A magical challenge

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First off, thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.

Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.

The reference for this is the "Seraph's Blessing" event.

It's done. It's finally done. Ultima, one of the most fearsome Sicarius, was defeated and vanished back to whatever plane they dwelt. After both Meia and Echo had put him through the paces against several Sicarii, Ultima was the final challenge.


The Warrior of Light used the short moment of peace after the fight to steady his breath and prepare himself for whatever mettle the future has in store for him next.


"You fought most admirably." A female voice stated in a clinical tone. And here it comes, he thought to himself.


Meia, the Azure Witch, strutted towards the Warrior of Light, her long black hair following the sway of her hips as she moved.


"You sound disappointed." The Warrior replied once the Witch stopped in front of him.


"Not at all! It always pleases me to see you fight through any obstacle in your way. It just gets boring when you always brush it off like it's nothing." Meia retorted, her voice the same sultry purr she always used. At least always when she talked to the Warrior of Light.


It wasn't that he was oblivious to the Witches charms. But seeing what she was capable of and not knowing if this was the full extend of her power, he took the word "charm" rather literally around her.


"Sorry i'm not entertaining enough for you," The sarcasm clear in the Warrior's words. "Maybe you are not trying hard enough to come up with a challenge that satisfies your expectations."


Meia raised her eyebrows and opened her mouth like she just remembered something very important before a mischievous smile spread across her face.


"Satisfy, huh? Yes, you might be right. I will have to be much more creative if i want to see you yield."  The conniving woman started to circle the Warrior like a predator. "And i think i found just the right solution."


Meia kept making her rounds without saying another word, just leering and smiling at the man she was orbiting around.


"And what would this solution be?" He asked, annoyed at her dragging out this discussion without getting to the point. He also followed her sinuous movements with his head while keeping his body unmoving, not allowing her to break his stance.


"Oh, i bet you are dying to know," Meia mused and finally stopped prancing around him. "But first you have to promise me something!"


"What is it?" He clearly became exasperated with the Azure Witch. The exhaustion of the previous fights had shortened his temper for meddlesome women.


"Do not interfere with my preparations!" More an order than a request from the raven haired Heretic.


"Ominous enough. But when that means we can finally get this over with, i agree." the Warrior of Light conceded.


At that Meia laughed like he just told a joke which no one but her seemed to understand. "Very well. Then we only need one more to the party." She used her left hand to support her right elbow and held up the palm of her right hand like holding a tray.


"Oh little miss faerie, where are you?" She singsonged. Speaking of meddlesome women, the Warrior rambled.


And with that a small orb of light zoomed in on them, a constant jingling in the air as it closed the distance. It stopped right above Meia’s open hand and with a poof transformed into the Warrior’s trusted companion. 


“You called?” Echo chimed happily, floating above the Witches palm.


“It seems like our friend here is thinking we weren’t doing our best when designed this challenge.“ She informed her tiny partner in crime. 


“Oh does he now?” The faerie replied, falling into the same theatrical tone as the ever confident woman.


“But he is generous enough to give the two of us another chance to best him.” Meia stated with a smug smile.


“I bet he is!” Echo exclaimed, looking over her shoulder at the frowning Warrior with a smile no less impishly. He wondered if they had practiced that act together before. 


“I can count on your assistance then?” The Witch asked expectantly, leaning closer to her miniature accomplice. 


“Of course! Just leave it to me!” Answered the eager faerie.


With a lightning fast sleight of hand Meia grabbed the small creature. She held her upside down, Echo’s legs helplessly kicking around above. Her short skirt was displaced, giving everyone a good look at her covered crotch.


“Hey! What are you doing!? Let me go!” The captured faerie shouted angrily, uselessly squirming in the Witches hold.


The Warrior wanted to reach out for them to help Echo. Even though his tiny companion did not seem to be in pain her furious struggle was definitely not an act. 


“Nuh uh uh.” Meia stopped him in his tracks with a wagging finger. “Don’t forget your promise.” She added with glee in her voice. 


“I said let me go! You hear me!?” Echo raged, her attempts to free herself making her disregard the other’s exchange. 


“Do not fret. I’m just going to inject some of my magic into you. Little. Miss. Faerie.” Meia informed her captive, loosing none of her cheerfulness as she held Echo higher to face her.


Once she was sure that the Warrior of Light had been tamed she put the little finger of her free hand into her mouth. At the same time Meia fidgeted with the tiny piece of cloth protecting Echo's modesty.


