Love like a cowboy

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Imagine the joy of finally finding the courage to tell that special someone you love them, and then having them grab you and kiss you like they’ll never let go. Of course, that doesn’t last. Like I always say, true love does not conquer all - contrary to beliefs in popular fairytales.
I love Squall. I worshipped the. Fu. Fucking worshipped him.
I decided one day - all right, cut the shit - and I told him.
He seemed unsure of what to say, and then he kissed me passionately. Just to look into those eyes...
“God.. I love you Irvine...” he murmured breathlessly.
I moaned and whimpered at the same time. I felt as though I would explode. He fumbled with my belt.
“No. Wait.” I said.
He pulled away.
“I don’t... I mean.. I love you. I don’t want...” I stammered.
Squall hugged me tightly. He guided me to his room. He stripped to his boxer shorts and crawled into bed. The sight of that body! I wanted t hold him forever. I followed suite and got into bed. I kissed him. I had to. He was as insistent as I. I spent to night holding him to my chest. I woke up and he was gone. He had left me a note, I found out later.

Dearest Irvine,
Oh my hearts dear love. So hard is this decision to make. I have a son now. We called him Tseng. I trust you’ll see I have to be with my family. So this is goodbye. I am glad we have shared so much, Irvine I really am. Please take care, go with my love, and I hope I leave with yours.
Love always,

I couldn’t understand. I wanted him.
Alas, he was never to be mine. A father at 17, so young! I pined for him, crying endlessly. I eventually wrote to them, offering my congratulations, mainly just letting Squall know where I was in case he should ever want to visit.
To think that I, Irvine Kinneas, wish the days away thinking only of a married man. It is hope that keeps me alive, hope and love.

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