Forced Heart

BY : SailorPoison
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Forced Heart

By Sailor Poison

Can hear some thunder or is that just the pounding of his own heart? He sits in the shed, resting a moment. How long has it been since he walked into this empty town? How long has he been stranded with a psycho? Hard to tell anymore. His mind goes back to how he got into this situation.


He just landed outside of the Nibelhiem. Age, 35, with platinum blond wavy hair, sky blue eyes that seem to reflect his mood, weather beaten face from years of working on the rocket and/or flying the Tiny Bronco that doesn’t have much of a windshield. His has a solid medium build and dresses, like always, in his pilot style clothes: old heavy blue cotton coat with patches on the sleeves (Air master, Highwind), wind beaten dark green khaki pants, old boots that bore cracks in the sole, new dark red tee shioughought by Shera, an old scarf that is snug around his neck, goggles ontop his head that tend to be forgotten as it holds a pack of cigarettes under the strap, and thick gloves on both hands. Always carries a spear with him, since the adventure it has been Venus Gospel. Has been a couple years since meteor was stopped. A rather pleasant time of peace for all. Aftecourcourtship of fourteen months, Shera finally married one of the locals named Carlos. This left Cid on his own and he didn’t seem to mind it. Or so he thought. Missed having someone be there in the morning. Someone to cook and care for him when he wasn’t feeling well. So, when Cloud wanted a get together with the boys, Cid jumped on the idea. Suppose to meet Vincent, Cloud, and Barret at the Costa Del Sol’s bar. Just Cid has been flying alot and needed to stretch his and and take a break. Being the curious man, Cid strolls into the town.

The town is deserted still. All the actors left during the meteor scare and have yet to come back. Homes stand as silent as death. Wind is only sound in the whole place as a tumbleweed rolls across the town square. Cid chuckles some at this almost creepy place.

Cid, “How things go to hell so @#$% quickly.”

Walks into the town bar in hopes someone hasn’t pillaged the stock. It is empty and dusty. No, not quite empty maybe? He could see some odd marks in the dust. Something dragged across the floor. Few odd footprints. Sound of an explosion captures his attention. He hurries out the bar to see what he fears it might be. The plane is now a smoldering rumble. Someone blew it up? He looks around, spear in hand. There is no sign of anyone. Wind slowly picking up in speed. Smell of a storm in the air.

Cid, “@#$*%! Whoever is out there is gonna get their a$$ kicked when I find them!”

He goes into the bar as the storm is obviously approaching. He could have flown in a storm but not make his way to any town on foot. There is miles and miles of dangerous country in one direction and in the mountains a storm can be even worse. He is stuck there.

Rains hard outside the bar. Cid sits on a chair next to a dusty table to see what his supplies are. One pack of cigarettes, three potions, and some gil. Not much of a supply. Soft sigh as he settles back in the chair. He is feeling tired but doesn’t dare fall asleep. Not with the unknown enemy lurking about. Sound is heard. Something in the shadows towards the back of the bar. Odd hissing laughter. The voice is familiar, making his stomach almost drop to his feet. Figure is hunched over. Skin is pale with a slight green tint, black hair hung in strings over his shoulders. Glasses glitter in the dim, poor light. Smiles in a sick and twisted way at the pilot who stands to his feet. He is wearing a ragged lab coat with smudges of dirty here and there. Holes and worn spots in various places.

Hojo, “Sssssid. So nice of you to see me after all this time.”

Cid clenches his teeth, “You... after all this time, you survived?”

Hojo, “Hard to defeat perfection.”

Cid, “That is it! You are so @#$*% dead!”

Hojo steps out more. Could see that the holes are being filled by tendrils. Hojo must have been haunting the town for a while. Not that Cid is going to ponder his enemy for too long. The hatred he feels for Hojo runs deep. Both are men of science, but Hojo takes it and twists it for his own dark purposes. Grips his spear as he edges away from the table. His eyes on the scientist. Hojo sen ten tendril at Cid, which he leaps to the side. Tendril smashing into a table. Cid comes at Hojo, striking his spear at Hojo’s side. Tendril grips the shaft as the blade pierces him and keeping the spear from going all the way through. Cid tries to push the spear head into the scientist. Another tendril smashes a chair over Cid’s head and shoulder. He falls down to one knee. The heavy chair hits more of his shoulder then head but still left him reeling. Cid barely rolls out of the way of a striking tendril that now bore spikes. Hojo is obviously hurting some from the wound by the staggering motion as he edges closer to Cid. Cid gets to his feet, eyes still on Hojo. Hojo staring back with his black cold eyes. Cid feels a trickle on the side of his head. Hojo left splotches of black blood on the bar floor.

