Final Fantasy 7: In Demon Hands

BY : MiracleWorm
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A cell is only a room that keeps prisoners inside. But when one is kept inside long enough, it slowly twists into a perversion of home.

The current room was such a cell. And looking at the far back of the room had an intricate drawing on it that was possibly done by a child that lived here years ago.

This child managed to leave this cell at some point but now returned to it...

Aerith's eyes looked gloomy when she lay her gaze upon the drawing she had made here as a child.

"Do you like it? I modeled everything the same just the way it was years ago. As if nothing had changed." The voice through some speakers rang into the room.

When Aerith looked back she saw a man behind reinforced steel and glass further up. Her brows frowned together and she started to glare at the ugly face of her tormentor as a little child.

This man, Hojo, was the most despicable cretin there ever was.

Being so crazy about science to disregard any moral there was just let her convulse in disgust. But there was also something else lingering inside her heart when she looked at this face. Slow but steady fear started to spread inside her.

To not give in and gift this man the pleasure of enjoying her demise, she kept strong and tried to overcome her fear with pure unadulterated anger.

"Glare all you want. You just remind me of your mother. And as we know, she also broke at some point. What a waste of resources that had become. Come to think of it, I will really enjoy trying out my new experiments on you that stayed on hold. There will be a lot of valuable data coming from you." Hojo laughed manically.

"You are the same sorry sod of a human, Hojo..." Aerith remarked and clenched her fists when he had mentioned her mother. "Do your worst. I have already endured this once, a second time won't matter much."

"Oho~ But I think you are misunderstanding something here, dear. Back then you were just a small fragile child. Safely tucked behind the skirt of your brave dear mother. Now, look at you having grown up into a fine woman? Hmm, do the same things? Of course not! At least not things I already had done. Besides, I will make sure you will gift me with many more subjects to experiment on later."

"What the hell are you talking about? Have you gone insane!?" Aerith shouted now and if there wouldn't be this bulletproof window further up where he looked down at her she would have already tried smashing it with one of the furniture placed in this spacious room.

"Hahaha." Hojo laughed and then clicked on a few buttons at his control panel. "Obviously, I am saying that I will make sure that you deliver some children for me that will continue your work when your body served its purpose."

"You...disgusting pig...I will make sure to rip your cock off if you try something like that with me!" Aerith was horrified by his statement but sure would not let him do something so obvious. If he dared to do that and even thought about touching her, she would make sure to injure him as much as possible.

"Who said anything about me? Look, I prepared someone special. Just for you!" pressing on the last button suddenly let a small part of the floor inside the cell open up and a figure restrained on a cross drove up a lift.

The person's head was obstructed by a metal helmet. Besides the long red crimson hair that was traveling down the male's body until his waist, there was nothing else hiding his very well-toned naked body.

"Aerith, meet Subject 34. He is a special case since he has undergone mako enrichment as well as managed to survive both Sephiroth's cells and Jenova's being implanted inside his DNA. Marvelous isn't he? And with your heritage, dear Aerith. I am sure we will create a very unique and powerful new lifeform!"

Aerith looked now even more horrified by this. What did he do to this human? And he even planned to let him breed with her!? Hojo showed himself more and more of a disgusting monster.

"You! Shinra shouldn't have given you any permission to do so!" Aerith gritted her teeth. She knew that Shinra tried to gain her cooperation in collecting even more mako energy.

"What those idiots say doesn't matter in the slightest. Now it is time for the experiment. Subject 34, would you be so kind to breed her now?" Hojo just sighed when being confronted by the opinion of sheep. No one would stand in his way of gaining a breakthrough in science.

And Shinra was only a tool for him since a very long time ago.

"Bastard...." Subject 34 said with a raspy voice after his helmet was taken off by a mechanical mechanism. "Go fuck yourself..."

"As rebellious as ever. Where is there ever a good subject when you need one? Others would have loved your opportunity. Well, I guess a little bit of the drug should do to get you going, huh?" Hojo clicked his tongue in response that this guy cursing him.

