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On the way to the Crystal Caverns, the high summoner halted the airship as she spotted a lone female in a fight with a viper. Poisonous as this viper was, a swifty Yuna leapt out of the Celsius with a pistol in both her hands. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

It wasn't long until the viper descended into an eternal slumber. Yuna landed on the green in one piece, and now she turned her attention to the sandy blonde female who she had helped.

"You look lost, do you need help?" Yuna offered. "I'm Yuna and I come from the island of Besaid. What is your name?"

Left poisoned by this viper fiend, the lost girl faded Into unconsciousness shortly after a brief reply to the brunette woman who introduced herself as Yuna. 

"My name is Aa..." the slender framed, sandy blonde-haired girl let out unfinished words as her body fell beside the fallen fiend.

Gasping at the sight of the fallen princess, Yuna immediately called out to Rikku.

"Rikku, help me carry her into the airship!"

With Yuna's call, Rikku ran out of the airship and down the ladder in a heartbeat. 

"How may I be of service, Yunie?" Rikku questioned before she glanced down at the fallen blonde-haired woman. "Yikes! I think she needs an antidote," stated Rikku.

"That she does," agreed Yuna.

Carrying the princess inside the airship - the Celsius, the two girls set the poor woman down onto the airship floor. Fishing out an antidote from her inventory, Yuna gave the poisoned woman the potion she required.

"I'll fix up a glass of water for her," kindly stated Rikku as she dashed off elsewhere.

It was only Yuna present now, and she watched the blonde woman for a moment. 

"Will she wake up?" wondered Yuna.

A vivid light beamed onto the blonde girl’s delicately closed eyes, slowly awaking her. The girl opened her eyes to the brunette girl, Yuna, who must've been the one who saved her from the viper. Upon gazing at her brunette rescuer, she saw a beaded earring that dangled to Yuna’s shoulder along with a silver hibiscus necklace. Heterochromic eyes, a pointy nose and small cherry-pink lips. 

"I am truly sorry for the trouble I have caused you; I shall pay you back any costs you used in saving my life." 

The blonde girl struggled to get onto both feet and accidentally stumbled with her face planted directly in between Yuna's soft supple lady mounds. Well, perhaps that was Yuna’s fault for wearing a revealing attire.

"Oh, my apologies! I don't seem to have my bearings just yet," the apologetic woman recompensed whilst she steadied her own body.

Flushing a bright crimson, Yuna giggled at this accident. Having her hand to her mouth, Yuna just laughed at the clumsy female.

"You don't need to apologise, it's quite alright. Besides, you have been bitten by a fiend, so your consciousness isn't fully restored."

Yuna held out a hand and held the blonde woman's in order to aid her from her fall. Pulling her up, Yuna tried to keep this woman safely standing. 

"So, are you all alone? Or, did you lose your friends?" Yuna asked.

"Here is some water I made for the girl," stated Rikku as she finally returned to Yuna and the fallen woman. A jolly Rikku handed the blonde girl the water. "So, what is your name? You fell before telling us," asked Rikku as she looked at the poor girl.

"Thank you so much, Yuna; for helping me stand on my own two feet," thanked the blonde girl. 

Now standing tall and proud, the blonde woman took the glass filled with water. The girl gulped it all down as if she hadn't had a drink in days. Very soon afterward, the blonde placed her glass down onto the counter and curtsied with elegance. 

"Oh, how rude of me not to introduce myself! I am the Princess of Dalmasca, Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca. However, simply call me Ashe."

Headstrong and independent, the blonde princess asked diligently. "I thank you for helping me and saving me, but I must be on my way. My kingdom needs me," Ashe deemed the best way back to Dalmasca from Yuna and Rikku.

"We can take you back to your kingdom, lady Ashe," cheerfully stated Yuna. "If we take you back to your kingdom, you'll have a safe journey." 

