A seaside encounter

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First off, thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.

Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.

The reference for this is the "The Cephalopod's Concoction" event.

“Gee-hee-hee! So you think you can just beat the antidote out of me!?” Ultros exclaimed while one of his tentacles rubbed the spot where Sarah’s last arrow had hit him.

“It’s not like you leave us a choice.” The princess replied, her bow at the ready. Her light pink sarong played around her legs, caught in the ocean breeze.

“Not that pummeling a slippery wretch like you doesn’t have benefits on it’s own.” Meia added jokingly.

“In that case i have to bolster my defense.” The purple monster decided. “Maybe with something like... this!” At that one of his many tentacles shot out of the sand, right at the Warrior’s feet.

He was still weakened from Ultros’ poison he drank by accident, so he had no chance to escape when the strong tendril wrapped around his ankle and reeled him in. Within seconds most of his body was trapped in twitching coils and the large fiend hid itself behind him.

“Unhand him this instant!” Sarah demanded with her bow primed, but found no way to aim for the monster’s body without risking to hurt her friend.

“Yeah! Don’t you dare lay your hand... things... on him!” Echo joined in, excitedly flittering in the air. Dressed for the occasion, she had donned the same white two piece swimsuit she had worn when she’d visited the hot springs atop Albion Plateau with the Warrior of Light.

“Oh hush it tiny butterfly!” Ultros snapped. “Leave the talking to the grownups!”

"Butterfly!?" The faerie stammered, obviously lost for words at that kind of insult.

"So, first of all, you two beauties will drop your weapons!" The maritime monster directed at Meia and Sarah. "Unless you want to see how your friend looks just as boneless as me. Gee-hee-hee!" His many limbs grew tighter around the Warriors arms and legs. In his defenseless state there was no way for him to escape from this peril.

The Witches blade and the Princess' bow landed in the soft sand without delay. They exchanged distressed looks, but neither seemed to have an idea what to do except to comply.

"Good, good! Gee-hee-hee! Only one last thing to defuse now!" Like a spear one of his tentacles shot forward, spinning around Meia's neck and once more over her mouth. The cold flesh grabbed her with such strength that it pried apart her lips and teeth, silencing her for good.

"NO! Don't hurt her!" Sarah shouted and reached out to help her friend. Yet before she could lay her hand on the squirming appendage another wrapped around her wrist, holding her away.

She tried to free herself, but this proved to be a mistake. Soon the slippery tendril had both her wrists in an unrelenting bind and her arms were pulled above her head until she was almost lifted off the ground.

"Don't you worry, my pretty princess. I have no such thing in mind." Ultros gloated. "At least as long as you both behave." Meia tried her best and clawed at the twitching limb, though she barely got enough air to stay conscious even less enough to fight or cast any spells.

"Leave them alone, you lecherous sea urchin!" Echo shouted, giving the much larger opponent her best bravado.

"Gee-hee-hee! So the butterfly wants to play, too?" He snickered and raised one of his tendrils. It split apart, like the individual threads of a rope. Soon a whole flock of feelers, all as thick as a shoelace, chased after the unprepared faerie and caught her like a web.

They completely encased her from shoulder to ankle and when they pulled taut they pressed the wind out of Echo's lungs. In the moment she gasped for air one of the threatening filaments used the chance to sink deep into her wide open mouth until it left a noticeable bulge on her slender throat.

"Oh, such tender insides. It will be fun playing with you." Ultros enthused as he watched his tiny captive choke and gag from her oral ordeal. "Let's see if you two can keep up with this."

If Meia and Sarah had any doubt about the fiends intentions they'd been wiped away as they witnessed how their faerie companion was forced to swallow the purple tentacle again and again with barely a chance to breathe.

Again he focused on Meia first. His limbs tried to wriggle their way into the tight fitting black and blue diving suit. More and more of his mass found it's way inside, stretching the elastic material to the limit.

The feeling of the cold and slimy objects sliding over her skin made her sick, but no sound of discomfort made it past the living gag.

