An Excuse for Sex

BY : TristyPixie
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Disclaimer: This fanfiction was written for fun and not for profit. The setting and characters are owned by Final Fantasy X, Square Enix.

Traveling through the Macalania Woods, an Al Bhed Tavern appeared to be in sight at last. Brrr, it was at freezing temperature though! Lulu could light up a fire, albeit she didn't fancy wasting any mana just to keep herself warm.

"Should we rest for a little while? Not for long, of course," suggested Lulu as she averted her gaze to Auron beside her. "What do you think, Sir Auron?"

Heaving a sigh, Yuna began, "But Lulu--" 

"I think resting here is a good idea! What do you say, Yuna? Let Seymour wait, after all he did leave Guadosalam without warning," stated Tidus. It's not like Tidus wanted Yuna to see Seymour anyway. "We still have a big journey ahead of us so we need to rest," he added.

"I guess you're right," smiled Yuna. "Maester Seymour is probably not expecting me so soon anyway."

"Temple not far, why rest?" Kimhari questioned.

"Well, I'm tired," grumbled Lulu. "We can meet you at the temple if you want. I and Sir Auron would like to rest for a while." 

"It's okay, we can rest for a while," nodded Yuna.

Approaching the door to the Inn, Lulu entered without a second thought. Finally, Lulu had a chance to rest.

A well-rested stay at the Inn might have been what was intended. However, Auron had other ideas up his sleeve...and so did Lulu.

"I'll go on ahead," Auron stated dryly. “Some of us need the rest,” he mentioned. 

Auron followed suit through the tavern's snow-coated wooden door. The rest of the group followed Auron, too, getting out of the cold and into the warm.

"Hey! Don’t forget me," yelled an impatient Tidus. The Blitzballer rushed in line leading to the Inn. 


Approaching the woman at the counter, Lulu gave her a warm smile...or maybe Lulu was just happy about resting at the tavern for a few hours. “Is there a room available? I and Sir Auron will be sharing,” asked Lulu. “We only need the room for an hour or two.”

“Yes, of course. Your room is just down the hall, keep a lookout for door number 3. Here’s your room key,” the cashier responded whilst she set the key on the counter. “Did you say just for two hours? The total cost for this room will be two-hundred gil. Is that okay?”

Setting the required gil on the counter, Lulu beamed happily. “It’s perfect. Thank you.”

A giggling Rikku couldn't keep her nose out of other people's business, she rose a blonde brow with curiosity. "Is there...something going on between those two?" Rikku hinted at the legendary guardian and the black mage. "They're sharing a room together," she added.

Tidus laughed, "Probably. I'm actually shocked, I didn't think the old grouch would get anybody - let alone on a summoner's pilgrimage."

Whilst Auron had already headed over to their room, Lulu paused for a short moment. Overhearing the two young guardians, Lulu gave a look of annoyance in their direction. "It's only natural for children to laugh about things like this. You know, maybe it's a good time to think about romance; especially since Spira isn't a pleasant world to be in right now."

"She's right," chimed Rikku. But then again, Rikku would agree with just about anything Lulu says.


The hallway was quiet, even with the other guardians resting at this tavern as well. Finally walking over to their rented room, Lulu closed the door behind them at last. 

"So, where were we?" Lulu questioned with a smirk. The black mage tugged down the bustier of her dress, thus uncovering her large breasts to the legendary guardian. Lulu possessed a voluptuous, plump figure. "Shall we get started? Maybe you'd like a candlelight," offered Lulu. The mage then proceeded to light a few candles on the nightstand with a fire spell. "There."

Seeing Lulu arrive in the bedroom, Auron unsleeved his right arm and showed Lulu his muscular bicep. 

"We are here...alone," teased Auron. 

He watched the topless woman draw closer to the double bed, and Auron held her hand when she was near. Auron liked the scent of perfume Lulu was wearing, roses...was it?

Looking at Lulu's face and into those crimson eyes, Auron bore a hand onto the black mage's neck. The legendary warrior averted his gaze from her eyes while he kissed her nape. Just one kiss upon her neck.

"Shall we get started?" Auron stated initiatively.

After that, Auron continued to kiss Lulu's neck.

Moaning out to the feel of Auron's lips against the nape of her neck. The black mage grabbed the back of his hair; gripping a fistful of black locks. 

