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Reviews for Absolution I: Forsaken

By : writeright
  • From ANON - Selena on June 08, 2005
    Eeeek! I've read this a couple of times now and I love it!
    Great Story... Angst and Suffering. Just the way I like it.
    Please... Write moooo~re!
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  • From ANON - Fishgirl on April 22, 2005
    Saw Reno, think he's better hanging out with Rude than this Mattie girl though. :)
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  • From ANON - QueenAdreena on February 26, 2005
    Know you finished this a while ago, but thought i'd review to say i thoroughly enjoyed it. You're an excellent writer.
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  • From ANON - Iron Dog on February 08, 2005
    I liked this fic. Good portrail of a very angsty Seifer. I do hope you'll update/solve the mystery of "Does Seifer die or does Squall save his ass?" You do realize that its not fair to keep your readers in suspense to long, right?
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  • From ANON - Lady Caos on January 26, 2005
    Hey, YOU DID IT! *o*
    I liked it, even if it was a little short. This ending is great, because every reader can imagine what will happen next.
    This way, when I'm in my "Sad/Sadic Mode" I can imagine Seifer dyin', with Squall as last image in his eyes ( that's pretty cruel, more cruel than anything I've ever imagined) ...and when I'm in my " Life-is-good" mode, I can imagine the great Hyne saving him, Seifer conquering his love and all this fluffy stuff ( with some bondage hints ^_^).
    By the way, it was really good...I'm sad that this is the end but "good things always have an ending".
    You seem to be well informed about drugs- I liked it because it adds a realistic touch.
    Hope to read something this great again ^_^
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  • From ANON - tashabot on January 18, 2005
    Ahhh, I love this chapter. Dude, seriously, you're finally getting to the Squall/Seifer stuff. Yummy. *smirk* You're gonna keep us hanging, aren't you?
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  • From ANON - PerfectOblivion3 on January 17, 2005
    I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! such a sad ending though;_; By the way this is Sabrina^^ well i hope the followup will be just as good!(which of course it will be!~_^) Well ill see you around and MAKE MORE STORIES LIKE THIS!!!!!
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  • From ANON - LadyCaos on January 09, 2005
    Wooow! I really loved this. I really love how you depict Seifer. I just couldn't believe that at the end of the game he returned to an everyday life so quickly, it just can't be. I thought he should be full of remorse and pain, like the Seifer you describe .And...that dream about Squall is just SOOO cool. I was drooling over my keyboard.
    Please write the end soon...and let it be a sad, sad end ^_^ an happy ending would not suit with this. And, again, forgive me for my English.
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  • From ANON - tashabot on January 01, 2005
    Swoot, new chapter! I liked it. Write more!
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  • From ANON - ChibiMasochist on December 15, 2004
    hello seifer! it's beautifully dark an' angsty. i especially liked the dream. usualy, i'm not super into yaoi, but this was veyr nicely done. i would, though, like to see seifer move on from the druggie town and pull a voy thing on squall. that would be hot.
    sorry, i'm lettin gmy perversions take over again. but i do really like it.
    Seifer- oh shut it. i might not even be gay
    Cibi- oh like hell you arn't! have u looked at your self lately?
    S- u are so anoying
    C- and your a pansy

    write more and i love you!
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  • From ANON - tashabot on December 09, 2004
    Haha, yeah, I was wondering if that was a Reno reference.....then I saw that at the bottom of the chapter when I reread it. Is he going to play a majorish part in the story? Cuz I love Reno.
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  • From ANON - Dadella on December 09, 2004
    I really like this!!
    It's fun, but really sad... I hope that Mattie gets what she deserves the *expletive deleted*
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  • From ANON - rita on December 08, 2004
    you're going to keep going with this right? it's sometimes hard to find good stories on this site, but i think this one's just great
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  • From ANON - hopemia on December 06, 2004
    Interesting is a compliment from me..... I'm enjoying the story so far... I want to see more soon!
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  • From ANON - tashabot on December 05, 2004
    I did enjoy both chapters, and I love them to death. You can write dysfunction better than I can (I have my own version of a fic like this, with drugs and shit, and it's not nearly as good :( ). I'm waiting for more. ^_^ But take your time, forcing it's never good.
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