"I agree with Yuna! You don't want to be bitten by anymore fiends," reminded Rikku. Turning to face Yuna, a jolly Rikku nudged Yuna with her elbow. "We'll keep Ashe safe," smirked Rikku. "We have nothing to fear, right, Yunie?"

Yuna giggled once again, "Of course!"

"Where even is the kingdom of Dalmasca? Isn't it in Rabanastre?" 

Pulling Yuna to one side, Rikku muttered to Yuna. "If we help Ashe, maybe she'll help us with sphere hunting," giggled Rikku.

"Well, she is a beautiful princess. She's very beautiful," whispered Yuna as she closed her eyes for a second.

"Hey, don't get any ideas! She's beautiful but she isn't looking for a date," reminded Rikku. "Don't flirt!" 

Approaching Ashe once more, Yuna smiled sweetly towards the princess as she performed a bow before her grace. 

"It's lovely to meet you, lady Ashe," stated Yuna.

"Yes, Yuna; the pleasures are mine!" Ashe bowed in return. "My kingdom of Dalmasca is in Rabanastre, you are correct." 

Chuckling softly in amusement, the over-eager princess overheard Rikku's cheekiness. "I shall repay you with sphere hunting if it helps in my return," Ashe responded with clear intentions, whilst responding to Yuna's flirtation as well. Glancing over to Yuna, Ashe smiled some. "You can really handle yourself, can't you?" Ashe smiled while she covered her arching lips with dainty hands. "How you disposed of a viper with no trouble whatsoever." remarked Ashe. "Truly two women of many talents," remarked Ashe with a flirtatious tone.

"Well, shall we get going?" Yuna asked. "We should stop at the Crystal Caverns where a special sphere is located. When we find this sphere, we will take you back to your kingdom."

Back to the original plan, Yuna decided to take Ashe around the airship with her. With Rikku seated at her station, it was easy for Yuna to find out more about the lost princess.

"I must thank you once again, Yuna," Ashe insisted kindly. "I shall help you with you sphere hunt," stated Ashe as she followed Yuna through the airship. "So, are you and Rikku like together?" Ashe questioned with a slight blush on her cheeks.

“Me, with Rikku? But I and Rikku are cousins,” informed Yuna. The brunette laughed at Ashe’s question, finding it ever so amusing.

Taking the princess up to the deck, Yuna surveyed the land around the airship. With high hopes, Yuna was eager to help Ashe return home in one piece. Even though Yuna liked an adventure, she thought it would be great joy to help someone in need. Well, especially a princess.

“When you say that you’re a former princess, does that mean you lost your kingdom or something? Did someone...take over?” Yuna asked Ashe.

"My kingdom was invaded and overtaken. I have lost everything," Ashe pondered towards Yuna sadly. "I will take back my kingdom!" Ashe informed strongly this time, sharp. But then, Ashe gestured on Yuna's arm, "I'm sorry for assuming that you and Rikku were a couple, you seemed close is all." Ashe added with blushing embarrassment. "It makes sense now that you two are cousins and that you get along," Ashe finally confirmed.

"Sometimes it can be confusing for some people," admitted Yuna. "So, lady Ashe, how did you come here? You were fighting a fiend, and then you fell due to the poison."

Ashe had been going on about what she needed to do and completely forgot to answer the beautiful Yuna's question.

"I seek the accumulation of power needed to take back my kingdom," a frustrated Ashe stated, pacing back and forth. "As I am now powerless against the empire's forces and cannot regain my kingdom. I hope to acquire such strength along the way on your sphere hunt and the journey back to my homeland," she said out in a speech.

The strength of those words made Yuna feel proud to meet such a strong princess, she glanced at Ashe and got into position. Holding her guns up, Yuna wanted to promise Ashe something.

"I and Rikku will help you," stated Yuna as she shot a fiend down in the distance. "If that's alright with you of course, lady Ashe." 

Well, that's if the princess would accept such an offer. This time round, Yuna would be a guardian!

