Reviews for Interrogate This

BY : monochrome

  • From ANON - Roriette on July 26, 2012

    The tension is too real. I love this.
    So Squall's suffering from pent up sexual frustration regarding Seifer.
    Interoggate the princess, Seifer! ;)

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  • From ANON - JFizzle on September 02, 2011

    I would really, really appreciate seeing more of this. Seifer needs to find out what's wrong, after all. And I'm sure he'll have an adequate punishment lined up for Squall keeping important secrets from him.

    Purrr, so delicious. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • From ANON - ocilin on August 11, 2011

    Ahhh nooo don't stop there! Ahhh...

    This story is very interesting and I like it a lot, please continue!

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  • From ANON - Jex on August 09, 2011

    Great story. Eagerly awaiting an update.

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  • From letmelivexx on August 06, 2011

    Omg, I love this story! There's not many stories I review due to the lack of interest I had while reading them. You, on the other hand, had my full attention the entire time. I can't wait until Chapter 2 comes out! :D

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  • From ANON - lo on August 06, 2011

    Nice lead up, it leave me wanting more! I can't wait to see what you can do with this.

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  • From Vovo on August 02, 2011

    This interrogation session promises to be interesting... Seifer has a tendency to interrogate Squall and something tells me it's because he likes bondage and is a kinky bastard.

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  • From arsenicstings on August 02, 2011

    Oh honey, you need to continue, pronto. It's not nice to leave cliff hangers like that :)

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