Hojo, “I knew we would meet Ssssid. We are so much alike.”

Cid, “I am nothing like you!”

Hojo, “We are brothers... two sides of the same coin. All you need is a push to be on my side of the line, Mr. Highwind.”

Cid strikes, thrusting his spear at Hojo’s face. Hojo swiftly moves to his right side, spear occupying the space his face once was. Hojo sends a kick into Cid’s stomach that sends him flying backward and cracking his head on a wall. Lands in a heap on the floor. Hears Hojo slithering as he passes out.


Cid slowly wakes up. Now the storm has let up some but the sky is still overcast. Looks like morning by the light. The fight happened in the afternoon.

Cid, “@#$*%, slept all night here?”

Looks down at himself to see he has a blanket on. Yet, he knows he didn’t put it there. Hojo maybe? The idea of Hojo being decent confuses him extremely, especially after fighting the monster. First, he pauses to light a citte.tte. He notices he has only 2 left not counting the one he just lit up. He stands up with stiff limbs to feel for his potions. They are gone.

Cid, “SHIT!”

Hojo from the shadows, “Still such a foul mouth on you, Ssssydney.”

Cid, “The name is Cid. C... I... D!”

Hojo tosses something round at him. Cid catches it to automatically drop it for it looked like Shera’s head. It splatter in a mess.

Hojo, “Not hungry?”

Never a head but a ripe melon.

Cid, “Stop @#$*% with my head!”

Hojo smiles at Cid in a way that gives him the creeps, “But it is so delightful to see how you react.”

Cid grabs his spear and approaches Hojo. He wants to kill the bastard and end this. Hojo laughs as Cid approaches him. The idea he is amusing Hojo upsets the pilot even more. This is no game for him. Cid makes it look like he is going to rush and thrust his spear, but instead leaps over Hojo to land behind him and tries to stick the mad scientist in the back. Hojo is a bit surprised by this move and twists around rapidly to get a spear in the left side. Cid pushes the spear into him, knowing a delay could be fatal for him. Hojo is already reacting. Arm slams into Cid’s chest, making him fly off his feet and into the wall that is quite close behind him. Pain flaring in his chest, knows a rib is cracked. He is stunned enough to not notice Hojo gets some distance between them. Hojo throws a table at him. It is one of the more heavier tables. He tries to curl up some, arms around his head. Pain flaring in his left arm from the impact of the table. Cid pushes the table off, it rolls to the side to lands upside down, and he staggers to his feet. Hojo is no longer in sight. He walks forward, away from the wall to get a better look of the room. Where is he? Heavy breathing hurts. Cid knows he can’t stay in one spot, so he makes his way from the bar. It is sprinkling softly over the empty town. As soon as he steps out, tendril with spikes on the end latches around his left leg to rapidly drag him from the building and into the center of town. Spikes lodges into his flesh, makinm grm grit his teeth to keep from crying out in pain. Manages to keep a hold of his spear. Hojo lifts him up by the leg as he looks at the pilot who hangs upside down.

Hojo, “Give up yet?”

Cid, “Never.” As he swings his spear at Hojo’s throat.

Blade cuts the front of his throat, casing a good deal of bleeding. Hojo drops Cid on his head and staggers back coughing, hand to his wound. Cid rolls onto his back in time to see Hojo throwing a flash bomb down. After his eyes recover, all that is left is the black blood on the ground. His leg is bleeding and his chest hurt a bit worse. Cid makes his way to a shed to hide. Also wishing he has a simple cure materia or even some potions. Feels swelling in his left arm but is able to still flex his fingers some. Uses his shirt to bandage his leg up. Nothing else on hand, he uses his scarf as a makeshift sling. Leans back to rest.