"W-wait! What are you... you can't be serious?!" She shouted, unable to break herself free with her tiny hands. Without paying any attention to the frantic outbursts Meia let her lubed up pinky hover over the faerie's now uncovered slit. The digit began to sink down Just as a drop of saliva was about to fall.


"No! Nonono-Nghn!" Echo's clamor stopped the moment she got impaled. Although Meia's fingers were petite by human comparison it still looked like the faerie's tiny opening got stretched to the very limit.


Yet the quiet was short-lived. As Meia closed her eyes in concentration Echo started mumbling incoherently. The changes weren't noticeable right away, bet when she no longer fit into Meia's hand and her dress burst at the seams there was no mistaking it.


Through whatever magic the Azure Witch caused Echo to grow rapidly. At first Meia could cradle her like an infant. Then she needed to carry her like a child. At the same time the pair of vibrant wings shrunk until they completely disappeared.


The growth spurt ended when Echo almost stood as tall as the woman supporting her, heavily leaning against Meia as her shaking legs couldn't hold her.


"What... what have you done?" She muttered despairingly, obviously not used to stand on her feet.


"Just evening things out." The raven-haired woman replied with a smile. "And we are not done yet." She slipped a second finger into the now much more accommodating folds and cast another spell.


Echo bucked under the arcane powers and she had to hold on tight to the Witches shoulders to stay upright. What started with cries of discomfort turned into lustful moans as the magic seeped into the faeries resized body, overcome by pleasure way beyond what even the most skilled lover could do with just her fingers.


Starting at Meia's palm that cupped her quivering pubic mound lines spread over Echo's skin. They formed themselves into a complex symbol and radiated in soft purple light.


When the pattern was completed and covered most of the faerie's pelvis Meia finally let go, letting the petite woman slump down to the floor.


"What... is... this?" Echo whimpered while squirming on the ground. The Azure Witch squatted down and cupped the other's face so they could look at one another.


"This seal," She started to explain, "locks your pleasure. It won't recede and it won't reach it's zenith." To demonstrate she let her fingers glide down over the smooth skin, playing over the glowing glyph before landing on Echo's damp quim.


Her body shook like an electric current flowed from Meia's touch and although she was without a doubt caught up in the throes immense pleasure Echo's wanton mewls got tinged by rising frustration as she was indeed unable to find release.


"I can't... it's not... please...." The faerie pleaded and grabbed Meia's wrist.


"If this is too much to bear i can show you how to break the seal." The conniving Witch proposed full of glee.


"Ooh-okay, just... no more..." Echo stammered as her body shook. She still held on to the other woman's arm, but showed no attempt to push Meia's hand away from her dripping snatch.


"Very well! Then first of all, you have to undress me!" The raven-haired woman declared once she finally stopped molesting the powerless faerie.


Without hesitation Echo jumped at the chance to get rid of the tantalizing enchantments. She pulled herself to her knees and crawled over to work on the bindings of Meia's garment.


Bit by bit pieces of cloth and armor fell to the floor. In her state of seething arousal Echo caught herself time and again marveling at the nubile body in front of her.


When she first bared Meia's ample breasts she felt her mouth watering as she beheld the delicious sight. And when her fingers roamed over the spellcaster's naked thighs Echo doubted she ever felt something as heavenly soft.


"Good." Meia decided and rose to her feet, divested of all her clothing except her plated boots by her subservient playmate. "And now... him."


Echo moved on all fours, gently guided by Meia's hand on the back of her head, until she knelt to the feet of the dumbstruck Warrior. He had remained silent all the while, partially because he didn't want to become the subject of the Azure Witches scorn.


But he also had to admit that he was not immune to the pure eroticism of Meia's wiles. A fact Echo would be able to testify, if she still had the wits to talk, as she was level with the noticeable bulge in the Warrior's pants.


It only needed a nudge from the assertive woman and the magnified faerie reached out to open the clasps on his leg wear. When both his trousers and underwear pooled around his ankles his longtime companion was face to face with his raging hard-on.


“Tend to him.” The Azure Witch ordered with a smug smile. Willing to do everything to escape her lustful purgatory Echo opened her mouth wide and let her tongue loll out.


Although the Warrior of Light had no need to shy any comparison, when the faerie wrapped her tiny lips around his girth it appeared to be almost too much for her to handle.


He cleared his throat as more of his length sank into the wet and welcoming mouth of his long time companion, but tried not to lose any more of his trademark stoicism.


