against Gibs' chest that she drove the wind out of him.


Thon's head was caught as the overwhelmed woman suddenly swung her other leg over his shoulder as well, locking him in between her soft thighs and her heated pubic mound.


"Easy there, Captain." He said, muffled by Sophie's pelvis. She tried to relax but every new jolt of pleasure made her body tense up, wrapping herself around him once again.


Like when Thon sank his hands into the pliable flesh of her butt to better support her on his shoulders. Or when Gibs continuously increased his kneading grip on her breasts like he wanted to milk her.


"It looks like this is not the first time you two are doing this." Shannon commented from a distance, unable to hide his excitement jutting from his hips from the sight of his adorable Captain getting serviced.


"You bet. Ain't no girl in our village who haven't had our company." Thon spoke in good humor before going back to his task between Sophie's legs.


"And we always leave them satisfied. Right, Captain Sophie?" Gibs added, pinching both of her nipples to make the speechless girl howl in wicked bliss.


"Hey, Gibs." Thon soon called out from below to get his friends attention.


"Yeah?" Gibs answered, looking over their subject's shoulder. Thon gave him a telling gaze and his eyes widened in surprise. "You sure?" he asked.


To that Thon replied with a grunt of confirmation. In unspoken agreement the two of them picked Sophie up, carrying her over to the table and gingerly placed her on the smooth desk. Everyone beside the two could only watch in confusion.


The four man gathered in front of their Captain elect, who sat leaning back on her hands with her legs splayed apart, presenting her glistening slit. The expert caresses of the two buddies left her in a delirious stupor.


"It appears our dear Captain is a flower who had not been plucked yet." Gibs announced, his voice heavy with meaning.


Bandee had not lost his look of confusion until Shannon leaned in and whispered something into his ear. "Ooh!" He exclaimed once his penny had dropped.


Sophie blushed and demurely closed her legs once she too understood what they were talking about. An odd tension filled the room. Each of the men was obviously eager to receive the honor to be her first but didn't want to just take it from her.


It was Shannon who moved first. He gathered his robe from the floor and bundled it to a makeshift pillow for his dear friend to rest on. Next he rummaged through a nearby cupboard until he found a long candle.


The straight bar of white wax was not very thick and tapered down towards the top. Shannon handed it over to Sophie who had already laid her head back.


"If one of us would be your first everyone else might be envious." Shannon gently explained to her as she observed the phallic object in her hands. "If it can't be either of us then you are the only one left."


The virginal warrior hesitantly brought the candle down to the closed petals of her quim. This was not how she imagined her first time to be, not that she had thought about it a lot. But right now she simply didn't want to stop and disappoint her comrades.


Though she would be happy to just continue being groped and sucking them off Sophie understood that this would not be enough to quench their longing for her. And this is the reason i do this, right?


She closed her eyes to blend out her surroundings as she wriggled the widest part of the candle's base into her maiden hole.


"Aah...!" The young woman expected a stinging pain as the candle slowly sank deeper, but it didn't appear. She only became acutely aware that there was a place being filled inside her that had been empty before, without her sensing it had truly existed just a minute ago.


Not familiar with this feeling of fullness Sophie couldn't say she enjoyed it all too much. At least until she hit... something. She had no idea what it was but every time the candle scraped over it her nerves overloaded until it felt like her lower body had turned into mush.


Her mouth stayed wide open but she couldn't get a single sound out, she was just too amazed by that wonderful sensation inside her depths.


Thon and Gibs could not stay idle any more in front of such an erotic sight. The brazen buddies bent over their awestruck prey and each of them aimed for one of her heaving breasts.


When she felt both of her sensitive teats sucked into a hungry mouth Sophie arched her back and she loudly moaned in wanton bliss.


She felt someone caress her cheek and she looked up to find Shannon standing beside her. He guided her head to the side, where he already aimed his stiff dick to enter her mouth. Her tongue welcomed him and his familiar taste as she let him sink between her open lips,.