Wakes up, hearing thunder roll. Forehead is wet with sweat though his body shivers. He thinks he has a temperature. Left leg throbbed with pain, sharp pains reminding him of his rib. Arm is a low throb now. Cid moves the scarf from his arm to his leg due to some of his wounds are still bleeding. Hojo must surly have some regeneration skill, that puts Cid on the disadvantage. Hojo can heal up and finish him at his leisure. Cid marvels that it is dark outside except for the flashes of lightening. Wonders if his friends miss him. Is Cloud be pacing in his condo in concern? Barret snapping at people while waiting for word of the Captain’s arrival anywhere? Has Vincent notice his absence? Thoughts of this bring a brief smile to his face. He can almost see them doing this. Could hear them even. Barrett cussing some though not nearly as bad as Cid can cuss. Vincent silent though. He always gets very quiet when something bothers him. Cloud shifting between chatting and silence. Vincent’s handsome face, hiding his concern. Shakes his head clear, he doesn’t need to start hallucinating now. He needs to end this fight. Gets to his feet with much difficulty. Hard to look out the shed window, the glass is very dirty. He has to take a chance. Least it isn’t raining. Carefully limps out of the shed, leaning spear like a walking stick. Sky illuminated by streak of lightening before thunder rolls, almost shaking the ground itself. No sign of Hojo, least none that Cid can see. He makes his way to a nearby alley. Leaning a against a wall, catching his breath, he can hear Hojo nearby. Hojo is walking along the sidewalk, heading for the shed. Cid smiles to himself. He got the upper hand by moving earlier then expected. If he can get Hojo from behind before his legs gave out, he can finish the mad scientist off. Climbing ontop the building for a death from above is out of the question, he knows he doesn’t have the time or energy. He creeps out as Hojo’s back is to him now. Trying to quietly limp with spear readyopinoping the thunder helps cover his clumsy effort to use stealth. He raises his spear and. with as much speed as he can use for his condition, he thrusts the spear into his back. Spear meets no resistance. It is an illusion? Cid stares dumbly at the image as it vanishes. Hojo drops down behind Cid, striking him in the back of the head. This is the last he knows as he crumbles to the sidewalk.


Wakes up, suspended by chains on his wrists. Looks down to see he is totally naked. His wounds have been healed. Below him is a tank of water, can feel the steam from the water on his legs. Skin prickles as he realizes that he most likely will be dropped into that water sooner or later. Mind trying to see how he can possible get out of this. Yet, he is just human and has nothing to draw back on. The room is dimly lit. Not much in it except the stone walls, odd controls, and the tank of water. His chain is connected to a pulley in the ceiling and went to the odd controls. Two torches are the only light source. Door opens and Hojo walks into the room with what might be some weapon, maybe a flamethrower.

Hojo, “You did better then I expected but shame that your human weaknesses brought about your failure.”

Cid growls, “Rather be human then a fucking monster like you. Sooner or later, my friends will come and kick your freak ass back to the grave!”

Hojo looks a bit hurt, “Just as willing to insult me even though I could kill you in the most painful way? As for your friends... They called you while you were in town.. I was nice enough to tell them you won’t be coming, right before I destroyed that dreadfully smelly plane.” in Cid’s voice. “Damn it all I can’t show up, I have these little errands to run. Ya’ll just go and have a beer for me.” Turns on the flame thrower, smiles an inhumanly wide, and speaks in his own voice, “Lets see if you are still willing to insult me after I’m done with you. “ Shoots a stream of flame at Cid’s legs.

Being naked, has nothing to shield him from the blast. Legs catching on fire and burning. Fire crawling up his body. Trying not to scream in pain, the same pain that seem to engulf him as the fire spreads. Eternity in the flames. He vaguely hears cries of his own pain now as he is only aware that he can’t escape. The sound of a splash and more intense pain. Water all around him, he is dimly aware he was dropped in the very hot water to put the flame out. His mind fading into the black to a point where the pais fas faint echo. Then nothing.


He opens his eyes and sees.. green. Hands are still chained but to the top of something. He is in a large tank and floating in green energy. His body feels numb all over. So hard to think now. Why is he here? Thought Hojo wants him dead. Maybe now just torture him slowly until he dies? That doesn’t explain why he is in this tank. Why he isn’t horribly burned? Hojo opens the tank, looks pleased to see thejectject awake.

