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first off, thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.


Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.


The reference for this are the cinematics of ACT II, Chapter 1 of Sarah's arc.

A flurry of arrows soared through the air, each only narrowly missing their target.


Meia, once dubbed the Azure Witch and Heretic before the dark flood had wiped away the people's collective memories, evaded all shots aimed at her. Although it looked like she was only barely managing it was anything but.


She just never wasted any movement and never lost any of her grace in her dodging maneuvers. Always in time to eluded Sarah's shots.


Sarah, in her life before the dark flood princess of Castle Cornelia, unerringly trained her bow on the woman she considered her friend and mentor. She too was quick on her feet, always careful to keep a distance to make the most of her armament.


It was one of many training sessions they held on a regular basis and although she had no intent to hurt Meia she did not try to go easy, knowing that her friend wouldn't either.


But something was different today, as the seasoned woman had noticed already some time ago. Her friend's aim was off, her tactic uninspired. She was lacking concentration.


With a swing of her imposing blade the former Witch fired a bolt of magical energy at her opponent that sundered the ground in it's path.


With a well practiced barrel roll Sarah avoided the supernatural threat and was already about to draw her bow again, but in that one careless moment Meia had crossed the distance between them and pointed her Mirage Arc at the young woman's throat.


"You are not focused." Meia noted. She did not sound angry in any way, but the verdict alone was more than enough scolding to make the blonde's face falter.


"I... guess you are right." She admitted. "It's just... I don't know..."


"I wonder what could bother you like that." The raven haired woman mused. "A boy, maybe?"


"What?! How do you..." Sarah gasped in surprise.


"Oh my, i was only guessing." Meia tried to placate with an open smile and her hands help up. "But it's good to see you start developing an appetite."


"It's nothing like that..." The young archer said quietly and looked down at her feet. "Besides, i'm nothing special. Not like you."


A frustrated sigh left the raven-haired woman's lips. Not that she wasn't open for compliments from her pupil. But Sarah's new personality concerned her. The dark flood was a chance. For both of them.


It was hard to tell who had been forced to bear the heavier burden. The heretic Witch, shunned and persecuted, or the Princess who was supposed to shoulder everyone's hope. In the end they were both pawns in the greater scheme of the prophecy that had ruled over Palamecia.


Yet the prophecy had been put to an end. Together with their fate. Meia firmly believed they deserved better now. Peace. Freedom. Happiness. And even if it would be too late for her, she would make sure Sarah will achieve that.


"Come. Follow me." Meia decided after she snapped out of her rumination, setting out into the wilds.


"What about our training?" Her student wondered as she caught up with her mentor.


"There is no point to it when your thoughts are straying." She informed her ward as she walked through the underbrush. "What you need right now is not combat practice."


After a short walk they encountered a stream and Meia kept on, following it's course against the current with Sarah in tow. A few minutes later they neared a broad hillside. The stream came from higher up, turning into a waterfall over the edge of the slope.


Meia seemed to be heading for the waterfall, showing no signs to stop or explain herself. It turned out that over the ages enough of the stone had been worn away that there was now a narrow path behind the waterfall. And the fledgling blonde was even more surprised by the entrance to a small cavern her friend disappeared into, perfectly hidden behind the flowing stream.


The Cavern was small, less then the home Sarah shared with her brother. A pool of water made up most of the ground.


"Feel it." Meia instructed, pointing at the clear and still body of water in front of their feet.


Sarah did as she was told. "It's warm!" she exclaimed in pleasant surprise. The water outside, most likely coming from a mountain spring, had been ice cold.


"Eons ago this land must have been formed by a volcano." Meia explained. "Heat and cold, both hiding under the same surface. Strange, isn't it?"


The blonde archer didn't know what to say to that and so she only watched as her friend discarded her belongings and began removing her clothes.


"Wh-what are you doing?!" she stammered, turning her back to her friend to give her some privacy.


"Isn't it common to take off your clothes before you take a bath?" The former Heretic asked, the chuckle in her voice betraying her innocent words.


"Well, yes... but..." The younger woman started, but her thoughts seemed to have ground to a hold and before she could finish her sentence she heard something slipping into the pool. "Ah, how wonderful." She heard her mentor say as her eyes were still fixated on the stone wall.


