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First off, thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.

Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.

The references for this first part are the last cinematics of ACT I, Chapter 4, Part 2.

For the second part it's one of the cinematics from the Anniversary Event, or "Sacred birth festival"

Heavy footsteps resounded through Castle Cornelia from armor-clad feet. Garland marched through the halls with the confidence of a made man.

The Warrior of Light had entrusted him to take care of Princess Sarah before he left to continue his journey alone to bring hope to Palamecia.

A chance the seasoned veteran couldn't pass up.

First he persuaded the Princess to announce him to be a Heretic no more. And that he could venture though the castle at his discretion. He became the princesses retainer and sent her moogle followers back to their village, stating he was all the counsel Sarah needed.

Then her had training truly begun.

He opened the doors to the Princesses private chambers, not sparing a single thought to show any courtesy and knock first.

The Princess was already there, sitting on her heels on the floor and facing the foot-end of her bed with her head low. Just like he had ordered.

Garland began undoing his armor without haste. He walked behind her as he put down the pieces of metal and not once did Sarah dare to look up. Not even when he teasingly ran a finger through her hair.

When he was down to only his underwear he sat on the bed, right in front of his protegé. "Present yourself." Garland ordered with a smug smile.

The Princess changed her balance so she could squat on just her feet, bringing her knees as far apart as she could. She brought her hands behind her head and looked straight ahead into nothing.

With her legs so wide apart her skirt rode up, baring her privates for her guardians eyes. She was not wearing panties and had used a razor to shave her pubic mound clean, just as she was told to do.

Garland leaned down, cupping Sarah's crotch with his strong hand. Her breath hitched as he felt her heat and a lingering wetness. He callously groped the tender flesh, compressing it between his strong fingers.

"Ahh... not so rough, please... my..." The princess breathed, not more than a hint of protest.

"Yours? I expected you to know better by now." Garland chided her, incessantly mauling Sarah's mound and lower lips. "Can i not use it whenever i want?"

"Yes, you can." Sarah replied on the spot, hoping to put an end to this ordeal.

"And wherever i want?" He continued, his smile widening as he watched the once proud princess suppressing her cries.

"Yes!" She hissed, squeezing her eyes shut to keep her tears in.

"And however i want?" Garland inquired with a broad fiendish smile, violently pinching one of Sarah's labia make his point clear.

"YES!" Sarah cried and a tear began streaming down her reddened face.

"Then what is it? And who does it belong to?" Garland whispered, finally releasing Sarah's intimate parts from his grasp.

"My... this pussy... is yours. Use it however you see fit." Princess Sarah declared with a forlorn voice.

Garland's hand returned to her abused slit, but his touch was a lot lighter now. He parted her lower lips with his fingers and rode his digits over the surprisingly moist groove.

After some probing he found something inside and pulled on it. He held a cord between his fingertips and as he kept pulling Sarah's slit parted and a tiny sphere plopped out of her with another cord leading back inside.

Another tug and a second sphere showed up, shiny and wet from her juices. And then a third. Garland held them up for him and Sarah to behold. He shook them and heard the three bells, each a bit smaller than a hen's egg, jingle.

He brought them closer to Sarah's mouth. "Open." He spoke softly, no need to be harsh with such an obedient subject.

Sarah opened her mouth wide and the first bell was maneuvered in between her lips.

"Clean them." Garland told her. The Princess obeyed, swirling her tongue around the silver bell. She moved it around in her mouth and made her cheek bulge out with it.

"Did you have them inside you all day?" Garland questioned her.

"Yeash." Sarah replied with her mouth full.

"Even when you met with the garrison commanders?"


He pulled the bell out of her mouth and made her suck in the next in line.

"Do you think they noticed?" He continued his teasing questions.

"Yeash." Sarah answered after a short pause.

"How so?" he wondered, pulling the second out and gave her a chance to reply.

"They rubbed against me." Sarah told, her eyes focused on the three sparkling spheres. "It felt... good and i stumbled. The others must have heard it."

With a nod of praise he made her do her job on the last bell, the other two hanging down beside her face from the cord.

"Are they delicious?" Garland wanted to know as he witness how the Princess shamelessly sucked and licked the metal orb.

"...Yeash." Sarah mumbled unconvincingly. But she had to answer the way she was taught to by the intimidating warrior.