Hojo, “ I have some food for you, Ssssid. I suggest you eat.”

Cid weakly growls, “Go find a Kyuvilden and screw it.”

Hojo shoves some food into his mouth far enough he has to swallow or risk choking.

Hojo, “I am glad to see you’re aware now.”

Spoons the rest of the god awful food into Cid’s mouth, he eats only because he didn’t want to give up yet. He wants to get the strength to kill him. Hojo’s hand runs down Cid's chest briefly, that was just too much for him. Cid sends a feeble kick at Hojo.

Hojo, “Oh yes... now that your awake, no free feels for a while.”

Cid, “Get away from me, you @#$*% pervert!”

The tank is closed. Food settles hard in his stomach. Wave of sleepiness comes over Cid and he nods off. Odd dream floats through his mind. Some of them involve Hojo. How Hojo gently touches him, sending shivers of delight through him. Wakes up and most of the dream flees, bits and pieces all he can recall. Chills travel through his nude form. The idea of an intimacy with his most hated enemy? Hard to tell how much time pasts. He can see the tank is in some library like room. An empty tank nearby him. Scratched in the glass of his tank are the words, “let’s escape.” Maybe some past prisoners escaped? Explains the chains in the ceiling of the tank. Cid vaguely recalls Cloud telling the group how he was prisoner with some guy named Zack. Hojo opens the tank, Cid is lost in thought and doesn’t notice him right away.

Hojo, “Time to test your progress....”

Cid, “Ummm, I’m okay. You can go @#$*& away now.”

Hojo yanks Cid out with inhuman ease, hands still chained but no longer connected to the tank. It was much colder outside the tank. Drags Cid over to a side room where he has a table set up. Cid struggles vainly along the way, still very weak. Secured to the table by the grinning mad scientist.

Hojo, “Still so spirited?”

Cid sarcastically, “Can’t let the public down.”

Hojo chuckles as he takes a blood sample from Cid's arm. Touch of his hand sends an odd shiver through Cid. Hojo puts the syringe aside and pulls out a scalpel.

Hojo, “This may hurt,” as he proceeds to start a new test on Cid.

Made cuts on his body. Would cut once and time how long it took to heal. Write down the data and make a new cut. Cid refuses to make any noise to indicate it hurt. Some places brought winces. Hojo seems pleased by it all. After the eighth cut healed over, Hojo pauses to brush the pilot’s thigh softly with his hand. Cid could swear he sees something aside the usual look of cruelty or scientific curiosity. Look of warmth?

Hojo, “You sure progressing along better then I hoped..., “ pulls out an odd syringe and injects something into Cid’s arm, “ Let’s see if you can handle this.”

Whatever it is, feels hot when it enters his arm. This odd, tingly heat spreads through his body. Never could regenerate before, yet his wounds are healing on their own without help of a spell. Now this?

Cid asks, trying to keep back the growing despair, “What the hele yoe you doing to me?!”

Hojo, “Improving you, my beloved Highwind.”

Back in the tank he goes. But now, his numb is replaced by that warm tingling feeling that seems to pulse through his body. His thoughts scatter to fou four winds. Cid thinks he is losing himself now. Time seems to no longer matter. So easy to slip into sleep now. Cid will be disturbed from his sleep for more for tests, just to end up back in his glass prison.


Then one day he wakes up and sees Hojo is there. He apparently slipped into the tank while Cid was sleeping. Notices that Hojo is also naked. The doctor doesn’t seem to ugly now. Is oddly appealing. Hojo isn’t powerfully built. Lanky but not without something to his body. Pulls him closer and kissing his lips. Cid kisses bafeelfeeling a tongue enter his mouth. The kiss is rather nice. Warm hands run down his back ever so gently. Cid wonders, is this a dream? He thinks he can sense Hojo with his mind. Senses odd desires from him. Feels an even odder desire in himself. Still seems too much like a dream to be real. Hojo breaks from the kiss to work on Cid's neck and ear. Can feel his obvious arousal. Doctor continues to kiss and explore his body. Cid hangs, enjoying this and accepting it as a pleasant dream. Watches with detached interest as Hojo shift Cid’s position so he can insert himself into the pilot. Feeling Hojo inside him proves it is not a dream. Hojo makes love to him inside that mako tank. Cid only able to make soft grunts and moans. Feels so good to be touched and invaded. Part of him rebels at this very notion. Rest of him goes along with it. After Hojo is done, Cid drifts off back into the sweet blackness of sleep