He should be happy about letting him have this opportunity before getting discarded. Even though he managed to survive, his very being and therefore lifespan had taken a massive hit. Spouting such words was not really something this subject would do for much longer anyway.

And Hojo had already collected enough data from this subject and therefore didn't need him much longer besides that experiment right now. He would still look into what the breeding outcome would be and then probably get rid of him.

Sliding with both his hands over the keyboard in front of him soon initiated the construct where the redhaired man was put on and it started pulling out some syringe with a  violet fluid that it injected in his neck.

The man cried out in pain at the start of the injection but soon stopped and calmed down.

That was the same moment his body started convulsing rapidly and the whole construct restraining him started to squeak and tear from the pressure the man seemed to put it in.

Aerith gasped when she saw the man spasm all over. But what made her feel terror and fear was the fact that the restrains soon let loose of him and set him free.

The man fell forward and started grunting and breathing heavily. His body started heating up and gained a clear red tinge to it. And his monstrous cock that now stood proudly erect with bulging and pulsating veins just showed how much blood seemed to run through it now.

"No...Please..." Aerith pleaded and looked up to Hojo when she realized how the person suddenly behaved. Especially after seeing his arousal. But her words meant nothing and Hojo's face showed a devilish grin.

But at that moment an alarm started going off in Hojo's control room and he looked at the camera feed to the left. "I will let you two now enjoy yourselves. After all I am a busy man and need to do some work." With that Hojo even left and didn't bother spectating the soon-to-be-done sexual intercourse.

"Grrr..." The red-haired man grunted and his bloodshot eyes were fixated on Aerith like a predator has found his prey.

Aerith started to shake her head and slowly backed up. She was no pushover but she also felt that she wouldn't stand a chance against this man in a fight. Not without any kind of weapon.

And that soon was proven right when the man lunged at her.

He grabbed her red jacket and tossed her to the ground.

"Urgh...No, please." Sobbing sounds came out of Aerith's mouth and tears flowed on her cheeks when she looked back up after hitting the ground rather hard.

Her words still didn't work at all and Subject 34 soon started to rip her pink dress without much effort.

The resulting tear showed her petite body beneath and another more powerful grip and tear soon showed her breasts cupped inside a white bra.

Not wasting much time, 34 grabbed and pulled the bra away to reveal the two mounds of softness with their little pink sweet topping.

Subject 34's face showed a smile and he lunged his mouth directly to her left breast.

There he bit her breast and pulled it in a sucking motion with his lips.

"Oww! That hurts you jerk!" Aerith could only try to pry him off of her but that he would even be so rough with her and let a clear bloody mark on her breast soon showed her this man had no control whatsoever.

The man licked the small droplets of blood coming from the teeth marks and started playing with the small topping.

This little foreplay was short-lived though.

When a small uncontrolled moan escaped Aerith's mouth, the man stopped and listened to her.

Aerith was already putting both her hands in front of her mouth in shock of making such a sound.

She could not even think fast enough about why she made such a vulgar sound while being forced before the man looked at her face and suddenly went straight to her panties.

Ripping them off swiftly he positioned his rhythmically pulsing penis right in front of her entrance, starting to rub it back and forth near her little budding cluster of nerves.

"Stop! Don't rub it there....Ah...Urgh..." Aerith felt the heat from him directly on her skin and the motion close to her private parts made her involuntarily feel something well up inside her.

She still tried to push him away with her hands pressed against his chest and waist all the while trying to distance herself.

But that got only grunting from him in return until he grabbed her small hands and pushed them back above her head.

Aerith now could only look at him and feel the motions until she realized his gaze was already fixed at her lower part. Not even giving her much of attention while doing this. Somewhere inside her heart that hurt her even more.

She felt like some doll that was used without a care.

And that was just the case as the next thing was her being shocked at how he was already repositioning himself into a motion to press his cock at her entrance.