With a sudden, ripping sound the Witches attire was torn into tatters, baring her luscious curves to the summer sun. She was lifted into the air and her legs were forced apart, leaving nothing hidden for the cackling beholder.

"What a lovely display!" Ultros swooned, poking and prodding the soft skin he had uncovered. One of his appendages found its way to the closed petals of Meia's quim and parted them with its tip.

She bucked wildly, fighting against the restraints that kept her aloft. But the tentacle around her neck constricted, suffocating her. Her vision swam and her strength faded as he brought her to the verge of fainting.

"No, maybe not." He suddenly decided and allowed her to breathe again while also retreating from her lower lips. "For a Heretic like you this won't surely be anything special. But something else will. Gee-hee-hee!"

Another tentacle snaked over Meia's back to the cleft between the full globes of her butt. It searched for the tight ring of muscles and once at the entrance it forced it's way in without warning.

“Mmmgh!” This time she could be heard through the flesh muzzling her. She screamed as loud as she could when the writhing tendril invaded her guts. The slime coating every inch of Ultros' peel provided ample lubrication, but his girth quickly stretched her to agonizing dimensions.

Deeper and deeper he went and when the Azure Witch feared she might throw up he finally reversed the course. Yet the feeling of being pulled inside out as he left her was just as torturous.

"You better take a look, pretty princess. You might learn something." The multi-limbed monster taunted, who had no trouble to coordinate simultaneously violating two girls. 

“N-no...” All the time Sarah had kept her eyes closed and her head down to preserve even a little of Meia's modesty. And the wet, squelching sounds together with the raven-haired woman's distraught groans told her more than she wanted to know.

Ultros wound one of his tentacles around her head, forcing the princess to face her harassed friend. "I. Said. Look!" Using another limb like a whip he lashed out against her ripe derriere.

“Aah!” She yelped in pain and shock and her eyes flew open. Her struggle stopped when she received another, harder whip. Tears welled up in her eyes, both from the stinging pain on her rear and from what she was forced to see.

He had brought Meia closer until their unwanted coupling made up most of her vision. It was easy for Sarah to estimate how much of the thick tentacle was pushed into her friend, as it's sheen had been scraped off by the close-to-tearing rosebud. That is almost as much as my arm! She thought in terror.

Suddenly her head was pushed forward until her face was pressed against the Witches stomach. From there she could feel something bumping against her cheek, each time accompanied by a labored grunt from her friend.

"Gee-hee-hee! Can you feel it kicking? Guess you can hardly wait to get some of this?" Ultros bantered as he used the women like rag dolls.

"No... stop doing this..." Sarah cried, unable to wipe the stream of tears away as she imagined how the tentacle would ravage her intestines.

"No!? Fine then. I can still play with your friends." He replied dismissively and once more aimed for Meia's snatch, moving the Princess so she could see his approach. The Witch struggled vainly when she felt him probing her entrance, wailing protests from behind her gag.

"Wait, no! Just... no more..." Sarah winced, who found Meia looking down at her with a mix of gratefulness and regret at her intervention.

"So you do want to play? Gee-hee-hee! Then let's get those things out of the way first." Ultros prattled. Two more of his countless limbs took hold of the back of her bikini's waistband and top and violently pulled on both.

“Oow!” The cloth dug into her chest and deep into the folds of her slit, making her squeal in pain. He kept pulling until she hung from her pink swimwear and the seams almost cut her fair skin. To her it took an agonizing eternity until the elastic material finally ripped.

Before Sarah had a chance to recover from the harrowing treatment he already moved in to claim her sore maidenhood. She instinctively pressed her thighs together, but could not stop the slick tentacle from entering her.

Her breathing stalled the moment her virginity was stolen from her. "Gee-hee-hee! Congratulations, little princess!" Ultros said full of mockery. "Maybe your friend wants to say her regards as well."

He removed his tendril from Meia's lips and she coughed and sputtered from all the slime that had gathered. "Sarah... Nngh... you shouldn't... Ugh... And you... You'll pay for this... Hgk!" Her tirade was cut short by a thick tentacle conquering her mouth until it breached into her throat.