"Yes, just like that." Shannon held her head steady as he humped Sophie's face and she matched the movements of her own hand stirring the candle in her once-virgin slit to his hips. Each of her mewls transformed into pleasant vibrations running up Shannon's spine and he groaned out his approval.


The pair of tongues danced around on her areola with surprising coordination and expert skill. They alternated between tender caresses with just the tip to strong suction and light pressure from the teeth.


Being assaulted from so many sides made the encircled girl's thoughts spin around in her head and she was unable to focus on anything but the pleasure she felt and her need for more.


And more she got when someone, she had no idea who, found the prominent bundle of nerves crowning her slit. Even the slightest touch to her clit made her whole body tremble and if she weren't held down by 3 men she might have fallen off the table from squirming so much.


It was only a matter of minutes before the arcs of pleasure coursing through Sophie's body coalesced and exploded like fireworks behind her eyes as she experienced an earth shattering climax.


Her howl of untrammeled pleasure was gagged by the dick in her mouth, but was still loud enough to resound through the room. The drenched candle slipped out of her slick channel, her inner walls clenching on nothingness as a steady streamlet of her dew ran down to pool on the table.


One by one they let off of her, giving their quarry a highly welcome chance to wind down from her dizzying high. She panted completely out of breath as she laid splayed apart on the desk.


"You think she is ready?" Gibs wondered, looking down at the girl enjoying her post-orgasmic chill.


"Plenty ready if you ask me." Thon retorted after he ran his hand over Sophie's mound and showing his friend the amount of juices his palm and fingers were covered in.


He took his Captain-elect by the hips and rearranged her on the table so both her butt and her head hung over an edge near a corner. The two pals had already gotten rid of their leg wear and they now took their place at either end of the pleasure-drunk warrioress.


With near perfect synchronicity they inserted their primed poles into Sophie's wet and welcoming orifices, making her squirm between them and moan delightfully under the dual assault.


Even though she had never actually seen his armament the pincered freelancer could easily discern that Thon's was much more substantial than the candle as he sank into her folds.


It seemed to take forever until he ultimately hilted inside of her, filling her so completely that it would have taken Sophie's breath away, if her mouth weren't already stuffed by his cronies cock choking her.


"You're so tight, Captain..." Thon groaned, his voice full of adoration. He let his hands glide over her mound and up her stomach and she could guess how deep he reached inside her now as his fingers followed the course his manhood had taken. He placed her ankles on his broad shoulders, ready to claim her dripping honeypot as his territory.


Sophie had already braced herself but Gibs caught her attention when he pulled out of her mouth and lifted her head so they can look at one another.


"You have not taken one of the others all the way down, have you?" He inquired, smiling down at the winded woman. Drunk from her pleasure she pondered for a while what he meant, but shook her head as she guessed that his desire was to fully sink himself inside her as well.


"Then you better relax." Gibs told her kindly. He let her head down but cradled the back of her neck instead. "Relax and take a deep breath. Just try to gulp it down whole."


Gibs went back into her wide open maw, slow but steadily. He didn't stop when he reached the back of her mouth and Sophie did as she was told, working her throat to let him sink in deeper.


The tip breached into her esophagus and before she could gag too much he already retreated. As if to reward her Thon pulled out of her as well, scraping along her inner walls and sending sparks of pleasure up her spine.


"Well done, Captain Sophie." Gibs praised her. He gave her a chance to catch her breath before he moved in once more. Sophie knew what to expect when his bellend collided with her gum and let him slip into her throat. He stayed a bit longer and her stomach heaved to remove the intruding object.


In time he pulled back and in the same moment Thon pushed his length into her sheath. Her legs trembled and toes curled as his helmeted head pressed against all the right spots on it's way to kiss the entrance of her womb.


They continued testing her like this, in the same way the must have tested many girls before. Every time Sophie took Gibs' dick into her gullet Thon pumped his length into her welcoming quim.


With such kind of encouragement It was only a matter of time and she could take the thick shaft to the hilt, her nose buried into Gibs' scrotum.


