Walk like a cowboy

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SLUT! Yeah that's me. Irvine Kinneas. Slut. Sure I sleep around. I can. Sure I've been in love. But love does NOT conquer all. Regardless of what those fairytales tell you. It breeds misery. In the form of Selphie Tilmett. I loved her. She drove me crazy with her demands. Do this Irvine. Do that. Get this. Get that. Don’t touch me. Kiss me. Fuck me. Love me. I did Selphie, I did. Then came your final demand. Let me go Irvine, I'm in love with another. Sometimes I wonder, if I hadn’t pressed her for the name things would have been different. But honestly, Zell Dincht?!? Here I was thinking he was gay. Ha ha. I’ll admit I've had my fair share of guys from the garden. And beyond. I’m bisexual. D thi think I'm just into guys. I’m into all sorts of things baby... ha ha.
I’m a cowboy. Yep, that's me. I got my hat and my gun. I got it all. All the company I need every night. What? You thought I sleep alone? Ha ha.
On a different note, this dorm sucks. I looked around me. Yep. Sucks. I guess I could make it a bit more interesting. I stood up and walked to the door. Time for some fun. I wonder if any of those new seeds want to fuck.
I went down the hall to where the new seeds slept. I knocked on the door confidently. A guy opened it.
“What? He snapped.
“Melodt int in?” I asked gleefully.
It appeared I was not the only one with sex on my mind. The guy slammed the door in my face. Time for plan B. Across the hall slept Sayuri, an exotic beauty with long raven hair and creamy white skin. I knocked on her door. She opened it wearing a bathrobe of blue and reading glasses.
“Yes?” She asked.
“Sayuri.” I purred “Won’t you let me come in?”
She looked behind her, biting her lip.
“Well... all right.” She said hesitantly, opening the door wider for me.
I strode in; noticing a blue gown lay out on her bed.
“You’re going out?” I asked, furrowing my brows.
“Yes. Well the seed ball...” she explained shyly.
“Oh of course. The seed ball.” I said.
How could I have forgotten?
“I’m going alone.” Sayuri blurted out, blushing crimson as she said it.
I smiled.
“As am I! What a coincidence. You must come with me.” I replied, leaving her no room to object.
She smiled at me. I had to have her then. I gently picked up the dress and lay it across the desk. I sat down on her bed and motioned for her to join me. She sat down, away from me. I moved closer and took off her glasses, putting them safely on the desk.
“Irvine......” she began.
I silenced her with a kiss. She melted at my touch. Hell, they always do. I pulled away and unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled her up and kissed her again. I could see the shock in her blue eyes when I reached inside her robe. Her skin was so warm. She reached up as if to undo my belt. Instead she untied the sash of her robe and shrugged it off her shoulders. She wore sky blue panties and a bra. Very girly. Lots of lace.
Then she grinned at me. She took my hat and placed it on her head. She looked a vision. She undid my belt, then my pants.
“Shoes sweetie.” She purred.
I blinked then hurriedly took my boots, and my pants. She took my hair out of the tie and ran her fingers through it. She went shy again then. I pulled her tome and kissed her, she was whimpering. I made to ask her what was wrong.
“No don’t stop.” She told me, kissing me.
I pushed her down on the bed, lying gently on top of her. I took my hat back. She giggled. It went straight to my cock. Such an innocent sound, made me feel really naughty. I moaned involuntarily. I rubbed my erection against her. She moved with me, making that whimpering sound again.
“Just do it!” She hissed at me.
I didn’t need any further encouragement. I whipped off my boxers, her panties and was buried in her up to the hilt before you could blink. She clawed at my back. Moaning like a whore. I thrust harder and fasterntinnting.
She arched her back and hissed when she came. She cramped her muscles around my shaft and I cam to with an incoherent. I collapsed on top of her.
“I have an idea.” She said, rolling me off her.
I sat up. She came from the bathroom with a switch, such as horse rider’s use as a whip to spur on their horses.
“Whip me.” She said simply.
I looked at her. I stood up; she lay down and passed me the switch. I kneeled beside her. I raised the switch and dropped it rather pathetically on her back.
“Harder.” She snapped.
I hit her harder. The harder I hit her, the more she liked it. She arched her back, moaned, and begged for more. Her back was soon covered in blood. She wept into the mattress.
“Fuck me.” She said, hoarsely.
I was instantly hard. I fucked her from behind, showing no mercy. She screamed, I'm sure I did too. She came again, this time screaming into the mattress. I came as she clamped her muscles. I screamed. I have no idea what. Something stupid no doubt.
I climbed off her and proceeded to get dressed.
“Thank you.” She said simply, walking to the bathroom.
“I’ll come back. For the ball. To get you.” I replied.
“All right.” She called back.
I let myself out. Man, my back hurt. I entered my room and got undressed. Clothes hurt. I checked my back out in mirror; it looked like someone had attacked me with a knife. I grinned. Trophies. Ha ha.
I had a cold shower, hot water hurt, and got dressed. I put on black leather pants, my boots, a belt with a silver ornamental rose buckle then a transparent silky black shirt. The scratches stood out like a neon sign. I brushed my long hair then tucked it behind my ears and put on my black cowboy hat. I grinned at myself in the mirror.
I went to retrieve Sayuri. She opened the door.
“Almost ready.” She said, returning to the bathroom.
I shut the door. She was wearing the shimmery blue gown, the colour of her eyes. Her hair was dead straight, long and glossy. She stepped out of the bathroom.
“Ready.” She announced.
She spun around. I realized that the dress had a very low back. All of the gashes were visible. She noted my expression.
“Trophies.” She said.
I blinked.
She led the way to the ball. She made me dance. She followed me everywhere. I finally escaped onto a balcony. That's where I saw him. Squall. The most beautiful boy in the world.
He turned to me.
“Some party, hey Kinneas?” he said.
God! That incredible husky voice.
“Um... yeah.” I replied.
I can’t believe it! I was shy. Squall looked away. He leant on the railing. He wore black leather pants and a tight white shirt. I was sure I was drooling.
“Well, have a good one." He said.
He turned, picked a black cowboy hat up off the railing and put it on his head. He nodded to me, then went back inside. I was in love. All this time... I’d never .. he ‘d never. I swear he’d never looked that damn good.
I went back inside. I needed to fuck. I approached a young guy with spiked black hair. He gave no resistance. I took him back to my room, fucked him senseless then sent him on his way.
I stumbled into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror.
My back was bleeding again. My hair was tousled. I was covered in sweat and cum. I smiled. Yep, this is me.

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