Noise gets his attention. Voices? Yes, he can hear voices outside the tank. Gun fire and shouting. Hard to tell the shapes outside the tank. Eyes cant seem to focus. He waits for something, either the source of the noise or the normal quiet to resume. The noise is so bothersome. Tank is drained of the energy leaving him dangling from the chain. Asks himself, Where did it all go? Door opens and the shape is so familiar, as cold air starts to come into the once warm tank. Blond hair that spikes, blue of the shirt and pants stand out in the blur with those gently blue mako eyes. Cloud maybe. Cid smiles weakly at this ndlyndly blur. He think it is saying his name. Hard to respond for his tongue feels so thick and heavy in his mouth. He is eased out of the tank, held in a cradle. Air outside the tank was still too cold to Cid and he starts to shiver uncontrollably. Someone put a blanket over him. Some other shapes are in the room. One a feminine voice, like Tifa. Barret shape is hard to mistaken of course. He seems to be shooting in some direction. Another tall shape with red eyes. Cid thinks, wow is this a reunion? Unable to speak still to express how nice it is to see them. Are they looking at him in shock? Then his world goes black.


Hears birds? Yes, birds aingiinging somewhere. Eyes open up slowly as the room is too bright for him at first. As his eyes adjust to the room, he slowly recognizes it as his own bedroom. Hand goes to his face, expecting some growth but just feels the typical amount of facial hair. He must have been shaved recently. Slowly sits up, feeling a bit weak as if he has been sleeping for a long time. Someone is watching from the doorway. For a second it looks like Hojo, yet his eyes focus away that false image to see Vincent.

Cid speaks in a hoarse voice, “Vincent?”

Vincent nods and speaks in his soft way, “Yes. You have been sleeping for 3 days.”

Cid, “Three days? Damn.... ”

Cid looks down at himself. He is in a tee shirt and boxers now. His skin lost alot of it’s tan. What else did he lose or gain?

Vincent, “Remember anything?”

Cid, “Some. What day is it?”

Cloud enters the room before Vincent can answer.

Cloud, obvious relief on his face, “Thank goodness you’re awake.”

Cid repeats the question, “What day is it?”

Cloud gives the date. It has been two months since he landed in Nibelhiem. Cloud goes over how they tried to find him. There no no trace of a plane, making it easy to over look the town for a while. Cid listens with half interest. Cloud also keeps the story short, making it more of a summary. He wonders why Cloud is acting weird around him. Something wrong with him?

Cid, “I want to see a mirror.”

Cloud looks at Vincent who nods, “Okay.”

The mirror is handed to Cid. Take a moment recognize himself. His face also lost alot of the tan he earned from summers of being outside. Most of his wrinkles are gone. He actually looks younger then his age for once. Most striking thing is the mako sky blue eyes that are intense and lovely almost. Another thing occurs to him, he didn’t feel the need to smoke. Drops the mirror on the bed and he stares out a window. Cloud looks at a lose on what to do. Vincent has been through more then either man so simple puts a hand on the pilot’s shoulder.

Cid, “What am I?”

Vincent, “You are you.”

Cid softly, “Oh.” Wonders to himself, why do I have trouble accepting that?


Tifa left before Cid woke up. Cloud hangs around town for a week before heading off to do things. Barret pops in and out, mainly short visits. He’s not sure how to approach Cid anymore. Vincent is the only constant. The quiet protector who is always close by. Cooks and cleans the home while Cid still acts as the unofficial mayor. Never any questions that make him feel uncomfortable. Treats him the same. Cid loses the desire to fly his planes. Things that were once familiar are now alien to him. Sometimes not even sure if he wants to use his left hand or his right hand. At nights he dreams of Hojo. In some, he is being tortured and, in others, making love. The confusion churning inside him as conflicting emotions rise inside him. Doesn’t he hate Hojo? Part of him wants to kiss those pale lips once more time. His restless sleep show on his face by the circles under his eyes. Weeks pass by him. He hardly keeps up with what dates it is anymore. His mind always distracted by the inner turmoil. One night, wakes up in sweat and knows he can’t keep going on. Not like this.


