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Warning; rough sex. AU before events of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

'This' means either someone is thinking, or the name of something. In this chapter it also means events taking place inside a Fantasy world.

Horizontal ruler (a line across the page) means a page break or timeskip, it may be a few minutes, it may be a few hours...

-X- means a scene change, i.e. we start with character A in a warehouse. Then we go to character B in an apartment- a scene change from a warehouse to an apartment.

Disclaimer; I do not own the Final Fantasy franchise or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is nonprofit-I am making no money from this.

Midgar, Eastern continent, Gaia…

The city of Midgar has been called a city of dreams, a convoluted nightmare of steel and stone and a beautiful mistress that would beat you, break you and leave you wanting more as you lay in the gutter with lost teeth. A technological marvel, the Upper Plate was a bastion of safety from the continents harsh, monster-infested surroundings that held tens of thousands of people- a feat unmatched on Gaia, whose settlements rarely exceeded populations of hundreds if not dozens.

The Undercity however, was a sprawling, polluted labyrinth of collapsing, increasingly makeshift shanty housing and scrap repurposed into homes by the desperate.

Rampant corruption by its authorities and crime in the slums hindered none of thousands of refugees fleeing monsters, war and poverty pouring into the increasingly choked and chaotic city, as the city held many allures though, such as its Mako energy powered train system, that one individual rode atop its roof…

Cloud Strife, former SOLDIER, now 'private professional' or 'mercenary' or 'lowlife merc' as many less charitably called him, watched the underdeveloped town that made up the Sector 7 slums blur by. He'd done this enough times to know on instinct when the next scanning checkpoint would be- his latest ID had been shredded during his latest job; hunting monsters from the Corkscrew tunnel that connected the Undercity to the Upper Plate.

Taking a breath, Cloud triggered the enhanced (some would say inhuman) Mako altered aspects of his nervous system. His perception of time slowed so he could clearly see the power lines, lamp posts and other things he didn't want to crash into at 50 kilometers per hour especially in the dark. Then he activated his superhuman musculature and launched himself a dozen meters into the biting icy winds off the train roof!

'Train moving at about 50kph, nothing around but pointy rock, scrap metal and concrete. Fuck you, safe disembarkation procedures…'

Cloud flew through the air, launched like a cannonball! He spun and altered his course midair like an acrobat, then hit a concrete pathway, launching into a roll kicking up a duststorm of debris as he crashed through the unsanitised footpath.

If any non-augmented human had tried such a feat, their feet, legs, knees, hips and likely spine would have shattered like cheap glass! To the corporate-engineered Super-soldier it felt like stepping off a kerb!

For the thousandth time, Cloud grudgingly thanked the agonizingly painful procedure that gave him his powers- even though his recollection of the procedure was kinda fuzzy…

Sector 7 slums…

It was 03:00 Midgar Standard Time, the streets were mostly empty except for people doing Graveyard Shift work, Shinra Public Security goons stomping by…

… he passed a brothel, one of the girls, a voluptuous blond wearing a loose-fitting kimono hanging out by the entrance, winked and smiled at him.

'..and them…'

Cloud hurried on, past a shuttered shop built from what looked like scrap from 4 or 5 different tracked vehicles, a meat food cart that he knew made great Doom Rat burgers and a tavern that had numerous bullet holes in it.

As it was Midgar's nightcycle, the massive sunlamps hanging from the Plate (that Cloud was always expecting to fall and crush people into paste) were on their lowest setting. Coupled with the chaotic building and footpath architecture of the Slums and there were a thousand different places one could get mugged or worse.

He saw a near stick thin child of no more than 11 or 12, slink towards him. He pegged him as a pickpocket. The kid identified the sword-wielding merc as a bad target and disappeared into the shadows.

These people weren't uncommon in Midgar, so Cloud walked on.-X-

7th Heaven bar (back entrance)…

Cloud was exhausted; solo jobs hunting Grashtrike and other slimy monsters through the maddening roaring loud, filthy labyrinth of the Corkscrew tunnels was not what the former Nibelheim native expected of being a badass mercenary for justice.

Unlocking a battered, rusty door with his key, Cloud entered the dark, beat-up alcohol store room of the bar 7th Heaven.

The lithely muscled man shrugged off the strikingly huge Buster Sword and placed it against a nearby wall.

