Noctis x Prompto Collection

BY : TristyandShane
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Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, this fanfiction was written purely for fun. Final Fantasy XV belongs to Square Enix!

Having his head resting on Noctis' shoulder, Prompto continued to laugh his little heart out. Holding a bottle of larger in his hand, it soon fell to the wooden floorboards. This bottle ended in a smash, now having glass and the remains of alcohol staining the hard ground. The stench was atrocious. 

"Man, you've had way too much to drink," argued Noctis. He folded his arms over his chest, glancing away from a tipsy Prompto.

"Remember when you kept losing repeatedly in that game we played earlier?" Prompto squealed in Noctis' shoulder. "The look on your face was priceless. Oh man. Gotta tell Ignis about this." 

"Yeah, and you created a group on that multiplayer game as well. What was it? 'Noctis is a loser club', or something? I can't believe fifteen people joined that group in just half an hour."

"Mhm. That's the good thing about it."

"Yeah, right. Good for you."

"What? It's just a silly game. You even joined the group, remember?"

"That was you using my account, actually."

Glancing around the span, Noctis didn't really want anyone looking at them. He didn't feel comfortable in this tavern. Closing his eyes, Noctis let out a sigh. It was just fortunate that nobody was really paying attention to Prompto's laughing fit and rude remarks. 

"You're causing a scene," he lied miserably. "Let's go to our room upstairs. It's definitely time for bed. Just remember, we have a big day tomorrow."

"What about the pictures I took this evening? Do you want to see them first?" Prompto checked, looking up at Noctis as he fumbled his precious camera.

"Tomorrow, Prompto. It's too late now."

But really, Noctis found it useless to talk common sense to the drunk. When he stood up from the settee, Noctis merely grumbled when he heard a loud thump on the hard ground behind him. Oh dear, what happened this time? Shooting a glance over his shoulder, Noctis caught sight of Prompto just laying on the ground. The blonde male laid on his stomach, and it appeared that he had already dozed off to sleep.

Groaning, Noctis crouched down beside the laying man and soon lifted Prompto's heavy body into his arms. Catching sight of Prompto's sleeping face, Noctis let out a small snort of amusement. 

"Idiot," he commented. 

Carrying Prompto upstairs, Noctis pushed the bedroom door open with his back and laid Prompto down onto one single bed. He pulled the duvet over the blonde's body, and just left Prompto to rest. Noctis returned to the door and locked it shut. 

Sitting down onto the free bed, which was a single bed situated near Prompto's, the black-haired male sat down onto the mattress and decided to flick through the photos Prompto had captured in the bar downstairs. In one photo, a drunk Prompto pecked Noctis on the cheek, and this caused the dark male to look up from the camera. He shook his head gently, just watching Prompto sleeping.

"Yeah, he's an idiot." 

Lights out. It was time for bed. 

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