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When Auron sees Yuna he is reminded of Braska and what he felt. Yuna sees something that Jecht did ten years before, and Auron remembers his night with Braska by the lake.
None of the characters are mine; you all know the run-down!
Rated R. Braska/Auron.
Warning 2:
This is my first FFX Fanfic, andfirsfirst male/male pairing fic EVER. Please review, though tips are welcomed for future writings. I just really wanted to try one of these!
This was just meant to be short, and I made sure I finished this one because I have a habit of having unfinished fics. I had to remove it from because I was threatened to be reported by my one reviewer (that happened to be 15) because it was horribly, disgusting trash, etc. So please, if you don’t like it, break it to me lightly somehow—not in caps letters telling me what a horrible person I am.

"Do you refuse?" Auron locked his gaze on her and she shook her head quickly. She had willingly accepted that day and no one seemed to have cared about her pause of surprise. After all, Auron was a legendary guardian who had been missing for ten years. Surprise was expected when a dead guardian suddenly came out of nowhere to ask the amateur summoner if he could be her guardian.
While everyone else was recovering from the own shock, Auron had caught another emotion flowing from the girl. He thought it to be a sense of thought, but of what he didn't know. For the moment that their eyes had locked Auron had felt a stirring inside of him. It seemed that she had too. He shrugged it aside. She looks so much like Braska, he thought. He didn't think about it again and he was glad. He didn't want to think about it again.

He watched her lay her staff down in exhaustion. He had watched Braska do the same thing so many times. They were nearing the end quickly, and he noted that Yuna had become as stretched and worn as Braska had. It was different this time though because he had known Yuna since she was seven. Even as a child she expressed a large quantity of energy, but now that energy seemed used and somewhat...thin. The only thing that he recognized was her smile, it was the same smile Braska had worn. Both summoners had and would go to their death with those smiles, and he had and would lead them there with a frown and masked emotion.

"He must be tired, eh?" Jecht stood beside Auron with his arms crossed. When he noticed that Auron wasn't speaking, he lightly shoved the man with his shoulder. Auron's gaze stayed on Braska, but he nodded slowly. The summoner wavered once, and Auron felt his legs begin to shift, but Braska caught himself in time and answered the question of a nearby priest. As the next question began, Braska looked up and caught Auron's gaze. A tired, but wide smile crossed the summoner's face when he recognized Auron's concern. He knew he didn't need to worry--if he were to fall the guardian wouldn't allow him to hit the ground.

It was the same smile Yuna was giving Auron now. When Tidus realized Auron's attention was no longer lost, he waved a hand in front of the taller man's face.

"Hey! Earth to Auron!" Auron tore his gaze from the summoner.

"Hmph." Yuna returned to her conversation as more people flocked around her, giving their thanks to her. "She must be tired. It takes a lot of work to be a summoner." He looked over his glasses, back at Yuna. "She looks a lot like her father." He paused. "She is... a lot like him also." Turning his gaze to Tidus, he hesitated before continuing. "Be careful. The one left behind is always hurt." There was an uneasy silence before Auron turned and began to walk away.

"She won't die, Auron!" Tidus called. Auron stopped, but didn't look back. "I won't let her." Auron shifted his gaze behind him, and noticed that Tidus' call had attracted the attention of the party, including Yuna. Giving a final nod, Auron entered the travel agency alone.

"We should head back to the Calm Lands after we get the final Aeon. We need to pick up some things before we..." Yuna's voice faded as she realized just how close they were to Sin. No one could finish it, not even Tidus, especially since he knew what would happen to Yuna. Auron didn't know whether it was fortunate or not that none of them knew what was to come.
He had told Braska that there had to be another way. He had watched as Jecht took his place as the final Aeon. He had then begged Braska not to go, but he had insisted on going anyway. Braska refused to look at him as he turned away and faced his inevitable death as a summoner. Auron watched Sin being destroyed and he knew--knew that Braska and Jecht were gone forever. Angrily, he had returned to Yunalesca's chambers and attacked her, and there, he met his own death. His worthless, good-for-nothing death that would almost break every promise he had made to both Braska and Jecht.

It was a long, uncomfortable silence. Tidus had exited halfway through to gaze over the ruins of Zanarkand, and the others were slowly picking up their belongings. They continued along the rugged path towards the temple ruins. The others were relieved to reach the temple, only to find that there were more winding pathways. Auron felt his insides clench as they approached

Yunalesca's chambers, and when she exited the grand doorway, her eyes focused on Auron. He could see a mild pleasure quirk the side of her lip. He could hear her voice in his head.

"So, you've returned with Braska's daughter. When she dies, you're not going to make the same, foolish mistake, are you? Or do you only do that for your loved ones?" Auronppedpped his sword tightly. He faintly heard Yunalesca tell them the truth, or what she thought was. She had told them that Sin would never die, and that there was no other way. Auron did nothing as Tidus raised his sword and advanced angrily. He watched as Tidus reacted to what would be Yuna's sure death, and connected it to the way he had reacted to Braska's ten years earlier. Yunalesca recognized this too and saw it as a good opportunity to replay Auron's attack on herself. He watched his younger self attack fruitlessly, knowing well that the rest of them were watching. He watched himself fall, and finally, the final battle against Yunalesca began.

