Tifa Says Goodnight

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Cloud had just finished a mission infiltrating a Sector 7 warehouse for Jessie with AVALANCHE. While the mission was a challenge and exciting, Cloud felt if was time to unwind a bit. The SOLDIER rested his Buster Sword against a wall near his bed before laying down and closing his eyes.

It had been awhile since he had relieved his built up stress in any decent amount. The quiet clamoring of the slums outside of his apartment gave him a nice relaxing bit of white noise to soothe his senses. He began thinking about all the events that had happened to him in his life. Much of his memory was foggy due to his Mako injections as a SOLDIER. However, every memory seemed to have a bright green liquidy filter over it. Most notably, a memory of a man with an undiscernable face holding a clipboard in front of him. From leaving his hometown to the glorious return to Nibelheim, showing off to all of his old friends, especially Tifa. He remembered her big smile as she wore her large brown cowgirl hat and cute brown and white outfit. She had been so excited to finally see him again. Cloud's eyes were still closed as he smiled at the thought of Tifa's beauty, both inside and out. He took his gloves off and grabbed the top of his pants.

"Tifa...." he muttered as he began to touch himself, feeling all the built up tension inside coming out at the thought of her. "Tifa....I want to...." he began to caress the enormous bulge growing in his pants, eyes still closed. Cloud was getting hard at the mere thought of her. He hadn't even picture her naked. The frozen images in his head of her were enough to put him in a state of bliss and pleasure. He slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his nearly foot long erect penis, slowly stroking it in the night, losing all track of where and who he was. All he could see was Tifa's long black hair and ruby red eyes staring at him lovingly. Only a minute passed and Cloud was stroking at a faster rate, further losing himself as he heard a very faint knock on his door. Believing it to be locked, he continued and didn't answer.

"Cloud?" Cloud thought he had heard Tifa's voice in his mind, failing to realise she was right there, about to enter. 

Cloud grunted with pleasure as he sped up. Tifa mistook this grunt as a "Yeah?" as if he was beckoning her in.

Tifa walked in and shut the door quickly. She turned around to see Cloud "You were out for awhi-" She quickly gasped. The man she loved was at his most vulnerable, and she was unsure of what to do, feeling her heart race at the site of his massive member. A member she always had a desire to finally see, and there it was.

"Tifa!" Cloud yelled, struggling to push his enormous cock back into his pants.

"I'm so sorry, Cloud! I thought you-"

"No, it's my fault...." Cloud said, embarrassed of himself. "I thought I locked it......I can't believe this.I don't know what to say for myself." Cloud said, his pale skin turning pink and balling his hand into a fist, putting it against his forehead in shame.

Tifa looked at him for a few seconds and closed her eyes with a big smile. "It's okay Cloud, everyone does it." She walked slowly to his bed with her arms behind her back. 


"Cloud...can I ask you something though?" She slowly approached his bed and sat down next to him while he still looked down in shame. "We've known each-other for so long now....." She took a deep breath. "Did you miss me?"

"Cloud lifted his head up almost as if it had offended him. "Of course!" 

Tifa smiled again as she now looked into Cloud's shining eyes. "I mean really miss me?

"Tifa....I.....I thought of you everyday....." Cloud shook his head. "No I shouldn't be saying this, but...... I was thinking of you when I was doing that.....I'm so sorry. I shouldn't be saying this."

"No, Cloud. Please. I want to hear it." Tifa said as she scooted towards him by a few inches. They both looked down and noticed their hands were on top of one another.

Cloud looked down as their hands slowly maneuvered their fingers into a locked position. Cloud could feel the electricity between the two and looked back up at Tifa as she gazed lovingly into his eyes.

"E-ever since we were little, all I could think about was you. You're the reason I joined SOLDEIR. I was shy, but I wanted to one day return to you so that we could be together." Tifa didn't move an inch as Cloud continued. "Tifa, the day I left... I dreamed about you." 

Tifa's mouth slightly opened as she sensed the warmth emanating from Cloud's heart. She stopped herself from interrupting the moment as Cloud continued.

"Every day, Tifa. Every night." He looked longingly into the eyes of his inspiration. "I may not act like it, but you are the reason I get up every morning and take on what life throws at me. I don't think I would have lasted long if you weren't there. Either physically, or in spirit." Cloud finally finished his confession.

