Cloud's harem with Tifa, Jessie and Aerith

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 This story takes place in an alternate timeline where President Shinra dies of a heart attack after the second attack by AVALACNCHE and the company decides to scale back mako usage by 95%, rendering power in the city to a bare minimum. Rufus Shinra died in a helicopter crash and Hojo died by overdosing on Jenova Cell injections. With it's leadership in disarray, Shinra cuts back on all output by 95% and restructures, providing energy for the bare necessities.  Since the president, Hojo and Rufus were the primary driving forces of the story that drove Cloud from Midgar and towards Sephiroth, Cloud finds no reason to leave. Especially with the women he cares about all being in one place. Though he feels an occasional itch from Sephiroth calling to him through Jenova cells, he learns to block it out. With Cloud being the only person connected to Sephiroth actually having the physical capability to bring the ultimate materia to him, Sephiroth remains stagnant in the northern crater, unable to call forth meteor and become a god.


Aerith, Tifa and Cloud had finally escaped the Sector 7 Train Graveyard, now standing at the main Sector 7 train station. There was a strange sense of uncertainty in the air as the people of the slums murmured amongst themselves as to what Midgar's future was going to look like, with the president dead along with his heir and the second reactor bombing.  

"Cloud! Tifa!" Jessie said as she ran towards them from an alley in the Sector 7 Slums. "So good to see you're safe!" She hugged Tifa and then hugged Cloud much more tightly. "I'm Jessie, and you are?" She asked Aerith.

"Oh, I'm Aerith!" She said smiling with a wave.

"I'm Jessie!" She said running over to Aerith, giving her a quick, friendly hug. "Cloud, you sure have a tendency to draw the prettiest girls around you, huh!" Jessie said winking at him.

"Jessie, do you know if Barret and the guys are around?" Tifa asked

"Hmmm. Well, Barret took Marlene to the shopping center in Sector 3 to celebrate. As for Biggs and Wedge, they both scored dates with some pretty women in Sector 6. Since Shinra is in turmoil and cutting Mako usage 95%, everyone is going out to celebrate in their own way."

"And you?" Cloud asked, crossing his arms. 

"Me?" Jessie pondered for a few second with her finger on her mouth. "I hope you're hungry, 'cause I still got a pizza I promised to cook you, if my memory serves me correctly!"

"Oh yeah, that's right." Cloud said, looking between Tifa and Aerith. "I am feeling a bit hungry..." he grabbed his stomach.

"Great, why don't you come over now! My roommates all left town for the Gold Saucer to get away from the madness for a bit."

She then grabbed Cloud's hand and pulled him forward. 

"Cloud!" Tifa and Aerith yelled.

"Oh, right... Is it okay if Aerith and Tifa join us?" Cloud asked.

"Little adventurous are we?" Jessie murmured under her breath.

"Huh?" Cloud responded.

"Of course!" Jessie said louder. "We can all celebrate the AVALANCHE victory!"

Tifa looked at Aerith "Sounds good to me!" Tifa said.

"Cloud'll keep us safe!" Aerith said skipping over to Cloud and Jessie as Tifa jogged towards them as well.

"Come on everyone let's go!" Aerith said. She then slapped Cloud's tight butt and wrapped her arm around his left arm.

"Lets!" Tifa said smacking Cloud's butt right after, then latching around his other arm.

"Onward, to my place!" Jessie said slapping Cloud's ass after everyone else then jumping onto him piggyback style as the other ladies held his arms tightly.

The group walked through the dark slums, garnering many strange looks from jealous men and women as Cloud had two lovely ladies on his arms and a lovely lady on his back. After approaching Jessie's door, she hopped off Cloud's back and quickly kissed the back of his neck before prancing to her door, unlocking it.

When they entered the room, there were many scents and decorations that one would use to show they cared for someone.

"Wow, I don't remember it looking like this last time I was here..." Cloud said.

"Oh, uh....Yeah, you know..." Jessie said awkwardly, remembering she was expecting only Cloud to come over. "My roommates....they're always, uh changin' the place up. They just forgot to put everything away, I guess.."

"Uh huh." Cloud said. 

"Thanks so much Jessie." Tifa said sitting on a couch.

"Cool place!" Aerith said plopping down next to Tifa, placing her hands down upon her lap.

"Alright everyone, I've been making my famous pizza to celebrate our victory." Jessie said as she took off her metal breastplate and put on a green oven mit as she checked on the pizza she left in the toasty oven before meeting up with Cloud.

