Aerith's Delicate Flower

BY : maryshepardn7
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final fantasy 7, Final Fantasy or any of it's characters. Nor do I make any money or profits from this story.

I wrote this story while listening to the song: Flowers blooming in the church (remake version). I found that it definitely further enhances the ambiance and emotions to listen to that song while reading.



"Don't forget that I'm heading to the market, you two!" Elmyra called out to Cloud and Aerith as they walked off towards the flower gardens. "You know where the key is, if I'm not back!"

"Of course, mom!" Aerith giggled, turning around to wave as she continued walking backwards next to Cloud with his flower basket. She quickly grabbed his arm to Cloud's surprise. "Come on, Cloud! Let's go!" She then sped up to a quick walk, dragging her bodyguard along with her to the nearby flower field that was bathing in the sunlight. "Well, let's get started! And don't worry, I'll give you a cut of the earnings!"

"Uh, okay?" Cloud said, unsure as to why he felt like his old, more adventurous self when he was around Aerith. Being accepting of Aerith's teasing and shenanigans, it felt strange that he was okay with this from her, when he would have typically been mean or cold to anyone else that would have acted in such ways around him.

The walked into a large flower field and began to pick the best looking flowers. Cloud reached down and grabbed a daisy.

"No, no, silly!" Aerith said taking it from his hand. "I've already picked some daisies! See!? We need something else."

"Oh....sorry." Cloud said.

"That's okay! Come on, let's keep picking!"


After several minutes of picking various types of flowers with Cloud, Aerith placed her basket on the ground. "Alright, Cloud, it's break time!"

"Already?" Cloud asked, surprised he hadn't fully expected her unpredictability to continually get the best off him.

"Yep! Not all of us are SOLDIERs you know!"

"Sure, but we're just-"

"Just laboring away out here in the hot sun!? I know!" Aerith interrupted. "I heard your stomach rumbling, mister. Fortunately, my mother had made us some sandwiches so we have all the energy in the world!" 

"Oh...good thinking, I guess." Cloud said, unsure of what to expect from Aerith next.

"Right?!"  Aerith grabbed a light pink blanket from her basket that matched the color of her dress, being careful not to damage the flowers they had picked. She placed it down on top of a bed that they had picked most of the flowers from, surrounded on all sides by other flower beds. "Help me straighten this out, would you?" Aerith said as she fluffed the blanket out onto the flower bed. 

Without saying a word, Cloud grabbed the blanket, unsure as to why he felt compelled to do as she asked. 

Aerith smiled as Cloud clumsily pulled the blanket out to the side.

"Oh, you're such a guy!" Aerith said jokingly. She then took off her red leather jacket and placed it on her corner of the sheet, revealing her beautiful skin and shoulders. She gave a sly smile as she saw Cloud trying hard not to stare at Aerith in her pink spaghetti-strap dress. 

She then stomped playfully over to Cloud's side. "Let me show you how it's done!" She then grabbed the sheet, causing Cloud to let go. "Oh, no you don't!" Aerith said, grabbing his hands and holding them onto the sheet with her own hands. "You have to step back and stretch the blanket so that there are no wrinkles. Understand?"

"You're killing me here...." Cloud groaned.

"We have to get it right!" Aerith smiled as they stepped back with the sheet. "Perfect, now we need something to hold the blanket down with."

"Maybe the baskets." Cloud suggested.

"Hmmmm, I don't know, they would probably blow over with a simple wind gust....." Aerith put her index finger on her chin in quiet contemplation. "Ah! I know!" She then reached around Cloud's back, grabbing his Buster sword, trying to take it off of the magnet on Cloud's back.

"Hey!" Cloud muttered, putting up little resistance.

"There we go!" Aerith said, finally yanking it off of Cloud and raising it into the air. "Whoaah!" Aerith said as she stumbled over from the sword's immense weight.

In an instance, Cloud grabbed her as she fell and kicked the sword away, taking the entire brunt of the fall as Aerith landed on top of him. 

They both got their bearings as Aerith had her eyes closed and hands gripped onto Cloud's shoulders. Opening her eyes, she noticed he was trying hard not to look down her dress since it was in his face "As I said before.....My hero." She said before tapping the tip of Coud's nose with her fingertip and giving him a quick peck on the cheek before rolling over to lay next to him.