Auron, somewhat uncomfortable with the memories that had surfaced before Yunalesca's defeat, retreated to his room in the Al Bhed airship. He tried to push all his thoughts away, and when it was finally working, there was a quiet knock on the door.

"Go away," he growled, but the door creaked open.

"Sir Auron, maspeaspeak with you?" Yuna had asked politely, but came in despite of his failure to answer. She closed the door and stood there, hoping he would invite her to sit. He nodded to her and she smiled thankfully, sitting down on the other side of his bed.

"You told me in Luca you would tell me about my father. I thought... well, I hoped you would tell me now. Before...we fight Sin. What was my father like?" Auron tried to shift ont only made matters worse, and the memories clouded his mind.

"He was a lot like you."



"Please, tell me more." After a long silence, Yuna sighed and got ready to stand up. He reached out and grabbed her arm, then reclaimed his arm quickly.

"He was...brave. Smart. He had a good sense of humour. Strong. Trusting. Loving. He was loved... by many." Auron tried to grasp his thoughts. He tried to tell her what he felt. He had barely told Braska.

"Did you love him?" Auron took the question as friendship, but when he looked over he saw that she meant the love that two lovers share. His mouth became dry and he coughed. He felt his neck burn in what was almost a mix of shame and embarrassment. "I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean any disrespect. I was just curious. I..." She flushed a deep red. "I'll see you tomorrow, Sir Auron." She got up and hesitated. "Thank you." With that she bent down and hugged Auron awkwardly before leaving the room. Auron fell back against the pillow and lay silently until sleep took him.

"Tell me about him, Auron. What bothers you so?" Auron chewed his lip. He could feel his face glow in anger, and he gripped the hilt of his sword. "Auron?" Jecht laughed beside him and grinned. Auron sighed. "Fine. We'll talk about this next time." Braska turned and left and Auron could feel a knot forming in his stomach. Braska would never admit he ang angry, nor would he ever be angry. He was hurt, and Auron felt like shit for it.

It was later that night, in the hallway of the Inn, when Auron pulled Jecht to safety from an angry mob at the bar.

"Jecht," he growled. "Watch your back. Next time you do something so stupid I'm not pulling your ass out of it." Jecht shrugged.

"Braska will though." Auron spun around and glared.

"Lord Braska is a summoner. It is your job to watch his back!" Jecht laughed.

"You just can't stand how Braska looks out for me. He's a good guy and all, but he trusts everyone! You know, I heard them saying in the bar that he..." Jecht found Auron's blade against his throat.

"Finish that." Jecht paused a moment in surprise before he began laughing.

"Oh my God!" Auron's lowered his blade to the floor and Jecht bent over gasping for air. "I can't believe this! This is too funny! How could have I missed it?"


"You love him!" Auron looked confused before he realized Jecht did not mean in the way he had originally thought. His face flared and in a second he had nailed Jecht squarely in the nose. Turning, he stormed out of the door and towards the lake, hot tears burning his eyes when he realized Braska had heard everything.

"Auron?" Auron sat beside the lake in his trousers and armor. "Do you mind if I sit?"

"Hmph." His sunglasses covered his eyes, but he pretended an object of interest lay in the lake.

"Jecht went to bed. He passed out about an hour ago." There was a long silence before Braska moved closer to Auron. "Auron, I know you saw me today. You know I heard the conversation."

"I know."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"You are my summoner. There's no point in asking permis." ."

"Is it true?" Auron stayed silent. He feared that if he spoke, his voice would betray him. Braska sat silent before clearing his throat and trying to force himself to be firm. "Auron. Answer the question."

"Yes." It came out so quiet he could barely hear it himself. He sat there until his insides writhed with feeling. When he couldn't take it anymore, he stumbled to his feet and tried to walk along the lake. Braska followed him and grabbed his sleeve with a surprising force. "Auron?"

"Leave me alone!" He practically screamed, turning around. The tears began stinging at his eyes again. He wouldn't look at Braska, so he tried to storm away. Braska pulled his sleeve and pushed him into the lake as hard as he could. When Auron came climbing back out, spitting inhaled water all over the place, he collapsed on the ground. Braska pinned him down and forced Auron to look at him. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Auron's. When Auron didn't respond, he tried again.

"Please, Auron." The whisper brushed against Auron's mouth and he reluctantly parted his lips enough for Braska to push his tongue against his. Auron felt his member stir to life and tried to withdraw in embarrassment. Braska refused to allow Auron to free himself, and instead pushed his own erection against Auron. Braska finally pulled his mouth away, leaving Auron breathless. Running his hands down the man's armour, Braska tried to unlatch the buckles.

"Lord Braska..."