"So it looks like the pizza's ready." Jessie said, bringing the hot pizza out and placing it on a table in the living room after slicing it into 8 pieces.

Everyone took a piece, eating rather quickly after going through the many troubles they had experienced, from Corneo's place to the sewers and the train graveyard.

Jessie then hopped over and sat on Cloud's lap as he ate his slice. "How's it taste, honey?" She smiled as Tifa and Aerith giggled at eachother.

"It's really good." Cloud said, chomping down on his slice.

"I knew you'd like it!" She said,  kissing his cheek and jumping back up, taking the pizza pan away.


"Thanks so much!" Aerith said as she put her empty plate on the table.

"Yeah it was wonderful!" Tifa said 

"Hm, I knew you all would love it!" Jessie winked. "Cloud, what about you, Mr. Grumpy pants?" 

"Hey!" Cloud said, prompting the ladies to all laugh.

"It's okay, Cloud." Aerith smiled. "You've been doing alot of work, so you're just stressed, that's all."

"I'm not stressed." Cloud responded.

"The grumpy tone says otherwise." Tifa interjected as the ladies scooted closer to him so their shoulders touched, resting her head on his shoulder. 

"I think our hero just needs a nice relaxing massage." Jessie said, putting her hands on his shoulders, taking off his armor plating.

"What are y-" Cloud said before Aerith interrupted him. 

"Just relax, Cloud." Aerith said, grabbing his arms and gently squeezing them to reduce his tension.

"I-" Cloud tried to say before Tifa interrupted

"It's okay, we're here for you." Tifa said, massaging Cloud's thighs, causing him to flinch. "You've done so much for us....for everyone.....and even for the planet.

Giving up resistance, Cloud sighed and layed back, easing into the couch and closing his eyes as the three beautiful women massaged the handsome hero. 

Several quiet minutes passed until Jessie's stopped massaging his head and shoulders, and leaned down, whispering in his ear "Someone's getting excited." She said calling out Cloud's big growing erection.

"Gah!" Cloud said, embarrassed attempting to get up before all three girls blocked him from getting up, pushing him back down.

"It's okay, Cloud." Aerith said. "It's actually really nice to look at. "

Tifa smiled and quickly squeezed his giant boner once. "It shows that you appreciate what we're doing."

"So just sit back and relax...." Jessie said. "Leave the worries of the world behind you." She then ran her hands from Cloud's shoulders down to his chest.

All of the ladies were unable to take their eyes off of the delicious massive bulge protruding in Cloud's pants. Jessie walked from behind Cloud and crawled on the floor in front of him. At that moment all three of the ladies softly caressed Cloud's hard cock simultaneously.

One by one the ladies got up for Cloud, removing their clothes and revealing their perfect bodies. They each threw their moist aromatic panties on his face as they finished undressing. The scent was intoxicating to Cloud, causing his to stiffen harder and close his eyes, taking in the delightful smells. 

Cloud then stood up and slowly stripped away his clothes as the women watched his chiseled body slowly get revealed. As he was finally completely naked with his near foot long penis piercing the air, all three women approached his and kissed him before pushing him back down onto the couch. They then dropped to their knees. The feeling of their three tongues running up and down Cloud's penis made him giggle with happiness. Then as if they were performing a combo, they each took on a different method of pleasuring Cloud.

Jessie sucked on his large balls, suctioning them into her mouth. Aerith sucked on the top half of Cloud's penis so that Tifa could grab the lower half of the shaft to jerk it.

"Alright ladies, line up." Cloud said with a smirk on his face. The trio got on all fours at the end of Jessie's couch as Cloud spent five minutes fucking each of the women in a row from behind. The room temperature had greatly increased from the pounding and sweat that the ladies were generating.

"Phew, it's toasty in here." Jessie said, fanning her face with her hand. "Let's go to my room, it's MUCH cooler in there!"

Cloud then picked up Tifa as Jessie latched onto his arm and Aerith hopped onto his back as he carried them into Jessie's room. Arriving in Jessie's dark grey room, Cloud layed flat on the bed. 

"You like that don't you." Tifa teased as she sat down on Cloud's face. Meanwhile, Aerith was playing with his balls while Jessie hopped on cowgirl style as Cloud slowly pounded her in rhythm with her hips as they fluidly moved on top of his penis.

After several minutes the girls all got on all fours in a line, holding hands and kissing eachother as Cloud pounded and stretched their tight assholes one by one with his enormous meat.

Aerith then stood up. "I have a crazy idea. Let's do the Wutai Wrangle position!" 