"What am I forgetting?" Cloud murmured. There was something important he was forgetting…


The yell coincided with a boot to the ass that felt like taking a sledgehammer to the derriere! The lightly armoured warrior flew forwards, back arched whilst being launched through the air, crashing into a bizarrely placed Energy drink Potion vending machine!

"The hell?!"

He angrily turned to fight and saw…

… the fantasy of all straight men (and likely non-het women) in Sector 7;

Tifa Lockhart;

Glaring at him with bewitching reddish-brown eyes full of emotion Cloud struggled to place despite knowing her since childhood.

Dark brown hair, appearing black in some lights, framed a face so beautiful an overzealous sculptor couldn't create it, before flowing in gorgeous locks past strong shoulders, below an almost unattainable curvy figure, tied at the tips to form a distinctive split that reminded Cloud of a fish of some kind.

She stood with a warriors stance and a dancers grace, her much admired and coveted physique outlined by dimmed Mako lighting. Her much feared fists lay on her wide hips, her… very large chest pushed out in confident defiance.

As opposed to Cloud's conservative and menacing attire, Tifa wore her usual eye-stealing sleeveless shirt that teased her breathtaking chest and exposed her awesomely sculpted midriff. A black leather miniskirt he'd heard people speak about (not to her face unless they wanted to get punched), with a thick belt and thin suspenders. In daring contrast to the white of her overstressed shirt and black of her much-observed pleated skirt, the woman rocked red and black gloves that wrapped around her fists, wrist and forearms past her elbows. Squeezing pleasingly around her long legs were black socks leading to red boots.

A thousand thoughts should have been going through Cloud's mind; like 'why did she kick me?!' and 'what am I late for?' instead the only thought going through Cloud Strife's rapidly blood-deprived brain was 'Damn, this is the sexiest woman on the planet!'.


Despite staring, the slack-jawed male was caught flatfooted as a barrage of red gloves exploded out at him!


He bought his arms up, wincing as he felt sledgehammers through his Mako-altered muscles and into his inhumanly dense bones, whilst his nerves were ablaze seeing the look of battle lust in the gorgeous eyes as she ferociously pummeled him!

He retreated. His back hit a wall!


An audaciously red sneaker launched off the ground, powered by amazing leg strength and aimed at the side of Cloud's head! If her fists were hammers, her feet were wrecking balls! The SOLDIER stepped in and intercepted her kick- wrapping and trapping her majestic leg in his arms and imbalancing her. Rather than following up, Cloud froze when Tifa's shapely body leaned in against him, her curvaceous form against his lean fighters physique. He looked down in shock feeling Tifa's very ample chest squash against and mould around his chest!

"…uh…" Was all his melted brain could force through his mouth staring down at perfect, huge tits pressing against his now hammering chest!

He snapped out of near-drool-staring when he felt gloved hands seize ScissorClaw-tight grips on his wildly spiky hair, tugging on the dramatic locks inflicting tearing pain in the blonde's scalp! Fighting back tears in his blue/glowing green eyes (and from blowing his load just being pressed against Tifa's unparalleled body) Cloud retaliated by grabbing a similarly aggressive hold of the gorgeous brunette's shapely ass;

Both hands infiltrated beneath the bar hostess' Midgar-debated short skirt, moving over Tifa's undershorts beneath, taking a palmful of the amazingly shaped near-globes of ample flesh wrapped in skintight rubber and pulling the woman up off her feet, putting Cloud's face mere inches from Tifa's pleasure-heaving cleavage.

"Like the view?" Tifa teased. Cloud stared at the woman's cleavage as she teasingly swayed her upper body left and right in a hypnotic fashion.

The near-mesmerized male snapped his head up suddenly as though realizing he was supposed to say something flirty or cool or something.

Tifa chose to save him the embarrassment by taking her leather gloved hands from tugging on Cloud's lovely wildly spiky hair to slide to Cloud's arousingly reddened, failing-to-hold-its-cool face. Cloud awkwardly bucked against Tifa's curvaceous body as her hands began mirroring his overeager ministrations on her more than ample butt; gloved fingers went to work palming, squeezing, poking and pulling on flesh playfully. The difference being that Cloud could swear his fingers were disappearing into the vast mounds of soft flesh that made up Tifa's rump!

She suddenly forced his sensually mauled face onto hers, kissing him! Not soft. It was hard, violent, aggressive, hungry. The raven-haired fighter pulled the mercenary with her as she moved. Cloud would later note she controlled his head.