Sophie had to admit it was not the most pleasant feeling to have her tonsils pried apart. But it was a wicked thrill for her that her mouth was turned into just another hole for men to use. A hole they desired to use. Degrading and empowering at the same time.


Together with the indescribable sensation of having her once virgin maidenhood stuffed snugly all her thoughts evaporated and she just rode on the stream of pleasure.


At one point Thon did not wait between his thrusts anymore, setting into a steady rhythm of humping his hips. As Gibs started to match his accomplices speed he placed his other hand around Sophie's neck, letting her feel how her larynx was compressed between his thumb and the throbbing dick.


"Can you believe we're doing the Captain?" Thon pondered as a wet, squelching sound filled the room accompanied by the gagging and choking of their adorable officer as they relentlessly rutted into her on both ends.


"Sure can. And she's taking it like a champ." Gibs replied. He was mindful enough to pull out and let her breath often, but this also caused a backwash of liquids to spill from her mouth. The gluey mixture clogged Sophie's nose and sealed her eyes shut as it ran down her face, either soaking into her hair or dripping to the floor.


With her senses dulled the beleaguered woman barely registered the praises Thon and Gibs sang about her. About How tight she was and how quickly she picked up on the high art of getting fucked. She also lost count of the number of hands roaming her body, caressing her from her shivering thighs to her heaving breasts.


She did however notice that someone took her left wrist placed her fingers around another fully erect prick and the strong masculine hand guided her own over the pulsing shaft. Not long after that her right hand was taken over as well and all of her dexterous fingers were used as a masturbatory aid.


Time blurred as Sophie simultaneously serviced four men. It was hard to imagine that the squirming woman who was now the centerpiece of a full fledged orgy hadn't even kissed a man before today.


The Returner's movement became more frantic, throwing their considerateness out of the window as they treated their desired Captain like a living sex toy. Thon wrapped his arms around her thighs, almost lifting her off the table as he ferociously pummeled his mate's convulsing folds with his rock hard manhood. Each thrust impaled her throat deeper on Gibs' girth, taking her breath away.


Gibs was also the first to reach his peak. He pulled out until only the tip remained between Sophie's plush lips and released his load with a low guttural grunt. She hummed weakly as she was fed a new flavour she had never encountered before. Jet after jet blasted against her tongue and filled her cheeks.


When she was sure that Gibs had spent everything Sophie pursed her lips and gave bounteous bellend a parting kiss. Before she could decide what to do with the spoonfuls of semen the dick in her right hand was untangled from her grasp and moments later knocked against the side of her mouth.


The helmeted head stirred a few times, then added it's own share to the collected seed deposited in Sophie's maw. The musky taste saturated her tongue and made goosebumps spread over her body. At the same time the shaft still in her hold throbbed and lurched and a hot liquid sprinkled over the defined muscles of her stomach.


Yet before long Sophie was bound to swallow the hefty amount of sperm when Thon got his second wind, his hips moving with frenzied pace and shaking her whole body each time they collided. He grunted like a feral beast as he reached his final spurt, each impact lifting the thrilled female off the desk.


Thon's vigorous thrusting came to an abrupt end with his climax. He fully hilted inside her for a final time, assuring his essence would reach as deep as possible.


The premiere feeling of being seeded imprinted itself into Sophie's brain and her whole body locked up as she came hard. She brimmed with energy, caused from the warmth spreading deep into her insides and the happiness of fulfilling her body's most primal function for the very first time.


Sophie purred in fatigued contentment as her stuffed quim overfilled from burst after burst of her comrade's seed.


"Oh man. The best lay i ever had." Thon remarked with suppressed voice. With his deed done he pulled out of her and the convulsing aftershocks of his new favorite's orgasm made more of his cum run out of her parted slit. 


She faintly noticed that people were talking around her, but with Sophie shrouded in her post-climactic bliss she simply couldn't bother to pay any attention. Or clean her face enough of the sticky mucus to take a look around.