"Cloud...." Tifa said, with a smile on her face looking to the floor then looking back up to him. "I've always felt the same way." Tears began to fill her eyes. "The night we met atop the windmill in Nibelheim, I felt as if my heart was broken. I had always tried to get your attention. I guess I never realized you were trying to do the same." Tifa wrapped her arm through Cloud's left arm, grabbing his hand once again as she laid her head on his shoulders, tinkering with his strong fingers. "I thought I could get over it.......But I never did." 

Cloud raised his right hand and put it gently on Tifa's left cheek, comforting her as she poured her heart out.

"I was scared we'd never meet again after that. Cloud, I have been dreaming about you every night as well. You're part of me, just like how I hope I'm a part of you."

Cloud grunted affirmatively. "You're right. You are"

Tifa looked up at Cloud, their faces only inches from eachother. Tifa began to open her mouth to ask Cloud to solidify that feeling. Instead, she stopped herself, looking into Cloud's eyes. She closed her eyes as she moved her face closer, firing off all of her senses as she felt Cloud's soft warm lips linking with hers. Cloud slowly closed his eyes, removing his cold facade as the two kissed in the dim room, fulfilling what they were meant to do after so long. They both felt as if this was the crowning moment of their lives. 

Tifa let go of Cloud's lips as she smiled and leaned back without breaking eye contact. She wriggled out of her over-the-shoulder buckle, staring into Cloud's eyes as he gave a small affirmative smile. Tifa gently touched Cloud's chin.

"You know, Cloud, Words aren't the only way to tell a person how you're feeling." 

Cloud paused for only a few seconds. He then threw himself on top of Tifa, kissing her neck as he felt her heating up due to the increase in her heart rate. As Cloud was on top of her, Tifa kicked her red shoes and socks off as she ran one hand through Cloud's blonde hair and another up his shirt, slowly taking off his top. Cloud raised himself up as Tifa seductively rubbed her arms across the bed, beckoning for him as he sat up atop Tifa. Cloud had become fully erect and Tifa had become soaked, thanks to Cloud. Cloud pulled off his shirt as Tifa gently ran her fingers up his perfect, muscular abs and up to his pecs, infatuated with the perfect man and unable to believe this wasn't a dream. Tifa sat up and began to gently kiss all of Cloud's torso. 

She slowly layed back down as her man was above her. Cloud then went down and kissed the button on Tifa's shorts as her legs shuffled in excitement. Tifa looked down and continued to run her hand through Cloud's hair as he kissed her stomach and gently ran his hand under her shirt, stopping at her bra. Tifa remained speechles. This was the moment she wanted all of her life. Cloud then ran his hand under the lower part of Tifa's bra as he continued kissing her tight stomach. He gently squeezed Tifa's left breast as she began to gently moan in a crescendo, closing her eyes as milk began to drip out of her firm nipple. Cloud felt like he was in heaven as he caressed Tifa's breasts. Something that he had always wanted to feel. Cloud looked up at Tifa as she opened her eyes.

"Cloud...." Tifa said as she formed some words from her moaning. Cloud got in her face and kissed her more "I'm yours."

 Cloud smiled gently as she grabbed Cloud's shoulder and eased him down to her unbuttoned shorts, popping them open to reveal Tifa's bright blue panties. Cloud pulled them off as Tifa smiled and ran her hands through his hair once more. Seeing Tifa's bare pussy was the greatest sight Cloud had ever beheld, causing him to smile as he looked at the perfectly smooth skin. The aroma emanating from inside her was intoxicating for Cloud. It was unlike any other he had smelled. He was in ecstasy over the scent of the treasure he had always desired deep down. 

Tifa let out a little giggle and took control of the near-hypnotized Cloud and gently guided his head down. Cloud went nose first, feeling the slight prickle from Tifa's shaved hair on his nose. He closed his eyes and took in the moment, easing his tongue into Tifa's pussy, feeling the warmth immediately as he tongued deep into her, causing Tifa to bite her index finger out of pleasure. Cloud continued caressing Tifa's breasts with one hand as she unhooked her bra, and moved one hand down to ease his ring and middle finger into Tifa, exposing her perfectly pink, wet and warm hole. He looked up as she tilted her head and smiled. He then dug his face in. He began licking her little clitoris as he began to do a scooping motion in the upper portion inside Tifa's pussy, making her squirt her hot juice all over Cloud's face.

They both had a quick laugh. 

"Sorry!" Tifa said.

"No worries, I love it." Cloud responded as he crawled forward and kissed Tifa's breasts and then her mouth.