Both heads.

Cloud's swayed, he knew better (after doing it twice) than to say Tifa was heavy, but holding a woman up in the air with so much blood flowing to his cock and nowhere else was hard, even before the woman in question was taking your breath away by feasting on your mouth. His blue eyes, lightly glowing green, suddenly flew open in a painful wince!


His unnatural eyes stared in shock deep into the gorgeous red-brown eyes that made him think of some unknown jewel. He mumbled out a cry of pain realizing Tifa was biting into his lower lip! Cloud looked down in shock into the lust-filled, luminous reddish-brown eyes of the gorgeous woman once again fingerlocked in his hair, holding him trapped as she bit him! Squirming in her grasp, he tried to shove the crazy woman off, pushing on her shapely body, but the erotically statuesque woman's impossibly powerful leg wrapped around Cloud's waist locking tight!

In increasing pain, Cloud reached past his partners binding body and yanked on the martial artist's waist length hair, successfully pulling her jaws off.

Just as Cloud was about to say something, Tifa's shapely leg uncurled around Cloud's waist and she slugged him in the jaw with her patented Whirling Uppercut!


Outside, passing apartment block owner Marle heard a crash from inside the building she recently saw the emo-edgelord dufus Cloud enter..

'Yeah, don't want to know what happening in there…'

She carried on her way.


"Agh! Damn!"

Cloud cursed as he lay sprawled on the extremely uncomfortable floor. Jaw aching, head spinning as the crazy woman who slugged him suddenly dived on top of the fallen SOLDIER. The pair grappled on the riveted metal floor in a tangle of limbs, hair and clothing, crashing into and breaking boxes of liquors as they went.

They stopped with Cloud forcing the half grinning, half snarling beauty under him, his hands seizing her wrists, forcing them uncomfortably above her head, now framed by her inky-black-appearing hair splayed out around her.

"Is that a mini-buster sword in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?" She asked sweetly, knowing Cloud couldn't do better on the witty banter front.

A reddening Cloud looked down and saw that a pleasingly large bulge in his pants was jabbing into the woman's also pleasingly short skirt. Tifa's excited laughter sounded like an audio aphrodisiac- her voice buffing Cloud's erection further. He linked both of the woman's wrists in one of his hands, freeing one to disrobe the squirming woman. Astonishingly powerful, arousing shaped legs wrapped round Cloud's stomach and chest as her still clothed (skimpily) crotch rubbed infuriatingly against Cloud's agitated erection. He let her legs lock him in a squeeze that was designed to crack ribs, as he attempted to get a hand under Tifa's not-at-all-modest-leather skirt and to the micro-shorts beneath...

Tifa somehow managed to slip a hand out of Cloud's grasp, it went to the spiky blond's beat-up belt and pants. They wrestled with each other to awkwardly get their clothes off. Cloud switched tactics and almost angrily yanked the voluptuous female's upper garments up revealing first a sports bra very stressed with its load, then stunningly large, gorgeously shaped mounds of soft flesh that jiggled upon being free from the likely too-small brassiere. Cloud froze and stared in wonder for a long second whilst Tifa harshly yanked open Cloud's pants, unveiling a long, thick, Mythril hard cock!

"Aaand, switch!" Tifa near barked.


Tifa suddenly flipped Cloud (pants and underwear half down his legs) under her! The pair were now quite awkwardly tangled up!

With a precise lunge of her hand, she trapped the now unveiled cock, holding it at its pulsing shaft- her thumb poking into his underside between the balls, her forefinger rubbing up and down a throbbing vein as her remaining fingers squeezed the meaty organ.

"Anyone tell you you're hung like a Behemoth? Not bad for someone so short."

Male pride flipflopped as he breathlessly watched Tifa yank down the undershorts she wore beneath her skirt. She positioned herself over Cloud's hips as he struggled to untangle his legs. With no foreplay, she slammed her own wide hips down on Cloud's dick, forcing herself to painfully widen around his cock whilst the blond's usually sullen face was unrecognizably goofy as he felt an otherworldly mix of pain and pleasure!

"Nnngh!" Tifa grunted, feeling her vagina expand painfully fast as she dropped fully seated onto Cloud's Mythril-hard erection. She hissed as she felt his seeming club-sized cockhead thump against her likely soon to be bruised cervix, threatening to drive the constricted lower end of the uterus backwards dangerously.

