An Echo's feast

BY : C-A-Tarn
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first off, thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.


Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.


The reference for this is this "Warrior's Feast" Event.

"How long is this going to take?" The Warrior of Light sighed in exasperation as he turned his back to one of many booths on the festival grounds.


"Oh come on. That's not how the guest of honor should talk." One of his faerie guides tried to cheer him up. The two Echos, who had dubbed themselves Rouge and Azul in view of their different colored outfits, had piloted him to the various attractions the festival had to offer.


But none of them had managed to bring a smile to the Warrior's constantly frowning face.


"Can't we just call it quits? Everything seems to run fine even without me." He wondered as he looked around to the other visitors.


"But all this here is about you! It's for you!" The other faerie exclaimed, only figuratively stomping her foot on the ground as she floated in midair. The Warrior just shook his head, wearily trotting along the path with no particular goal.


"You think it's time?" The Echo dressed in blue, Azul, asked her peer.


"Guess we have no other choice..." The other replied. "I will bring her here." And with that Rouge turned into a ball of light and zoomed away.


"Hey, wait!" The remaining faerie called out to the Warrior who had went on ahead as she caught up to him.


"So, what now?" He inquired with his usual downtrodden voice.


"Just one more stop! If this won't put a smile on your face you really are a hopeless case!" Echo announced full of confidence.


"Where to, then?" The Warrior wanted to know, the promise of an end to this drudge enough to lift his spirits just a little. Before the blue clad Echo had a chance to answer two orbs of sparkling light homed in on them.


A third faerie joined their sisters. Dressed in the same style as her peers but colored in emerald green. "I'm Echo Vert, pleased to meetcha! I will get us to the... event."


The Warrior of Light had enough experience with her kind to know that they were up to something. Yet he kept his snide remark to himself and waited to see where this would be going to.


The three faeries guided him away from the rest of the festival. After a short walk they arrived by a large tent. It had no decorations and judging by the crates and barrels around it must be used to house supplies.


"It's in there!" one of the Echoes announced happily.


"What is?" The Warrior asked back, wary of the faeries mischief.


"Ugh, don't be spoilsport!" Another Echo ranted.


"Yeah, yeah. Just get in already!" The last enthused.


"Fine..." He sighed. Just one of them had been enough to bring him to the limits of his tenacity in the past. With the odds stacked against him like this he didn't saw a chance to win an argument with three stubborn faeries.


The insides of the tent were a surprise in that they did not contain any goods. Instead someone had gathered blankets and pillows to create a comfy looking resting place. The Warrior of Light turned on his heels to leave. They obviously must have let them to the wrong place.


Yet the three had already followed him in and blocked his way. "And with this we present you our last attraction, which is... us!" Following this announcement all faeries turned into orbs of light, only to reappear a second later without a single stitch of clothing on their miniature bodies. The only way to tell them apart now was the different colored streak in their hairdo.


The Warrior's eyes went from one tiny, nude faerie to the next, incredulity written all over his face. "I'm leaving." He flatly decided after he gathered his wits.


"No, no, no, no, no!" The unclad trio exclaimed, buzzing in front of his face to stop him. "You were looking for something fun, right?" "We can't let you leave with that sulking look of yours!" "So lean back and let us little Echo take care of the rest!"


He rolled his eyes but still did as he was told, slumping down into the cozy cushions. Once the Warrior made himself comfortable the green-streaked Echo landed on his chest. From this close he had a front row seat look at her petite form and feminine curves.


"What now?" He wondered in face of the faeries mischievous smile.


"Now... you are going enjoy the show." The Echo explained as she strutted closer to his face and climbed his chin. Although she was not using her wings she was pretty much weightless, her bare feet almost hovering over his skin.


She only stopped her stride when she stood in the center of his reclined face. Echo knelt down, sitting right on top of his nose. She began moving her hips back and forth grinding her mound over his nasal bone while her soft thighs pressed against his nostrils.


The Warrior of Light could only watch in rapt attention as the diminutive faerie rode on his face. Her cheeks flushed and he soon noticed trickles of moisture where her tiny slit rubbed over his skin. As her pace increased Echo had to bite her lower lip to stifle her moans and whimpers.


"You can touch me... aah... if you want to." She breathed as she leaned back, placing her small hands on the tip of his nose to support herself.