Grateful for the help of Yuna and Rikku, "I will gladly accept your offer, Yuna!" 

With the slender beauty that was Yuna and were engraved into Ashe's blue tinted grey eyes, the young princess blushed at the strength Yuna held.

"Where are we going to find this sphere you are hunting?" Ashe asked as she drifted back to the inside of the airship with Yuna by her side.

"Guys, I've found a sphere!" Rikku called out to the two females now retreating to the inside of the airship. The airship landed on an island, right in the centre of the sand. Yuna leapt out of the airship with Rikku, and it never helped their quest with all these Bite Bugs swarming about the area. 

"Hang on, Ashe!" Yuna stated as she blocked Ashe with her arm for a moment. "We don't want you to get poisoned again!"

With a ray of bullets, Yuna struck these bugs down one by one. Cutting through, the treasure sphere materialised as soon as the swarm of bugs were defeated. In thin air, this sphere materialised and then landed peacefully on the many grains of sand.

This sphere turned out to have the princess on video...

"Why am I on this sphere?" Ashe asked. "What is the purpose of these spheres, if not power?" 

Pondering, the princess thought that maybe the spheres might hold knowledge on power strong enough to take back her kingdom...

"No, silly! These treasure spheres are known as dresspheres," stated Rikku. "These dresspheres give you outfits that hold so much power.”

There were many fiends around this area, but this sphere was definitely a key for something. Perhaps this dressphere was an outfit designed to defeat poisonous fiends.

"It’s the perfect outfit for a beautiful princess such as yourself," explained a giggling Yuna. "Let's go back into the airship to check this sphere out!"

"If I have nothing to gain towards retrieving my kingdom from the empire's grasp, I do not want to see my failures on some sphere.”

“This sphere doesn’t display your failures, lady Ashe,” noted Yuna.

Handing the princess this dressphere, Yuna urged Ashe to try this outfit on. Yuna gently guided Ashe behind a screen divider that was situated at the back of the airship, urging the princess to change her clothes.

“If this dressphere holds the power to defeat fiends, then perhaps it holds the great power that you seek.”

"I shall trust you for you have saved me afterall."

With this dressphere in hand, Ashe blended behind the screen and used the power of the dressphere. Much to her surprise, it felt rather nice to be clad in something different. In the glass, Ashe set her sight upon the reflection of the dressphere and saw herself caressed in a completely different attire. She was clad in a leather doublet strapped into a chain mailed bound corset, together with feathered cross tights and a pair of black shined bulky heeled boots. Now equipped with Twin dark red Rogga's, Ashe had become a gunner just like her new found friend Yuna.

"I feel immense strength from this dressphere's ability," Ashe shared. "I can and will use this power to restore my kingdom," Ashe noted while she showed the two girls’ her new found look.

Beaming from ear-to-ear, Yuna’s eyes danced down and then up at the princess’s new outfit. Yuna cheered for her new friend, albeit she did blush a little as well.

“I think you look very pretty,” remarked Yuna. “I also think you look very powerful. This look will surely reclaim your throne,” believed the high summoner.


“It looks like we’re finally at the Crystal Caverns - our desired destination,” declared Rikku. 

Descending the Celsius onto the stone ground, Yuna and Rikku head out to find a certain treasure sphere. Shooting glances here and there, there appeared to be a ceiling of stalagmite - crystal shards looking down at the ground. A bronze path led to the cave’s entrance, all with a sea of crystal stone surrounding the path. 

Albeit, along with this glistening place, something was accompanying the sphere hunters’. 

“Guys, look out!” Rikku warned as she darted towards this enemy before the others even had a chance to.

Yuna ran after her eager cousin whilst withdrawing her pistols, “Whoa, wait for us!”

"Don't forget about me!" Ashe shouted with the intent to try out her new power and strength. "Be careful Yuna...and Rikku," warned the princess.