"Glad you're okay....." Cloud said as he started to sit up. "...should be more careful...."

Aerith quickly grabbed his arm and yanked him back down, causing him to gasp in surprise.

"Cloud! Our break just started and you already wanna get back to work? Loosen up a little."

Cloud paused for a second. "Fine...." He then layed back  so that he was completely on his back and eye level with Aerith as she layed on her back as well.

"So here we are...." Aerith said looking up to the plate far above their heads, noticing their hands were slightly touching side by side.

"Yep." Cloud said.

" know Cloud...." Aerith said.

He turned his head to face Aerith who had now cozied up against him, resting her head against his shoulder.

"Yeah?" Cloud asked.

"Nevermind." She said.

There was a few moments of silence between the two before Aerith rolled over onto her stomach, raising her torso up with her forearms. She then looked at Cloud with a smile on her face, only a few inches from his face as he looked into her eyes, expecting anything unexpected from Aerith at this point. She slowly moved her head towards his and slightly closed her eyes. Feeling infatuated with her, Cloud closed his eyes. A moment later he felt Aerith's soft, warm lips touching his. He opened his eyes and only saw her face as she held her eyes closed, holding the kiss for a few seconds longer until she opened her eyes and slowly moved her head back, while still looking at Cloud.

"Thanks for everything, Cloud." She said in a serious tone. She then playfully pushed her forehead against Cloud's chest.

"Of course......and thanks." 

Aerith rested her chin atop her hands as she placed them on Cloud's chest, gazing lovingly into his eyes. " you feel like we've had.....other memories together?"

Cloud slowly raised his hand and rested it on Aerith's back, looking down to her resting on the deep rhythmic breathing of his chest. "What do you mean?"

"Ummmm....I hope you don't think I'm crazy for saying this, but.......Does it feel like we've met in our dreams...or a past life?"

"I'm..... not sure...." Cloud said. Aerith then grabbed Cloud's free hand and pulled his glove off, locking her fingers with his. At that moment, he felt a pulse coarse through his body from where their hands touched. Memories flashed through his mind as visions of memories that he couldn't remember experiencing played. Even though they were undoubtedly of him and Aerith.

He saw a flash of her smiling towards him at a chocobo ranch. The next image was of her and him at an astronomy tower with an old man and red dog-like creature looking at planets crumble and form. The next memory was of Aerith and Cloud riding a gondola by themselves at the Gold Saucer as fireworks went off around them. The final memory was of cloud in a blue hued forest, running in slow motion, unable to catch up with Aerith as she spoke inaudible words to him before running off on her own into the forest.

Cloud's eyes opened with a single tear flowing as he was shaken, only to see Aerith still by his side, now with her face above his. "What was that!? I saw all these memories as plain as day, yet they never least I don't think...."

"One'll understand." Aerith said cryptically.

 His eyes darted back and forth between her's before he exhaled and grabbed her and pulled her in for another kiss. This one lasting much longer than the previous, now that he felt something inside him drawing drawing him closer to Aerith on many levels. 

Without breaking their lip contact, Aerith tossed her one leg over Cloud, so that she was now completely on top of him as they kissed. Aerith finally let go of Cloud's lips and sat up as she grabbed his hand and led them to her the spaghetti straps on her dress, guiding them as he slid them off to further reveal her delicate breasts, without dropping the dress down completely. He reached up and gently grasped her slightly exposed breasts as she looked to the sky with her eyes closed. 

Aerith then leaned in on Cloud and grabbed his shoulder rolling him over onto the flower bed and on top of her. Cloud sat up on his knees as he looked down at Aerith moving her arms and legs sensually as she looked at him with bedroom eyes. She then fidgeted her legs around so that her dress started to gravitate down to fully expose her smooth legs as she teased Cloud by only barely revealing everything slowly. 

Cloud grabbed both of her legs and smiled at Aerith as she spread them open revealing her tiny pink thong with flower lacings. Cloud grabbed the panties and pulled them off as Aerith lifted her legs in the air for him. He then leaned in slowly as Aerith put her hands on the back of Cloud's head and pushed him down to her perfectly shaved vagina. Cloud rubbed his cheek against it, feeling the soft area while taking in the aroma of her womanhood, mixed with the various scents of the nearby flowers within their proximity.