"NOOOO!!! Don't! I am not ready yet to...!" Aerith screamed out while looking down at him slowly entering her. The feeling of something forcing itself into her felt suffocating. But at the moment of her protest, a sudden pain brought her to stop talking and jerk her head back while gritting her cute teeth.

The beast had pushed forward into her private parts. Ever going deeper with each inch from him entering.

The resulting pain jolted through her body by the second and made her expression horrified. When she looked hesitantly back to her vagina she could only see the man being inside her now.

She started shaking and tried to flee even more. There was no way that she could do this! How could she have lost her virginity like this!? She planned to give it to Zack.

This emotional horror made it even scarier. Now she was defiled and that by a stranger she hardly knew.

Now Zack won't forgive her. At that moment all she wanted was that Zack would come and save her.

But the only thing she received was one powerful thrust after stopping for a short moment. Subject 34's cock slid into the deepest part of her that it could after having broken through a small resisting barrier.

Aerith's eyes widened completely and her breath became haggard. The feeling of something so large inside her was now even worse than it had been before.

"No! Stop! It hurts! It hurts! Please!" Aerith still tried to talk him out of it after gaining some strength and breath.

But 34 only started to move on his own accord and continued to move his hips in and out of her small and very tight snitch. His breath coupled with his grunts became more and more frequent.

By the looks of it, he seemed to enjoy her tightness very much. The slight bulge at her stomach area just signified how much of her free space was occupied by him. There was literally no room left for anything else but his pulsing member.

It probably also hurt somewhat. Not that he would even really care as long as he could just fuck her. His mind had only one goal right now and that was to fuck her until he relieved himself.

In his motions, her small breasts danced in rhythm with those movements and got him slightly hypnotized. The hand that held her arms down let go and it went straight to those soft mounts to knead them.

All the while Aerith just took all the pain in and started to cry completely now.

Her tears rolled down her face again and together with her sobbing and gasping for air from time to time echoed in synchro with the grunting of the man.

And whatever it was that changed inside her after10 minutes of time passed, it didn't please her one bit. She actually started to moan and gasp out more erotically while the pain slowly went away and was replaced with a feeling of pleasure.

Each time he hit her cervix it sent a small wave of tingling relief down her body. And the longer this went on, the more her own body started to feel hot. And this warmth made her head start to spin.

Her thoughts that were of disgust and horror started to become completely irrational. Some even convinced herself of just going along since it felt good. But she only shook them off shortly after those bizarre ideas came crossing her mind.

She knew it. She was completely broken now. Like some ragdoll, she hung on his cock while he moved roughly inside her.

The only thing that supported the rest of her body was her shoulders and head being still on the ground.

Soon after he stopped fondling her breast there was also a change in position. The guy started to take her from behind like some animal.

At first, the doggy style could have been a chance for her to escape from him but she did not even do that. Her heated breath made her tired enough to not be able to.

And her eyes were also looking back at him and were already placed at his crotch in anticipation of him continuing. She felt ashamed at how her desire to continue the abrupt stop was hindering her own will.

With her mind starting to blank out from the immense pleasure she also felt a foreboding ill intent.

Why was she now feeling so amazing from this? Was she a complete slut from the very start? Is it his cock that she is craving now? Or is it just the fact that they were fucking like rabbits just to make a baby? A baby? Just that thought suddenly sent shivers down her spine.

Inside her mind, she still managed to scream somewhat that it was wrong and that should not happen, but her body was completely on a different track now after the pleasure took her over completely.

And with the red-head behind her suddenly pushing her down to the ground with a hand and the increasing sudden movements into her as far as he could reach.

It was soon to be over. She knew it. And at the same time when the man grunted loudly in relief with a powerful into her cervix, was also the moment her own mind let her see white.

Combined with the hot liquid that started to flood her insides directly inside her womb it was really over for her.

"Ah...Hah...Oooh...Hah...." Aerith only gaped her mouth open while feeling Subject 34's cock pulsating inside her and releasing ever more sperm in her.