Boldly, Lulu straddled Auron's lap, and she felt the man's bulge press into her wet knickers in the process. Lulu's knees were on the bed, she rose herself just a little and pressed her large breasts into Auron's face.

Lulu cooed into his ear, "Why not just have me now?" 

Kicking off her high-heeled boots onto the ground, Lulu pushed Auron onto the bed so that he was now laying down with her on top of him.

Being a strong-willed warrior, Auron preferred the height advantage and as a result the hand of which held Lulu's neck. Auron lifted Lulu's voluptuous body as his gaze collided with her large, perky bust. They were the biggest tits Auron had ever seen on a woman. 

Carrying Lulu, the mage wrapped her legs around his waist in the act. Auron rushed over to the wall, soon placing the black mage against it.  Raising Lulu, Auron struck his sword into the wall and used his sword as Lulu's seat. She was sitting on the flat side of his sword now.

"Let's get rid of these," he mentioned. Auron stripped off Lulu's sultry, wet knickers in one swift motion.

The warrior monk removed the belt that kept his haori in place, as the robe descended. With the belt in hand, Auron whipped Lulu's exposed slit.

"Oh my - that's a way to whip my horny pussy," she purred. Lulu bit onto her bottom lip hard with a move in mind that she wanted to do next.

Sitting on Auron's blade, Lulu felt cold on her backside. Lulu kicked her legs back for the strong warrior, exposing both of her tight holes in his view. Now Lulu's lower back was resting on the sword, whilst she held both of her legs back. 

"Do you like what you see, Sir Auron?"

"That's just what I wanted," he admitted. 

Aroused by the temptress, Auron took the belt in hand and tied it around Lulu's neck. He pulled on the leash, keeping the extended end of the Haori's belt wrapped around his wrist. Holding Lulu forward, Auron placed his erect manhood in his left hand, preparing it for rousing Lulu's tight love hole.

"Beg for it," a strong stoic Auron teased.

Rubbing the head of his cock against the black mage's clitoris, he felt just how moist she was.

The mere touch of Auron's cock against her clitoris caused her pussy to dribble some. A trail of clear fluids drooled from her clitoris, down to her puckered anus, and then small droplets appeared on the blade. Lulu was wet.

"Give it to me, Sir Auron! If you don't, I guess I'll have to take it from you," she remarked playfully.

Moving from the sword she was sitting on, Lulu swooped to her knees in front of the warrior. Lulu held onto her large breasts and then hugged them around his thick, erect cock. Lulu proceeded to stroke his cock with her tits, moving her breasts downwards and then up. She leaned in and licked the tip, all before taking the head of his cock into her warm mouth. Her plump, purple lips were now hugging the tip, all whilst her sizeable tits worked on his length. Lulu's crimson eyes gazed up at the warrior, watching his face.

Clear fluids continued to drool from her wet cunt, now dripping down her silky thighs.

Fuck, Auron stood overbearing Lulu's performance with a smug face, not to say it wasn't a happy face for the warrior. Watching those big tits hug his cock made the mushroom head twitch, even leak a pearl of cum.

"That's it, keep that up now," ordered Auron.

Gripping a clump of Lulu's silky black hair, he tugged on those long plats quite firmly. Auron proceeded to plough those tits with his erect cock, making the breast tissue jiggle with his thrusts. 

Moving those gorgeous melons aside, Auron rammed his cock into Lulu's throat. He felt the swallow of Lulu's throat hug tight on his snakehead. Her eyes watered in the process.

"Take it all," groaned Auron. 

Ropes of cum shooting from the tip, he released the first many cumloads down the black mage's throat.

The warrior retreated his member and stood Lulu back onto her feet, now shoving her delicate face into the wet puddle on the wooden floorboards.

"Clean up your own mess," he demanded.

Smacking Lulu's perky round arse cheeks beet red, Auron watched as the black mage licked up her pussy juices.

Licking up her own juices from the floor, it didn't help that Lulu's purple lipstick smudged on the wood along with it. Tears had rolled down her cheeks with two streams of smudged mascara along with it, which happened during the blowjob. Glancing over her shoulder, Lulu watched the warrior smack her arse. 

Moving her butt backwards, Lulu located Auron's erect manhood and pressed her wet clitoris on the tip of his cock. Pushing backwards, Lulu's eyes rolled into the back of her head the second Auron's cock sunk into her moist canal. Lulu took every inch inside of her pussy in one go. 

"Stop teasing me and actually fuck me," she demanded. 

