Slut in the Bar

BY : TristyPixie
Category: Final Fantasy VII > Het - Male/Female
Dragon prints: 1693
Disclaimer: This fanfiction was written for fun and not for profit. The setting and characters are owned by Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix.

It was finally ready to close the bar, and so Tifa locked the door. Her last part of the shift was sorting out the stock, and so the busty barmaid appeared bent over in the stockroom, to the point that her white knickers were showing underneath her mini skirt. Wearing a short skirt never covered anything. It was just like the white crop-top Tifa wore, and quite often without a bra beneath it. She had silky, shaven legs; slender arms; and a smooth, flat stomach. To match the look, her long brunette hair was trailing down her back; long enough to pull on. 

Showing up in the backroom, Barret woke up to the chattering and clanging noises being tossed and turned about. 

"What's going on with all the noise?" 

A sobered Barret chapped, as he went to find the source of the noise. Barret soon caught the sight of a tasty Tifa the barmaid bent over all vulnerable. Oh, Barrett had saucy thoughts crop up in his mind.

Being a slave to his desires, Barret the Bullet let loose and placed the full weight of his barrel upon Tifa's arched back. His arm snuck round her front and his hand grabbed a chunky handful of Tifa's busty ballistic breast. 

"Hope you don't mind; I just can't help myself," teased Barret.

Letting out a shriek of surprise, Tifa glanced over her shoulder to meet with Barret. She laughed when she saw him, "What are you doing? Quit messing around," she responded. "I have to get this stock sorted for tomorrow," she added. "Why not help me with it, big guy?" 

Amidst this conversation, Tifa was still bent over with her backside pressing into Barret's crotch. Tifa could feel his bulge against her butt. It was the wrong time to be touchy-touchy, yet nobody other than these two were present in the whole bar and backroom.

"I ain't messing about, Tifa," replied Barret. 

With a reversal of his firearm from the arch of Tifa's tempting back, Barret placed the cold iron between Tifa's chunky thighs. Pinging her white g-string, Barret gave his fingers a wet cleaning. He inserted his index and middle finger into Tifa’s wet, hot clam. All the while Barret kept squeezing on those large, voluptuous twins. Soon enough, Tifa was endowed with creamy discharge just dripping onto Barret’s firearm.

Blushing a deep reddish glow, Tifa felt uncomfortably wet due to his teasing. With Barret grabbing her breasts, her thighs and even between her legs...she felt a tingling sensation in her thighs. Dropping what was in her hand, Tifa turned around to face Barret. The busty barmaid swooped to her knees, unzipped his trousers and immediately hugged her plump lips around the tip of his cock. She lifted her white crop-top, now exposing her large, perky breasts. She couldn't resist the muscular man. 

Hands free, cock taken hostage, tugged within Tifa's tight mouth. Barret’s cock was being caressed by plump red lips. Barret's cock pulsed with a red, leaking tip. Her sensual lips were too good, but Barret wanted something else.

"Oh, Tifa, you are a goddess - but you forget that I’m in control here," he reminded the busty barmaid. Unsewing his belt, Barret took hold of Tifa's arm while she was still servicing him. He jammed his cock all the way down her throat, and watched Tifa's face turn a deep red. Barret penetrated her throat while he finished tying Tifa's arms together behind her back with his belt.

"Oh, sorry, can't you breathe? You like that big meaty cock, don't you?"

Barret removed his cock from Tifa's mouth, allowing her to breathe.

"Now, where do you want my cock?" Barret heckled perversely.

Cock pulling out of her warm mouth, along with a string of saliva. Tifa bit onto her lower lip hard, just looking up at the muscular man. He was right, Tifa loved the taste of his cock. She nodded shyly, her crimson eyes looking up at him. Her eyes formed tears during the throat penetration, and thus her mascara was running down her cheeks. 

"...Cum in my pussy," she answered. "That's what I want - breed me," she added.

Her vulva was dripping wet with juices drooling down her thighs, even droplets fell onto the floorboards of the stockroom. The words he said turned her on. Tifa liked a big, strong man like Barret. 

"How do you like the sound of that? Impregnate a fat-titted slut like me," she smirked.

"That's my good little Tifa," cooed Barret. 

Wiping drool from Tifa's plump red lips, Barret later slapped it upon Tifa's aching clitoris. He spun the busty barmaid, so that Barret was viewing her backside rather than her face. Barret pushed her torso to the ground, squishing those large tits against the floorboards. He held onto Tifa's bound arms and then rampaged his cock into Tifa’s vagina. 