"Why don't you join me, Sarah?" Meia kindly offered. "It feels really great. And healthy. The minerals from the volcanic rocks are a blessing for your skin."


Sarah knew there really was no point in denying the offer. Only her shyness, her perception held her back. Maybe she's testing me? To see if i have the courage...


She took a deep breath and with a beet red face she started undressing herself, neatly folding her clothes to the side until she stood stark naked by the water's edge. She kept her eyes shut close and blindly felt for the rim with her toes.


With great caution she slipped into the warm water until it reached her chin, a futile attempt to cover her naked form as the water was crystal clear once the ripples on the surface had come to a stop.


But it does feel nice, Sarah had to admit. A real bath was something she only very rarely had the chance to enjoy. The shy blonde heard the water splashing as something moved closer to her. She peeked through one eye and found her mentor right in front of her, standing straight so most of her shapely body was exposed to the fresh air.


She wanted to look away, knowing that this was the only proper thing to do. Yet she did the exact opposite, staring at the nubile curves of her best friend with her eyes wide open. She had always admired Meia and her looks, among other things.


And now she was offered the chance to examine her thoroughly. Wide hips, slim waist. Her bosom was full but also firm, not hanging in the slightest. All in all the former Heretic's body was toned and lean like an athlete's. A prove to her prowess as a capable fighter.


When Sarah's gaze finally reached her friend's eyes she realized Meia had been attentively watching her with a knowing smile on her face. The caught woman quickly looked away and sunk even lower into the water to hide her flushed face.


"Well then. Tell me who makes you lose your head." The raven-haired woman cooed as she lowered herself to sit close to her friend and placing an arm over her shoulders. "I'm sure the suitors must be lining up at your door."


"Please don't mock me like that." her protege replied with a downcast voice. "I don't believe anyone sees me like that."


Meia leaned in close and cupped Sarah chin, lifting it up and to the side so she looked right at her. "Everything has its limits! Even modesty!" The former Witch declared, piercing the other woman with her stare.


"Y-yes, i understand." she replied, infused by the authority her mentor radiated.


"Great! Let us see what we are working with, then." Meia took her ward's hands and pulled them both to their feet so they emerged from the comforting warmth. Sarah wanted to cover herself but could not free her hands from her friend's grasp.


Instead Meia made her lift her arms to the side, taking her own time to appreciate the other woman's body. While the erstwhile princess indeed did not possess the same salacious curves her friend thought she still had a captivating, youthful allure. A maiden through and through.


"Mmh, very nice." The ardent observer purred. She finally let go of Sarah's hands and let her fingertips glide over her friends skin as she moved around her. "I hope the water doesn't work too well. If your skin becomes any smoother your clothes might slip right off."


"...and that smell..." She whispered, taking a whiff along the blonde's neck. "Sweet like young wine. And what are those?"


"Eep!" Sarah squealed in surprise when her mentor reached around and took hold of her breasts. "Oh, so soft... perfect." Meia breathed right into her student's ear.


"Noo... They're not..." The embarrassed archer whimpered, acutely aware of her shortcoming as her mentor's rack pressed against her back.


"But they are better that way, my dear." Meia continued. "You see, men want to feel... large. And yours make their hands look like a giant's. See?" Under Sarah's attentive gaze she let the two lumps of pliable flesh rest on the root her hands and then slowly closed her fingers over them like a bird of prey until she had them in her tight grasp again.


Sarah was mesmerized from that sight and gulped as she imagined it weren't the dainty fingers of her friend but the strong, coarse paws of a man groping her. "You can see it, right?" Meia inquired with her head resting on her friend's shoulder.


"Yes..." She moaned in reply.


"Do you know how they call them?" The former Heretic wanted to know next and gave the pair of tender pillows a gentle massage.


"Breasts... ahh... my breasts." Sarah mewled


"Uh uh uh, that's how you call them. But how do they call them?" Meia kept asking, adding more pressure to her friends delicate anatomy.


"Nghn... I... I don't... Meia..." The captured blonde begged but received no respite. "...tits!" Sarah finally pressed out.


"Yes! You're right." Meia gloated and returned to affectionate caresses. "You have a pair cute little tits. And on top of those are?" she used a finger to circle around the pink areola.


"It's... my... nipples." Sarah almost cried, obviously embarrassed to be forced to talk in such a vulgar way. Yet at the same time her body proved how aroused she was by doing so, the tips adorning her mounds already fully erect.