Instead she just let her legs dangle over the edge of the table and basked in the glow of the many loads of manjuice in and on her sweaty body.


like this the tuckered out woman was rather surprised when someone took a possessive hold of her ankles and spread her legs in a large 'V'. What surprised her even more was the fully erect manhood that knocked against her slightly gaping quim and pierced the well lubed channel with only little resistance.


Among the things she had learned today about the male anatomy Sophie knew that it takes some time for a man to recuperate before he could regain his... firmness. And with no little amount of confidence had she thought that she had taken good care of her fellow Returners.


She removed the drying mess from her eyes to take a peek at her anonymous assailant and found out a man she had never seen before was currently barging into her cumstained cunt.


"Don't mind if i do?" The man asked her jokingly. Sophie wouldn't consider him especially handsome, but the tall frame of rippling muscles was nothing but intimidating and what his 'weapon' lacked in length was made up by his girth, spreading her incredibly wide and making her mewl from new surges of pleasure in an instant.


It took the once more beleaguered girl some time to realize that there was more than one new face in the room. The newcomer's stares ranged from utter disbelief to entranced lust, but they all shared the same eager glint in their eyes as they witnessed her willingly taking a stranger's cock.


One of the recent arrivals had the presence of mind to step up to Sophie's vacant mouth before the others either decided to form into lines to wait their turn or bust in each others heads for the privilege to be the next to mate with their idolized captain elect.


The sly soldier unveiled his hardening manhood right in front of her face. Even though her upside down point of view made it difficult to see properly -and the thick meatstick stirring in her tender twat didn't help her focusing as well- but to Sophie it looked like the throbbing rod was as thin as the candle she had used before, yet also surpassing the waxen stick in length.


"Captain Sophie?" The man asked from above, compounding the many questions he surely had into one. Most pressing of all the consent to bury his awe-inspiring length into her throat.


The first bead of precum formed on the tip and enraptured heroine had just freed her sinuses enough to catch the overpowering smell of his virility. Her mouth opened like she was in a trance and her newest suitor wasted not time to accept the offer.


Her visual judgement had not failed her when Sophie felt him slide easily into her throat and reach into uncharted depths of her esophagus. The aspiring throatswabber groaned in primal delight when he hilted inside her and her plump lips were sealed around the base of his dick.


The two men started fucking her in earnest then. They did not show any restraint yet also lacked the coordination of the previous pair, turning this threesome into an all new experience for the young woman.


Sophie was torn between pleasurable mewls and desperate gagging as they sawed in and out of her. They must have been spectating for quite a while as they had clearly learned the one or other trick from Thon's and Gibs' book.


What expertise they lacked in teaming up on a hapless girl they intended to compensate with increased intensity.


The man pounding her recently deflowered folds bent her legs further, until he could pass on his hold over her ankles to his peer stuffing her throat. With his hands free he grabbed Sophie by the wrists, pulling on her arms to drill even further into her tight confines.


At the same time the opportunistic facefucker tugged on her legs every time he buried his full length into her.


Caught between those contrarious forces the pillaged woman felt like they tried to fold her in half if it weren't for the two meaty anchors ceaselessly drilling into her orifices. As it was, all she could do was endure it as they compressed her body between the pair rutting hips.


And she did more than just endure it. Even Sophie was surprised that despite the two rugged warriors treating her like a living squeezebox new waves of pleasure rose up inside her.


What fanned her flames was how desperately passionate everyone was about her. They desired her so much that they couldn't wait a moment longer. They had to have her and release their pent up urges on her. That feeling of being so direly needed and revered was exhilarating for the once solitary freelancer.


Time passed by in a blur for Sophie as she was used without abandon by her brothers-in-arms. Again her face got plastered by the mix of liquids she coughed up whenever she got the chance to breathe.


As the repeatedly plundered girl's pleasure climbed higher the world around her shrunk together. Even the hands massaging her breasts and hardened nubs were only barely noted until all she could perceive was the binary event of a hard dick penetrating her.