"Listen, i-hgh!" The Warrior started but the riding faerie pressed her thighs together and blocked his nostrils. She held her legs together until he finally yielded.


"My stomach, really?" The green streaked Echo giggled as he used a single finger to caress the silken skin of her trunk. At her comment the Warrior rolled his eyes though he let his digit roam upwards until his fingertip landed on one of her soft and pliable mounds.


An audible moan escaped her and when he used a second finger on her other breast the faerie hugged his hand to make him touch her more.


With every hump of her hips Echo spread her honey further over him until his skin became too slick to keep her seat. With some sinuous movements she turned around, never letting go of his fingers compressing her bosom, until she faced away from his attentive gaze.


Like this she could keep herself from slipping down too much and also gave him a close up view of her glistening slit. Every time Echo's grinding reached their lowest point her petals parted, letting him peek deeper into smooth, pink confines.


To support her and also get a better view he placed his thumb on one of her full, soft globes of her butt, kneading and spreading the supple flesh. Echo's moans changed in pitch at his touch on her rear and she pulled on his fingers to make them coil tighter around her lithe frame.


He was so captivated by the miniature woman's erotic display that he forgot about everything else until he felt a warm breeze on his loin. The other two had managed to undo his trousers and underwear and now floated over his semi-hard manhood.


"It's not standing up." One of the Echo's dismayed.


"You have to do something, Vert!" The other called out to her peer riding the Warrior's face.


Said faerie frowned, but quickly got back into the mood, looking over her shoulder and focusing on the man's eyes below her. "Hey, stick out your tongue a little, will you?"


Normally he might have been able to deny her request, but every move of Echos tiny hips had spread her enchanting fragrance over him and together with the feminine softness pressing against his hand he was too mesmerized to think about resisting her.


Echo shuffled around until her heated, dripping quim made contact with the tip of his tongue. She continued circling her hips, slowly saturating his taste buds with her juices.


"You should be honored." The faerie panted, worked up by the pleasurable ride. "A faerie's nectar is very special and said to be even more potent than Elixiers."


The Warrior of Light had no idea if it was due to any kind of magical properties but her sweet taste and aroma together with her lustful moans did very soon showed the desired effect.


After marveling how he grew in length and firmness the pint-sized girls happily pounced on his erect dick. One of them tightly embraced his girth and rubbed herself up and down his shaft while the other floated above the tip, showering the helmeted head in licks and kisses.


"Oho, someone is getting excited!" The faerie squirming on his tongue teased him as she felt his breath quickening, judging by the air streaming from his nose.


By now the other two had managed to coax the first drops of precum out of him, sipping it directly from the source. "Mmh, such a strong taste..." one of them swooned.


They were light as feathers so even as they stepped around on his loin they did not do any harm. At least until one of her dainty feet landed on his testicles. Although it didn't hurt his muscles twitched reflexively.


"Huh, Did you like that?" The Echo with red accents in her hair taunted, shifting her weight back and forth to put pressure on the sensitive sphere.


"Maybe you shouldn't do that..." Vert advised from above, her whole body shaking from the Warrior's annoyed grumbling.


"Aww, but he likes that. Look how he is twitching. And so much stuff is coming out." Rouge replied, continuing her prancing.


"It sure is a lot." Azul enthused with smacking lips. Most of her upper body was already stained by the clear liquid which welled up from the top of the cock she tightly embraced.


Eventually the Warrior of Light got fed up by being used as a faerie's doormat and with a swift move he snatched up the red strained Echo from his crotch.


"Wha! Hey! I'm sorry, okay? Please let me go-Ooh!" As he held Rouge with one hand he used the other return the favor in kind, using two fingers to strum her pointed teats while his thumb rubbed over her wet slit.


He did not go easy on her and soon had the tiny girl moaning wantonly as he flicked the grain sized bundles of nerves crowning her breasts and between her legs.


"Ha, told you so!" Vert tittered as she saw her accomplice getting reduced to a panting mess under the Warrior's ministrations.


Her malicious joy came to an abrupt end when the ground below her opened up and her waist slipped into his open mouth. His cheeks hollowed in as he sucked on her lower body and wriggled his tongue all around her snatch.


"Please... nghn... that much is... aah..." She stammered. The suction drew more blood into her already swollen labia and inner thighs, making them extra sensitive and when his broad tongue passed over her like thousands of tiny knots she nearly lost her mind to this pleasure.