They all laughed, knowing full well that it was a humorous sex position that many people would joke about.

"Well Aerith..." Cloud said. "Since you volunteered...."

Tifa and Jessie each grabbed Aerith's wrists.

"Hey!" She said, offering little resistance as Cloud grabbed her feet and lifted her in the air as Tifa and Jessie did the same with her arms. Extending her like a wooden bridge connecting two cliffs. Cloud then rammed Aerith's insides as her boobs jiggled in a clockwise motion. She rolled her eyes with pleasure from the wild thrashing Cloud was dealing her in the wild position.

After several minutes, Cloud pulled out and the trio tossed Aeith onto the bed. 

"My turn, hero." Tifa said as she grabbed Cloud's penis to fuck her on the bed in the missionary position, making her cream almost instantly. Jessie then went over to Cloud, putting her breasts in his face as he started to suck the milk out of them. Aerith rolled over to Tifa and put her pussy in the fighter's mouth, moaning as she tongued it just right.

"One more position. Get on top of eachother." Cloud said pulling out of Tifa's warm body, much to her dismay. 

Tifa layed on her stomach as Aerith climbed atop her in the same position and Jessie climbed atop both of them, creating a stack of three beautiful asses and pussies, calling out to Cloud.

As he saw the three beautiful pussies on top of eachother, Cloud smiled and muttered an alternate version of his catchphrase. "Very interested..." He nodded before he stuck his tongue on Tifa's vagina and licked straight up, tasting all of Tifa, Aerith and then Jessie in one big lick. 

He then grabbed the base of his penis and started to fuck Tifa's pussy as he ate out Jessie and Aerith. After wearing Tifa out, he proceeded to the next on the totem, being Aerith, making her howl like a wild creature until she creamed as well. After several hard poundings in Aerith, Cloud pulled out and entered Jessie's vagina, pounding her the hardest as he felt his ejaculation coming along while she creamed and squirted all over Cloud and the ladies below her.

With all of his pent up cum, Cloud roared like a fierce beast in a way none of the women ever heard Cloud scream. He quickly filled Jessie's vagina with his hot sperm as it started to overflow and cascade into Aerith's asshole and vagina, making its way down into Tifa's as well. 

Cloud grasped his cock and held the shots in as he re-entered Aerith's pussy, filling her to the max. Finally he saved his last few shots for Tifa as he rammed into her as she held completely still, praying that Cloud would fulfill her fantasy and put a mini Cloud inside her. 

Cloud finally pulled out as he stared at the artistic masterpiece before him. The sounds of their pussies sporadically gushing out his cum, down onto eachother as they moaned with delight filled Cloud with the most wondrous feelings he had ever experienced.

The ladies all got off eachother and laid on their backs side by side. They all raised their legs for Cloud to gaze in wonderment. Then they all stuck their hands into the flowing cum and cusped it like water filling thier hands. Following that they all got on their knees in front of Cloud.

"Kiss..." Cloud said.

The girls all smiled at Cloud's unusually demanding demeanor. They then got together and poured the cum into eachother's mouths before they locked lips and kissed passionately, the taste of Cloud's sweet seed making it all the more euphoric and enjoyable. Jessie then stood up and drooled the thick white liquid into Tifa and Aerith's mouths before getting back down and having them kiss the thick cum back into her mouth. They all finally looked up at Cloud and opened their mouths wide open to show the pools of Cloud's pearly white cum swishing around in their mouths.

"Now swallow..." Cloud demanded.

The ladies all closed their mouths with a smile as they gulped deeply before giving a relieved "aaah!" as they opened their mouths to show Cloud that it all went down and tongues that had thick white cum residue on it.

The four all took a hot shower together, cleaning eachother up before Jessie invited Cloud and the girls to stay in her bed, which they all did. Cloud slept like he was a king on a cloud with his ladies surrounding him, each sleeping in his arms. He was relieved to wake up the next day to see that it was not a dream.

After such a wild night, it came to no ones surprise that all three women had become pregnant, thanks to Cloud.

Since Shinra activities completely almost halted and the call of Sephiroth had waned, Cloud decided it would be best to start somewhere away from the bustling city. As the three womens stomachs grew in Midgar, He set out to build a humble home just outside of the town of Kalm, on a river that was a short distance away from the ocean with his new family. As he did so, he would visit Nibelheim with the ladies, learning of the truth regarding him and Zack Fair, giving him ample time to reflect on the truth of his life and coming to terms with it. All just in time to bring his new family to the house he had built, living a life of comfort and peace.

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