Yet before she was eventually allowed to achieve her orgasm Sophie felt a hot torrent of cum filling up her quivering folds. Her nameless partner pulled out once he had drenched her core in a white deluge and left her woefully empty.


Moments later her throat met the same fate, the lengthy pole hilting inside her before he released his seed deep in her. Each squirt was accompanied by a perceivable throb along his shaft up to the tip that was buried beyond her tonsils.


With the forcefeeding over the spent dick retreated, leaving her with an audible 'Pop' as Sophie sucked on the bellend in an attempt to not be completely bereft of tasting him.


The tired out woman laid splayed apart in a small pool of various bodily fluids, her skin shining from her sweat and her hair a sticky mess. As she had been left close to her peak her hands blindly snaked down her body on their search to pleasure herself, but were stopped right before their goal.


"I guess our dear Captain is not satisfied." A deep baritone voice noted teasingly. It might just as well been a taunt for the dynamic duo who failed to get her off.


"Uhuh." Sophie weakly agreed to that, wanting for nothing but a chance for more pleasure.


"Then we better do something about that." The same voice stated with a chuckle.


Sophie's hands were guided up until her fingers landed on a naked chest. She felt the warmth radiating from the unknown body, yet could only hardly believe it was human.


As her digits moved slowly upwards over the collarbones to the shoulders they glided over broad chiseled muscles, putting any statue to shame. Her supine shape was lifted by a pair of steeled arms and she linked her fingers behind her retainer's neck for support.


Sophie felt herself being carried through the room until her back rested against the wall, finding herself between the proverbial rock and a hard place. As she slowly slid down against the stone she felt a familiar shape parting her moist slit and spreading her wide as the thick bellend dove into her.


"...So big..." Sophie moaned breathlessly as the massive manhood filled her to the brim without her hips reaching down to his loins.


"You like it?" The titanious frame asked teasingly.


"Yes..." She replied almost delirious. Just the pressure of being so full brought her closer to her release, but still left her at the edge.


"You want more?" It was only a whisper, yet sounded so loud, close to the captured woman's ear. The volume of his voice promised to be just as gigantic as his physique.


It sent shivers down her spine. Sophie wanted to hear it. Hear his bellows as he gave her his all. "Please..." She moaned, enraptured by the imposing male.


The expansive amount of muscles rippled as the man laughed to himself. "By your orders, Captain." He didn't do much more than flex his thighs yet it was still enough to grind into her slowly accommodating depths.


But he was only testing the waters. The shallow movements quickly had Sophie whimpering for more and when she tried her best to pull his bulk even closer to her he finally granted her wish.


He retreated until only the broad tip remained in his Captain's needy quim and then barreled back inside her full force. The impaled freelancer howled in twisted bliss as he punched against her womb, igniting all her nerves on his way there and shaking her whole body from the impact.


"Ohh, Yes! This is just... Nnghn... So much... Mmhm... I can't... Aah!" Each slow yet powerful thrust rocked her shivering form. Sophie buried her face in his toned pecs to silence herself as his huge manhood nearly split her in half and drove her insane.


The tall and rugged warrior shadowed her so only her calves peeked out over his arms as he rutted hard enough to almost pummel her through the stone wall.


"So close... Any more... And i... I... I'm..." As coiled up as she was from before Sophie didn't need long to reach her peak by this almighty pounding. She dug her nails into his beefy neck and her whole body trembled as she screamed out her lungs into his broad chest.


Through all that her nameless partner kept moving his hips. She kept on cumming as he seared his shape into her clenching cave. The perfect phallus mercilessly stimulated her overworked nerves and before she had the chance to master her first orgasm Sophie was caught by the next.


Her mind reeled under the fantastic pleasure and she was brought to the edge of her consciousness. Every ounce of her strength was robbed by her first back-to-back climax and she went completely limb in her paramours arms.