While the two were at the mercy of the gargantuan man Azul floated above the red hot helmeted head of his glans, her legs wide apart and tribbing with his opening that produced more and more precum.


Her fingers worked over her clit in a frantic pace as her hips circled rhythmically against him. This position also proved the monumental differences between them, the Warrior's circumference easily surpassing that of Echo's whole body.


"Aah, Can you imagine it?" Azul spoke in a fevered trance as she smeared another dollop of his pre over her pale skin. "How far it would spread me, mmh, if you would went inside? Oh-oh yes... I would be pulled taut like a sleeve, Ugh, over your huge thing. You would... Would break me while you use me like a l-living... Sex toy... To... I'm... Hnghn!"


Overwhelmed by her imagination the small faerie reached her climax. For a moment she could keep herself up, balancing on his slick bellend. But soon her wild convulsions got the better of her and without the energy to fly anymore she fell face first into the Warrior's damp pubic hair.


And she wasn't the only one. Vert followed suit, the combination of the vacuum that made her nerves stand on edge and the strong wet muscle encompassing all of her oversensitive flesh was too much for her to handle. She weakly beat her small fists against his nose and filled his mouth with plenty of her dew when she squirted out her release.


Moments later Rouge was taken by her orgasm as well. She had already completely surrendered herself to the Warrior of Light's strong grasp, her body limp like a doll for him to play with.


When she ultimately went over her peak she screamed at the top of her tiny lungs and she used what little strength she had left to make him hold her tighter, wanting him to feel each and every of her muscles tremble from the powerful climax he had blessed her with.


The tent was filled by the sound of three cute little faeries panting weakly as they all calmed down from their blissful high, splayed apart over the Warrior of Light lounging in the cushions and observing their petite bodies stirring from every moaning breath.


"I hope... you enjoyed yourself." Vert mumbled once she was strong enough to pull herself up.


"It was fun enough. Hearing you beg for mercy and all." The Warrior replied, not able keep himself from smirking.


"Don't think... you'll get away... with this." Rouge was already up in the air again, but floated unsteady like a leaf caught in a gust of wind.


The two fierce faeries strained to pull up their peer to shaking legs and together the three gathered around the Warrior's erect pole. With a shared impish smile they reached a silent agreement and one by one they knelt down, each taking up part of his manhood to worship it.


Three tiny mouths and three pairs of dainty hands roamed over his length. One tongue followed the course of a prominent vein, the blood pulsing in the rhythm of Echo's warm breath. Another kissed her way along the underside of the helmeted head while she teased his flesh with her little fingernails.


The Warrior of Light couldn't help but groan contentedly under their concentrated ministrations, the feeling completely different from what a human partner might possibly be able to. 


The Echo trio giggled and moaned in rapturous bliss as they touched and tasted their new favorite toy and could observe how the otherwise stoic fighter reacted to their efforts.


Like when one of the playful faeries began french kissing with his outlet he balled his hands into fists and every time one Echo sank their tiny teeth into his skin he hissed like a threatening animal.


Despite those pinpricks the Warrior relaxed more and more, leaning back as his pleasure churned up in his loins. Minutes later he was about ready to come but right before he could press out a word of warning the pleasurable sensations disappeared.


When he looked to see what was going on he found the trio of faeries, smiling from ear to ear as they had gathered around his pulsing meat.


"Anything bothering you?" Rouge asked in poorly feigned ignorance and drew slow circles on his throbbing skin with her finger.


"We hope we didn't... interrupt you at something." Azul snickered, pressing her bosom against his girth as she embraced it.


"You know i could just get up and leave?" The Warrior frowned, a denied release not much more than icing on the cake to the usual nerve grinding caused by a faeries meddling.


"No, you can't." Vert announced as a matter of fact. The Warrior of Light raised an eyebrow at such a bold claim, yet her confident smile did not falter.


He defiantly stemmed his arms into the cushions to push himself to his feet, but couldn't get his body out of the comfy blankets.


"I told you our nectar is special." Vert lectured him with villainous glee. "We're going to keep playing for a while."


The Warrior tried once more to get up, but what little of his strength he had left got sapped away once the trio of temptresses resumed working on pleasuring his stiff dick.