Preparing to cover fire from the back row, Ashe made the attempt to avoid any of this beast’s attacks. With her new dressphere power, with which she had the power to subdue this beast from moving. The princess had the ability to keep this beast locked down and ready for Yuna and Rikku. 

Gasping at the ability she had just cast, Ashe was stunned for a moment as she took this chance to glance down at her attire. "With this outfit’s ability, I can take back my kingdom!" Ashe mused out loud.

In spite of the newfound ability this attire held, Yuna was certain that immobilism merely had a two minute chance before breaking back into motion. Yuna hastily gripped onto Ashe’s hand and sprinted to a higher platform to keep the princess in sight.

Yuna prompted, “That’s a good ability, but still be careful!” 

Performing a flip off this higher platform, Yuna shot bullet after bullet at this immobilised beast shortly before it came back to movement.

“You always enjoy making a scene when fighting, huh?” Rikku commented on Yuna’s moves. “Ashe, show us what you can do!” 

"Oh, I'll try!" 

As Ashe took a couple of steps back, the fierce princess then ran forward and back flipped over the edge of the cliff face and dove down to the beast’s headguard. Emptying round after round, Ashe landed directly onto the beast and pushed it down onto the stone ground. 

Like a strike of lightning, Ashe landed onto the forehead of this giant beast. 

"Yuna...Rikku...join me in subduing this spirit!" 

As the princess held out an empty shard, she then chanted a sealing spell. 

"Infuse this mighty power into the core of its true being," Ashe chanted over and over. "Now, you two keep its will to stand back down." the princess ordered.

“What’s that stone you have there?” Yuna questioned the princess. “You know when you said you were powerless - that looks super powerful to me,” she stated as she blinked twice.

“If a stone is able to fill itself with the beast’s power, then you have the ability to use that power for whatever you wanted.”

Approaching the princess, Yuna took a greater look at this empty shard now filling up with great power. This power looked like a purple river just flowing into the core of the stone. Then, Yuna’s stare caught sight of a treasure sphere that merely dropped in the beast’s place, right after the power was stored.

“I think that was a cool move, Ashe,” smiled Yuna.

Picking up the sphere, Yuna blushed when she took note of this sphere’s picture. It was a video of Yuna and Ashe sharing a moment’s kiss. Blushing hysterically, Yuna glanced off to one side.

“Rikku...Ashe, I think that perhaps this is a future sphere,” mentioned Yuna. “I think that maybe our meeting, lady Ashe, was something that was meant to be.”

Holding up this future sphere, Yuna showed this picture to Ashe before her.

"When the mist that envelops the shard disappears; there is merely a stone crystal left behind," Ashe mentioned in a sharp tone, placing the Twin Rogga in their holsters. 

Walking to the sphere and witnessing the future and what it held, Ashe decided to bring the future closer. The princess grabbed Yuna at the waist and pulled her in, delicately planting an index finger beneath Yuna's chin. Looking at her face, Ashe kissed Yuna as if she had been destined and waiting for her.

Gasping at the kiss, the high summoner gulped at the princess’s direct move.

“I told you not to flirt,” shrugged Rikku.

“Perhaps this was where I had to take you; on a quest with me to find such a sphere,” believed Yuna. As always, her voice sounded as if it was floating on clouds; soft and gentle.

Hands on Ashe’s shoulders, Yuna went in another time to plant a kiss onto the princess’s lips.

“Guys, when do we leave for Rabanastre?!” Rikku groaned. “We’ve found the future sphere, caught the esper - now let’s go!”

"We are coming! By the future sphere, we can't change it now." Ashe stated with a cheek, after she accepted the beautiful Yuna's kiss with a response of her own.

“But can’t you guys, you know, do your thing...privately!” Rikku fought back.

After an enlightening kiss, Ashe agreed with Rikku and set forth to the airship. 

"Let us go take back my kingdom...where I hope you will stand by my side," Ashe focused on Yuna.

Heading back into the Celsius, the sphere hunters’ began to travel to Rabanastre.

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