Beneath her, Cloud felt like his dick was being sucked in! A squeezing feeling so tight he might have worried about his cock being crushed to pulp by super-tight inner walls, or seared by her furnace-like body heat.

Edging against the pain, Tifa pushed herself further down on Cloud's pole, releasing the pincer grip of her gloved hands. Pushing down until her silky thighs pressed down on his pulsing balls. The testicles' owner gulped, feeling Tifa's inner muscles twitching around his proud manhood and her well-developed thighs pressing down on his soft testicles.

Feeling a pair of hands on his recently disrobed shoulders in a grip that bruised (and also putting Tifa in the awesome position of leaning over Cloud letting her huge tits dangle in is face), the merc gasped as he felt Tifa suddenly spin her wide, powerful hips about! Delivering shocking force on his dick, pulling and pushing it about so hard he would have visualized her tearing it loose if his brain wasn't melting (both from the heavenly/infernal grip on his dick and having Tifa's huge jiggling cleavage literally in his face).

Cloud clamped his hands on Tifa's wide hips, trying to stop her and control the almost bucking brunette.

Unsuccessfully. The martial artist continued spinning her hips, grinding and thumping on Cloud's dick and rubbing cruelly on his pulsing testicles with a gloved hand.

Suddenly Tifa stopped. Cloud blinked, feeling his backside likely start to blister against rivets in the floor sticking into his ass. The shapely brunette changed tempo, she began powering her hips up and down on Cloud's cock! The slamming motions were so powerful Cloud went cross-eyed, feeling his cock suddenly subjected to an even more intense experience! In this position Tifa's large breasts bounced up and down making a lewd smacking sound as flesh collided! So caught in staring at the mesmerizing mounds, Cloud barely registered his hands being seized at the wrists and redirected to her tits. Shock became almost drunken pleasure as he felt his gloved fingers sink into heavenly soft mammaries.

The grin exploded into a gasp of pain as Tifa raised her athletic thighs and hips up mostly off Cloud's dick (leaving only the tip embedded) then slammed her body weight down on the blond's crotch harder than ever before! Crushing Cloud's balls under her powerful thighs!

Cloud gasped, growled- his hands (regretfully) released Tifa's well-endowed jiggling tits, to try to seize the lady strikers equally gifted hips. He didn't need his balls busted-literally. The uncooperative brunette grabbed Cloud's wrists and used a vicious, pain-inducing martial arts nerve grip on the slender male's wrist joint, forcing the flailing hands back to her coveted tits.

Cloud growled 'Damn', sending his frustration into the large, soft mounds with painful force, squeezing deeply into the milk producing organs.

Despite mutual pain, both burned with savage delight as Tifa Lockhart thumped up and down on Cloud Strife's balls hard enough to rupture the soft sex organs! Likewise Tifa stared down, half grinning, half snarling, assessing every minute twitch of her partners features as he speared her so wide and hard he may as well have been shoving a club up inside her!

In a surge of strength, Cloud flipped up to a sitting position, biting and sucking on Tifa's uncommonly large tits hard enough to break the rutting rhythm. Tifa clutched the lewdly suckling males head between her hands, pinching and pulling on his untamed spiky hair.

Her exotic eyes widened in shock and she barely held in a yelp as the male beneath launched himself up to standing, amazingly holding his balance despite his pants pooling round his knees. The gaping woman squirmed with and against him; wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders.

THUMP! "AH! Hahaha!" She let out a cry and a laugh as Cloud drove her into the weirdly placed Potion Energy Drink vending machine she punted him into earlier!

Holding her squashed between his body and the clanking device, the grunting Ex-SOLDIER slowly pumped back and forth inside her, rubbing her back up and down the cold metal frame, getting perhaps a few millimetres deeper into the curvaceous woman's body with each thrust up into her as he continued rocking his face about against the brunette's massive cleavage.

Tifa yanked his head back from her cleavage pillow by his spiky hair. And slapped him hard across the face! Before he could respond, Tifa seized his mouth with another violent kiss! This one with the brunette driving her tongue into Cloud's shocked mouth. She could still taste blood from when she had bitten him!

They wrestled half-sensually- half viciously against the machine as it made alarming sounds as it rocked back and forth on its legs. Painfully yanking the blonde's spiky head away from her mouth, sandwiching Cloud's face between both hands, Tifa drove the lust-filled males blood-flushed face between her considerable cleavage with one hand whilst raking his lithely-muscled back with the other.