"Auron. Teach me how to undo these." Auron opened his mouth in protest and Braska winced in rejection. He began to withdraw his hands but Auron grabbed them before they were out of reach.

"The latch--it goes over first, like this." Reclaiming his hands he showed Braska how to unlatch the first buckle on his armor. Braska reached out and undid the next one successfully. After what seemed like an hour, the armor slipped off to expose Auron's bare chest. Braska ran his hands down the smooth skin until he reached the belt buckle of Auron's pants. He pulled the belt off and undid the first button before Auron grabbed his hands again.


"What...about you?" Braska smiled and gave a quick laugh before standing up and undoing his robes. The robes fell to a pool around his feet and he stepped free of his clothes. Auron felt the front of his pants become tighter as he visually devoured Braska, and Braska kneeled down in front of him. Their lips met again hungrily, and as the kiss continued both tried to devour the other. Braska finally pulled away and rested his head near Auron's ear. His hands traveled down and softly squeezed Auron's throbbing member. Unzipping his pants, he pulled them down far enough before using his own feet to kick them away. Auron's hands tightly gripped Braska's back.

"Auron, you're shaking." Auron did nothing but give out a shaky sigh. "Auron, look at me." The young man forced his gaze to meet the summoner's. "Do you not want this?"

"I...I've never..." Auron tried to gather the words. "I've never felt this way." Braska smiled and kissed Auron again. "Braska..." The other man stopped and looked at Auron quizzically. Auron forced Braska onto his back and climbed over the smaller man. Braska raised an eyebrow as Auron studied him hesitantly. He forced himself to lean down to suck on Braska's neck, and when he heard Braska let out a moan, he continued down his chest. Auron's fingers slid over Braska's nipples, and down further until Auron began to enjoy his ministrations. Finally Auron's mouth was at Braska's waist and he moved down a bit more and encased Braska's large erection in his mouth. Trying different methods, Auron listened carefully to Braska's heavy breathing. Braska's hands clenched at the ground beside him as he threw his head back and involuntarily thrust his hips.

"Oh Yevon. Oh Auron..." Finally Braska pulled Auron up and kissed him roughly, disallowing himself to release. "I want... I want..."

"What? Tell me." Auron was out of breath; the taste of Braska still lingered in his mouth.

"Auron... I want you in me..." He tried to sit up and Auron moved, still registering what Braska had just said. "Will you... do that? For me?"

"Yes." He didn't know what else to say. Braska turned and kneeled as Auron positioned himself at Braska's entrance. Auron tenderly probed at Braska before he pushed himself into Braska. When he heard Braska cry out, Auron instantly tried to remove himself.

"No! Do it Auron. I just...need a minute after you're in." Auron closed his eyes and waited a moment before thrusting himself into Braska. The man let out another cry and seemed out of breath, and Auron once again panicked and tried to move. "Auron wait. Wait." As Braska ordered him to wait, his voice became lower--more aroused. "Okay. I'm alright." Auron moved gently at first, losing himself to the feeling of Braska's tightness. "Faster. Faster." Braska moved with Auron now, moaning and panting in arousal. Auron gripped on to Braska's hips and thrust as hard and fast as he could, letting his own moans filter through the air. He reached around and moved Braska's hand. As he thrust, he pumped Braska's erection roughly until he felt Braska release onto the Earth in front of them. Auron's own release came soon after a final cry of Braska's name, and after he removed himself the two men slumped onto the ground. Braska turned and protectively lay his arm around Auron, resting his head beside his and kissing his ear. They said nothing, but fell asleep in each other's arms.

"Braska..." Auron woke with a hard erection. He found Yuna standing beside his bed, a small smile on her face.

"You did love him." Auron tried to scramble and collect his armor, but Yuna reached out and grabbed his hand. "Auron, why do you hide your feelings?"

"I..." Auron was breathing heavily as Yuna grasped his hand.

"We fight Sin today. I decided the sooner the better." Auron nodded. So be it, he thought.
Sin was gone. Yuna was performing her final sending for those lost in battle. Auron felt his soul tugging to leave with them.

It is time. You fulfilled your promises, Auron.

I know, Braska. I will be with you soon.

Yuna had stopped the sending when she saw the retreating pyreflies from Auron. He nodded to her and headed to the platform.

"It's okay. Don't stop."

"Auron!" Jecht ran up behind him and smiled. "You're here."

"Tidus will be here shortly."

"He...made it through the t, rt, right?"

"Yes, Jecht. But the fayth must stop dreaming. He is saying goodbye... to Yuna." Jecht nodded and turned to wait for his son. Turning with a grin, he winked at Auron.

"Braska is waiting for you." Auron let off a small growl and turned.

"I'll see you soon Jecht."

"Perhaps." The two smiled at each other in understanding, and Auron turned away to find Braska. It had been a long time.


A/N: I know the ending came a little quick and there was really no plot, but I thought I'd try it out. :)! And PLEASE review—should I write another FFX fic? Braska/Auron fic? Maybe a different couple?

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