It made her feel all giddy and satisfied in her heart for some reason. Her body also quivered in happiness with each wave of fluid entering her body.

Since her mold was squeezing so hard on 34's cock it was only normal to think that Aerith had actually reached orgasm as well.

And the very first orgasm for a person was one of true bliss since it is a thing they had not yet felt all their life.

Subject 34 only pushed his weight over her while grabbing her hips closer to himself so that she remained close to him.

He let his sperm go as deep as it could and made some rapid movements back and forth to try and push more inside her. He remained in that position as long as he could. Even after his penis seemed to have stopped releasing his batter.

After a while, he pulled out, and when he was completely out, there was still a thick spurt of white shooting forward over Aerith's body that creamed her torn clothes and parts of her body white.

The sweet little pink snitch that was still trembling together with her body was now mixed with sperm flowing out of her and the residual blood that came from her broken hymn was a picture to be engraved inside one's mind.

The exhaustion after the bliss though, brought Aertih collapsing sideways to the ground. Her breathing was slowly normalizing.

Just when she tried to back herself up she could see the man trying to grab her again.

Aerith's eyes looked complicated at him and she herself seemed to try and approach him.

But just at that moment, the door to the room opened and Aerith looked over there to see a familiar blond and another woman enter.

Those two looked in shock at the event inside.

"Aerith! What are you doing to her!?" The woman was the first to ask and glared at the man still standing close to Aerith.

"Cloud...Tifa..." Aerith seemed to have snapped out of her bewilderment and started sobbing again.

Right at that moment, the blond Cloud knew what had to be done and quickly attacked with his giant Buster Sword.

But what he didn't expect was that his nonchalant attack was dodged by the redhead and countered with a clean fist to his liver that sent him flying hard against the metal wall on the left side of the room.

"Cloud!!" Tifa shouted out in shock and even Aerith gasped out at seeing how fast her friend was smashed against the metal.

What made it even worse was that Cloud seemed to have lost consciousness and remained slumped on the ground.

"You! What have you done to Cloud! Don't think I will make the same mistake and also underestimate you!" Tifa now prepared herself and also engaged him. Her punches and kicks did land on 34, but Subject 34 only parried most of them with his own body.

34's eyes were still bloodshot and the more he moved in adrenalin to parry and avoid her attacks, the more he started to growl again.

Soon he grabbed one of Tifa's kicks and locked them under his arm and then kicked her remaining leg to overthrew her so that she had to land hard on the ground with her back.

Not letting her come back up he punched her straight to the guts while she lay there.

Tifa felt immense pain and nearly got her lights hit out of her. Not that it mattered since she could not move as she liked anymore.

Looking at the enemy with gritted teeth she saw that 34's fist was covered in some electrical energy.

"GRAAA!" 34 cried out and looked at Tifa. What made Aerith gasp out and Tifa look in shock was this deviant actually started to grab her neck with both hands and strangle it.

Aerith watched how Tifa slowly lost her breath. Not knowing what to do she went over and tried to get him away from her but it had little success.

"Wait, stop! Don't do that to her! Just...Just look. Aren't these amazing?" Aerith had now Tifa's breasts cupped and started to move them slightly.

The red-head stopped and looked at those round melons and seemed to have stopped his previous action.

"Aerith...Wha...What are you doing?" Tifa gasped out for air and now looked at her friend in slight bewilderment and a clear red blush. It came both from the strangling and embarrassing actions she did.

"Sorry...I...I just didn't know how to stop him otherwise...And...I am sorry for what is about to happen..." Aerith smiled with tears flowing from her face.

"What do you mean?" Before Aerith could answer Tifa's question, Subject 34 had already grabbed Tifa's shirt and ripped it clean off. Not even the sports bra that lay underneath remained intact.

"Wait! No!" Tifa protested but her huge breasts were now naked in front of both their eyes to see. 