“This was not the type of entertainment I had in mind.” The Warrior said, unable to avert his eyes from the submissive girl kneeling in front of him. “But I don’t really see the challenge in this.”


“Not yet.” Meia promised and leaned against his strong frame. With a hand on his neck he guided him into a passionate kiss.


To be the target of the affection of two beautiful women was truly a novel experience, not that he had any way to remember his time before coming to Palamecia to be certain.


The way the raven haired woman stroked her nails over his nape had something strangely comforting as their tongues danced with one another and without even being aware one of his hands found its way to Meia’s plump backside and kneaded the nude tender flesh.


Before the Warrior had the chance to explore more of the Witches she broke the kiss with a triumphant smile. “Now, my little faerie...” she purred and gripped the brunette hair of the subservient girl. “Put your arms behind your back. Hold on to your elbows. And don’t let go!”


Echo did as she was told and folded her arms behind her. With the faerie’s hands out of the way Meia used her leverage to forcefully steer her accomplice’s head back and forth on the Warriors shaft.


The surprised girl gagged and sputtered as every involuntary lunge pushed the broad bellend deeper. She looked up pleadingly with watery eyes to the woman dominating her, but Meia’s intense stare insistently reminded her that she had no choice but to endure. 


“Challenging enough for you?” Meia questioned as she observed the Warrior buckling and when all of his manhood got enveloped into the depth of his friends throat for the first time he could no longer suppress his groan.


“Nnh... Meia, that is-hmpf!” He tried to reply but got cut off by the Witches lips sealing upon his’, literally taking his breath away. 


She also increased the pace now that Echo’s esophagus was fully breached. More and more of the faerie’s spit and bile ran down her chin and the Warrior’s legs along wet, squelching sounds.


Meia grabbed the fistful of brown hair tighter, mercilessly using the girl’s face as a masturbatory aid. The choking and gagging sounds were highly arousing, not just for her but surely for the Warrior of Light as well. His hand never stopped playing with her plump rear.


She had no trouble reading the reactions from both of them, but while she ignored any sign of discomfort from the groveling girl she paid close attention for the telltale signs on her subject’s ever frowning face.


And she didn’t have to wait for the Warrior’s breath to quicken. His nostrils flared and a low guttural growl escaped him. The heretic Witch slipped behind the enchanted girl and pulled Echo’s head back giving her a much needed break to catch her breath and cough up a vast backwash of snot and saliva.


“Keep your mouth open!” Meia whispered into the ear of the girl panting right in front of her “And don’t swallow it!” 


With both hands she jerked the Warrior’s dick, making sure to keep her aim on the faeries wide open maw. It must have been a very enjoyable sleeve because it only took a few pumps until the Warrior of Light tossed his head back and fired his load. 


Echo barely reacted when the first shot of her comrade’s seeds coated her gums. Only the seal tormenting her senses with pleasure kept her conscious. 


She could only guess if part of that magic forced her to obey the Witches demands or if her longing to break this seal just so empowering, but she somehow managed to catch all of the musky essence without spilling a drop or accidentally swallowing it.


“Now...” Meia whispered again, her lips close enough to the entranced faeries ear to feel her racing heartbeat. “Let it run out of your mouth. Slowly.”


Echo’s head tilted forward. With the way she leaned against her new mistresses shoulder and swelling bosom all of the musky white essence turned into a rivulet that streamed down between her modest mounds and taut tummy.


When the first drops of the Warrior’s seed passed over the magical seal it began to shine much more brightly. The unprepared girl violently arched her back like she was struck by a lightning and howled at the top of her lungs.


Considering the nature of Meia’s spell there was no doubt she was captured by a most powerful climax. After what felt like an eternity stuck in orgasmic bliss the seal stopped glowing and Echo slumped together like a rag doll whose threads had been cut. 


“I will help myself then.” Meia announced with a chuckle and leaned over the deflated faerie, using her tongue to follow the current of cum to lap it up from her trembling body.


“...please... no more...” Echo whimpered once she finally came back to her senses. With the perverted seal still in place her ordeal was far from over. 


“So, can you imagine where he has to come to break the spell?” The Azure Witch eventually wondered as she loomed above her prey. The enchanted girl slowly shook her head, but the mixture of dread and anticipation that shone from her eyes told something different. “Then you better be a kind little faerie and ask him for it.”


After the Warrior had spent his load he had staggered backwards, taking a deep breath. He watched the erotic exchange of the two women on the ground in front of him with rapt attention. 