They made a show out of it, dancing and rubbing along his flesh in a downright whorish display. They shared dollops of his pre between them or licked the clear liquid of the other's glistening body.


Soon the promiscuous vaudeville act reached it's next pinnacle when they encircled the ridge of his bellend in a tight embrace and six miniature mounds of feminine softness glided over his overwrought nerves.


He grumbled like a beast forcibly woken from his hibernation and if weren't for his momentary palsy he would have moved his hips to add more stimulation. But he could only watch as they withdrew from his twitching hard-on. To keep him on the brink the Echo's blew on him, their warm breath tingling over his flushed, heated tip.


"Don't you think it's enough now?" The Warrior droned, struggling to not lose his temper with the little minxes pestering him.


"Oh, so you believe you've had it?" Vert asked, purely rhetorical.


"And i just wanted to continue where you stopped me..." Rouge cut in with exaggerated dismay.


"That sure wasn't very nice of him." Azul mused, siding with her counterpart.


"Seems like you've been overruled." Vert taunted towards the disgruntled Warrior of Light. She slowly rose into the air, floating down towards his still rigid tool until her toes touched the pulsing flesh.


Vert added more and more of her humble weight until his muscles yielded and his shaft bend, pointing up to the Warrior's navel. She remained on top of her throbbing pedestal, teasing his sensitive frenulum with her toes and heels.


At the same time Rouge sashayed over to the pouch of skin she had played with before. She needed both hands to catch one of the fragile spheres inside and felt it churn between her palms.


"Feels like it's alive..." She marveled with wide eyes.


"Because it is, silly." Vert jeered.


"Argh, you know what i mean." Rouge pouted. Like a child that got a new toy she experimented with the invaluable part of the Warrior's anatomy. She poked and squeezed it, pulled it towards her or rubbed it against it's double. Both his body's involuntary reactions to this possible threat and his hitching breath as she found the most sensitive spots incited her to go further.


But when she felt him reacting too much Rouge also could be gentle, stroking the full orb tenderly or placing kisses on the wrinkled skin before she carefully wrapped her body around it to embrace him in her velvet softness.


Meanwhile Azul hovered above her sisters, obviously unsure what she wanted to do, until she had a sudden inspiration. She flew up to the Warrior's head, nestling into the pillow beside him so she could whisper directly into his ear.


"What do you think she would do? If she were here?" Azul asked, her voice a low seductive purr. "Do you think she would join us? Or storm away, full of envy?


Through the distracting sensations memories of his old companion flooded the Warrior's mind. After he was washed up on the shores of Palamecia there was no one else he learned to know so well than Echo. His Echo. But he still had no clue how his friend of days past would react. She had been too enigmatic to even try to guess.


But that didn't keep his mind from conjuring images of how Echo would join her juniors, equally nude and conducting them to to tease and rile him up even more effectively. Apparently Azul had similar thoughts as she had her eyes closed and her hands blindly explored her stained body.


"We still remember the glorious days." The faerie whispered, her intonation following the rhythm of her fingers sinking into her wet slit. "When each of us had their own warrior. We adored them to the very end."


"But there are no more warriors. Now it's only you. Only you to adore..." She leaned to the side, placing feathery kisses on the much larger man's earlobe.


As the Warrior of Light listened to the small faeries tale and her lust-driven mewls he observed how her partner in crime used her tiny feet to trample on his glans, always paying special attention to the place where his shaft and bellend connected.


Vert poked the sensitive flesh with her toes or twisted her heels on it. Something that would be very painful if they were more comparable in size, but her diminutive proportions kept her actions right on the border between pain and pleasure.


"She would join us, i'm sure of that. She would do everything... for you..." Azul breathed submerged in her imagination. Her soliloquy pulled the Warrior out of his transfixed stare on his callously treated crotch


"I know we will never be able to step out of her shadow... but... could you still call me by her name?" She pleaded with her voice full of mind-numbing lust.


It took a moment for the Warrior of Light to understand what she meant as his attention was still diverted from the continuous stimulation of his privates.


"...Echo." He said, obliging the panting girl's request. It seemed turning down a faeries wishes was something he might never be able to. And just this one word was enough to drive the one receiving it wild, making Azul bite her lower lip as she stifled her cries of pleasure.