In actuality, Aerith had already looked away and also distanced herself a little bit from the two.

Subject 34 had already gotten a huge erection again after having been enticed by Aerith. The rage from before once again turned into lust.

He placed his cock right between Tifa's huge breasts and her proud size after being squeezed together by him had, sure enough, enveloped him pretty much entirely beside his tip still looking through at the end.

Tifa saw this and shook her head to avoid his member but her body was still mainly paralyzed. "Aerith....Help...Please..."

But Aerith only sat there and clasped her own knees. She didn't seem to want and help. Aerith thought that once it was over, he would at least let her live. He would at least not kill her.

Tifa could only start looking sad at her friend. Then she ignored the movements from that guy and closed her eyes. She didn't care about him using her like that.

But when he grunted loudly and a hot and sticky fluid landed on her face it brought her to open her eyes again to look at him ejaculating through her marshmallow-soft breasts straight unto her.

Some of his sperm even landed nearly into her eye when that happened.

"Hey, don't get carried away, you ass!" 

Her complaining was not a god thing to do because at  that moment Subject 34 grabbed her lower jaw.

Aerith flinched shortly at his behavior. But when she saw him only spraying more of his sperm on her face and down her mouth, she became quiet again.

This got Tifa coughing a little bit since all that sperm now made it hard to breathe. It also didn't make it better that he forced her mouth shut for a short moment so that she had to swallow some.

She felt like picking at that moment and her coughing was also intensified.

But Subject 34 didn't wait long after that and had straight ripped off her underwear.

He also went straight to pushing himself inside her vagina. He was way more forceful with Tifa than he was with Aerith. No slow motions, no preparation. Just straight into her snitch as far as possible to go right into moving his hips against her cervix.

"NOOO! Stop! You can't just...!" The pain traveling through her body when entered did shut her up. And even though it was painful, her pain was slightly mitigated because of the paralysis. that started to wear off a little.

To make things worse and stop Tifa from resisting in any way later, 34 pushed her legs forward into a seashell position where her legs pushed her big breasts into her face.

And even though this was also Tifa's first time, she seemed to have much fewer problems in taking in the huge size of Subject 34. 

There was not even blood coming out of her as it did with the smaller petite woman. But that could simply be explained by her being already experienced or by the fact that Tifa had a very trained body.

One could only see by the clean-shaped small abs at her abdomen that she had trained rigorously. And that very training very likely could have already cost her that maiden barrier.

But just because it was less tight for him didn't mean it was not enjoyable. It was very much the contrary that Subject 34 actually liked it a lot.

He hammered his cock inside her with near abandon to plunge straight into that womb that he was kissing every time he reached her deepest part.

And it didn't even take long that he came inside her unleashing his friends to make their race inside her.

"You! NO! I can feel it. You can't be serious! You came inside me! Stop! Pull out right now!"

Surprisingly Subject 34 did exactly that after she screamed while feeling him cum inside her. Not that it mattered since he already had pushed most of his cum inside her.

Now the rest was falling on her body as he grabbed his cock and stroke the last few spurts on it.

After he wrung out the rest he looked down at her. His staring went from her creamed slit along her thin but powerful long legs to her face and those burning red ruby eyes that still had enough fire in them to glare at him in rage.

Before 34 could kneel and touch Tifa's stockings on her legs there was an influx of mana gathering at the spot where Cloud was knocked out.

"You damn bastard! You will pay for doing that to Tifa and Aerith!"

Subject 34 started growling again and around him a great amount of mana started gathering as well.

Tifa that was very close to this mana slightly paled. "Cloud! Be careful!" 

But before Cloud could react fast enough to stop his own attack, 34 had already positioned himself again in a way that it made easy dodging Clouds attempt.

34 this time grabbed Clouds weapon away from him and sent it flying straingt into the wall where it embedded itself to the hilt. Getting it out if there would take a while.

And that time he did not have. Especially after 34 grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back.

With an easy push forward, Cloud was pressed to the ground and effectively out of commission.