With his mind clear and his lust drained he had intended to convince Meia to put an end to this ploy. At least until...


“...please come inside me... I beg you...”


This desperate plea was all that was needed from his good friend. Lying on the ground. Naked. Sweaty. Panting. His partially deflated manhood returned to full hardness in an instant.


“I take this as a 'yes'.” Meia smirked at the virile display. She grabbed Echo by the ankles and pulled her legs up and over until only her slim shoulders remained on the floor and her waist pointed straight up.


To keep the smaller girl in place she locked the slender legs under her arms, offering the most enticing view to the Warrior. From her vantage point, kneeling over the faerie’s face, she now had full control.


“So, what are you waiting for?” Meia taunted the Warrior of Light.


He shambled closer, aiming his throbbing erection on Echo’s wet slit. But in the last moment the raven haired woman placed her hand over the drenched quim and instead steered the helmeted head a bit lower to another, smaller hole.


“Wait... this is... nooOOHHH!” The surprised faerie uselessly stammered from below. Under Meia’s guidance he breached the tight ring of muscles and was already halfway inside before he felt like stopping.


“Oh, wow.” The witch breathed, just inches away from where the two were connected.


“Meia... please, don’t... I can’t!” Echo wailed, believing that nothing but taking the Warrior’s seed into her sheath could set her free.


“Maybe you should have been clearer on where you wanted him.” The Heretic teased with a wicked smile. “How about we make a deal? If you make me come first i will let him put it your precious cunny.”


Instead of waiting for a reply she lowered her hips until she smothered the girl below her with her moist slit. This first contact was enough to sent a pleasurable shiver up her spine. Seeing the other two have their fun had made her all flustered.


Finding herself out of options Echo extended her tongue, worshiping the flushed folds pressing against her mouth. She lacked any experience in pleasuring another woman, but her desperate situation drove her to try as if her life depended on it.


“Mmh, oh yes. Just like that.” Meia swooned with shuddering breath. “And you, don’t you dare to stop.” She addressed the Warrior. To give his friend a chance to overcome this trial he had paused sawing into her once virgin butt.


“Either you show her a good time, or I will.” To get her point across she removed her hand from the faeries immaculate sheath and dove right into it. Although the Witches flowing black hair covered his view, if the Warrior of Light judged by the frantic kicking of Echo’s legs Meia worked with great expertise.


Considering himself the lesser of two evils now he resumed grinding his hips back and forth. As promised the Azure Witch ended her oral ministrations and instead leaned back to enjoy the faerie’s clumsy yet intense efforts to please her and spectate the Warrior’s girth stretch the tight hole beyond capacity.


Although he had intended to take things slow his confidence to last long enough for Echo to finish her task first faltered with every thrust. He assumed that it happened unintentionally, but the way his friend’s insides constricted around him felt simply incredible.


This was no secret to the gloating Meia. While she shied away from the delicious looking quim the rest of the faeries body was open territory to her. And even the slightest caress over the pristine skin drove the trapped girl wild.


Soon the Witch played Echo like an instrument. One that not even the Warrior of Light could resist any longer. Most of his restraint had evaporated, replaced by a primal urge to relieve himself with the orifice that alternated from a vise-like grip to a tender embrace in the blink of an eye.


That way Meia’s win was inevitable. After only a few more minutes a guttural growl resounded from above her and the Warrior came deep into his companion’s bowels. She could feel Echo screaming below her, more than she was actually able to hear it.


Surely, the experience to have your guts hosed down by the masculine essence without a chance to find your own release must be mind shattering.


Completely spent the Warrior staggered backwards again. His legs were too shaky to carry him so he let himself sink down to his haunches.


Meia climbed down from the overwhelmed girl, who looked utterly exhausted. “Seems like you have lost.” She announced gleefully. “If you don’t mind, i’m going to play with him for a while now.”


She crawled on her hands and knees towards the short winded Warrior. She shoved him backwards, making him lay flat on his back.


“Just... a minute...” he breathed with a droopy expression on his face.


“Oh, already giving up? Where did your haughtiness go to?” The raven haired woman taunted. With a deft grip she took him by the balls and sucked his softening manhood into her mouth, showing no qualms about where it had been before.


The Warrior’s hisses and strained grumbling showed his dissent but she ultimately managed to coax him back to his full glory.


Having prepared everything Meia straddled him, presenting her backside to his fatigued face. With a sensual purr she impaled herself on his well proven length.