Aerith slowly raised her legs again and wrapped them around Cloud's head, drawing him in as he placed his face against her flower, licking the moist outside, before sliding his tongue inside of her warm body, causing her to moan as she ran her hands through his hair while he looked up at her with her legs and bare feet wrapped around his head.

"Is it nice?" Aerith asked.

"Wonderful." Cloud said, unable to look away from Aeriths's face as she breathed heavily while moaning and biting her finger.

"You're tongue is so strong..." Aerith said as she continued running her hand's through Cloud's blonde hair. 

Cloud began to lick her small clitoris with all of the strength in his tongue muscle, causing Aerith to convulse in ecstasy. "Oh-oh-fffuck!" She moaned as Cloud felt her legs shake and tighten around his head while her hands pulled his hair with excessive force, much to his own pleasure.

"I-I-I Can't hold it!" She cried out as her pussy blasted hot clear juices all over Cloud's face and in his mouth.

"Tastes so good." he said quietly before he continued tonguing her pussy. She then let go of his head and yanked him on top of her body. 

"My turn...." Aerith said, softly. She then directed Cloud to sit on his knees, with Aerith in between both legs. She then reached up and unzipped Cloud's pants and pulled out his erect penis. She licked her lips in awe of Cloud's massive member. She then angled the erect cock down and latched her lips around the head, tasting all of it's goodness. She looked lovingly up to Cloud as he closed his eyes with his mouth open, going through a wide range of expressions as she pleasured him. They both felt something within their connection that transcended their physical beings. 

For several minutes, Aerith sucked Cloud's manhood until she took it out of her mouth. "I want to feel you deep inside me, Cloud."

He sat back as she sat up as well, wrapping her legs and arms around his body as he teased the outside of her sensitive pussy with the tip of his penis before inserting it gently into her, causing her to tighten her grip around Cloud as she kissed his neck. Feeling the motion between the pair, Aerith opened her eyes and took in the tranquil sights of the flowers and nearby waterfall at sunset, bringing pleasure to her eyes as Cloud brought pleasure and emotion to her body. Aerith moaned loudly as Cloud continued to thrust inside of her, not caring about the potential of getting caught right outside of her own house.

After several minutes in eachother's embrace, Cloud layed Aerith back down on her back and penetrated her once again as she lay on the flowerbed.

"YES CLOUD!" She moaned as Cloud leaned in thrusting her with all of his tremendous power, shaking all of the flowers around them. He grabbed her legs and raised them onto his shoulders as he slightly pressed down on her lower stomach while he rammed Aerith.

Several minutes passed as the sun continued to set, giving all of the flowers and grass a slight orange hue. Feeling his penis tingle with an even greater rush of pleasure, Cloud knew the time was now. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Aerith as she layed on her back, wrapping her arms and legs around Cloud's body as the thrusted downward into her. They both pressed their foreheads together and breathed into eachother's mouths as Cloud's penis began to pulsate. Pulse after pulse, Cloud shot his warm white load deep into Aerith's womb, not letting up for an entire minute as he locked lips with Aerith simultaneously. After the minute passed, Cloud slowly pulled his semi-hard penis out of Aerith's pollinated flower.

For several minutes, the couple laid in the flowers, quietly looking up to the plate way above them in eachothers embrace.

"That was life-changing, Cloud." Aerith said as she slowly put her spaghetti strap dress back on. 

"It really was." Cloud replied, looking deep into Aerith's bright green eyes as she proceeded to put her red jacket back on. "Time to go, already?" Cloud asked, to which Aerith let out a little chuckle.

"I'm glad you want to spend more time with me, Cloud" She said. "I'm sure we'll have many more adventures to come." 

Not wanting to disappoint Cloud, she laid back down to rest her head on his chest. "The sun's setting....." Aerith said as Cloud gently ran his gloveless hand through Aerith's soft hair. "Isn't it beautiful?"

"It is." Cloud said as the colors around Aerith's home brightened along with their moving shadows from the sunset. "I just want the memory we're making...... to last.....just a little longer."

Aerith smiled and kissed Cloud, resting her head on Cloud's chest as they embraced in the flowers until the night covered the oasis.

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