"Right again my dear." Meia praised her trainee. "I wonder how sensitive they are..." She let go the soft flesh and moved to stand in front of her pupil again, all of her attention on the heaving chest.


"Meia..." The young blonde said with a pleading voice but made no further attempt to impede her mentor.


"Shh, it's okay..." The raven haired woman whispered. She slowly leaned forward and when her lips eventually landed on Sarah's skin she whimpered like she had been seared by the tender kiss.


Meia didn't go for her target right away and instead placed little pecks all over the tender bosom, enjoying how it yielded against her full lips. Though before long she sucked one of the pink peaks into her mouth and she was able to feel how Sarah's body shivered.


Judging by her whimpering sounds one could assume that the aspiring archer was under great discomfort, but she remained where she was and endured her ordeal.


With all the time in the world the former Heretic switched from one perky nub to the other, using her tongue to flick it up and down or letting her teeth scrape over it. It was clear to her that Sarah had never experienced any of that and she wanted to give her friend a thorough sample of the pleasure she could feel.


Once she got a good taste Meia retreated, keeping the delicate flesh in her mouth as long as she good with a strong suction until they parted with an audible 'pop'. Although the raven-haired woman had done most of the work Sarah appeared to be the one more out of breath with her face flushed and her eyes unfocused.


"Very sensitive indeed. And delicious." Meia decided as she licked her lips to gather the remnants of her pupil's flavor. "Now, open your mouth for me, will you?"


"Aah-mpfh!" The moment Sarah parted her lips her mentor lunged forward, claiming her mouth with a passionate kiss. She stood frozen in place as her best friend's tongue explored her orifice. She had seen other's kiss like that and always wondered what it was like.


Again they were only connected via her friend's lips, all the embarrassed woman had to do was turn away to make them stop. But she was not able to. Furthermore, even against her reasoning, her feet slowly carried her closer one tiny step at a time.


Before long she nestled her lithe body against the Witches mellow curves. She could feel how a smile formed on her friends face and had to break the kiss. "Quite eager, aren't we?" the skilled woman teased her, looking down to see how Sarah pressed herself against her. "Come, you try it now."


"But... i don't..." The blonde tried to protest even as Meia put light pressure on the back of her head to guide her into another kiss. Their lips were sealed together once more and this time the experienced Witch remained passive.


Sarah didn't want to disappoint and hesitantly send her tongue into her friend's welcoming mouth. She did her best to mimic what her mentor had done before and although she was nowhere as bold or sophisticated she did manage make her friend hum pleasantly.


As she concentrated on performing her first ever french kiss, with another woman no less, everything around Sarah seemed to disappear. She slowly lost the strength in her body and as she held onto Meia for support she pulled them both back down into warm waters.


Floating in the soothing pool while embracing and kissing someone she adored made Sarah gradually relax. Her tutor couldn't stay idle for long and soon their tongues danced together. The docile archer wanted to go on but their fierce make out session made her run out of breath.


"You liked that?" Meia inquired once Sarah had to break the kiss and leaned her head back against the rim of the pool.


"Uhuh." She agreed, completely winded and smiling blissfully. 


"And this was not the only thing you can do." The former Witch got closer until she loomed over her student. "Here, let me show you." She brought two fingers to Sarah's shaking lips and carefully inserted them.


At first she was mostly confused yet still let her mentor's digit glide over her tongue as she moved them back and forth. Revelation dawned on her when she imagined how they must look like from the outside, with Meia penetrating her mouth again and again.


Sarah felt a new wave of shame as her friend gave her a first practice lesson in oral servicing. But instead of protesting she closed her lips around the invading object and used her newly acquired knowledge to suck and twirl her tongue around her teacher's fingers.


"What a naughty girl you are." Meia crooned while increasing the pace of her hand. "Almost makes me jealous that these are only my fingers." To reward her apprentices zeal she set her sights on Sarah's breasts again, kneading them and pinching the engorged tips.


Minutes passed by and the otherwise quiet cavern was filled with the sound of Sarah sucking and slurping on the probing digits, punctuated by the occasional gagging and choking when they got too adventurous.


The commanding woman kept close watch over her ward, careful not to demand too much and also observing how her friend reacted to every little caress with a broad smile. Meia was obviously overjoyed to have such a beautiful girl completely under her thumb.