Echo’s previous efforts had already brought her well along the way to her own climax and she wasted no time, gyrating and raising her hips. His girth filled her up perfectly and she moaned in wanton bliss as it stimulated all the right places.


“...Meia...” the faerie babbled after she finally woke from her stupor. She crawled over the floor to meet her tormentor. 


“Yes... come to me.” The Witch panted, never stopping her pleasurable ride. Cupping Echo’s cute face in both hands she pulled her up so they could share a short but intense kiss.


"Now... down there." She mewled, steering the enchanted girls face down to the place where she and the Warrior were connected. 


Meia could feel the hot breath dancing over her stretched folds as Echo kissed, licked and sucked on everything in her reach. From the pair of pulsing orbs preparing yet another helping of potent seed to the prominent pearl at the apex of the Witches quim.


She picked up the pace on his mighty shaft, stirring her juices into froth for the subservient girl to lap up. With every heavy impact against her deepest core her squeals became louder and higher.


The Warrior of Light held onto her slim waist as if he wanted to stall her. In fact, it would have been very easy for him to lift her up and stop her. Yet, he didn't. All he did was cling to her as she bucked wildly on top of him, using him to canter towards her sweet release.


Meia saw this as a silent prove of his complacency, so she was honestly surprised when he eventually roared up and fired his cum into her depths.


This moment of unexpected bliss sent her over the edge. Her insides madly convulsed around him as he filled every bit of her. "Hold me.... Echo..." she whimpered.


Echo caught her as she tumbled forward, her climaxing body trembling so much that she no longer could support herself and she held onto her for dear life as the waves of her orgasm rocked her.


It felt like an eternity to the raven haired woman until the climactic energies dissipated. "Lay back down. I have something for you." Meia whispered into the dependable girls ear.


The faerie leaned back until she rested flat on the ground again. With a satisfied purr the heretic Witch rose from the meaty anchor and lifted one of Echo's legs. She closed the distance between them, pressing their mounds together.


"Any moment now..." She whispered as she rubbed her heated folds against those of her peer. She could feel how droplets of the Warrior's essence coalesced at her entrance, pooling together until they would slip out and...


"AAAHHH!!!" Echo screamed in rapturous delight. Her body literally vibrated below the smirking Witches gaze as the seal's magic broke loose again and instantly plummeted her into a breathtaking orgasm.


Meia couldn't keep herself from chuckling as she circled her hips, spreading more of the lewd liquids over the magical pattern. It wasn't schadenfreude, but the certainty that the little faerie would have never reached the heights of such ecstasy without her magic which filled her with joy.


When the enchantment induced climax had run it's course Meia rolled off the thoroughly depleted girl, resting beside her.


With her last ounce of strength Echo lifted her head, terrified to see the purples lines still adorned her pelvis. "What now?" She dismayed.


"That's all up to him." Meia replied. With a snap of her fingers the Warrior sat up, supported by an arcane symbol. "If he truly has not a single drop left to break your seal, then the game is over. And i will be the winner of this challenge.”


There was no doubt that he had heard the Witches mockery, but the Warrior of Light barely reacted. His eyes still shone with the fire of his defiance under his distinctive frown. Yet even the stamina of someone who aspired to be a legendary hero has it’s limits.


“Seems like we need to give him an... incentive” The confident woman mused and crept closer to her previous partner in crime. 


“No... Meia, i can’t-“ Echo tried to protest but a dainty finger was placed on her lips


“Shh. Just a little. Be a good girl now.” The witch purred and replaced her finger with her own lips. She used her knee to part the faerie’s legs and press her soft thigh against the juicy slit.


Echo’s body reacted on instinct, humping her hips against the mellow shape between her legs. Every breath pushed her chest against the pillowy bosom holding her down and she nuzzled her face against the hand caressing her cheek.


“And now, moan for him. Let him hear how much you want him. How much you need him.” Meia whispered as she kissed her way down the faeries neck. Not that she had to be told to do so.


“Ooh... please. A-any more and i... make me... Nghn! Help meee!” Echo squealed, still stricken by incomparable amounts of pleasure and no way to vent them.


Maybe it was the desperate cry for help of his best friend. Or the sinful display of sapphic lovemaking. Or maybe it was both. Whatever the reason, the Warrior of Light trundled closer to the pair of women in front of him.


“Look who decided to step up to the challenge.” Meia teased, yet obediently surrendered her spot atop the hapless faerie.