Thankfully she was allowed to rest after that, still fully impaled on his unmoving manhood. Sophie's head lolled around, unable to hold it steady until she nestled her face into his brawny chest again.


with her eyes closed she felt his pecs moving under her from his deep steady breathing, a stark contrast to her panting moans from the huge exertion of multiple climaxes.


"Sophie... is that you?" Someone called out to her. The blissed out women blinked lazily, her eyes only slowly focusing on the the source of the voice.


"Hey... Raigo." Sophie greeted back once she beheld the man standing in the entrance, sounding dead tired.


"What's going on in here?" Raigo wondered dumbfoundedly, looking around the room.


"Lemme... lemme apologize to you too." Sophie slurred, completely ignoring his question. She reached out to him, still firmly lodged on her mate's tool and compressed between the bulk of hot muscles and the cold, smooth wall.


Raigo found Shannon and Bandee in the group of other Returners and he looked to his friends, searching to make sense of all this. Shannon stepped ahead, in a similar state of undress like most of the others.


"Our most dear Captain feels very sorry for what she had done. Inadvertently we were all entranced by her charms." He addressed everyone in the room, although Raigo was the only one not up to speed on the situation. "And like a starving man might become reckless to quell his hunger, we might become reckless just to gain her favor. So she gracefully decided to give us a chance to satiate ourselves."


Everyone in the room cheered to that, praising their Captain elect for her benevolence. Next Shannon addressed Sophie directly, cupping her chin so the exhausted girl would look at him.


"Don't you think it's unfair? Raigo is one of your first followers. And now he is last in line." He cooed, finding one of her breasts with his other hand, gently massaging it.


"Yeah..." Sophie replied dreamily, lounging under his caresses.


"It's only just that he deserves something special, right?" The sly mage insinuated.


"Special... yes." she repeated, drunk on the pleasure she felt. With her consent more or less given Shannon made requests to some of the others and in no time they turned the floor into a makeshift bedstead.


The still connected couple made themselves comfortable, the already recuperating girl straddling her silent partner as he laid on his back. She moved her hips left and right, testing the feeling of the throbbing mass stirring her insides.


But her movement and satisfied purring stopped when Sophie felt a hand on her firm rear. Shannon leaned in close, whispering right into her ear.


"There is one place yet untouched. Raigo will surely appreciate your last first time." As he spoke his hand moved in circles over her pliable flesh, his fingers getting ever closer to the tight ring of muscles.


Her dazed mind took some time to understand what the mage meant. With a noticeable blush she looked over her shoulder to her warrior companion. "Raigo, you can use my... my... you can use it as you wish. Will you be my first?" She reached out for him again, beckoning him to take her hand and more.


Her honest yet indecent proposal easily overpowered Raigo's disbelief and without saying a word he moved closer, shambling like he was hypnotized by the perverted event happening before his eyes. He peeled himself out of his clothes, never averting his gaze from his adored Captain Sophie.


With every obstacle out of the way Raigo knelt down behind her, carefully sinking his fingers into the two full globes of his pal's rump. She hummed at his tender touch became more resolute and when his thumb probed her puckered entrance she pushed herself towards him to invite the daring digit in.


Rivulets of their cum and her juices left the crack of Sophie's butt slick and moist and she gave little resistance to being breached. After some testing of her sphincter Raigo pulled his thumb out and aimed the tip of his dick against her backdoor.


She flashed a smile and gave him a reassuring nod, pulling him near with one arm on his shoulder. When Raido sank inside her and deflowered her last entrance her eyes rolled into the back of her head.


His girth burrowing into her guts added to the rock hard pillar already sheathed into her quim, creating an indescribable sense of fullness. Sophie's mouth gasped open in a silent scream as her mind melted from the two masses of masculinity pulsing inside her.


"I'm going to move now, Sophie." Raigo announced to the non responding woman. He pulled out until only his bellend kept her innards plugged and then pumped back inside her.


When his loins collided with her plump derriere she was lifted partway off the man below her and when Raigo reverted his course he tugged her hips along with his own. This way both of her holes were penetrated alternately.


