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Disclaimer: This fanfiction was written for fun and not for profit. The setting and characters are owned by Final Fantasy, Square Enix.

“Aah!” Cloud gasped, he held his head as he woke up. 

He tried to stay quiet, even when it was difficult to. Cloud never wanted to wake up the other warriors in the camp.

Even with the gentle cool breeze coming through the tent, Cloud still woke up covered in sweat. Waking up from an upsetting dream, Cloud looked at the brunette male still fast asleep beside him. They slept in separate sleeping bags, staying in a tent for the night. They were due to fight the final boss tomorrow and this made Cloud feel super tense. Tense in a way that he wanted to spend more time with Squall.

“Sq-Squall, are you still here?” Cloud leaned over and gave the sleeping male a shake on the shoulders. 

“Will you just go back to sleep?” Squall grumbled, struggling to open his eyes.

“I had a nightmare about you.”

Glancing up at a worried Cloud, the brunette male just gave a small smile. He cackled some, even when he didn’t hear about the nightmare yet. “A nightmare? Like what?”

“In this dream you turned against me before the fight with Chaos,” shared Cloud. “I know it’s just a dream but it still scares me. I can’t go back to sleep.”

Laughing at Cloud’s nightmare, Squall held Cloud’s hand and gave it a kiss. “That’ll never happen.”

“Are you sure?” 

“Are you seriously gonna believe a stupid nightmare?” Squall asked. “I’d never turn against you. We’re inseparable, Cloud.” 

“Could I maybe...sleep with the same bed for the rest of the night?” Cloud asked with a quivering in his words, he soon pursed his lips shut after what he asked. “Don’t think I’m a freak, please. I know we literally started dating a few days ago, but please don’t think I’m a freak,” Cloud begged in thought.

“Um, sure. I don’t see why that would be a problem,” chuckled Squall. 

Opening up his sleeping sack, Cloud scooched up next to Squall in such a tiny bedroll. He nuzzled his head into the nook of Squall’s neck, whilst his hand rested on Squall’s chest. This made Squall blush a deep crimson, he simply gave the blonde male a pat on the head. 

“We’re gonna be like this...all night? I hope I don’t wake up aching,” mused Squall. “...Nah.”

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