But she noticed how Sarah was about to reach her limit, so she removed her hands and took a step back to give her friend a highly welcome chance to rest.


Her head lolled to the side and she swallowed hard, her mouth not occupied by a part of her mentor after quite some time now. Her chest heaved under her panting breath, her breasts peaking out of the water like a pair ripe, fleshy buoys.


"You have a surprisingly pert mouth when you want to." Meia teased her friend as she sat down next to her. With great effort Sarah managed to turn around and hide her blushing face in her crossed arms.


Yet the bashful blonde was only allowed for short rest before her friend perked up again. "I'm afraid we can't leave those like that, my dear." She sighed while inching closer.


The young blonde quickly slipped away and covered herself with her arms, wary of Meia's approach.


"Arms up, my dear." She ordered playfully and made the blonde woman raise her arms all the way by taking hold of her wrists. 


"See, that just won't do." Meia told her, sending one of her fingers over the light downs covering Sarah's armpit. "We need to take care of those. Stay just like this."


She waded over to her possessions, procuring a vial and a small blade and returned to her protege who had indeed remained just the way she was told to.


"What is this?" Sarah wondered full of doubt as she observed how her friend spilled something from the vial into her hand and spread it on her underarm hair.


"Just an ointment. It's for treating rashes and burns, but will do just fine." Meia explained, then readied the sharp blade. "Now hold still."


She was meticulous in her work, removing the fine downs little by little. To keep Sarah at attention she let her free hand wander, all under the pretense of pulling her skin taut, and massaged one of the firm mounds of flesh.


Sarah could do nothing but watch with a mix of fear, awe and adoration. Although the difference was minimal she still felt more naked, like her mentor had stripped her from a veil protecting her.


"Ah, perfect." Meia decided once she was done with the second arm. Without warning she gave the shaven skin a broad lick. "Nice and smooth."


The constant sensual touches together with the daring tongue had Sarah squealing and she was relieved that she was finally allowed to lower her arms.


"Now, do you know of any other parts we have to make nice and smooth?" Meia inquired teasingly, pointing the tip of the sharp razor at her suspect's face.


"Uhm... N-no..." Sarah attested, unable to sound any more sheepishly even if she were to try.


"Really? Let us see, then. Everything is fine here..." Meia's hand played over her friend's collarbones, "And here..." between the valley of her breasts, "And here...." around her cute bellybutton, "And... what is this?" until they ultimately landed on Sarah's pubic mound.


"Meia, i... please!" She pleaded, both to forgive her earlier lie and to be spared of what was supposed to follow.


But her mentor wouldn't have any of that. She nodded towards the pool's edge. "Hop up!"


Reluctantly Sarah did as she was told, hoisting herself out of the water to sit on the rim. She kept her thighs pressed together, offering every token of resistance she could to delay the inevitable.


"Place your feet on the ledge. Let me see it all." Meia ordered casually, yet still used the blade like a conducting staff.


Like petals of a flower Sarah's knees parted in front of her, giving the avid Witch unhindered access to her most intimate domain.


"Magnificent..." She whispered full of reverie while her eyes shone with a hunger the young blonde had never seen before. "...almost perfect."


Not wanting to take half-measures Meia upended the small vial, pouring all of the scented gel over Sarah's privates. Her pale skin twitched at the first cautious contact with her mentor's fingers.


They focused on the small patch of pubic hair but soon began to roam. Kneading and squeezing the tender inner thighs, feeling for the honed muscles hiding underneath a layer of softness. 


When every inch was covered by the slippery substance Meia finally got to pay attention to the flushed folds at the center. With utmost care she parted the outer lips, taking a first peek at the pink flesh below.


"So pretty... to think i am the first to see this... what so many men would die for to see.” She whispered full of awe. All Sarah did was hiss and whimper in reply. As if every touch was dissecting her and each hot breath of her friend scalded her virgin flesh. 


"I wonder how we should call it. Can you think of something?" Meia asked up to her pupil, her fingers following the outline of the heated folds.


"Nuuh, please. It's-ahh! I... pu... pussy." Sarah whimpered under the tantalizing touches.


"Hmm, no. It's way to... pristine." The former Witch rejected. "How else?"