"Why?" He inquired, bemused by the sorry state the young noble was reduced to.

"Mah... pusshy dhuussh ish thasshdhy." Sarah responded and a single tear ran down her face as she forced herself to smile.

"And what is even more tasty?" He singsonged, mocking her as he wiped the tear away, one of the last shreds of her dignity.

"Youh khogh." Princess Sarah exclaimed. They had played scenes like this a many times. And it always ended the same way. No matter what the question was. What was the most beautiful. What felt the best. In the end she had to give the same answer every time. With each time the lie came easier over her lips.

"Then it would be impolite to keep you waiting any longer." Garland said jokingly as he drew the spit-shined bell out of her maw. He moved his underpants down his muscular legs until they piled around his ankles, freeing his already hard rod.

"Suck my dick." He ordered with a malevolent smile. "And use these on your ass." Garland offered her the slick bells.

"Yes." Was Sarah's only reply. She waddled closer without changing her posture, squatting with her knees apart and feeling the fresh air on her dripping quim.

Without hesitating Sarah placed the metallic spheres against the twitching ring of muscles. It wouldn't be the first time her backdoor was used and she had already taken bigger things inside her. The fact that they were already lathered with her saliva made things easier, too.

Princess Sarah sealed her lips over the erect bellend, the girth much more substantial than what she had sucked on before. She forced the first bell into her trained butthole at the same she took her tormentor's meat until it hit against her gum.

She groaned from the sensation of having both ends of her body invaded, her throat vibrating pleasurably against the tip of Garland's dick.

Slowly she was able to coordinate her movements. Every time she pulled her head back she expelled the metallic bead from her guts and when she sank back down on Garland's length she pushed the little bell in through her puckering hole.

Sarah struggled to find her pace, her gag reflex still rising up every now and then and the sting of her sphincter being split apart made her shiver. But she did not waver, knowing well enough what would happen if she did not obey.

Garland leaned back, fully contend to just let the princess do her work for now. He had rearranged the floor length mirror around the room some time ago so he could even see her penetrating herself with the silver bell in it's image.

"Take it deeper! And use the second bell, too!" He grunted when he felt that Sarah finally got a hang of things. This was not about her comfort, after all.

The young Princess tried her best to follow the orders given. She took her master's stiff prick deeper, just short of fully breaching into her throat and her blonde hair bobbed back and forth with every move.

With both her hands she blindly guided the next bell on the cord to her twitching rear entrance. The first shiny orb had already loosened her so it's peer penetrated her without any resistance. Sarah then pulled on the string connecting the silver bells until the first one almost slipped out of her before she pushed both of them back inside.

She pushed herself hard to keep the same rhythm as before as she fought against her weakened gag reflex, her saliva running down her chin and the length of Garland's cock, wetting his pubic hair.

The seasoned warrior hummed in satisfaction, both from the pleasurable work his ward did and also from seeing her in such discomfort. To think that just weeks ago Sarah was still the image of innocence everyone revered her as.

An image he intended to destroy soon enough.

"Now take it all!" Garland grunted, stopping Sarah from pulling her head back any more to make his desire clear.

She took a moment to prepare herself with only half of him inside her mouth, then plunged down until her nose rested in his damp pubes. New tears streamed down her face as her throat's muscles instinctively fought against the object clogging it, inadvertently massaging the helmeted head.

The Princess also pushed the last bell into her asshole, weakly mewling as the pressure on her tender insides increased yet again.

Her vision swam and her head spun around herself as the lack of air became more urgent and she quickly rose back up to breathe.

Garland felt her hot breath around his glans, but came to the conclusion that she was too winded to continue by herself. He had to give her a hand or two.

"Keep using your ass, girl!" He grumbled as he grabbed her head and stood up, taking it up himself to steer Sarah on her task.

Immediately his throbbing dick went down her throat again and he began using Sarah's mouth at a steady pace. With things out of her control she focused what was left of her mind on pushing and pulling the three beads in and out of her butt.

With each time Garland relentlessly shoved his girth into her sore throat and suffocated her a bit of her consciousness faded.

She soon forgot how her head was held in a vice between Garland's strong hands. How her jaw was forced open wide by his hard pole. How her legs ached as she was made to squat for so long. And how her lungs burned as her need for air rose more and more.