A sentiment the Warrior understood well. Seeing and feeling his most susceptible parts sensually teased by a pair of miniature mistresses hands and feet while another wantonly mewled in rapturous bliss right next to his ear quickly brought him to his boiling point. Especially after he got cheated out of his release twice already.


Even Vert didn't expect him to reach his limit so fast and she almost missed her timing, managing to step down from his bucking cock and alerting Rouge just in the nick of time. Although he got denied once again Azul had no such qualms and was overcome by her climax.


The little faerie pressed her thighs together as her heels frantically drummed against the soft pillow and she pressed her face against the side of the Warrior's neck, smothering her scream of untrammeled pleasure.


"Aww, look at it trembling." Rouge taunted as she petted his glans, once more standing up proudly as it was no longer weighted down by a tiny girl's dainty feet and clearly ready to burst at any moment.


"Yeah, hard to believe he is still able to hold it in." Vert added in faked consternation. "Even after all the effort we put up."


"Maybe it's because we are not her?" Azul offered as she climbed up on his shoulder, still visibly exhausted from her recent exploit.


"Guess you're right. If she would be here she would surely think of ways we can't even imagine." Rouge mused with a knowing smile, her hand idly following the outline of one throbbing vein over the Warrior's length. The way they hinted at his intimate relationship with his former companion made him wonder if maybe all faeries would act as lust powered as those three did.


"Or maybe we are just not trying hard enough?" Vert cut in, bringing their attention back to the erect matter at hand. 


"Then we should do something else!" Azul exclaimed cheerfully.


"Something new and exciting, maybe?" Rouge offered with a conspiratorial voice. Again they came to a mutual understanding with only exchanging looks.


They huddled together, floating right above the Warrior's bobbing rod. One by one they leaned down and each seemed to try their best to wriggle their little tongue into his urethral opening.


He was about remark that there wasn't anything new to it when an Echo managed to slip a finger into the hole their tongues had primed. Much less substantial than the tip of a quill it did no harm, but the Warrior of Light still clenched his teeth at the alien sensation.


The Echos giggled in childish glee as they teased him, their faces cheek to cheek and vying for the best spot. A second tiny digit found its way inside, exploring and spreading him apart.


"Look how much is spilling out..." One faerie marveled as they slurped on drop after drop of his clear liquid.


"He must really like that!" Another snickered. "No reason to go easy on him, then."


The three winged lolitas did just that. Hands, lips and tongues roamed all over his heated tip yet always returned to it's apex that soon became home to a total of four lissome fingers, making sure the flow of his delectable pre was never interrupted.


Shivers ran up the Warrior of Light's spine from both the affectionate caresses and the unexpected, intense sensations of having himself probed. Yet he was unable to do something either way due to the numbing magic that coursed through his body.


But he felt like the effect was weakening as he slowly regained the mobility in his hands and feet. Something that was not lost on his miniature molesters as he testingly stretched his limbs.


"I think it's wearing off." "We can't give him anymore..." "Then do something!" The trio whispered between each other.


Rouge emerged from between her peers, floating closer to the Warrior's face. "Hey... getting lively, aren't we?" She asked uncertainly.


"I guess." He replied under his breath as the other two Echos continued their vicious teasing.


"But we can't have you do that now." Rouge told him, apparently hoping to talk him out his attempts to shake off the paralysis. "...Though i could give you something better to do." She hinted after some contemplation.


She gracefully landed into the open palm of his right hand, tightly embracing his thumb so it pressed against her pliable bosom and she nuzzled her face against him.


"I can be nice too, you know." She purred as she guided his finger one by one to wrap around her svelte frame. As his grip fastened around her he felt more of her warmth and the supple softness of her curves.


As she had struggled against his hold last time he had no chance to appreciate Rouge's nubile form. How she hummed as her silken skin got enveloped in his usually strong but careful grasp. How her succulent breasts and butt molded under his touch. And they way his pinkie got trapped between her mellow thighs, pressing it against a very hot and wet spot.


He still couldn't do much more than watch how the faerie with the red streaked hair furled herself into his reach and what little strength he had already recovered only served to make things more pleasant for both of them, squeezing her lithe, feminine frame.


"Yes, that's... mmh... much better" Rouge mewled as she more or less made out with his thumb, kissing and licking over the ridges of his fingerprint. Every breath pushed her chest harder against him, letting him feel the pair of erect little buttons crowning it. Her hips began a slow, rhythmical grinding, spreading more of her moisture over his digit.


