Prince Whiny (Gladiolus x Noctis)

BY : TristyandShane
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Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, this fanfiction was written purely for fun. Final Fantasy XV belongs to Square Enix!

It appeared to be the early morning and Noctis woke up feeling queasy, he held his forehead and groaned miserably. In the process, he woke up Gladiolus in the tent. Ignis was already awake and cooking breakfast, while Prompto was outside in the wilderness taking photos on his camera. Noctis, however, had just woken up with Gladiolus beside him.

"These headaches just won't fuck off," grumped Noctis.

Gladiolus tutted in response, "Here we go again."

Turning to face Gladiolus, the dark-haired boy merely narrowed his eyelids and black eyebrows soon furrowed to signal his anger. "What?" Noctis snapped, cringing at the pain he felt.

"You're constantly whining about this stupid headache of yours," growled Gladiolus. "Every single day it's about your headache. What's next?" 

"I'm not whining," grumbled Noctis as he stomped a fist on the ground with anger. "Stop telling me that! I can't handle these headaches any longer, okay?!" 

Lashing out at Gladiolus, the bigger man pressed a large hand against Noctis' face in order to prevent the lad from going crazy. The tattooed man let out a loud yawn, making it loud enough for Noctis to hear. Gladiolus then smirked with an idea in mind.

"You need daddy to cradle you again?" Gladiolus teased Noctis, having his other hand resting on the dark-haired male's shoulder. "Just quit your complaining, yeah?"

"What? No!" Noctis squealed, having his hands holding Gladiolus' strong wrist. "I'm not even whining! These headaches are serious, okay? I can't take the pain anymore!"

"I've heard about your headaches all night, Noct. Stop it."

"F-fine," grumbled the dark-haired lad.  

"Sit with me," offered Gladiolus as he swayed a hand towards Noctis, gesturing to the lad to come over.

Moving over to sit in between Gladiolus' thighs, the bigger male soon enveloped his muscular arms around the lad's slim torso. Even in Gladiolus' embrace, the nineteen-year-old lad still felt tense and he hung his head. Noctis cringed, keeping his hand up to his forehead as a way to comfort himself. He grumbled and groaned, and these noises from his mouth caused Gladiolus to roll his eyes. 

"It still...h-hurts," grumbled Noctis as quietly as possible.

"I can still hear you," stated Gladiolus.

Pissed by that remark, Noctis simply sighed.

"I'm sorry, yeah? I just had to let it out."

Hugging into Noctis' back, Gladiolus rested his chin on the lad's shoulder. Noctis grumbled at this, feeling Gladiolus becoming affectionate. Noctis rested his hands over the large ones that touched his dainty torso. Noctis was smaller than Gladiolus, appearing more slender and twinkish. 

"You're still a whiner, though," he teased the lad again. "Nothing's changing that fact."

"I said it so you could still hear me, dummy," he shot back. Noctis leaned back, resting his head back into Gladiolus' hard collarbone and shoulder. "Just let me rest against you for a bit, okay?"

"You can lean on me for as long as you want," stated Gladiolus. "But I still think you whine a lot. What can I say? I'm the first person you complain to," he added with a shrug. Chuckling softly in amusement, Gladiolus pressed his lips against Noctis' ear this time just to whisper. "Maybe that's because you enjoy whining about everything. You just want a reaction, isn't that right?"

Grrr! Noctis merely tutted, biting onto his bottom lip in annoyance. 

"No it isn't," an outraged Noctis fist bumped the ground a second time. But at that fist bump, his migraine started to pound in his head again. "Ow...ah! D-dammit," he whimpered and held his head again. 

Eyes closed, Noctis' spiked black locks began to brush into the stubble on Gladiolus' chin. Noctis shook his head, holding his head tightly as he groaned out behind clenched teeth.

"What's that, I wonder? Still suffering from that headache?" Gladiolus checked, moving his head back a bit when Noctis pressed the back of his head into Gladiolus' chin. Gladiolus huffed. "Need me to kiss it better, or will you just get grumpy at that?"

"Um, I guess you can if you need to," Noctis replied with a small shrug.

Gripping onto Noctis' chin and jaw to turn Noctis' head, Gladiolus planted a kiss onto the lad's first temple. This was a soft, gentle kiss. Noctis grumbled in response to this kiss, letting out a grumpy tut. 

"So I was right about the attitude," snickered Gladiolus. "Ah, right. Breakfast first? Maybe Iggy's cookin' will make you feel better."

"Hm, maybe," mused Noctis as he grimaced at the thought. "But I'm not hungry yet, Gladio." 

"Well then, you just wanna cuddle like this for a while longer? We can't be too long though, remember that," reminded the bigger male.  

Keeping Noctis close to the warmth of his own body, Gladiolus stayed quiet until the lad started to speak again. If anything, Gladiolus didn't want to make this headache get any worse with his teasing. He simply watched the dark-haired male from behind, observing that spiky black hair, long and styled. 

But then, Gladiolus didn't want to keep quiet forever.

"What will make you feel better, Noct?"

"I'm fine, really."

Turning his head to the side just so he could look at Gladiolus, the dark-haired male presented the large, tattooed man with a small smile. 

"These cuddles are helping actually."

"Is that so? Minutes ago you were whining about the kiss," chaffed the bigger man.

"Ah, shut it," grumbled Noctis. 

"Yeah, I thought you were gonna say somethin' like that," cackled Gladiolus. With one hand, he gently pinched Noctis' arm playfully. "Right, c'mon. We've delayed too much time - let's get out this tent and see what Iggy's cookin'."

"Sure thing," shrugged Noctis. "Can we cuddle some more tonight? You know, after a big day of driving around the place; it'd be nice to cuddle and chill." 

"That can happen. Now move." 

Patting Noctis on the shoulder, Gladiolus gently pushed Noctis out the tent. The dark-haired male shot a glance over his shoulder, looking back at the bigger male's face. Noctis observed those sharp features, that prickly stubble, as well as those slick brunette locks that was swept back. 

"Is that a smile I see on your face? That's a change."

"Hey, shut it!" 

And the angst rolled back.

"Just move your ass already." 

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