Somewhere between her fall into blissful unconsciousness and the piercing sensation of the constant pillaging of her esophagus and her guts Princess Sarah climaxed. Her knees snapped together and her neglected quim clenched on nothingness as she groaned around the pulsing rod her face was hilted on.

The weeks under the former Heretics regimen had left her body a lot more sensitive to even the most disturbing kind of stimulation and even her own shame now served to incite her.

When Garland became aware of this he forcefully pulled Sarah off his manhood and made her stumble backwards until she landed on her bottom. Her body trembled in the throes of her orgasm and her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she struggled for air, her face smeared with a mixture of liquids.

"Did sucking my dick feel that good? Or did you come from fucking yourself?" Garland taunted her as he looked down at her quivering form, rubbing his hard-on to keep himself primed.

"I... I don't know..." Sarah answered truthfully with a raspy voice after she had swallowed down the lump of spit, bile and precum that had clogged her throat. Her senses were too blurred to tell them apart.

"Keep your mouth open and stick out your tongue! But don't swallow yet!" Garland declared with a groan, beating his stiff dick faster.

The Princess did as she was told, even though she had trouble keeping her head steady in her exhaustion. By now she knew there was only one thing that could happen now.

The seconds went by as Garland jerked himself off, the angry red bellend right in front of Sarah's face. A suppressed grunt was the only warning she got before the first jet of cum shot into her waiting mouth.

Her cheeks were filled with burst after burst of his seed until Garland ran his fingers along the underside of his twitching pole, starting from the base to squeeze out even the last drop and wipe it off on her tongue.

Sarah presented the bountiful yield she had received and swirled her tongue around in the off white substance, expecting to be commanded to swallow it like the times before.

"Get on the bed! Use your fingers to make yourself come. You are only allowed to swallow afterwards." Garland commanded smugly, obviously very pleased with what he had plotted for her next.

With a quiet whimper the Princess crawled to the bed and laid square across it. She spread her legs and started right away playing with her sopping wet slit, wanting to get rid of the revolting taste in her mouth as fast as possible.

It was rare that she given that much freedom during their... meetings. Usually it was the older warrior to use her, to forcefully grope her delicate body to his own amusement.

Sarah spread her lower lips open, noticing with embarrassment how ready she was to be entered. She managed to insert three of her dainty fingers without trouble, pressing more of her liquid lust out of her the deeper her fingers went.

Her other hand gently stroked her sensitive clit, drawing slow rhythmic circles over the erect bundle of nerves. She didn't had any experience in pleasuring herself before she was subjected to the cruel lessons of the former Heretic.

Since then she had learned much about her own body and what felt the most pleasurable to her. A knowledge shared with the man constantly molesting her and which was used against her, either denying her or forcing her over the edge again and again until she almost lost her sanity.

"Spread your legs higher." Garland grumbled, watching over her every move from the bedside. Sarah stretched her legs out and apart until her feet pointed straight up and away, like a large 'V'.

"More!" He growled, low and deep like a ferocious animal. The Princess tried, bringing her knees as close to her chest as she could, her feet already over her head. 

"I said more!" The veteran warrior snapped impatiently. He moved around the bed and grabbed Sarah's ankles, pushing them down until the back of her feet rested on the sheets, pretty much folding her in half.

She groaned as her young and flexible body was strained more than ever before and she gargled on the vicious semen, almost swallowing it.

"Stay like this." Garland told her, his face right above hers as he held her in place. Sarah locked her elbows over her legs and shuffled around until her calves were steadied behind her shoulders.

The cruel swordsman let go and went back to where he stood before, a first row spot to watch her debase herself. The princess realized what an obscene display she must have made.

She didn't even have to keep herself open. Her skin was stretched taut so much that her lower lips parted by themselves and gave her harasser an unhindered view inside her. The three bells still rested snugly inside her rear and the cord dangled from her puckered hole.

As ashamed as she was Sarah still wanted to get rid of the vile taste, so her fingers went back to work on her quivering slit. She closed her eyes, trying to shut out everything that reminded her of her plight. The stale cum in her mouth, the pressure in her guts from the foreign objects. The sadistic man looming over her.

