Cry like a cowboy

BY : TuscanyMariah
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I cried myself to sleep again. It doesn't get any easier, and that place in my mind is growing smaller.
I’m a victim of rape. Me! Irvine Kinneas! Who’d have thought?
It’s Seifer. He’s crazy. He’s broken my jaw, my arm, and my ribs. He’ll kill me. He’ll be here any minute.
Just then there was a knock on the door. I opened the door, Seifer knocked me over. He dragged me up by the hair and slammed me into the wall leaning he weight against me.
“Pussy!” He hissed.
He reached down the front of my jeans and gripped my cock. He whirled me around then threw me face down on the bed. My nose was bleeding, my lip was bleeding, I think my jaw was shattered. Seifer dug his fingers into my ribs cruelly. I swear I fel felt them crack.
He finished and left without a word. I forced myself into the shower. My jaw was fine, my ribs too. He hadn’t broken me yet. I was desperate, but not broken. I formulated a plan. I sat the whole day in line with the door, gripping my shotgun and rocking backwards and forwards. When Seifer opened my door, I exploded his head all over that walls. Then I passed out.
I woke up in the infirmary. I opened my eyes and saw Selphie.
“Selphie. Go away.” I said.
“But Irvine.....” Selphie began.
“Just go.” Someone else said.
That voice! Squall! I turned my head to look at him so fast my neck cracked.
“Squall.” I said.
“Yes. Kinneas.... Sorry.... Irvine. You’re going to be ok.” Squall replied in that sexy, husky voice of his.
And you know what? I believed him. I mean, I've loved the guy forever in one way or another. He was so perfect. So beautiful. I slept and dreamt only of him. He brought Rinoa to see me. Told me their news. They were expecting a baby. I was crushed.
I recovered, became my old self. I slept around. I was cruel. I was heartless. I’d already given it (my heart) away. I wanted him so much it hurt. I cried myself to sleep. I’d killed Seifer, Squall didn’t love me. Hell! I was lonely. I eventually went to see Sayuri. She forgave me for fucking her around. She held me. Told me it was going to be ok. I believed her, then I fucked her. She was my sexual release and my emotional support. I wasn’t happy, but I was staying alive and I knew I would never give up on Squall. No matter what it took, I’d have him.
I was drinking with Zell one night, some time later.
“Go on. Do it. I dare you. Go fuck Squall.” He urged me.
Me, slut, Irvine Kinneas. My reputation precedes me. Did I mention I never back down from a dare?

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