He silently spread Echo’s knees apart and brought himself in position to enter her soaking wet quim.


“My, my. Is that a way to treat a girl?” The raven haired woman playfully scolded him. “This is her first time after all.”


The Warrior looked from one woman to the other in stunned surprise.


“Ha-have you ever seen a male faerie?” Echo blurted out, obviously embarrassed. She placed her small hands on his muscular arms, tugging on him to keep going.


He slowly, very slowly, inserted his broad bellend into the tight confines of his companion’s maidenhood. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water as he sank deeper. A part of him was overjoyed that Meia's previous explorations had no lasting effects on the constricting flesh.


With the way her once virgin folds gripped him the Warrior could barely each all the way in, despite the ample moisture. When he tried to pull out her inner walls seemed to hold onto his girth and with every push he was sucked in further until finally managed to hilt inside her.


Both of them moaned breathlessly, too enraptured by the phenomenal pleasure of their union. The Warrior’s earlier exertions had clearly taken their toll on him and an unhurried rhythm was all he could accomplish.


Echo appeared to be just as drained him, yet also equally tenacious, so she lifted her hips to meet his at every thrust. He lowered himself to his elbows, pretty much burying the petite frame of his companion under his steeled physique.


Their foreheads touched and they lost themselves in the others eyes, but made attempt to bring their lips together. There was a good chance both would suffocate if they tried to use their mouths for anything else but sucking in as much air as they could.


Meia observed the intimate coupling from the side. Although she would want for nothing more than to play some more, only a true monster would tear those two lovebirds apart. On the other hand, she still had one last arrow left in her quiver before she would admit her defeat.


“I wonder... you’re infused with so much of my magic. If you became too human he may get you pregnant.” The Azure Witch noted offhandedly before rising to her feet.


The Warrior of Light froze as he heard that. He searched for the truth in the eyes of his friend but Echo appeared to be in a daze, ignorant to everything around her.


He tried to pull out, unwilling to exploit the senseless girl. Though he was stopped by the faeries ankles that locked behind his back, drawing him back to her. She wrapped around his head, holding him with all the remnants of her strength.


“It’s... okay...” Echo breathed, fighting hard to press out each syllable “l’m... yours... just... keep going...”


After shaking his head in disbelief he placed a tender kiss on the lips of his close friend to seal their agreement. She flourished a brilliant smile in return and embraced him even tighter.


Unburdened from his doubts the Warrior picked up the pace. He rutted into her with the primal ferocity of an alpha animal that had found its mate, surprising both women with his endurance.


Echo sunk her face into his broad shoulder to suppress her howls of unbridled pleasure. His grunting got more impatient with every full length thrust into her quaking depths.


He held her even tighter, compressing her against his rippling muscles as he fought through the signals of strain and fatigue his body screamed at him.


With a final, mighty roar the Warrior of Light tensed up and released every last ounce of his essence into the writhing girl caught in his hold.


The very moment the first drops of his seed poured into her the cursed seal finally disappeared and all the pleasure that had built up over the course of this bout ignited at once, sending Echo into the orgasmic paradise she’d so desperately longed for.


Her mouth stood wide open in a silent screams and she became rigid like a statue as her mind downright refused to keep working amidst her climax.


Soon both of them visibly relaxed, now that their desires were so thoroughly sated. The faeries nubile curves were still entombed under his bulk, but she didn’t seem to mind in the slightest.


“Congratulations!” Meia announced, mostly dressed already. “Looks like even the two of us are no match for you. But you may want to pull out now.” She advised ominously.


“Yeah, yeah.” The Warrior droned, way too tired to argue now. He lazily lifted himself up until he sat back on his heels.


The Azure Witch placed a kiss on her fingertips and then brought them to Echo’s lips who laid motionless on the floor lost in her post climactic delirium.


This had the very apparent result that Meia’s other spell became undone and the stupefied girl shrank to her familiar size. Her colorful wings returned and she started floating above the ground by herself.


The only difference was the prominent bulge on her belly. It seemed like the Warrior’s liquid deposits had not diminished together with his friends size and now left her insides filled to the brim.


“Makes you look like you are pregnant already, little miss faerie.” Meia joked and watched how Echo absentmindedly caressed the stretched skin of her stomach. “Guess we all got what we wanted in the end.”


The Warrior of Light watched how the raven haired woman took her leave after that, leaving him and his tuckered out companion behind. “I really had to go and tempt her, didn’t i?” He wondered to himself.

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