But not keeping a watchful eye on her tormentor soon proofed to be a mistake of the Princess. Without any warning he slapped her right across her tight butt. Sarah howled out in pain and surprise around Garland's spend.

She gave him a pitiful look, wordlessly begging him to not hurt her anymore. Garland looked right back into her eyes, smiling malevolently. He gave her a nod as a signal to continue.

Sarah picked up her pace, caressing herself more fervently and always keeping her eyes on the man in front of her.

Her breathing got faster and the sparks of pleasure raced up her spine as she neared her peak. In the spur of the moment she tossed her head back as she got ever closer to her release. In the very same moment Garland's coarse hand landed on her buttcheek with a heavy hit.

Again she squealed around the liquid gag in her mouth and would have loved to do nothing more than lash out in her frustration, but with the way her body was folded and twisted she couldn't do much even if she dared to.

Garland kept up this torture. Every time Sarah let her eyes wander away from him or closed them he gave her a forceful spank. No matter how much she wailed or even when the princess started to cry again.

It wasn't long before both sides of her firm derriere were bright red and and showed the outline of his hand from the repeated beating, every hit a setback on her task to make herself come.

Yet each spank across her butt also made her masturbate more furiously, desperate to bring this trial to an end. But no matter how much she steeled herself she always messed up sooner or later.

Sarah had no idea how long they were at it, but her strength and her will were almost exhausted. Her slit felt as sore as her beaten rear with how much her fingers rubbed and prodded it. Her glassy eyes lingered on Garland as she tried for the umpteenth time to get herself off.

She worked four fingers inside herself beyond the last knuckle. With the other hand she pinched her clit in matching rhythm. The familiar feeling of rising pleasure seeped into her weary mind once more.

Her eyelids hung low but she somehow managed to not avert her gaze from the man dominating her. Like fireworks little sparks of pleasure blossomed inside her. From her clit over her womb and up into her head.

Sarah's head swayed left and right and she huffed and puffed through her nose, her mouth still filled to the brim with semen. Yet her eyes stayed primed in the right direction.

The pitch of her weak mewls rose higher with every breath she took. She squirmed as the tension built up inside her core. Empowered by her desperate courage she held her head up. Every hair on her body stood up, her teeth clenched and her toes curled.

When the princess was only fractions away from her climax she couldn't take anymore and her head fell back onto the sheets. As before Garland lifted his arm to strike out, only this time he was too late.

In the same moment he landed his slap Princess Sarah's pleasure boiled over into a mindblowing climax. Her whole body twitched like she was possessed. After her first long drawn out howl she eventually swallowed the load of cum.

Even the pain of her latest spanking just blended into the sensation of her long needed orgasm. Sarah's legs slipped from behind her shoulders and she arched her back before she finally slumped back down, totally exhausted.

She was ready to fall asleep then and there, but Garland took hold of her jaw and lifted her to a sitting position.

"What do you say?" Garland asked her threateningly, keeping her jaw in his iron grip.

The Princess blinked lazily, still not fully back to her senses. She looked up at him, his stone cold gaze piercing her. The gears in her mind slowly shifted into motion as she recollected her last actions.

"...Thank you for feeding me. It was delicious." Sarah meekly recited her trained response when she was made to swallow his seed.

Without acknowledging or much less praising Sarah for her docility Garland shoved her to the side, so he could make himself comfortable on the queen size bed.

"Ride me." the dominant warrior demanded after he propped up some pillows behind his head to conveniently look down his imposing frame.

The groggy Princess crawled on all fours to his side and tossed one of her legs over him, her feminine curves and soft, pale skin a stark contrast to the scar-covered muscular mountain of a man she now sat upon.

She placed her hands on his pecs and they reflexively rippled under her dainty fingers. With a huge effort to overcome her exhaustion Sarah lifted her hips and angled her slit over his once more erect rod.

Sarah hissed when she felt the heat of his bellend as it parted her swollen labia. She let gravity do the work for her as she sank lower. A feeble moan left her lungs when she neared the base of his shaft and her arms trembled under the weight of her upper body.

Once she had settled down and her bruised rear rested on his loin she gave Garland a pleading look, partially wishing that he would take control. That he would grab her by the waist and use her like the times before. That all she had to do was endure it. She was just so tired...