"Mmh... so good... I never felt..." Sophie mewled incoherently as her arms caved in under the weight of her mounting pleasure and she used the toned chest of the warrior she rested upon as a pillow.


Both men enjoyed her honest reactions as she surrendered herself to this new kind of double stimulation. How she panted and moaned. How she squirmed and twitched. They teased her by suddenly changing their rhythm or playfully pinching her velvet skin.


And not only those two were incited by Sophie's unabashed and lustful display. One of her admirer couldn't wait any longer. He helped her up so she could lean her upper body against him and guided his erect meatstick into her open mouth.


She wrapped her arms around the waist of whoever was in front of her and diligently started bobbing her head back and forth. She swirled her tongue around the hot bellend and sucked along the length as much as her lust addled mind allowed her.


Every time her nose disappeared into the copse of pubic hair the peak breached into her throat, though by now Sophie took it in stride and what little strength her gag reflex still had now only served to heighten her partner's sensation.


"By the light... you're the best, Captain." The lucky man moaned. She worked on the brave Returner's shaft with surprising vigor, making his knees buckle under him. Before she lost her support another eager follower showed up by her side to steady her. Another athletic body to lean on and another dick to service.


Sophie rubbed the first spitshined cock with one hand while her head was steered up and down the length of the newest arrival. Not long after that her other hand was occupied by another rigid erection as well.


Raigo watched from behind her as his best friend enthusiastically handled three of her comrades at once. Not wanting to be left behind he picked up the pace, taking hold of her waist and pounding into her once virgin anus without reservation.


Her whole body shook from the forceful impacts and Sophie grunted like a wanton beast, the supersized prick violently stirring in her chock-full sheath from the way her hips wer jostled around.


Before long the man currently seizing his idol's mouth erupted inside her. She dutifully swallowed every jet of hot, sticky seed to mix with the other loads in already in her stomach.


When he had spend himself completely and stepped back not one but two lads took his place, both trying to cram their rods into Sophie's mouth. With her cheeks bulging from the double stuffing she let out some unintelligible sounds which could only be guessed as her disapproval.


The zealous duo quickly switched to taking turns on her tender throat, going all the way down in full strokes a few times before letting the other tag in. Only during these substitutions did the busy woman had a chance to breathe and the tonsil thrashing marathon soon had her mind spinning from the lack of air.


She completely lost it when she felt the side of her face and upper body got plastered with more of the austere man juice, spewed from the pulsing penises in both her hands almost simultaneously.


Sophie closed her eyes and let herself be submerged in this torrent of brethren's carnal desires. She let go off the softening glands but they were quickly replaced. With mechanical perseverance she jerked off whatever was placed in her hands and sucked on whatever was put in her mouth.


With somnambulistic ease she handled all that and also slurped and swallowed everything that was fed to her with wicked delight.


Her trance was broken one last time when her intestines were filled by the scalding seed of her long time friend. She felt like she had fully excelled from being a virgin now and that moment of self-awareness was what sent her over the edge again.


She howled around the who knows how many dick deep in her mouth and trembled like electricity ran through each and every of her muscles. Her madly clenching and convulsing folds also brought a well deserved release to the man patiently reclining below her for so long.


His cum oozed out around his massive girth in a froth as Sophie was already filled to absolute capacity by his monumental meat. The quiescent Returner sighed contentedly as more of his potent essence erupted in his Captain's core.


With a deep sigh Raigo pulled out of her and dropped back to his haunches, short-winded from plundering his best friends previously pristine colon and hosing her intestines with his seed.


Still wrapped up in the aftershocks of her climax Sophie's once tight ring of muscles winked open and close, each time releasing a trickle of an off white concoction of liquids to drip down to the improvised bedding.


"I can't believe what we have done..." Raigo said as he slowly picked himself up from the floor.


"I have no idea what you mean." Shannon joked in feigned ignorance standing by his side. "After all, this is far from over." The moment the young warrior emptied his spot behind the encircled woman the next Returner took over as if to confirm the mage's statement.