She grabbed the fleshy invader with both hands to stop it, but it’s surface was so slick that this only amounted to her being able to measure how deep he penetrated her gullet.

“Oho, I can feel you squirming inside and out!” The fiend boasted as he massaged the Witches neck in the rhythm of his deepthroating exploits. He wrapped another tentacle around Meia’s midriff several times and constricted her like a corset, wanting to feel how he rummaged inside her through the soft skin as well.

Tied up like a rolled piece of meat and impaled from both ends the Azure Witches eyes rolled back into her head. The outside pressure made the feeling of her overstuffed guts even more intense and only the stinging pain from her sphincter and esophagus kept her conscious.

Sarah watched her friends abuse with a horrid expression and clenched teeth. She wanted to raise her voice. Either yell at the hideous monster or scream in pain as her once virgin passage got stretched apart without mercy. But not a single sound escaped her lungs.

At least until the throbbing invader eventually reached her deepest parts. Instead of stopping there Ultros kept pushing. He lifted the Princess off her feet and her whole bodyweight rested on her tender womb.

A sound she had never imagined possible was pressed out of her when her core almost got crushed. And she not only lost control over her voice. With great shame Sarah noticed a warmth flowing down her legs, unable keep the golden liquid at bay.

“Gee-hee-hee! What a naughty princess! Feeling so good that she wets herself!” Ultros surmised, adding insult to injury. He slowly pulled out of her until her heels returned to the now damp sand before he pumped into her once more.

His pace was a lot slower than what Meia’s throat and colon had to endure, but to the inexperienced blonde it felt like his tentacle grew thicker every plunge and with her arms held tight over head she had no way to escape.

Every hit against her cervix made her wince in agony and sapped away her strength. Her head tumbled forward and fell between the witches thighs.

Sarah didn’t have the mind to bother how close she was to her friends privates, which she saved from violation with her sacrifice. She didn’t care for the musky scent or that each of her labored breaths on the flushed folds sent tingles of unwanted pleasure up Meia’s spine.

“So you wanted to keep her tasty honeypot to yourself? You should have said so from the start Gee-hee-hee!” Ultros cackled with impish delight. “Do you want a piece of the tiny butterfly as well?”

He brought Echo closer and carefully uncoiled her from his grasp. Her stomach was already bloated from the quantities of clear mucus she was forced to swallow. He grabbed her small wrists and ankles and held her spread eagled in the air before uncorking the faeries mouth.

A torrent of liquids broke free from her throat and the bulge on her tummy rapidly deflated. She retched and coughed as she sought to focus what was in front of her with weary eyes.

The Princess looked up full compassion at the poor being, though she only bit her lip as her body moved in the ebb and flow of her rape. She was too scared of what might happen to her if she spoke up for one of her friends again.

"Nnghn!" Echo grunted when two of the filigree tendrils prodded against her pristine folds and clenched rosebud. Without hesitation the pair breached into the untouched territory and left a visible outline on her tiny body.

Her mouth stood open in a silent scream as her insides got pried apart. With her arms and legs drawn taut only her wings were free to move. They followed the rhythm of Ultros pumping into the besieged faerie, more spasming than fluttering as he picked up the pace.

Before she had a chance to regain her voice her throat was once again filled by a twitching tentacle. The malignant monster adapted his speed to violate all three women at the same tempo.

Their sounds of suppressed suffering blended together with the ocean surf and the wet squelching of Ultros’ many limbs. Even more of them started to roam over Sarah’s shaking curves.

They caressed the tender flesh of her breasts and behind. Suction cups latched onto her, tugging and pinching her soft skin like a dozen mouths.

“Eek!” A shriek escaped her when one of the cool tendrils passed through the crack of her butt.

“Ohoho! Does the little princess want it there?” The smug sea dweller inquired.

“N-noo...” she muttered and shook her head.

“But look how well your friends are playing along.” Ultros pondered. “Don’t you think you are being unfair?”

