Interrogate This

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A/N: I'm having some serious writer's block on my multi-chapter fics right now, so I figured I'd see if writing a silly, simple oneshot would help break the block (lol). So I picked one of my favorite pairings-- Seifer/Squall, of course!-- and a fairly unoriginal plotline-- hey, at least I'm honest-- and got to work. Then it kind of took on a life of its own, and next thing I knew, I had enough for more than one chapter. Here's the first part XD Enjoy.

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Interrogate This: Chapter 1

~~Seifer's POV~~

People say I'm insensitive, oblivious, and tactless. I won't argue with that, since with exception of a very small few, I really couldn't give a fuck what people think of me and I couldn't be bothered to pay much attention to them. But for those few that I deem worthy of being on my radar, believe me, I watch and listen and learn. I make it my business to know everything about them.

Squall is on my radar. Yeah, he's a pretty damned big "blip" on my screen, and I know him like the back of my hand. Maybe even more than that, since I sure as hell spend more time staring at him these days than at my hands. What can I say? The Ice Princess is gorgeous, even when he's giving me that famous glare of his like he'd really, really like to pull his gunblade on me and vent some spleen. Scratch that-- it's especially when he's glaring that I wanna bend him over his desk and make him scream.

And there're  these dreams I've been having of him lately, where I'm holding him in my arms and touchin' him and listening to him moan in that sexy voice. But something startles him and he pulls away, giving me this look of shock and need and fear before everything just sort of melts away and I'm back in my room. They've been going on for weeks, and even when I'm awake my eyes are constantly drawn to him. I can't help watching him, and wondering. Oh, yes. Wondering.

It's because I watch him so much and know him so well that I immediately could tell something was wrong when his behavior suddenly changed. Maybe no one else could see it, but Mr. Kitty Cat was being even more pissy and distant than usual, snapping at anyone who interrupted his work and constantly shutting himself up in his office. The few times he'd venture out to grace us with his presence, there were dark circles under his eyes and his mouth was pressed into a thin white line like he was trying not to say something. Well, being the curious creature that I am, I wanted to know what he was trying not to say.

I tried the socially acceptable route. Really, I did. I went to him a couple times to ask him what was wrong, but he'd either ignore me completely or tell me to go away and let him work. The last straw was when I took time out of my teaching schedule to actually go to him while he was shut away in that damned office of his to see if I could surprise him into telling me something.

I didn't knock. Hell, this is me, Seifer Almasy, we're talking about! Of course I didn't fucking knock. I shoved the heavy mahogany door open and strode in, immediately feeling those cool blue eyes on me even before I looked towards the desk, Sure enough, there was Squall behind a mountain of paperwork-- for a moment, I wondered what the hell he was doing in here all the time if he still had that much work piled up-- giving me his best, iciest stare that nearly made my mouth water. God, he's sexy when he's pissed.

But I shoved away the flare of lust in favor of the task at hand. I approached his desk with long, easy strides, drawing my hands from my pockets to slap them down between the stacks of forms. I leaned forward slightly and met his gaze, feeling a pleasant chill go up my spine at the sheer amount of anger smoldering coldly behind his carefully composed calm. Those perfect lips parted and the voice I hear in my dirtiest dreams came through, positively dripping with disdain.

"Is there something you need, Seifer?" Good, he wasn't too angry just yet. I can always tell that I've crossed the line when he starts calling me by my last name. Maybe he'd actually listen this time. But still... I couldn't help poking at him a bit.

I greeted his tone with a smirk and had to hold back a guffaw when I saw a vein in his cheek twitch. "Well, Squall," He hates it when I address him so casually, now that he's a big shot commander and shit, "It would be really nice if you'd answer a question for me. Y'know, the one that I've been trying to ask you for weeks now, but you keep telling me to fuck off."

His eyes narrowed, and I could practically see the cogs turning in his head as he tried to figure out what I was wanting to ask. I waited for his reply, a patently false look of innocent curiosity set on my face as I drummed my fingers on his desk. His gaze shot to my hands, his irritation nearly tangible.

"... Fine. What question could you possibly have that is so important you had to barge into my office, interrupt my work-- and yours as well, I'm sure-- not to mention completely disregard protocol and common courtesy, just to get an answer for? Do tell, Seifer." My grin widened in a way I'm sure was alarming.

"Alright, Squally-boy. Answer me this: just what has you so on edge lately? You've been acting even more uptight and bitchy than usual, and something tells me it's not the fucking job that's getting to you. So out with it-- what's got you so stressed out?"

His whole body visibly stiffened. An uncomfortable silence passed between us as several emotions that I couldn't quite recognize flickered through his stormy eyes. Whatever was going on in that big brain of his, something told me it was utter bullshit and I was almost positive whatever he was going to say would be more of the same. Sure enough, his mask of slightly bored indifference settled back into place and when he spoke, his voice almost normal. Almost wasn't good enough-- I could tell I'd shaken him.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Seifer."

"So that's how you're gonna play it, eh, Squally-boy?" I leaned closer until our faces were only an inch or so apart, purposely invading his space. He didn't pull back, but by the twist of the corners of his mouth it was more than obvious that he wanted to. "Sorry, I'm not buying it. Something's wrong with you but for some reason you're being too chicken-shit to just come out and say it."

His eyebrows drew together in a deep scowl at the jab and and I grinned in expectation of the pissed off retort I'd receive, but just as his lips parted to answer, a loud beep came from the phone on his desk. His relief was almost palpable when he pressed a button to answer the call. "Yes, what is it?"

