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Squall began walking again. He had been wandering for what seemed like an eternity. Ever since the time compression began and he had been stranded, drifting alone in this
strange world.

Alone.... The thought snaked through his mind.

He had heard Rinoa calling for him at first, but her voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. So he chose a direction and started walking. Every now and then, a fluttery, ghost-like image of one of his new friends would appear. He would reach out for them instinctively, trying to grasp an outstretched hand or a shoulder, only to have them dissipate like smoke in the wind.

He tried to concentrate his thoughts on *how* to get home, not *if*, but after hunger and fatigue griped his body, he started to wonder if his efforts were futile. He had collapsed, utterly exhausted, to the ground, falling into a deep dreamless sleep.

So here he was, wandering again. His thoughts began to wander, just as his feet were. Strangely enough, Rinoa was not the first of his friends to cross his mind.
I wonder what happened to Seifer?

The thought made him scowl. Why should he care? The bastard had tried to kill him, all of them, several times. He shook his head. No, Seifer really wasn't evil. A bully, a jerk? Hell yes! But not evil. He had had a dream, and that dream had been manipulated and twisted, as had his mind, by Ultimecia.

His thoughts turned then to his friends. Zell, Irvine, Rinoa, Selphie, Quistis...where were they? Had they made it back? Were they wandering, lost in this nothingness as he was? Were they even still alive?

What if I'm alone...again?

The thought caused panic to rise in his throat. He tried desperately to push it back, but failed. He felt hot tears sting his eyes. His breathing became labored. Falling to his hands and knees, he wept for the first time that he could remember in a long time.

I can't be alone, He thought despely.ely. Not after everything we went through together. His hands clenched into fists and he slammed them into the ground.

ďNo!" He screamed. "Not again!"

I have to find them...someone...anyone! His sobbing became more violent and he fell to the ground, curling into a fetal position. I don't know...if I could survive alone...againÖ
As the violent wracking sobs began to subside, Squall fell asleep.


His eyes opened slowly. They were swollen from crying, the lids very heavy. He had been awoken by an unfamiliar sound. Through his still groggy mind it sounded like footsteps reverberating down a long tiled hallway. He blinked, trying to clear his vision.

Thump, thump, thump.

There it is again, he thought as he sat up rubbing his eyes. He tugged his battle worn clothing closer to his body as a chill ran up his spine, making him shiver.

Thump, thump, thump.

He couldn't tell where the sound was coming from; it could be right behind him for all he knew. The thought made him jump and look quickly behind him. He clutched his gunblade, more for comfort than protection. He felt like a lost frightened child who had lost his mother in the mall.

I would much rather be in a mall than here, he thought. He scolded himself for his childish behavior and stood, gunblade at the ready.

Thump, thump, thump.

He turned a slow circle, shouting:

"Who's there?" Or what, his mind added. He still couldn't tell the direction of the noise. His only answer was the continuouump,ump, thump, thump.

The thumping suddenly stopped, and something touched his shoulder.

Squall started. He screamed and turned, swinging his gunblade with him.

"Holy fuck!" He heard as the figure dived out of the way, landing with a thud on the ground. Squall lunged forward, gunblade arching over his head.

"Holy shit--Leonhart! Stop!" The voicing of his name made him stop. He recognized the voice, but his vision was still blurry. He blinked several more times.

"Seifer?" He asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, it's me. Are you going to put that away?" he asked, nodding towards Squallís gunblade. Squall looked up. His arms were still raised above his head, ready to strike. Squall lowered his weapon and put it in his belt.

"I've been wandering for what seems like weeks," Seifer said. "Long 'nuf for my wounds to heal, at least. My magic doesn't work here."

Squall said nothing. He was so relieved to not be alone anymore. He wanted to throw himself into the large blonde's arms and beg him to hold him, just to reassure himself that Seifer was real.

Before he could stop himself, Squall threw himself into Seiferís , cl, clutching him to Squall desperately.


"You're real," Squall sighed. He buried his face in Seiferís chest.

"Of course I am, why wouldn't I be?" Seifer scoffed. Truth be told, he was just as happy as the cute little brunette not to be alone anymore.

Did I just think that? Shocked, he looked down at Squall. With the look of almost childlike contentment on his face, Squall truly was beautiful. Seifer hesitantly wrapped his arms around Squall's waist.