Cloud was over Tifa in a way that looked similar to a pushup, smiling silently. Tifa continued to lock eyes with Cloud. After a few seconds Cloud's penis tingled as he felt Tifa's gloveless hand gently caressing it. 

"Lay down, Cloud." Tifa said softly as she continued feeling Cloud's strong penis in his pants, licking the side of her mouth and salivating with desire. Cloud nodded affirmatively as he rolled over bed onto his back.

"Put you're head on the pillow." Tifa said in a soft whisper. 

Cloud put his hand against Tifa's cheek once more as he got a better view of her fully naked body before him. She was more perfect than any statue or figure of human beauty could ever depict and she was all Cloud's. Nothing could make him feel better than where he was. Tifa looked at Cloud as she began to unbuckle his pants. Cloud had an enormous penis and he was well aware of that fact. Yet he was still somewhat anxious, seeing as how it was Tifa of all people. Tifa smiled as she pulled Cloud's pants off to reveal his cock. 

"Wow...." Tifa whispered quietly, almost unable to take her eyes off of it. She grabbed the base of the erect cock and put it up against her face as she giggled towards Cloud, almost concealing one side of her head with it.

"Sorry." Cloud said, showing his nervousness.

"No Cloud. It's perfect...." Tifa said softly. She began to slowly stroke the base. "Relax Cloud.... I wanna make you feel good." 

Cloud closed his eyes as he felt a wet warmth consume his penis from the top to the near bottom. It was something that made him feel as if all he could experience was comfort and all the pain of reality was gone. Cloud could feel Tifa gently bobbing her head up and down as her drool and his precum leaked down his shaft until she stopped to lick it all back into her mouth. As she sucked, Cloud loved the feeling of Tifa's tongue licking his penis independently of her mouth as it was sucking him. 

Cloud opened his eyes and saw the love in Tifa's eyes. "Your moaning is so amazing." Tifa said. 

Cloud chuckled with his eyes barely open as she continuesd sucking.

Her sucking slowed to a stop as she pulled her head off of Cloud's delicious meat. The two stared into eachother's eyes once more, barely paying attention to eachother's beautiful bodies. Cloud slowly looked down at his hand and gently reached it out to Tifa. She smiled at him and placed her soft hand on his as she crawled on top of Cloud.

"I've always wanted this...." Cloud said softly in Tifa's ear as she layed atop him.

 Without even using their hands, following the warmth of each-other's bodies, Cloud and Tifa guided Cloud's penis to perfectly fill in Tifa's womanhood. The two continued to kiss as Cloud and Tifa felt two very different pleasures from the same thing. Cloud felt warmth, comfort and belonging inside of Tifa's warm body. Tifa felt as if her body's every nerve had been activated and as if a missing piece of her had been made whole.

As they kissed, Cloud began to slowly slide his penis back in forth inside Tifa's wet pussy, causing her to moan at an even higher level. The two lovers wrapped their arms around each-other as they unified their beings. "Oh my god!" Tifa cried out as Cloud sped up, thrusting harder and harder until Tifa squirted all over Cloud's cock. 

The two felt as if they were in another dimension, billions of miles away from the slums that were just outside their door. For almost an hour, the two were entranced by eachother, covered in sweat, never breaking their hold and thus never leaving their position. It had been as if they were in a trance that transcended their reality iteslf. Other than extreme moaning, neither said a word once. The two locked their tongues as their love continued

 Cloud could feel an immense rush in his penis as he was about to release his essence into her. The two were so entranced that not a single thought crossed their minds about Cloud pulling out.

 "I love you Tifa." Cloud muttered as they both stared in eachothers eyes, inches away yet again. Cloud's penis started to pulsate as shot after shot of his sperm traveled into Tifa's vagina. Cloud felt the most pleasurable release he had ever felt and Tifa felt the very essence of her feelings and dreams for Cloud flow into her body, feeling an almost spiritual awakening in her every pore.

As Cloud slowed his cumflow into Tifa's cervix, the two kissed once more. With bedroom eyes, Tifa looked deep into Cloud. Feeling his warm seed inside of her gave Tifa butterflies throughout her whole body. She leaned in on Cloud as his hot white cum poured out of Tifa and onto Cloud's lower stomach. "I love you too Cloud."

The two shared eachother's embrace as they looked out to the the polluted night sky in the window, hoping morning light would never invade their embrace.

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