He brought the tip of a tentacle close to her quaking lips without forcing his way further. Sarah pulled away as far as she could, but quickly found herself with no other way except letting him press against her clenched teeth.

All of the twitching branches withdrew from her rear, only to clear the way for another whipping.

“Aakh!” The stinging blow across her buttocks launched her forward and her mouth filled with the thick tentacle. The taste of brine made her retch and the texture, like fresh clay bound in leather, send a shiver of disgust down her spine.

He lashed out once more and Sarah’s scream of pain was smothered by the spongy invader that forced its way deeper down into her spasming throat. “Gee-hee-hee! I hope this is not the best you can do. That’s not even a third of what your friends managed to take!”

The princess leaned back until she was able to spit out the revolting mass. Remnants of the substance coating every inch of his skin stuck to her gums. It was so viscous she could chew it and it took forever until the bits that were already in her gullet reached her stomach.

“Now get to it, pretty princess! Practice makes perfect!” Ultros commanded and struck her tender behind again to spur her on.

No matter how much her stomach and tastebuds protested Sarah had no choice but to wrap her lips around the glistening appendage and try her hardest to swallow it as deep as she could.

“That is no way to handle my delicious essence.” The fiend playfully scolded her after she coughed up volumes of spit, bile and mucus again.

He maneuvered Meia around until her mound pointed at Sarah from below. Then he split another of his tendrils in the same way as he had done to catch Echo. Most of them found their way inside the witches quim.

Her tight sheath was forced apart until she was completely laid bare by the surprisingly strong fleshy threads.“A fitting chalice. Gee-hee-hee!” Ultros decided.

When the princess came up for air again she saw her friends gaping hole hanging below her and she frantically searched for a way to get rid of the gunk in her mouth. But a merciless whiplash against her pert breasts broke her stance.

In her pain and shock she spit out everything, most of the mix ending up inside the Witch just as the sinister sea dweller intended. Sarah coughed up what was stuck to her gum and watched with a horrid expression at what she had been forced to do.

The small puddle stirred both from Meia’s own contractions as her walls reacted to the sudden invasion and from the thick tentacle rearranging her insides through her ass.

What little break the princess had ended when a tentacle nudged against her lips, yet it took another strike against her sore behind before she let it enter her once more.

Like this she was steered along the cold flesh. Ultros whipped bottom her until he decided that she made enough progress on taking him down her throat. And when he wanted her to stop he struck her pert mammaries with equal malice.

His limbs were thick and squishy so they were unable to leave any welts, but they hit with such force that her soft skin soon sported visible bruises.

Every time she retched up more of the wicked mixture she noticed how the finer tendrils took more liberties with her friends privates. They pinched and prodded the flushed labia and one coiled around the erect clit to squeeze it.

Meia was not immune to this treatment and managed to squirm increasingly in her tight bindings. Even though Sarah could feel nothing but discomfort as each thrust into her depths felt like it would tear her apart an undeniable pleasure blossomed in the raven-haired woman’s core.

Just about the same time her quim had been filled to overflowing the Azure Witch stopped moving as her whole body tensed up. A guttural sound rose from her lungs that not even the living gag could suppress.

“Oho, did the naughty heretic feel so good that she came? Gee-hee-hee!” Ultros tittered and removed his tentacle from her throat to hear more of her moans. With her other holes still under under constant assault Meia was unable to keep her voice in and grunted rhythmically.

It was also her turn to cough up mouthfuls of spunk. The long minutes of having her esophagus expanded left her with a filled stomach that had to be emptied and soon her breasts were coated with a gluelike sheen.

“Meia...” the Princess breathed, her vocal chords too sore to be any louder, as she observed how her friend reached a new height in their shared defeat.

“Do not worry, your majesty. I have not forgotten about you two.” He pulled the flock of tendrils from the Witches slit. It slowly went back to its original shape, spilling over with viscid juices.

The smaller bands coiled around their larger counterpart buried deep inside Sarah. They formed creases on the otherwise smooth surface. Without warning Ultros fell into a frantic pace pummeling her stretched sheath.

