Lavender (Firion x Minwu)

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Present in a darkened bedchamber, the curtains were closed and thus stopped any natural light from passing through to the extent. The only source of light came from the set of candles lit on the bedside table, which emitted an orange glow to their surroundings. 

Situated next to the bedside table appeared to be a sleeping young man.

Eyes opening very gradually, Firion glanced down at his body and spotted only a white towel covering his crotch area. A mage watched him beside the bed, clad in only the hue of white. This mage wore a white robe, a kaffiyeh, along with a white mask that covered only his nose and mouth. Underneath this robe appeared to be bronze skin, as the mage wore nothing beneath the fabric. 

He stood beside the single bed with his hands held to his chest, and he smiled behind his mask the minute Firion awoke from his slumber.

Swallowing his own spit nervously at the sight, Firion asked his first question.

"Minwu? Where are my clothes and armour?"

"I have stored your belongings away in a chest," he shared. "I gave you a quick wash when you were sleeping, I hope you don’t mind."

"Ah, thank you for the help."

"Do not worry, my dear Firion, you have only caught a nasty poison bug. It could have been much, much worse for you."

"Much worse?"

"Of course," answered Minwu. "I would hate to see this condition become worse. It's better to heal your illness now, just before it starts to weaken you."

"Ah, I see," grumbled Firion. Amber eyes widened at the teacup in Minwu's hands. "What are you holding?"

"This is a tea I specifically brewed for you. A lavender infusion, it'll clear your mind and soothe your body," explained the white mage. "There is no need to look afraid. You are safe here in Altair. This is the treatment room. Do you remember the Rebel Hideout?"


“That is where you are now.” 

No response from Firion.

As the scent of lavender travelled through his nostrils, Firion already started to feel at ease. He settled back on the bed, closing his eyes as he rested his head on the pillow beneath him once again. The bed sheet was crystal white, along with the covering towel, albeit the bed frame appeared to be a dark wooden colour. 

With a simple cast of esuna, Minwu allowed his hands to dance along Firion's bare chest. His eyes were closed, much like Firion's, as he breathed in deeply during this spell casting.

The esuna sucked the venom from within the knight's body.

But that wasn’t all there was to it.

"Almost there," exhaled the mage.

Descending to the male's chest, Minwu rested his head against Firion's chest just so he could listen to the male's heartbeat.

"Slow," he remarked at the sound. "No longer fast."


"When poison courses through your body, you tend to feel light-headed and your heart simply races. It's your body preparing for such a fight, and yet the haste weakens you into a slumber. Do you recall?"

"Yes, I remember feeling those symptoms."

"How do you feel at this current time?" Minwu checked, placing a hand up to Firion's forehead. "My, you do feel slightly hot."

"I'm feeling better," he replied simply.

"Are you positive about that?"


"I might need to check if the venom has completely left your body."

"How so? You have already used the best of your magic."

Raising his torso ever so gradually from the mattress of the bed, Firion took a quick sip of the lavender tea. One sip led to another, and Firion simply responded to the sweet taste with a hum in the back of his throat. 

"This tea is beautiful," commented the warrior. "A beautiful infusion."

"Ah, of course. The King of Fynn also favours this tea of mine."

Presenting a slight nod to that answer, Firion gave a smile to the standing mage.

"And regarding the venom, how will you test to see if it's still there?"

"With a simple oral experiment," proposed the mage. "I am all about healing. A simple touch of my soul will heal the most ghastly of wounds."

"An oral experiment? You mean…you have to kiss me?"

"Much more than that, my dear Firion," answered Minwu. "A simple kiss wouldn't allow you to feel my soul."

"I think I understand."

"For this, I will need to remove this towel to uncover the area that I need the most access to. Is that fine with you, my dear knight?"

"Y-yes," replied the silver-haired male. "Let me just," he set his cup of lavender tea back onto the bedside table. "I think I'm ready now."


Tugging the white towel away from Firion's crotch, Minwu wrapped his bronze fingers around Firion's most intimate area. Dark skin now hugged the tanned flesh, giving an attractive tanned and dark contrast. Firion, the patient, perked up at the mage’s proposal. 

"Please, tell me when to stop," kindly ordered the mage. He pulled down the white mask from his face, now showing his nose and mouth.

Hugging his lips around Firion's manhood, Minwu sucked on the mushroom tip ever so delicately. His hand worked at the base amidst the suckles. His tongue caressed the lip of the manhood, seconds before it slithered down and gently fondled the hardened length.

"O-oh, this type of oral experiment," gasped Firion. "This is how you check the venom levels?"

Due to the strip wash earlier when Firion was asleep, Firion's most intimate area now smelled pleasant with no shed of musk present. Rising from the manhood, Minwu caressed the length with his hand while he spoke. 

"Yes," he replied. "Only your fluid will speak the truth. You will be fully cured by the time dawn arrives."


Sinking back down onto the length, Minwu moved his head downward until his mouth reached half-way on the penis. Firion watched the scene before his very eyes, beginning to sweat at the feel. 

Moving down a little further, the white mage took every inch into his warm mouth now. His hot breath glazed the flesh; it comforted the male's penis. Even though this was a naughty deed, Firion felt somewhat relieved. 

Glancing up to the ceiling, Firion closed his eyes and emitted a low moan from his lips. Those delicate, gradual fingers enticed Firion's sperm to the surface. Legs trembled to the gentle strokes, all whilst Firion continued to pant and whimper. His hips rose, and this encouraged Firion to push his manhood into Minwu’s mouth even more.

"Ahh…th-thank you…"

Rising from the penis, Minwu finished by licking the slick slit of the mushroom tip as well as his lips. 

"The deed is finished. The venom is no longer present in your body," mentioned the mage.

"Thank you."

Laying the white towel over Firion's crotch once more, the manhood was now concealed and no longer in use.

Glancing back at Firion’s face, the mage smiled.

"I must return to the King and look after him," stated Minwu. "Thank you for this lovely afternoon. But for now, please rest. I will check back on you in a short while."

Presenting a small bow towards Firion, the white mage soon disappeared from the bedroom.

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