The young archer bit her lip, caught up in the monumental effort to not faint from her own embarrassment "...Kitten..." She breathed, almost inaudible.


"How sweet! Yes, it's a cute little kitten you have right here. And wet. But this is not only water, right?" Meia wondered. She brought her face closer, extending her tongue to catch a drop of what she found in the bared slit.


Her whole body locked up and Sarah howled in a mix of blissful rapture and torment when she felt herself being tasted.


"Mmh... definitely not water. What a naughty kitten." The raven-haired woman purred in delight. To her friend's relief she leaned back, if only to continue her task of freeing Sarah from her pubic hair.


With a surgeon's accuracy Meia went to work. She made sure Sarah never lost her tension, her exploring digits always finding new spots to send bursts of pleasure up her spine to keep her at attention.


"There. Just perfect." She declared once she was done and Meia nuzzled her cheek against now bald mound. “Everyone will want to play with this.”


"Can we... i just... no more..." The young blonde babbled, the constant teasing making her head spin and her eyes losing focus.


"What? Don't tell me you have never touched yourself?" Her mentor asked in disbelief.


At that Sarah vehemently shook her head. Meia guided her back into the water, letting her slowly submerge into the comfortable warmth as she spoke.


"You never searched for that special spot? Until you felt that jolt? That slowly turned into a throb, an ache. And went beyond?" Between her question she placed tender kisses as more and more of her friend's body passed her by.


"N-no..." Sarah whispered. Her chin was lifted up until she had to look Meia in the eyes.


"You are simply adorable when you lie." The confident woman declared and made their lips collide for a fervent kiss.


Sarah had to use both her arms to support them as Meia threatened to overwhelm her. While one of the Witches dexterous hands toyed with her virgin quim the other pawed at her flesh, groping at every place soft it could get a hold of.


But Meia only occupied herself with Sarah's lips for short while, her hungry mouth wandering over her jaw to her ear and then down to her neck, kissing, suckling and nibbling incessantly.


"Ooh... Meia-ahh... this is... too much..." The young blonde tried her best to make herself known but the other woman's vigorous assault flooded her head with waves of pleasure. It seemed like every attempt to stop her, no matter how feeble, only made Meia become more ferocious.


Until she no longer had the will or strength to struggle. Her arms gave out and they both sank deeper into the stirring waters. All that was left for her was accept her friend's approach. Welcome her as she conquered and ravaged her completely. 


And that acceptance slowly turned into assistance as she started to ground her hips against Meia's hand, searching for a way to intensify the contact. But the more she gave in the more the other relented, not allowing her to achieve what she secretly hoped for.


It seemed like the experienced woman discovered each of her friend's most sensitive spots just so she could ignore them to drive Sarah insane. She embraced her mentor tightly and did her best to imitate what the other's talented mouth did to her, all just to appease her. But it was no use.


"Meia... please, i... pleasepleaseplease..." She finally begged, repeating the only word that still had a place in her lust-addled mind.


"Please what?" Meia taunted, pausing her conquest to await her pupils answer.


"...more..." Sarah whispered at long last, her face managing the impossible and reach an even more prominent blush.


"No." The former Witch refused after some contemplation. Although she could no longer form it into words her eyes spoke volumes about what depths Sarah fell into from hearing that. "There is no point if you are not able to do it yourself."


Meia took her dumbfounded friend and guided her to the other end of the pool. There was a part where the water was shallow. Just so someone could lie there and still be surrounded by the pleasant warmth. And she did just that.


"Climb up here." She ordered, pointing towards her.


"But, how... do i....?" Sarah muttered, only slightly recovering her voice. Instead of telling her Meia pushed and pulled her into position, steering her like a rag doll until Sarah knelt above her, one knee on either side of her mentor's head.


Like this she had once more a premium seat to marvel at the immaculate anatomy of her apprentice. She smiled as she noticed the little shivers every time she breathed on the flushed lips. "So, what are you waiting for?"


She knew what was demanded from her, from both Meia and her own body, but ever since she had been put into place Sarah seemed unable to move. Again her superior stepped into action, placing her hands above Sarah's to guide them.


All she had to do was show her the way and the moment her fingers closed over one of the erect tips and found the lingering wetness between her legs Sarah continued on her own.


She couldn't stop herself, not anymore. She closed her eyes so she no longer had to see the woman laying below staring at her and how she fondled herself.