“Ngooh!” The grooves tugged on her swollen labia and strummed a knot of nerves somewhere along her folds, setting her lower body on fire with intense, unfamiliar sensations.

Magnitudes of pleasure were forced upon her, overwriting everything else even as he stroked her red and blue breasts and rear.

In the moments she was able to see straight she noticed that Echo met the same fate, attacked by more and more tentacles from all sides.

They squeezed her tiny teats and caressed every part of her skin, from her small feet to her sensitive armpits. Even the roots of the faeries wings were stimulated by the dexterous appendages.

Sarah sensed a pressure building up inside her core, like her feelings threatened to tear her apart if they couldn’t find an outlet.

But Echo beat her to the race. Her miniature body almost vibrated as she climaxed and her dew dripped down from the spot they were connected like a broken faucet.

Ultros had no intent to leave the princess behind, so he focused his attention on her and sought for her clit. It was only a matter of seconds with the electricity running from her pearl up to her head and she reached her orgasm as well.

Her legs curled in reflexively, leaving her hanging from her wrists and if it weren’t far too late now she might’ve had another mishap then and there.

Time stretched on as the blankness in her mind slowly faded. The first thing Sarah noticed was how terribly exhausted she was.

“Please... no more... it’s enough... sex...” she slurred barely coherent.

“Sex? What are you talking about? This was nothing but foreplay!” The monster announced in mock confusion.

The young princesses mouth stood ajar at this revelation. To prove his point he produced another tentacle from below his body. It had the same size and color but sported a nozzle at the end, about as shock as her pinky.

The whole limb pulsed until the nozzle parted and glistening orb as large as a grape emerged. He held it in front of Sarah’s face to let her have a good look.

Although she was still at a loss for words her haunted expression left no doubt that she knew what it was.

“Let’s start with the little witch, after you’ve shown so much effort to lube her up. Gee-hee-hee!” The tendril leaped forward and forced its way inside Meia’s slick honeypot.

“Ugh... no... not there... Aagh!” She winced as he reached all the way inside her, even penetrating the final barrier with the nozzle to have direct access to his elected seedbed.

His flesh started pumping again. Soon Meia grunted in discomfort. It happened so slow that both women failed to notice it immediately, but her belly started bulging as it got filled with eggs.

More of his tentacles roamed over her skin, aiming for her erect nipples and clit. The one in her guts picked up moving as well but at a much more laid back pace, almost tenderly.

As time moved on and her belly swelled up further her stinted groans were replaced by heavy moans. “No -aah- not again -nnh- not like this -ooh!”

“Gee-hee-hee! And now for the finishing touch.” Ultros announced after the Witches womb was so stuffed that the eggs’ outline could be seen through her pale skin.

A splashing sound could be heard and something much more substantial flowed through the purple flesh. His seed filled her completely, making her balloon even more until she looked like in the last stages of pregnancy.

“NuuUUGHH!” At the same moment her body spasmed, brought over the edge of another climax from her overstimulated nethers. All of his tentacles retreated -the one splitting her asshole taking forever before it finally evacuated her- and Meia was dropped into the sand.

She writhed on the ground in her orgasmic aftershocks, her ass gaped open with no sign of closing and held her bloated belly. Sarah couldn’t fathom any way to make her friend appear more violated.

Ultros still had the single egg in his grasp and obviously seemed to ponder how to fit it inside the ravaged Heretic as well, but changed his mind. Instead he placed it against Echo’s tiny slit.

The Faerie was still forced to deepthroat one of his small tendrils so her only way to protest were unintelligible gargling noises. Her folds stretched and stretched to accommodate the squishy sphere.

When the egg finally slipped in she stopped moving altogether, spread to her limit and more. But the invading orb had not reached its destination yet.

His tentacles had pierced her womb some time ago, yet even that only inadequately prepared her for such a girth. The fiend kept pushing, confident in the surprising sturdiness of the egg.

