Remember, I Love You

BY : K-M-Asano
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Rufus turned around with a startled jump as he heard a crash from the other room. Rushing into the bedroom he scanned the room, looking for Reno to make sure he was ok. The blonde froze in the doorway as his eyes locked on his lover. Reno stood by the dresser, a shattered picture laying on the floor. Bright red drops splattered down on the broken glass and onto the floor, glittering in the early morning light that was just starting to shine through the window. The red head looked up as he heard Rufus rush into the room.

“Are you ok, Reno? What happened?”

“I’m fine” the red head muttered angrily as he turned his back on the older man and held his hand, unable to keep the pained look off his face.

“You don’t seem ok” Rufus said as he walked over and gently yet firmly turned Reno around and took his hand in his to examine the damage.

There across his palm ran a long red line. It didn’t look too bad but it was bleeding pretty badly at the moment. Gently Rufus took the younger man by the shoulder and guided him to the bathroom and gently began to wash and clean the cut. Reno sat on the edge of the tub in silence, the only sound he made was an occasional wince in pain. A short time later Rufus was done and had wrapped Reno’s hand up. He stood there for a moment looking down at the redhead, who could be so annoying at time, yet who had also completely stolen what was left of his cold and bitter heart. With a soft sigh he reached over and brushed some of the fiery red hair back and looked at his lover.

“Want to tell me what happened Firecracker?” he said, hoping that using his pet name would make the redhead open up a little as he led Reno back to the bedroom and they sat down on the bed together.

“Just me being my normal clumsy stupid self” Reno muttered as he stared down at his bandaged hand.

“Reno, you know I don’t like it when you call yourself stupid. Now, what happened?”

“I couldn’t sleep again because of the pain. I knew you were in your study working and didn’t want to bother you. I was looking at the picture of us from that trip we took to the coast a few years ago.”

Rufus smiled sadly as he reached over and gently brushed the hair back behind Reno’s ear.

“You always have loved that photo, even though I look like a total nerd” Rufus said with a slight chuckle as he watched the red head closely.

“Hey, I think you looked cute with the sunglasses” Reno said with a grin as he looked at the blonde. He gave a soft sigh as he continued. “Anyways…. I was looking at the photo and noticed it was kinda dirty.  I decided to clean it and took the frame apart so I could clean the class better, and…”

“And you cut yourself on the glass” Rufus said simply as he suspected he knew what had happened.

“Another one of those stupid spasms” Reno said bitterly as he scowled at his injured hand, balling the other in a fist as tears of anger and frustration stung his eyes. “I can’t do anything anymore without worry about messing it up because of these stupid spasms!”

Rufus sat silently for a moment. These kinds of things were nothing new unfortunately. It had been three years since the Geostigma had largely been cured, yet for a small number of those affected with the Stigma, like Reno, the cure did not work. Those unfortunate souls were left with the Geostigma still rampant within their bodies and were cursed to live out the rest of their days with no hope for a cure. It had been a secret to most other than Rufus that Reno had also been struck with the Geostigma. At the redhead’s request Rufus said nothing to the others and when the Lifestream cure took effect, Rufus was cured and he expected the same to hold true for his lover. Yet it was not to be. And now, three years later, the Stigma was spreading and was beginning to affect Reno more and more.

His body was starting to breakdown under the effects of the Stigma attacking his body. The dark blotches that had originally spread across Reno’s upper back was now spreading and the dark marks were slowly wrapping up around his right shoulder and along the base of his neck. The intense pain and burning were getting worse as more and more of his body fell under the effect of the Geostigma. It had started simple enough with occasional numbness or radiating pain that made using his arm difficult. But now it was getting to where violent spasms would take hold, usually without any advance warning, sending his arm and hand into contorted convulsion he had no control over. Several times Reno had dropped and broken things and he had almost shot Rufus the first time the spasms hit as he had been at the firing range with him to do some target practice work. After that incident Reno stepped down as one of Rufus’ Turks, deeming himself to be too big of a liability to Rufus. The blonde had of course protested but was not able to persuade Reno to stay, though Rufus made it absolutely clear he held no blame towards the redhead and that he was not going to give up on the relationship they had.

Rufus sighed as he looked over at the redhead and studied his lover closely.

“It’s not your fault” Rufus said gently as he put a finger under Reno’s chin and forced the redhead to look at him. “Remember, what I told you at the firing range. You did not ask for this and you are not responsible for what the Stigma does. You have no reason to be so hard on yourself.”

“Except that I am nothing but a burden to you now…” Reno muttered, adverting his eyes from those piercing blue orbs that seems to be able to see right into his soul.

“Listen to me, Firecracker” Rufus said in a soft and surprisingly gentle tone. “You are never a burden to me. It was I who chose you after all. You haven’t managed to drive me away yet, and I doubt the Stigma will be able to do it either.”

Reno turned slowly and looked up at the older man, his bright teal eyes meeting the blue eyes as they locked on to each other. Reno nodded slowly and then leaned forward, leaning his head against Rufus’ chest as he gave an exhausted sigh. Rufus wrapped his arms around him gently and held him close as he felt his lover’s body shudder slightly.

“Reno…Always remember, I love you” he whispered as he kissed the messy tangle of hair.

“I love you too Rufus” he muttered against his chest as he sighed and held onto the one lifeline he had left as if his life depended on it, because deep in his heart, he knew it did.

The two lovers sat there together for a long while, neither one saying a word, as the light of the morning sun shone in through the window and another day dawned.




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