"Damn it..."

Both Aerith and Tifa were now concerned about him and thought the red-head would kill him.

But what the red-head was doing right after got both girls blushing madly out of shock.

"O...Oi! What the hell are you doing!?" Even Cloud had a panicky blush on his face.

Why that was? It was simply because Subject 34 had undressed his pants and had put him into a bend over doggy style.

By the looks, 34 was still in the horny mode with his dick still pulsing hard and didn't seem that he even cared about gender. Not that he was the one that was going to be fucked anyway. 

"Oh my god..." Aerith clasped her hands in front of her mouth the moment that 34 started penetrating Cloud in his ass. Tifa herself was just staring in disbelief at this and blushing even more.

"Urgh!! Damn! Stop this bastard!" Cloud tried freeing himself but not even he was strong enough to pry this monster off from himself. 

Cloud could feel how this bastard was entering him more and more. And when he was in him as far as he could be the moment Cloud could not maintain his struggle and had to concentrate on resisting the pain hitting his mind.

Subject 34 moved back and forth inside of Cloud to the point where each grunt of him in this tight asshole resulted in cloud grunting and gasping out.

Cloud even started to get an erection on his own through his prostate being stimulated so much.

Tifa looked at them both engaging in sex and had most of her attention towards Cloud's penis. Especially after he got an erection and was pulled by 34 into a straight position where he had grabbed shoulder to pull Cloud harder to himself was the moment that Tifa could not hold anymore.

Since she herself had been violated not too long ago her crotch became rather wet from seeing this. After all she secretly did love Cloud and seeing him naked like this in front of him had started her lust to skyrocket.

Not knowing what had come over her, she soo approached those two guys engaging ins sex and grabbed Cloud's dick.

"Ti...Tifa. What are you...Ah...Doing. Stop that." Cloud could only gasp a lot while speaking to his friend that suddenly had grabbed his cock.

"Cloud..." Tifa only said his name and slowly started jerking it back and forth.

"Stop...You can't do that. Jessie would not...Forgive me..."

That sentence suddenly got a big scowl on Tifa's face. "What!? Jessie!? Oh, I see how it is now." Her voice became extremely displeased and even her grib on Cloud's member got a lot firmer like a vice.

"Tifa! Urgh...!"

"Sorry but Jessie ain't here. So you have to do with me." Even though Tifa said that, she felt extremely hurt. She even started to give Cloud forcefully a blowjob by taking his cock and working on it with her lips.

"Tifa..." Aerith on the sidelines looked at this with worry in her green eyes. But somehow feeling the room filling up with the heat of all four people and looking at them doing this, got even her curious. 

Aerith even started playing with herself without noticing it.

"Stop! Tifa! I am cumming!" Cloud grunted and even grabbed her head with his hands.

It seems the moment Tifa had come closer to them and proceeded to give Cloud a blowjob, Subject 34 had freed the one hand holding Cloud's arms and started playing with one of Tifa's breasts.

With Cloud now grabbing her head the speed of Tifa's mouth moving increased. 

Tifa seemed to get a much softer look on her face when she noticed he didn't push her away. She even tried to increase the pressure she made with her mouth.

When her hand went to Cloud's balls and started massaging it, that was the moment that got the dam breaking. 

With that pleasure on his cock and the increasing pleasure that started to even come from his ass it was a foregone fact that he would not last long.

"I AM CUMMING, TIFA!!!!" Cloud pulled Tifa's head to the base of his dick and let out his sperm inside her mouth.

At the same moment Subject 34 felt the increasing tightness of Cloud's ass and release his own batter.

Tifa could only swallow and drink everything that Cloud had to offer.

A few solid seconds passed until Subject 34 pulled out of Cloud and Cloud himself fell back on his ass and lay on his back on the floor.

Tifa swallowed the last bit of sperm in her mouth and looked at Cloud. She crwaled over to him and positioned his still rather erect penis at her entrance.

