Kiss like a cowboy

BY : TuscanyMariah
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“Go on. I dare you to. Just try.” Zell urged me.
Me, slut, Irvine Kinneas. My reputation precedes me. Just so you know, I don’t back down on a dare.
“All right Zell. I’ll do it!” I stated, standing up.
In case’re ’re wondering, he dared me to seduce his archrival Seifer Almasy. I set off on the dare.
Sure I'm a slut. I like sex. I’ve been in love. I’m in love right now. Though you wouldn’t know it. I love Squall. Yep, Squall. I would never touch him. He’s happy with Rinoa. If only...
I reached Seifer’s door quicker than I hoped. I was afraid. I knocked loudly, praying he wasn’t there. He opened the door quickly.
“Kinneas. What?” He snapped.
“Can’t I come in?” I asked sweetly.
“No.” What do you want?” He replied irritably.
I took a deep breath, here goes.
“You.” I stated simply.
He blinked, and then realization dawned on him. He punched me, then slammed the door. I crawled to my feet again. So much for that. I returned to my room, nursing what I was convinced was a broken jaw. I don’t take pain well. I crawled into bed, groaning in agony. I’d just drifted off to sleep when there was a knock on the door. I stumbled out of bed in my boxers, my eyes half closed. I opened the door. Seifer pushed past me into the room.
“Come in.” I mumbled, shutting the door.
I turned around and he had me pinned against the door. He kissed me hard. All pain forgotten, I was buzzing. He kissed me so hard I thought I would suffocate. Roughly he threw me down on the bed. I pulled him down so I could kiss. He kissed my neck and then the son of a bitch bit me. I screamed and clawed at him but he bit harder and harder. I thought I was going to lose consciousness.
Then he slapped me.
“Quiet!” He hissed.
I whimpered so he slapped me again. I choked back a sob. Seifer secured my hands above my head. I didn’t struggle for fear he would hit me again. He forced himself inside me and I bit my lip to stop myself from crying out. He thrust madly, moaning softly. I cried. Spent, ho looked up at me. He slapped me. Hard.
“Don’t cry!” He snapped. Then left.
I curled up and cried. I skipped training. I didn’t eat. He came again that night. I said nothing, and I didn’t cry. I withdrew into a corner of my mind where he couldn’t touch me.
The next day I went to training. I collapsed fighting a T Rex. Passed out cold. I woke up in my bed. Seifer was there, looking at me.
“Are you all right now?” He asked.
I smiled. He hit me.
“You fucking pussy! What the fuck is wrong with you?” He snapped. He climbed on top of me.
“Take it like a man.” He ordered.
I comd ind in silence. I passed out, mercifully. He must’ve hit me, my jaw was broken. I was so cared. I couldn’t tell anyone. He’d kill me. Dr. K. fixed my jaw, no questions asked. Seifer's rape continued.
For a week he mercifully went on a mission. The day he was due back, I dreaded his return. I stood in front of the mirror as I heard the knock at the door.
“Oh Seifer Almasy...” I said to my reflection “You’ll be the death of me.” I saw him in the mirror come up behind me, a malicious smile on his face.

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