Before he knew it his other hand got occupied as well. "Me too, me too!" Azul chirped and pulled at him to encase her lovely body in the same way as her accomplice. Not that he had much of a chance to say no, even less to fight back.


Azul squealed happily as his fingers wrapped around her, holding her tight and rubbing over her pliant flesh. "It's like you're massaging me all over..." She whispered adoringly and cuddled herself deeper into his handhold.


With his hands virtually tied and his ears filled with the couple of faerie's blissful moans the Warrior of Light paid little attention to what the last of the flock was doing. At least until she showed a renewed effort to advance into his insides.


Vert already had four fingers of her hand inside and right now tried to follow up with her thumb. She wriggled her wrist left and right to gain access, making the Warrior growl and grumble. His tenacious nature together with his overcharged arousal choked his voice, reducing his eloquence to that of a beast.


"Come on, don't be like that." she cooed as she petted his twitching manhood. "We're almost there."


Each time his erection throbbed she sank a tiny bit deeper, forging ahead fraction by fraction. So it was only a matter of time before the widest part of her pursed fingers slipped past the rim, eliciting an intimidating hiss from the Warrior of Light.


"Well done!" Vert jubilated and moved her fingers inside the tight channel. "Fits like a glove, don't you think?"


She didn't wait for his answer though, instead leaning forward to slowly but surely push into uncharted depths. She almost reached in up to her elbow when there was no going further. With the same cautious pace she pulled her arm back out, always keeping an eye on his reactions.


The Warrior's eyes were wide in wonder. He simply couldn't believe how he still remained excited through all this. He told himself it had to be because they were relentlessly stimulating him so much before, that even something as weird as this could arouse him now.


And not only did he keep his firmness, he also felt himself approaching his release once again. In his daze he increased his grip on the two girls, grinding them between his fingers until the faeries cried in rapturous delight. Although they couldn't keep up in scale they were still all woman, possessing the same alluring feel as any life-sized human.


With every measured shove of Vert's arm his breathing quickened and he reached a point where he couldn't decide if he wanted her stop or finally move faster. What he was sure about was that he wanted to finally achieve his release. That he deserved it.


So he leaned back and closed his eyes, focusing on the pair of nymphet bodies in his grasp. How they squirmed as his fingers added pressure to their most sensitive parts. And how much of his hands were already covered in their fragrant honey from the constant rubbing of their overheated quims along his fingers.


But it got increasingly difficult to concentrate as Vert got more adventurous in her probing. When she opened her fist or twisted her arm left and right inside him it set the Warrior's nerves on fire. It was only due to the fact that he was still mostly immobilized that he didn't buck her off as he was slowly overwhelmed by this powerful sensations.


This time Vert did not tease him to the edge again, most likely out of concern for her sisters who were completely at the Warriors mercy. As she removed her slickened arm he visibly relaxed and let go off the pair of living dolls in his grasp.


The two Echos slumped down into the pillowy cushions, totally exhausted and panting weakly. The constant fondling in the Warrior's nigh omnipotent clutches brought their pleasure to the brink. A cup of their own medicine of what he had to endure.


"I believe it's time to end this." Vert declared with a triumphant smile, supporting herself against the Warrior's twitching manhood. To that statement everyone else agreed with a fatigued grunt.


Once more the three faeries convened over his crotch, Rouge and Azul half floating half crawling as they still recuperated.


"Wait." Rouge huffed before Vert could resume her caresses on his overstimulated organ. "First he should kindly ask us!"


"Oh yes!" Azul chimed in. "Who's a good little warrior of light, hmm? If you beg then we will make you feel all good." She cooed, adressing the man observing their banter.


An exuberant eye roll was the only reply she got. At least until she used her fingernails to rake over the heated flesh of his shaft. Although she was unable to break the skin even if she wanted to it was still enough to rile him and he huffed with flaring nostrils from her teasing.


"Could you wrap this up. Please." He finally grumbled, trying his best to keep the edge out of his voice.


"Meh. Close enough." Vert decided with a shrug of her shoulders and wrapped her arms around the mass of male meat in front of her, pressing her lips and soft bosom against it.