"Wait, Tifa. I am...huff...tired..."

"I am sorry, Cloud. But I just can't...I need you inside me now. Please fill me up and wash away that guy's filth..." Tifa actually started crying and those tears landed on Cloud's chest. She herself now just couldn't handle the situation anymore. "You also promised....Why did you forget our promise..."

"Tifa...I...Urgh! Wait, you are too tight!! I just came!" Before Cloud could try and console her Tifa started riding him.

The tightness of her was extremely dangerous for him since he was still sensitive.

But what happened right after with Subject 34 joining them and plunging his cock in Tifa's as made it by far worse. 

Tifa yelped out and her walls started convulsing and tightening even more. It seemed even though Tifa was in the mood, she completely forgot about this monster. He had already entered her own ass.

Cloud could feel it as well but was somehow happier about the fact that it was not him this time around that was backstabbed in the ass. Though he felt sympathy for Tifa now. 

Subject 34 just started moving together with those two and the engaged in Tifa soon enjoying two cocks penetrating her and driving her completely to insanity with the pleasure she started feeling.

Her heart just felt fulfilled with Cloud being the one that entered her vagina and made love to her. 

"Damn, Tifa. I can't hold much longer!! I am cumming!"

"Yes, Cloud. Cum! Fill me up!" Tifa only smiled and started moving even faster.

When Cloud finally grabbed her asscheeks and rammed his cock forcefully into her the moment he released inside, Tifa cried out joyfully in bliss.

"Ah....Hah...I can feel it. I can feel both of you cumming inside. I can feel you emptying yourself inside me..."

But Subject 34 that also came together with Cloud pulled out of her ass and also pried his way into her now extremely filled vagina.

"What!? NO! Don't!" Tifa noticed that but could not do anything because she felt weak right now.

She could only accept that 34 had entered her as well and now sprayed even more of his sperm inside her.

"Urgh, Tifa! I am coming again!" Cloud on the other hand reached another climax right at that moment and also competed with Subject 34 to fill her up entirely.

While Subject 34 at some point pulled out and looked at the two messed up lovebirds he soon noticed that his control over his body started to come back.

Even though 34 had no control over his body before, he still remembered everything.

He looked over to Aerith who instantly flinched and stared back with a worried and scared face.

Still, 34 went over to her.

When he saw her close her eyes in fear he only kneeled down dried off her tears with his fingers. 

"I am sorry...Don't worry. I won't hurt you guys anymore..." His raspy voice sounded now and Aerith immediately looked in surprise at Subject 34.

"You...Got your sanity back?" Aerith asked him now.

"Yeah...But I guess my apology is not going to be much worth with what I did..." Then 34 just went away from her and sat down.

When he looked over at Cloud and Tifa he could actually see them engaging in another round of sex. Cloud was now fucking Tifa in a missionary style. Both his and Tifa's expressions were so flushed that it was easily discerned them being in heat now.

Aerith had also seen that and wondered if she should interrupt them.

"Looks like you are also affected. If you cast a cure you should be able to get rid of the feeling..." said 34 now after noticing how Aerith was fidgeting and also playing with herself.

"What? Me? I don't..." Then she looked down at her crotch. "I guess I am now a filthy girl..."

"Don't think like that about yourself. What I did to you, no one deserves...You are not dirty." 34 answered back.

Aerith looked at him and somehow smiled now. "You aren't that bad of a guy, huh?"

Subject 34 only smiled wryly.

"Hey...umm...Can we do it properly this time?" After Aerith came closer on her own accord she asked him.

"Huh?" That surprised 34. He never would have expected her to converse with him like this after what he did. "What do you mean?"

"Well...I won't be able to have that relationship with my old boyfriend so...To tell the truth, I don't even know if he is even still alive...But...If you don't want to I can understand...I guess I am destined to be alone. Especially now."

That expression she made pulled extremely on 34's heartstrings.