"Instructor Dincht is here to speak with you, sir. He says it's urgent." Fuck. Trust Chicken-Wuss to ruin my fun, as always! Apparently the disappointment was clear on my face because an infuriating little thin-lipped smirk appeared on Squall's.

"Send him in, then."

"Yes, sir." The speaker clicked off. His icy gaze was back on me, giving me a look more suitable for a particularly annoying bug and suddenly I had the craziest urge to just lean a little bit further forward and kiss that humorless smile away, but even I'm not that reckless. Still, it annoyed the shit out of me that he thought he'd won.

"Well, as pleasant as this little chat has been, I'm incredibly busy. Get out, Seifer. That's an order."

Fuck. With that tattooed idiot coming in, I couldn't disobey a direct order-- he'd be on me in milliseconds. Zell's never trusted me much, and seeing me flaunt his Commander's orders would give him the excuse he needed to start something. I'm confident I could beat his ass, but this wasn't what I came here for. With a snarl, I shoved myself away from Squall's desk and headed towards the door.

"This isn't over, Squall. I will find out what you're hiding, whether you like it or not!" I grabbed the door knob and whipped it open, nearly running into the stupid blond midget on my way out.

Once I was out in the hallway, I let the grin I'd been hiding show. Squall obviously didn't get that I preferred this outcome-- if he'd just spilled the beans when I'd asked, that would've spoiled my fun. I thrive in the face of adversity, which he really should've figured out by now. Now that he'd shut me down, I could pull out all the stops and really get this party started.

I got back to my rooms in a matter of minutes and immediately went to a cabinet where I kept the majority of my... er... less-than-savory possessions for use in emergency situations. Shoveling aside a taser, two fake passports, a pair of handcuffs-- what can I say? I like being prepared-- and several little baggies of suspicious-looking substances, I found the bottle I was looking for. A little chuckle left me as I grabbed it, running a thumb over the label that read "KETAMINE" in stark letters.

While Squall can react and counter spells almost instinctively at an insanely fast rate, there's no way he'd expect getting ambushed with something like this. My smirk widened as I looked down at the bottle for a moment before reaching into the cabinet again for a sterile syringe.

He'd never know what hit him.


~~Squall's POV~~

It was getting too hard to keep up the facade of being okay. The dreams were starting to effect my sleep, which was in turn starting to effect every other part of my life, but I just didn't know how to make them stop. Or whether I even really wanted them to stop.

Every night, it's been the same. Large, callused hands sliding over my naked skin, tracing scars and the indents of defined muscle. Laying back against a broad, bare, warm chest, listening to a familiar voice murmur dirty things in my ear. One of those wandering hands would gently grasp my shaft and I'd let out a soft cry, making the person holding me let out a chuckle.

But then both horror and realization would strike as the identity of my dream lover would come to me. Eyes that I hadn't realized were shut flew open as I shoved away from Seifer, seeing only a glimpse of that slanted, mocking grin and snapping cyan eyes before the dream dissolved and I would find myself back in my cold bed, shivering, hard as a rock, and utterly alone with hours to go until dawn and no way to get back to sleep.

It was driving me insane.

I'm not sure which was worse, the fact that I wanted that smug bastard so much he was invading my dreams, or the knowledge that no matter how much I wanted that smug bastard, there was no way he could possibly reciprocate. Even if he would, it wasn't like we could do anything about it. I'm the Commander; he's an instructor. It's bad enough that several of my subordinates are old friends and there's already talk of favoritism. If I started screwing one of them and it got out, it could become a problem. My leadership may be questioned. I just can't let that happen.

So I'll continue to suffer in silence, although there have been moments where I've almost snapped and just spilled it all. Like earlier, in the confrontation with Seifer. I don't know what he thinks is going on, but I'm running out of ways to dodge his questions.

It wasn't until I was finished for the day and leaving the office that I remembered the threat he'd tossed over his shoulder when he'd walked out the same door. I shrugged it off, figuring he was just going to keep bothering me and I would just have to find more ways of avoiding him.

Maybe I should've taken his threat a bit more seriously, because I wasn't even halfway out the door when a hand came out of nowhere and clamped over my mouth and nose. My own hands flew up to claw at the thing restricting my breathing, but before I could seriously fight the attack, I felt a stinging sensation on the side of my neck and the next thing I knew, I was falling into black.

It seemed like forever before the darkness began to recede, and even longer before I could muster up the strength to open my eyes. I was staring up at a blank ceiling much like my own, but subtle differences-- a crack here, a random spot there-- told me it wasn't the one I slept under every night. My arms were aching. I tried to move them, only to find they were tied at the wrist and secured in place, most likely to the headboard. A little more of the haze cleared in favor of the sudden fear that I'd somehow been captured by an enemy and I started to struggle more fervently.

A chuckle in the direction of the foot of the bed stopped me cold. I knew that voice. Damn it, I'd heard it every day and night for what seemed like forever, so of course I knew it! Swallowing nervously, I looked down. Sure enough, Seifer was sitting in a chair against the wall opposite of the bed. The smirk stretched on those full lips sent a thrill of of panic and, oddly, anticipation up my spine.

Seifer uncrossed his arms and leaned forward, a predatory gleam in those ocean eyes of his. I felt that gaze sweeping up my frame, and it suddenly dawned on me that I was completely bare except for my thin white briefs. He could practically see everything. To my horror, my cock twitched at that thought and my face flushed in shame as I drew my legs up in an attempt to cover my reaction. I was distracted from my dilemma by the rumble of Seifer's voice.

"Let's have a little chat about keeping secrets, Princess."

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