The young woman tried to wish herself away, back to the safety of her own bed. But when she felt another pair of hands roaming over her thighs and hips encouraging her Sarah could no longer pretend.


It was a show she performed on Meia's behalf. And she had no say in this. Yet that also meant she could not be blamed for what she was made to do. Even her own carnal desires that had been stirred to live wanted for nothing more than Sarah expressing herself in the lewdest manner.


With that new sense of freedom born from her lack of control Sarah picked up her efforts to pleasure herself. Her hands sought the spots Meia had neglected before and moans of wanton delight welled up from within her.


She even shed enough of her shyness to open her eyes again and was amazed to see with how much pride and joy her friend watched her change of heart.


"Yes... so beautiful." She praised the maiden looming above her. But the Witches attention soon went lower, observing a pair of fingers digging deep into the virgin sheath.


When Sarah moved her hips to follow her daring digit's Meia's eyes did the same, hypnotized by the masturbatory display. Seeing a chance to pay her back the erstwhile princess catered to her mentor's fascination.


She spread herself apart to reveal her wet insides or brought her mound really close until she almost touched Meia's nose and she made sure that almost every drop of her nectar landed on her friend's face.


This temptation had an obvious effect on her and she licked her lips more than once, but resisted the urge to satisfy her hunger on her pupil's delectable flesh. Her hands did not show the same restraint though, possessively groping at the swell of Sarah's rear and waist until she squealed in a delicious mix of pain and pleasure.


When her fingers convened on the swollen clit the pleasure-drunk girl could no longer keep her balance and she landed right on Meia's face, smothering the other woman with her heated quim.


"Enough with the lessons. Time to put you to the test." The raven-haired woman exhaled once she freed her mouth from the intoxicating flavor and smell suffocating her. "Turn around."


As all of her higher thoughts drowned in a sea of pleasure Sarah obeyed without protest. When she faced away Meia grabbed her legs and spun them both around. So now the delirious archer rested on her back, each of them faced with the other's sopping wet cleft.


Her long black hair shrouded what little light filled the cavern yet the former Witch still found her way to enter one of her digits into the welcoming depth. Her movements were hesitant even though Sarah herself had been much more boisterous before.


Like this it only served to rile up the woman below her, only simmering her pleasure without any progress. 


Sarah couldn't endure this limbo for long before she tossed her head in frustration. She spread her legs further to show her willingness and nudged on Meia's back so she would finally have mercy.


"I just... it's not enough... please..." She wailed helplessly after all of her attempts at coercion had failed.


"How about you show me what to do with your tasty kitten?" Meia said over her shoulder after she licked her finger clean of the collected juices. To help her pupil understand she wiggled her plump rear above Sarah's quavering lips.


"But... we're both... women." She protested halfheartedly. A belated attempt to defend her virtue against her friend's seduction.


"How perceptive of you." Meia noted, with only a hint of sarcasm. "This will make it easier for you to demonstrate how i should tend to you." She gave the tiny bundle of nerves crowning Sarah's fold a light squeeze to make her point.


It wasn't that she doubted her tutors sincerity. But everything that had happened up to now could be treated as a jest. A burlesque she was forced to take part in. What was asked from her next was much more. No matter how intrigued she was.


And the sight before her was very intriguing. It was beyond feminine. Meia's folds weren't closed as her own, but slightly parted to allow a peek at the glistening pink hidden beneath. Everything looked tender, delicate. Yet also ripe and mature.


Sarah believed she finally understood what her mentor had said earlier, about opposites dwelling under the same surface. She wanted to touch it, to feel the texture. Before she realized it her wish came true and her palms glided over the smooth skin.


She was fascinated how it yielded under her fingers, how pliable the full globes were as she sank her hands into them. So much like her own and at the same time completely different.


When she finally noticed that Meia did in fact copy her actions by affectionately kneading her firm derriere and she had the proof her friend would follow her lead something inside the young blonde got unleashed.


In an instant Sarah wrapped her arms around the slim waist above her and pulled them closer until she could seal her lips over the moist slit. She brought all of her newly acquired knowledge to bear as she sent her tongue deep into the welcoming heat.


After a deep satisfied moan Meia followed suit, embracing the supple curves below her and making out with the convulsing orifice. It was Sarah's turn to moan, muffled by the mellow folds.