Cloud struggled in the agonizing, wonderful trap, slightly fearing cleavage-induced asphyxiation. Despite not stopping his thrusting into Tifa's shockingly hot, scarily tight channel, Cloud's hands soon flailed about in an oxygen deprived panic.

A sensuous voice giggled at this, which Cloud barely heard due to mammary flesh squeezing over his ears. A gloved hand desperately snatched a handful of Tifa's now mussed hair and yanked her head back hard pulling her extremely well developed glandular organs off the Strife survivor and saving him from milk-secreting organ inflicted asphyxiation.

The provocative bar hostess again giggled as she watched the usually stoic warrior gasp in air, pain searing through her head, making her hotter and wetter. Like an energy bar was charging up to something. She grabbed on to a metal pipe. Using it as leverage she twisted Cloud round (his waist still enwrapped in her legs) so he was now the one pressed against the besmirched vending machine.

Tifa leaned her upper body back in Cloud's grip, so far her hands reached and her palms touched the unclean floor. She moaned at how her position twisted the unsafely massive, inhumanly hard dick inside her, warping her sexual insides as the pair moved. Feeling Cloud's gloved digits dig deeply into her sensuous ass, she looked upside-down at a dirt-stained, but still transparent window, showing the eerie green glow of the Sector 7 slums MAKO lights.

In this unsafe stand and carry sex position, Tifa bent herself back further, hearing and feeling her hair trailing across the floor and blood rush to her head in contrast to the life-fluid gathering at her sex regions in a chaotic mash.

Stepping to the center of the room, Cloud bent his upper body back as well to avoid losing balance, his head began to spin in blood confusion. He adjusted to fucking Tifa by swinging her body from side to side, squeezing her ass so hard it bruised.

Cloud dropped Tifa ass first onto an oddly placed black and white cushioned couch. He'd suspected it'd been stolen from Shinra. He began fucking into the sensual woman from above, his palms placed on the metal frame above Tifa's splayed out hair, thrusting back and forth into the near-convulsing woman so hard, the furniture she was squashed against creaked as though warning the rutting pair to stop! Instead, Cloud continued pushing in and out of Tifa's now sweaty body so hard she rubbed back and forth across the couch cushions likely causing friction burn across parts of her back and reddening ass!

Gasping and grunting like some pig-monster, Cloud forced himself to look at Tifa's beautiful face. Not easy given the buxom fighter wasn't simply laying back and being ridden- no the insanely attractive pugilist was slapping Cloud's ass again and again- so hard each finger felt like a bullwhip! Seriously, Cloud had encountered some Behemoths that didn't have such hard-hitting hands!

The Mako-enhanced human was unable to handle such amazing sensations for long- Cloud felt like volcanic energy sparked from inside him and detonated at one single point: the otherworldly beauty beneath him. He came with force akin to a dam breaking; sending a river of sperm into Tifa's body!

Tifa seized both of Cloud's asscheeks and squeezed, attempting to pull him in deeper as Cloud thrust forwards so hard and undignified it would look to a voyeur that he was trying to fit his ballsac inside her body!

His first orgasm flowed seed into the splayed-out bar hostess for a good 30 seconds, then Cloud paused to catch his breath-

When Tifa grabbed his testicles in her crushing grip!

Cloud's legs gave out from under him at the shock and it was only Tifa holding him upright that stopped the larger male from crumpling to the floor in a cross-eyed heap!

Cloud looked almost pleadingly into Tifa's suddenly dimmed but still mischievous eyes. With several harsh tugs and pumps on his cock, the agonized blond managed several shuddering spurts of sperm into the grinning woman. On the final discharge, the exhausted male almost fainted, his body went ramrod straight, every muscle tense in orgasmic pain, then relaxed, leaving him laid out on top of the woman who still had him by the balls (figuratively and literally).

Seeing stars in his eyes as he gasped for breath, he almost cried in relief as he felt the hand release his balls and slide around his torso, holding him tightly and stroking him with a bizarre affection for such a violent coupling…


… Until Tifa flipped him back under her and Cloud worried for a moment the crazy woman wasn't done.

Instead she laid her head down on his heaving chest.

'Guess she's on top then…' Cloud thought as he drifted off to exhaustion-inspired sleep...



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