Placing his gun arm barrel in front of the barmaid’s face, "Now lick it," he demanded. Barret expected a lick from Tifa, all whilst his muscled hips performed thrust after thrust into Tifa’s love hole. 

Each thrust sent her tits jiggling in rhythm, and Barret watched her buttocks clap with his crotch. His cock sunk deep into her canal, all until his testicles reached her arse. Tifa hung her head, feeling his cock enter her womb. It felt pleasurable and yet uncomfortable at the same time, so she tried to clench her glutes amidst the thrusts.

Her vaginal fluids coated his cock, hugging his meat in sensational wetness. Inside, it felt like his cock was being squeezed by moist cushions. That made Barret feel weak. After releasing multiple ropes of cum into Tifa’s womb, Barret pressed his cock onto the puckered behind next. He pulled onto Tifa’s brunette's locks in the process. 

"Now, wiggle back on my cock if you want more of my seed," ordered Barret.

Her head pulled backwards with the tug of her brunette locks, the busty barmaid did as she was suggested by pushing her arse onto Barret's meaty cock. Tifa let out a groan, feeling Barret's erect manhood force through the tight inner walls of her rectum. Cum was leaking from her vagina, drooling down her moist clitoris. 

Licking Barret's firearm, saliva dripped on the metal with her licks. She was horny, wanting to get completely ruined by Barret. 

Her body was forming droplets of sweat here and there, as Tifa was starting to sweat madly underneath her clothes. Tifa was sweating down her back; beneath those heavy tits; in-between the slit of her arse, and not to mention her inner thighs. Tifa kicked her boots off, allowing air to touch her sweaty feet. 

Barret went on to pound Tifa's tight anus, all whilst he watched the trails of his sperm within painting the inner linings of her puckered hole. Cum leaked from both orifices.

Proceeding to remove the belt from around her arms, he let her arms free as he instructed Tifa on what was to come next. 

"I'm going to completely destroy that pussy now; so hold onto my shoulders tightly," he warned. 

Raising his firearm, Barret dropped to his knees and a hand firmly gripped Tifa's sweat laced leg. Barret lapped up her juices with his tongue, allowing his tongue to briefly massage her wet clitoris.

"You’re going to sit yourself onto this firearm, but don't worry about ammo - there is none," a smothered Barret smirked.

Facing Barret as she then rose to her feet, Tifa squatted over Barret's firearm. Her cum-filled pussy sat on the tip of the weapon, as she felt the metal already kiss her juicy clitoris. Tifa gulped at what was to come next, however, as she knew that this firearm was going to be rammed inside her clam. Her vaginal juices dripped down the metal, along with traces of his sperm.

"Are you going to... fist me? " Tifa asked the muscular man, swallowing her own spit yet again.

“You bet,” he answered. “It’ll be easy to fist ya.”

Within seconds, Tifa locked her arms around Barret's collar, keeping herself close to him during this fisting episode.

Smelling the juices flowing from Tifa's prepped holes, Barret just couldn't hold himself back. Tensing up the muscles when he gorged his arm, Barret pried the gatling gun inside of Tifa’s pussy. Drowning the pipes, creamy juices oozed. His firearm penetrated Tifa's now gaping slit, Barret caused squirt after squirt to leak from her g-spot in the act. 

As Barret began to dry fire the gatling bit by bit, tease by tease; Barret coaxed out every fluid that Tifa had to offer. 

"Shall I keep going, Tifa?"

Watching the firearm pound her gaping pussy, juices splattered with the continuous pounds. Tifa had a look of worry on her face. She moaned at the feel, a repeated moan with each fist in her cunt.

“I think...I’ve had enough,” she replied. “How about I sleepover at your place tonight?” Tifa asked with a smirk appearing over her lips.

The busty barmaid's legs felt shaky, achy from the fisting.

"I suppose I could be a gentleman after the satisfaction you have offered me," replied a delighted Barret. 

As he turned on his gatling to full speed, he continuously pounded Tifa's loosened pussy for the last time. Ailing the barmaid unconscious, Tifa's drenched body fell backwards. Barret removed his gatling from within her vulva, and now watched a waterfall of juices flow that soon covered the floorboards in her ooze.

"Sorry about the mess; looks like you'll have to clean it up at the next shift," he snickered. 

Barret carried the barmaid's drenched body to his car to sleep off their tiresome adventure.

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