But Garland just crossed his hands behind his head, totally contend to just lay there below the worn out Princess.

To make things easier for her Sarah did not move up and down on his girth and instead decided to grind her hips in a circular motion. She mewled as the huge dick stirred around inside her, sometimes scraping over her most sensitive spot or colliding with the metal beads still deep inside her rectum.

Sarah let her head hung low and kept her eyes closed, channeling all of her remaining stamina into her rotating hips and preventing her arms from caving in.

While the pace surely would be enough for a loving couple, who had no urgency and just wanted to enjoy the intimate moment, Sarah was afraid it might not be enough to satisfy the twisted tastes of her oppressor.

"It will take forever like this. Move faster." Garland snarled, confirming the Princesses fears.

"I... I can't..." Sarah whispered with a jaded voice. New tears welled up in her eyes and dripped down on Garland's chest.

She had already internalized that disappointing the older warrior's demands meant she would be subjected to even more dreadful and humiliating acts and that she had just doomed herself to further ruthless abasement.

Fighting down her tears took her even more of her strength and Sarah could no longer keep herself up. The Princess pressed her face against his broad chest as she sobbed in anguish and despair. Yet her hips kept moving, providing her master with what little pleasure she could still offer.

Garland placed one of his large hands on the back of Sarah's head. Her body froze and she held her breath, scared of what would happen next. But his rugged fingers just moved up and down. He was stroking her hair.

This act of consolation made princess Sarah's blood turn cold. Garland had never shown her any kindness ever since he had escorted her to the castle. At the same time he also never insulted her and never punished her without having a plausible excuse for it.

Sarah had come to the conclusion that Garland didn't feel anything, at least not for her. That he now acted so unpredictable filled her with terror.

"Maybe if you try something new. Something we haven't done before." Garland mused. He spoke casually, his voice lacking the same edge it always had when he commanded Sarah.

The Princess was so stupefied by his sudden change of behavior that she couldn't consider his advise right away. She wiped the tears from her face and looked at him doe-eyed, trying to figure out Garland's motives.

But he just looked down at her with the same smugness, the same air of... grandeur. The fact that he appeared the same on the outside was strangely comforting to the timid Princess. He toyed with her just the same as before.

Sarah thought back to what Garland just said and tried to remember what possibly they haven't done already that she could do to him. She surprised herself by how eager she was to satisfy him and began to get restless because she was not able to solve this riddle.

Part of her wanted give up, hoping that admitting her failure would lessen her punishment. But Sarah bit her lip to stifle herself.

And then it dawned on her. After everything she was forced to do, every distasteful act she committed to, there was one thing she and Garland had never done. Sarah was so happy that she found the answer that she acted without thinking.

She lunged forward, sealing her soft lips to his. It was the first kiss they shared and the very first kiss in the young Princesses life.

Garland's tongue immediately entered her mouth, conquering it like he had conquered the rest of her body before. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her fragile form close in a very possessive way.

His strong hands groped every part of her he could reach. From her creamy thighs to her sore butt. Over the curves of her waist and up to her slender neck. Sarah melted into his embrace. Even though his fingers gripped her so hard that they might leave bruises, it was nothing compared to what she had to endure on other occasions.

The veteran warrior began pumping his hips upward, a slow but forceful rut into the princesses clenching depths. Together with his broad tongue occupying her mouth and his arms compressing her against his chiseled torso he had total control over her.

Sarah's weak mewls pitched higher every time Garland hilted inside her. Her arms and legs were splayed apart from her as he held her like a quite literally stuffed toy, Sarah's only objective to keep kissing him to please the older man.

Garland's hips moved ever faster, colliding so hard with her overused mound that Sarah threatened to be bucked off if weren't for the bear hug she was trapped in. He sunk one hand into her hair, steering her head left and right to better claim her lips.

The Princess attempted to pull back to take a much needed breath, but Garland did not allow her any respite. As he kept on using her holes Sarah's need for air grew more immediate again.

She helplessly mewled into her assailants mouth, unable to find the purchase needed to break herself free. Even with all her strength she would not have been able to escape, but after Garland had put her through her paces she was so tuckered out she couldn't much more than ruffle the bedsheet.

Her eyelids fluttered and her lungs burned when Garland finally showed her some mercy, pulling on her hair to break their kiss. But she could only take one rasping breath before she was made to dive back down.