Echo wailed around the flesh raping her gullet as the pressure on her cervix increased. But her sore and beaten channel yielded soon and allowed the foreign object to enter her babychamber.

She went slack, fallen unconscious with her stomach nearly as prominent as Meia’s. He was merciful enough to stop pummeling her holes, though he guided her now gaping quim in front of his nozzled tentacle.

Ultros didn’t even enter her before the splashing sound could be heard again. A white torrent shot forth from the tip. Even a finger cup of it would have been enough to fill her hole but like this she got bathed from head to toe in his cum.

When the deluge ended he abandoned her and Echo landed on the dome of Meia’s stomach with a wet smack. The only sign that she was still among the living were the bubbles that formed around her mouth as she breathed.

Sarah knew it was her turn now. She tried to fight one last time, but only managed to dig two furrows into the wet sand below her as her legs flailed around.

His member sank into her without any resistance, replacing the other appendage seamlessly. At least until the pointed tip reached the bottom of her passage.

She reasoned that it must fit, that it was designed to fit. Yet it could’ve just as well been a searing knife that barged through the tight opening into her sacred cradle.

Her lungs quit service and she gasped like a fish on land while her brain fought to keep up with the new sensations. Before she got the chance to catch herself the first egg already knocked against her cervix.

The marble-sized object spread the ring of muscles apart and slipped inside her womb. She tossed her head back at the intense feeling of having her most delicate entrance forced open.

Sarah’s breath followed the rhythm of her seeding, yapping for air every time another egg plopped into her. Just like with Meia his other tentacles moved up on her. Suction cups stuck to the parts of her he had so thoroughly beaten before.

He teased and kneaded her skin, sending shivers up to her head. The Princess had become a lot more receptive to his caresses. His cold sheen felt soothing against her hot flesh and the pain from her bruises almost disappeared under his massage.

But a new type of suffering dawned upon her as more and more of his spawn nestled inside her. At first she felt like she ate too much, her stomach full with a heavy meal.

When the bulge started forming under her navel her muscles ached as if she had overworked them. She watched with wide open eyes as her belly kept expanding until she could no longer see the ground directly below her.

Her only comfort was the kindling flame of her pleasure igniting her nerves. Even getting the portal to her womb stretched was no longer painful. There was still some pressure, but it felt almost like when he bumped against the bundle or nerves deep along her inner walls.

Ultros only stopped the supply of eggs when they formed visible bumps through the fair skin over her stomach. Once again she heard the sound of flushing liquid. There was no doubt what would happen yet she had no idea how utterly unprepared she was for it.

It didn’t happen slow and steady like before. It was an explosion of cum detonating inside her. The sea dwellers sperm was as cold as every other part of his body, yet the sudden inflation set guts on fire. Like burning ice flooding her.

“AAAHH!” This wicked paradox brought her over the edge and the world around her drowned in the white noise of her orgasm.

While she was still caught in the throes of her compelled release the fiend undid her bindings. Sarah fell, first to her knees and then forward. Her face landed between Meia’s stained breasts.

Her battered butt and abused quim pointed up in the air. That gave the maritime monster a thought-provoking impulse.

“Looks like we forgot something. Gee-hee-hee!“ He aimed the slick tip at her previously untouched sphincter and lunged forward. Only the pointed end wormed its way inside, but this enough for what he wanted to do.

He churned up a final load of cephalopod seed and pumped it all into her virgin guts. This was the final straw that pushed Sarah over the brink of her sanity. She trembled like electricity ran through her body and howled at the top of her lungs, muffled by the Witches bosom.

At long he pulled out and his jizz immediately formed a bung, keeping everything where he wanted it to be. He took an appraising look at his handiwork and absentmindedly got rid of luggage he had held in his grasp all this time.

The Warrior of Light had been passed out ever since Ultros choked him to threaten and blackmail his friend. His lifeless body rolled over the sand when he tossed him aside.

“Gee-hee-hee! It was fun playing with you. And take good care of my offspring!” He bid his farewell and dove back into the ocean.

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