"Bishounen," Seifer whispered. Squall looked up at him questioningly. Seifer leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Squall's lips, holding him tighter to him as the brunette tried to move away. Seifer licked at his lips, nibbling on them gently.


"Hmmmm..." Squall moaned as Seifer pulled him closer. All thoughts of his friends, the terrible place he and Seifer were in, fled as Squall ran his hands under the blonde man's trench coat.

Squall's skin felt hot, his lips scorched from their passionate kiss. His hands finally found the bare skin of Seiferís back. Seifer moaned and they broke away from the kiss, breathless.

Squall wanted Seifer to touch him. Touch him in all his most intimate places. Places no one had ever touched him before. He ran his fingertips lightly inside the waistband of Seiferís pants.

Seifer moaned and placemanemanding kisses on Squall's face and neck. He impatiently tugged off Squall's jacket, then tore off his shirt.

Squall helped him shrug out of his heavy trench coat. Both naked from the waist up, they drank in the sight of each other.

Squall reached out shyly to touch Seiferís chest. His skin was soft and smooth, the muscles beneath rippling as Squall's fingers ran across them. Seiferís soft skin and rippling muscles excited Squall to no end. He could feel the erection in his tight leather pants growing larger. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue out to taste Seiferís skin.

Seifer wrapped his fingers in Squall's silky hair and moaned. His hands wandered down Squall's bare back, curving around his small waist and ran lightly across his erection. Squall gasped at the contact and his hips jerked forward.

Seifer smiled to himself and pushed Squall onto his back on the ground. He undid his pants, smiling as he saw that Squall wore no underwear. He leaned down to kiss and lick at the flesh he exposed, drawing little gasps and moans from Squall's beautiful lips. He ran his tongue down Squall's hipbone and brushed his cheek against his aching need, Squall's hip thrusting towards him involuntarily. He smiled to himself and licked at the head. Squall moaned again, louder.

Seifer took Squall into his mouth as he tugged off his own pants. He drew away long enough to moisten his fingers in his mouth, then wrapped his lips once again around Squall's aching cock. He administered to his manhood with surprising skill.

Squall felt pressure as Seifer inserted a finger into him. He waited only a moment before he started to move it in and out of Squall's tight heated cavern. Squall moaned and tightly closed his eyes. The heat was building rapidly as Seifer worked on him. Seiferís fingers brushed against his sweet spot and he gasped, letting out a small scream.

Seifer smiled against him as Squall came in his mouth, his hot seed gushing and shooting down Seiferís throat. He swallowed it all, not wanting to miss a single drop, then licked Squall clean and leaned up to place a heated kiss on Squall's lips.

He removed his fingers and wrapped Squall's legs around his shoulders. Squall looked up at him a bit nervously, but said nothing, his eyes said enough. Seifer entered him slowly, head only at first, then as Squall adjusted to the invasion, thrust in with one fluid motion, entering him fully.

Squall let out a scream of both pain ple pleasure. He clenched his eyes closed, then when Seifer began to move, looked up at him in amazement. The sensations were like nothing he had ever felt before. He moaned loudly as Seifer took his lips once more in a passionate kiss.

Seifer rocked their bodies together in a dance older than time itself. Squall began to respond quickly, matching every thrust of hip and tongue with his own. Seifer found that same sweet spot inside Squall and worked on hitting it, over and over again. Between them, Squallís erections rubbed between their stomachs, eliciting even more sensation from their bodies.

Squall felt as the heat and vibrations ran through his body like lightening. He moaned louder, grabbing Seiferís hair and pulling him into a passionate, demanding kiss. Seifer smiled against his lips.

With a loud moan, nearing a scream, Squall came, his back arching and his head digging into the ground. Seifer felt Squall's lithe body tighten annvulnvulse around him as his hot seed splattered across their chests. He threw his head back and with a grunt and a moan, he came inside Squall's waiting heat.

Seifer fell, exhausted, on top of Squall, who was panting heavily. Squall ran his hands through Seiferís blonde locks, reveling in how soft they were.

"You're not alone anymore Squall, I will never leave you alone again." Seifer whispered as he looked into Squall's eyes and kissed his lips softly. "Never."

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