Their faces mashed together so hard that Sarah feared it might leave her soft lips bruised. Garland continued his conquest, ceaselessly pumping his girth deep into Sarah's convulsing sheath.

He waited until the princess stopped reciprocating the kiss before he let her up again, her will to impress him enough to let her tongue dance with his despite the cruel treatment before.

Like this the pattern continued. Princess Sarah kissed him when she was made to and breathed when she was allowed to. Always in the strangely comforting shelter of his embrace and always with his heated manhood sawing in and out of her dripping wet confines.

Over the weeks Sarah had learned to fully accept him into her, her previously untouched channel had been stretched to match Garland's awe-inspiring dick.

She had also come to appreciate how he filled her, triggering all of her most sensitive spots when he hilted inside of her up to entrance of her deepest core which caused a delightful tingling somewhere behind her navel when it was prodded.

Together with the lightheadedness from the lack of air the pleasure radiating out from her quim made her approach her next climax, despite her overwhelming fatigue.

This was not lost to Garland who could by now understand the signals of the Princesses body as he had observed them many times during their training sessions.

He guided Sarah's head to his shoulder, her sweet moans a melodic tune right next to his ear which got more fervent every time her lithe body shook from his penetrating assault aiming for her womb.

"Not yet..." Garland growled into her ear with his low baritone voice. Not much more than a whisper, but enough to beckon Sarah to submit to it. "Not yet..." He repeated.

It was steadily becoming more difficult for the winded Princess to hold herself back. She dug her nails into Garland's steeled biceps and with her remaining strength clenched her inner walls the way she was taught to do to heighten his pleasure.

Yet the minutes passed by where Garland relentlessly pumped into her and all she could was endure the phenomenal feeling while denying herself her release. She clenched her teeth as her needy whimpers turned into a desperate howl of subdued bliss.

"...Getting close..." The seasoned warrior ultimately murmured, not once slowing his motions. His muscles flexed and rippled as he neared his climax. "Take it all!" He grunted all of sudden. His body locked up as he began to pour his essence into the Princess.

When Sarah felt the first burst of his seed scalding the entrance of her womb she went over the edge as well. She gave up and let the tidal waves of pleasure wash over her and her limbs trembled uncontrollably as she let out an animalistic groan.

Garland's hips lurched upwards with every jet of his cum he shot deep into his captive's quivering hole and he felt the three orbs in Sarah's rectum massaging the underside of his pulsing glans.

After he was finally milked of everything Garland had to give the Princess was a limp mass in his arms. Her drool ran freely out of her mouth and saturated his shoulder as she took panting breaths.

Without any effort Garland pulled her off of him and rolled her to the side so that Sarah laid beside him. The moment his shaft was unlodged his semen spilled out of her slightly gaping slit together with copious amounts of her juices, creating a stain on the bedding.

Sarah shivered intermittently in the afterglow of her climax and she curled herself up, ready to fall asleep on the spot. She didn't care for that she was naked. Or for the lingering handprints on her butt. Or the sperm dripping out of her. Or that she still had the silver bells snugly inside her guts.

Garland leaned over her one last time, close to her ear. "Willingly kissing the man who abused you and coming together with him... what a princess you are." He whispered, raising a little frown on Sarah's face. "But it will serve you well. The festival will begin soon and i'm sure the people will be surprised to see the new you."

A single tear welled up from Princess Sarah's closed eyes before she drifted into a fitful slumber. This was what she had feared to happen one day. Until now no one knew about what Garland had done to her.

He had played with exposing her secret more than once but Sarah had always escaped it, even if just narrowly. Garland had trained her body and twisted her mind to fit his whims. Now he would ruin her reputation.

The veteran swordsman had rolled out of the bed and dressed himself up to leave. He looked down at the sleeping princess before he left. How her modest breasts gently moved from her breathing with only the tiniest of snores audible. How the sweat on her pale, silken skin reflected the light. How the blonde, ruffled hair framed her serene face.

Garland could understand why lesser man fell for her charm. He took one of the blankets and covered Sarah with it, cautious not to wake her. He would care well for her, honing her skills as his cherished personal sex toy. At least until the Sacred Birth Festival.

That is where he will break her for good.

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