Although her orgasmic high soon ebbed away Sophie's consciousness never truly surfaced again and she only remembered fragments of the following hours. Short snippets of memories seen from behind tinted glass.


She saw three of her comrades gathering in front of her, rubbing themselves. Her mouth was wide open and her tongue was lolling out. The man who currently used her butthole had his hands tightly entangled in her messy hair, holding her head in a vice so the others could aim at her gaping maw. One after the other they shot their loads, filling her cheeks with their potent juice.


At one time only her shoulders remained on the ground. Her legs were held upwards by the two strangers claiming both of her ever loosening holes. They sawed her hips back and forth between their girthy dicks until they came deep into her bowels and her womb.


She remembered herself on her hands and knees, again pillaged from in front and behind. They used her with such ferocity that even the most rabid animal wouldn't compare to it. Her overworked throat couldn't keep up with such vicious treatment and her stomach upheaved several pints worth of undigested cum, creating a large stain on the floor.


And she also had memories of two of her brethren deciding to use her well used quim at the same time, stretching her further than ever before while another Returner's thick shaft was already hilted in her butt. The grunts of utterly depraved lust she let out at the moment of being stuffed thrice were something Sophie never considered herself capable of.




Sophie woke up much later. The morning sun was already shining in through the window. Even though that must mean she had several hours of sleep she still felt very tired and she could barely gather the strength to sit up.


"Good morning, Captain." Bandee greeted her cheerfully.


"...Morning." The sleepy woman croaked her reply with a raspy voice. As her mind only very slowly started into motion she didn't understand why she sounded so hoarse.


Only when she pulled away the blanket covering her did she remember yesterday's events. Sophie was stark naked and had apparently slept in a now dried up swamp of sweat, cum and other bodily fluids that had saturated the sheets.


The muscles in her jaw ached and she had light bruises all over, especially on her breasts and waist. Testimonies of the rough and fervent treatment she was subjected to. Her private parts and behind felt sore and from what she could tell still contained leftovers of liquid lust from last night.


Sophie knew all this should make her feel bad. That she should despise them. Or herself. Or both. But even after she combed out the caked remnants of spit, bile and jizz out of her hair she still had a smile on her face.


Countless men had proven their affection towards the young woman. They had used every part of her to show their reverie for her without inhibition.


"Last night was truly something else." Shannon surmised, taking a guess about his friend's thoughts.


"Yeah..." Sophie replied with a hint of wistfulness.


As she looked around she noticed that only her three closest friends had apparently stayed behind and watch over her. She considered to protect her naked body with the blanket from their attentive gaze, but decided not to. Too late to be shy...


"The word is already spreading among those who were not present." Raigo informed her as she staggered to her feet, almost like a fawn that's learning how to stand. "About the legendary Captain that has bested a whole army."


The men supported her and guided her to a chair at the table, where someone had been kind enough to prepare breakfast for her. Without hesitating she helped herself to bread, cheese and cold cuts and they all intently watched her as Sophie gulped down a full cup of fresh water in one go.


"You know what this means, right?" Raigo asked as he sat down left of her, refilling her cup. "Everyone who missed out will envy those who were here last night."


"Also, those who have... experienced you are going to be very disappointed if they never get another chance." Bandee joined in as he took his seat to her right, placing another loaf of bread on Sophie's plate who had already wolfed down the first. "I know i will be." he added, gingerly caressing her arm.


Sophie hummed as she felt a pair of hand on her bare shoulders. Part of her body seemed to remember the gentle touch of the young mage.


"I think things have become more complicated. Everyone will be even more concerned about you." Shannon declared from behind her. He leaned down to whisper right into her ear. "I wonder what we should do about this?"


The young woman gulped down her last bite and swiped some breadcrumbs from her naked breasts, the two pink tips already getting slightly erect. "I don't want them to feel bad because of me." Sophie stated with a widening smile and a glint in her eyes. "So i need to give my best and apologize to all of them! I'm their Captain after all!"

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