Her beet red buttocks pushed backwards and then forth, and she continued this in rhythm. Lulu's warm pussy coated Auron's cock in a juicy, dripping substance - there were already white splotches of Lulu's cum painting Auron's length.

With the task at hand, Auron could no longer hold his urge to plough into the black mage any longer. With the still dangled belt wrapped around her neck, the warrior took hold of the rugged belt and led an assault into Lulu's begging cum hole. The warrior rammed his cock into her clam, all whilst he smacked Lulu's plump buttocks.

"Get ready for this," grunted the warrior. 

Auron paced to Lulu as he was about to burst within her. In the process, the legendary warrior forced dual fingers into Lulu's puckered anus. He pushed his fingers inside her anus wet with her juices, feeling deep inside her rectum.

"Let's move this to the bed," he thought. 

On the bed, Auron placed Lulu on her back, now unwrapping the belt from around her neck. He pushed her legs to the nape of her neck, leaving Lulu's holes totally exposed.

"Now that's a sight to behold," stated Auron as he tasted his two fingers.

One hand holding a leg back, all whilst her free hand went in-between her thighs. Lulu's nimble fingers were too busy rubbing the swollen walnut of her clitoris. Both of her wet, tight holes were staring at Auron. 

After receiving a royal invitation, Auron readied his still throbbing cock and entered Lulu's dripping slit. 

"You look slutty like that," he laughed. Auron said in a complimentary manner. 

In the heat, Auron rammed deep inside Lulu's sex cave. He kept watch of her eyes, looking into those crimson hues as he fucked her.

It wasn't long until the black mage's pussy grabbed on tight and sucked the cum from Auron's mighty sword. 

Clear fluids drooled from her vagina, even splattered when Lulu rubbed her clitoris. Auron pulled out and went on to pierce her moist anus. The warrior grabbed hold of Lulu's two large breasts and squeezed the breast tissue whilst thrusting into her anus.

"You beautiful woman," he remarked. Auron leaned in and planted a kiss onto her purple lips, his fingers rubbing her clit in the act. Auron pinched the swollen bean of her clitoris as he watched clear fluids drool from the g-spot. 

While Auron ploughed her moist anus, Lulu kept on rubbing her clitoris. Her head swept back into the duvet of the bed as she moaned out. Lulu stared at the ceiling with tears forming in her eyes. Receiving anal felt like a mix of soreness and pleasure, especially when she toyed with her bean. 

" that hole," she admitted. "But I like it - I want you to go faster," she added.

It was a rhythm, Auron thrust into her holes and her large breasts jiggled to the beat. Her body was sweating with the duvet becoming wet. 

Lulu was in love, she wanted Auron to fuck her for hours and hours on end.

With the way Lulu just kept on going, the way she kept rubbing that swollen bean. Auron, the stoic type, gave the black mage what she wanted.

"I'm going to fuck you until your unconscious, do you want that?" Auron questioned as he pounded into Lulu's twitching anus.

"Cast a thunder spell and direct it towards your little clit, Lulu," ordered Auron. 

He demanded such a deed whilst he spread her labia apart. Auron spread her pussy lips wide apart, ready for his order to be met. Auron was ready to burst as his body started to jump, all whilst he ravaged Lulu's vagina. Auron tried to add a new sensation to the painful yet pleasurable anal fucking.

"What? I wonder how that'll feel," pondered Lulu.

Now watching Auron ravage her clitoris, Lulu went on to cast the thunder spell as soon as Auron had stopped licking. Lulu squeezed her eyes shut, soon casting this thunder spell once and for all.

Letting out a loud moan of pleasure, Lulu felt a small lightning bolt strike her swollen g-spot. This strike, however, sent her pussy squirting all over Auron's face.

Looking at Auron once again, Lulu blushed at the sight of her bean squirting in the face of her lover. 

Taking this as an opportunity, Lulu sat up and tackled Auron. Lulu pushed Auron onto his back, and Lulu went on to press her large tits into his face once again. Seeing as Lulu was straddling Auron's hips, the black mage sunk her pussy down onto his meaty cock. She took full advantage of this by riding the legendary guardian.


Proceeding on the journey to Macalania Temple, Auron and Lulu walked together. Lulu cast a fire spell, just holding the fire in her hands while they walked.

"Are you feeling warm yet, Sir Auron?"

Auron simply smiled, swathing an arm around Lulu.

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