The only thing he did next was grasping her in his embrace. "Don't worry. I will not let you alone. I promise. Even if I am part of your sorrow. I will try my best to fix that." And in his mind, Hojo would most definitely pay for all of this.

"Thanks...So?" Aerith looked rather expectant of him now. er emerald eyes stared and glanced down a few times.

"You can use me as you like." 34 said back actually kissed her softly on her lips.

Aerith enlarged her eyes and tears fell from her yes again. Even though this was the same touching, it felt so much more now.

And with only that one kiss she could see him rise up.

That got her to giggle a little. 


"Didn't think that would be enough to see that growing up again"

"Well, what can I say. Kissing a beautiful woman is just something exciting."

"Beautiful, huh...Can I do it this time?" Aerith asked and positioned herself on his lap.

"Sure, go ahead. But let me help a little so you don't hurt yourself going too deep." 34 agreed but placed his hands beneath her thighs to help her in the movements that she would make.

Aerith smiled softly and had already positioned herself in a lotus position and looked at 34 while letting his dick enter her.

Because it was a lot slower this time she could feel and enjoy all the weak spots she had that he was scraping in her. 

It was a good thing that he supported her because she still didn't manage to take in all the length. That made Aerith pout a little bit since Tifa managed to take this stallion straight to the base.

Subject 34 started caressing Aeriths breast tips and licked them softly while travelling up her neck where he kissed her.

That sent some tickling sensations down her spine while she moved up and down. 

And every time their eyes met she smiled softly. Only for him to kiss her in a way that told her stories about his longing.

Aerith only obliged and started moving much more recklessly. Her moves became stronger and tried to take in more of him. The more this went on the more Subject 34 seemed to grunt in pleasure.

"I am close..."

"Hehe, seems like I can manage to take more in now." Aerith bit softly on her red underlip and giggled.

"Well...The drug made it a little painful, to say the least. Now it feels a lot better. But you are still just as tight."

"What is your name?", asked Aerith now.

"What's yours?"

"Aerith Gainsborough"

"A beautiful name."

"I guess my mother would have loved that compliment."

Subject 34 chuckled. "The names Mordyn Yaeger...Just call me Mord."

"Okay, Mord..."

"I am cumming, Aerith." Just when he gave her his name he could not endure anymore and grunted and kissed her while releasing his sperm inside her the moment she let herself fall to the deepest part she could and also kissing him while placing both her arms around his neck.

She could feel him pulsating inside her and the last strong stroke inside her sent electricity through her spine. Now that she felt it again she was sure that she had an orgasm herself. 

And when sex was done so passionately it felt a lot better. She may even have fallen addicted to this. 

Letting go of his kiss and breathing heavily she soon heard Tifa crying out in pleasure and Cloud grunting loudly.

Both Mordyn and Aerith looked at them and saw how Cloud was emptying his balls inside Tifa through the mating press position.

Aerith looked back at her own partner and moved her hips seductively. "Can you still go one more round?" Her cute and cheeky way of asking that got Mordyn grinning and he pushed Aerith slowly on her back.

"But this time it's my turn again." 

With that Mordyn and Aerith did it another few times until time passed by while the four of them enjoyed themselves in their heat.


At some point, the group of four had dressed again in the available clothing and waited.

"You sure your friend will manage it?" Mordyn asked while sitting beside Aerith on the bed.

They had been staying idle the whole time now after their small orgy ended and everyone slowly got a levelheaded mind back.

But right at that moment, another alarm rang through the whole facility.

"Looks like Barret made it. Look, the door opened.", said Tifa now.

"About time." sighed Cloud.

"Alright, looks like I will help you out then. Gotta make sure Shinra pays after all." Mordyn nodded to them and joined this supposed terrorist group.

It was weird how fate brought people together. Even if it probably will be somewhat of an awkward friendship.


Especially after Aerith and Tifa had become pregnant. For Aerith, it was not hard to guess who the father of her child was but it was unclear if Cloud or Mordyn was the father of Tifa's child...



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