The plane flies in the early morning sky. Lands on a plateau near a quiet cave. Inside the cave is Hojo. The sun peaks up in the east mountains. Sky grows pink and gold. Few clouds in the sky seem painted pink. Almost breathtaking. His style of clothes samesame as before the whole mess, his coat, which was found and cleaned up, only thing that feels comfortable. Recently noticed the gentle hum of his spear. How it seems to almost be alive, especially when he holds it. Pauses to wonder about the spear. How it was made still a mystery. His hearing is sharper also. Can hear even the faintest of bugs. Can hear soft echoes with each foot fall in the cave. Hojo walks out of the cave. Has been waiting for Cid to show up. Walks towards him, unable to bring his spear up into an aggressive position. Hojo leans into him,

kissing his neck softly. Spear hitting the ground goes unnoticed. They hold each other, kissing passionately. Part of him feels this is so wrong, not even sure if the other feelings are true. His mind thinks of Vincent. How much he wishes th-Tur-Turk can save him from himself. Hand flexes for the spear. Maybe it is a new power or maybe will alone, feels the spear come to his hand. Sudden need to escape this. Cid breaks away from the scientist.

Cid, “No, this isn’t right! This is too @#$*%!”

Hojo, “We are two of a kind, Ssssid. We belong together.”

Cid feels so confused, “No.. I ain’t doing this. Not letting another control me!”

Tries to get some distance to clear his head. The sun is just above the peaks of the mountains to the east. Staggers toward the edge of a cliff. Turns to see Hojo calmly strolling closer. Cid forces his hands to move the spear into a defensive position now. Fighting inside to free himself from the false feelings. Hojo approaches him with an amused smile.

Hojo, “Stop fighting it.”

Cid yells, “I am Cid Highwind, not Hojo’s bitch!”

They face each other. Cid gathering all his will to fight back. Hojo with his sharp tendrils, waiting to put him back in his place. Cid swings the spear at Hojo. Hojo barely parries the strike with a tendril. Two tendrils snap at Cid, one grips his spear sheath, the other hits his face and leaving a cut across his cheek. Cid kicks at Hojo’s groin, making him stagger back but his tendril yanks Cid hard. As he staggers some, one tendril let of of the spear while another smacks him backward. He forgot how close to the edge he is and finds himself falling. Grabs a root, which helps him long enough to put his spear into the wall of the cliff. Hangs there, looking up to see Hojo. Hojo looks at him with a satisfied smile on his lips.

Hojo, “Only I can save you Cid. Just join me forever. I know you. We are the same, men of science, we just use different tools.”

Cid, “Drop dead!”

Hojo, “No, I ‘m not the one hanging for dear life. You know we are meant to be.”

Cid fights within himself. What seems like forever is just a few minutes.

Cid, “I shall live and die my own man.”

Hojo pulls out a gun and points it down at Cid, “We shall see how you feel after a small trip down.”

Before Hojo can pull the trigger, gunshot is head. Blood drips from the huge hole that has appeared in his forehead as brain matter flies into the air. His body tumbles down past Cid and onto the rocks below. Whatever sick link they shared, it is gone. Cid never felt so free as he does this very moment. Cid looks back up to see the most handsome face in the world look down at him. Vincent Valentine.

Once up and back on solid ground, Cid tells the whole thing to Vincent. Vincent listens patiently to Cid as he rambles on. Just felt so relieved and almost normal. His mind and feelings are his own. Looks at Vincent, now also with open eyes. How long has this man watched over him?

Cid, “Aww, hell.. Sorry to put you through all this, Vincent.”

Vincent smiles a bit and shrugs.

Cid, “I.. , “mutters something about he hates being mushy but plunges onward, “I.. love ya.”

Vincent places a hand on Cid’s right cheek, “I love you, too.”

Cid, “You better!” Smiles as he leans into kiss the taller man. A kiss that never felt so right and true.

The End.

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