This feels nothing like her fingers, she swooned elatedly and picked up in her efforts, knowing anything would be repaid in kind.


The stone cavern resounded with the smacking and slurping noises of two women feasting on the other's quim together with sensual hums and purrs caused by their sapphic endeavors.


Such a strong delicious taste! Sarah thought. It was a completely new sensation for her.


At home she had always been very careful to hide her unchaste acts from her brother, thoroughly cleaning everything up after she had been done. So she had no idea what her own dew tasted like.


And now she was inescapably confronted with the taste and aroma of her best friend. Every breath filled her nostrils with Meia's scent. Like sweat but a lot richer and intense. And her tongue always found more of the lewd honey to lap up.


Sarah was certain she would never forget this flavor. That it will etch itself into her membranes. And she was unable to say if this would bother her.


When the dexterous tongue of her mentor found her sensitive clit for the first time her thighs snapped together, locking the jet black shock of hair in place. Right away she noticed how the sinuous legs around her shifted until Meia's ankles rested behind her head, not allowing her to move away either.


Each of their panting breaths, now almost in sync, pressed their hot and wet bodies against the other's. Their fingers dug deeper into the other's silken skin, desiring to entangle themselves further. 


Both rampantly licked and sucked on everything soft and juicing they could reach. They were far beyond the point where one lead and the other followed. All they longed for was more pleasure.


Their heads moved and bobbed incessantly, treating the delectable orifice in front of them like a trough of ever flowing love honey. 


They tossed and turned, brimming with impatient eagerness to attain their shared release. Each of them took the place on top while the other bathed in the comforting currents more than once. 


In a rare moment of clarity Sarah remembered something. That there was a part of her she never included into her private endeavors. A part that was now the center of her vision.


She was willing to seize the chance. After all, she wouldn’t do it to herself. Not really. One of her fingers reached the ring of muscles and passed through with minimal resistance.


Realizing that her mentor must already be accustomed to this type of thing was another turn on for the young blonde who watched in fascination how her digit moved back and forth into the indescribable softness.


Meia hummed in pleasant surprise when she felt the audacious invader entering her guts and immediately set out to do the same to the woman laying on top of her. 


Sarah’s breath shuddered and she crossed her eyes as her puckering rosebud got teased. Like the times before her friend showed great consideration in how much she was able to take. When her virgin barrier was eventually breached her whole body tensed up. 


Although she had no way to be certain she was sure she could make out every detail of the finger penetrating her because all her attention focused on her now parted back door. 


This was beyond everything Sarah imagined. Part of her wanted to lean back and get swept away by the spiraling amounts of pleasure her whole lower body was set ablaze with. But she also wanted to prove herself to her dear friend. 


So she willed herself to keep going, frantically using her mouth and hands to impart every ounce of the fantastic sensations she felt onto Meia. 


Neither of them had a chance to last long with so much stimulation. They ended up on their sides with their hot, squirming bodies still pressed against another and using the other’s thigh as a pillow as they both chivied towards their release. 


They came almost simultaneously. Their minds went blank, only punctuated by flashes of even purer white and their bodies trembled uncontrollably from each pleasurable aftershock.


Completely robbed of their strength both let go and Sarah rolled to the side, floating away in the soothing waters. With the buzz of her climax quickly fading her exhaustion overwhelmed her.


She was too tired to move or even open her eyes. And as the water washed over her ears all sounds surrounding her dampened. The world around her shrunk until all she noticed were her panting breaths filling her lungs. 


When Sarah’s senses returned she rested on top of something incredibly soft and she instinctively nuzzled into it.


“Not to disappoint you, my dear, but we both need to rest some more.” Meia cooed and caressed the blonde’s head who she had offered her bosom as a pillow to. She stopped a weak attempt of the young archer to disentangle herself and held her in the cradling embrace. 


“Thank you, Meia. For everything.” Sarah sighed, contend to indulge in the motherly side of her mentor.


“Oh, the pleasure was all mine. Just remember how great and charming you are.” The raven haired woman replied with a smile. “And if your ever want to come back here for a refresher or some attention to your naughty kitten you only have to say it.”


At this offer the former Princess hid her blossoming blush in the valley of her mentor’s breasts. “...maybe...” she finally dared to say from the cover of her fleshy hideout, unable to stop her own smile from growing.

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