Her fellows followed suit and soon all three worshiped the Warrior's weapon and showered it with adoring touches and kisses. They seemed to try and make up for the things they had put him through before, exaggerating in their lustful moans as they felt and tasted him just for his benefit.


"Don't keep us waiting, mighty warrior" One of the Echos swooned. 


"Give us everything you have... it sure must be a lot now." the next spoke in feverish trance.


"Please give us your blessing. Cover us in it." another begged full of need.


They kept whispering sweet nothings, of their desire for his seed and how much they revere him. Placing thoughts in the Warrior's mind about the things to happen.


Although everything those three did had primed him for his eventual climax part of him worried that they would change their mind yet again. But the trio of faeries with worked on him with great talent.


"Echo..." he groaned for a last time before he ultimately reached his peak.


The first burst of his seed hit Vert right across the chest, enough to completely coat her tiny upper body with it. The others reacted quickly and lined up side by side, each vying with one another for a spot in the line of fire.


Rouge was daring enough to try and catch it with her mouth open, but she missed and all of her small face got pasted with it from her hair to her chin, sputtering as it clogged her nose.


Azul tried to catch as much as she could of the gooey cum, with her arms and legs drawn up so it did not trickle down her lithe frame.


Jet by jet all of them got bathed in the Warrior's effervescent essence. They hummed in utter satisfaction as it ran down their arms and legs, clinging to their colorful glittering wings until they could no longer keep themselves afloat.


It seeped into their hair until one could only guess at what it's color was, thoroughly drenched in white as it was. Even when his seed longer had the force to be sent flying the Warrior kept coming, more and more flowing down his still rigid length.


"Oh my, it's so much..." Azul swooned in blissful delirium after she swallowed all of his cum that had gathered in her mouth with several heavy gulps.


"And it tastes so strong..." Rouge added as she leaned against her comrade's shoulder and licked her fingers clean, her eyes glued shut by the milky white juice. Both of them basked in the comfortable warmth they had been blanketed with, relishing in it's flavor and aroma as they cleaned themselves with their tongues.


Vert scooped up a handful of the warm cum from her taut stomach and pressed it against her quim. Most of it ran over beside her fingers, but parts of it sank into her welcoming folds. "... If only it could work..." she muttered to herself as she massaged the sticky substance deeper into her.


Just in time Rouge cleared enough of her face to observe this lascivious spectacle and with a hungry glint in her eyes she pounced at her peer, rubbing her cum covered skin against Vert's as they madly made out with one another.


Their lips only parted long enough so they could lick up more of the Warrior's blessing from the other's body, swapping it between their eager mouths together with their own saliva.


Meanwhile Azul crawled over to the unyielding manhood, kneeling in front of it so she could suckle on it and drink more of his flavorful musk right from the source. 


All of this happened with the Warrior of Light barely taking note of it. His long awaited powerful release had taken the wind out of him, way more than the countless fights against menacing fiends ever had. Only when he caught his breath and his head stopped spinning did he look down to check up on the trio of faeries. 


He saw two of them still tightly embracing one another, remnants of his seed spilling out from where their tight bodies and swelling bosoms pressed together and the wet squelching sounds of their mounds rubbing against the other's cum slick thigh reached up to his ears.


And Azul took loving care of his dick, cleaning every drop of his seed from his length which was only now starting to soften as it had nothing more to give.


"I told you we will put a smile on your face." She snickered after she had taken care of most of the mess on him, but still almost completely jizz-covered herself.


"Yeah..." The Warrior replied with a tired voice, only just now realizing that he was wearing a faint smile.


"You know... You could stay and play another round at this booth, if you want to." Azul added with faked innocence poorly hiding her lewd intention.


"...Maybe later." He admitted, powerless against the tiny faeries disarming persistence.


"You promise?" Azul inquired with her eyes brimming with hope.






"But i don't mind we go somewhere else for a while. We don't want others wondering where we are." The Warrior of Light said casually, trying to play for time.


"Aye aye!" Azul saluted cheerily. "All right girls, you heard him. Our guest of honor wants to enjoy the festival! And play with us again!" she informed the other Echos.


The two only slowly broke out of their sapphic trance, but in the end jubilated just the same as her peer. With their appearance changing magic they cleaned and redressed themselves in the blink of an eye, then pestered him to hurry up and do the same.


Because they were far from over.

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