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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I have no rights over these characters. This would be a insert to Linked Shores (fanfic I had to gkeep no higher then pg-13). These are the scenes I had to keep out of the orginal story between Sephiroth and Yuffie.



By Sailor Poison

In the village, people had their boar feast. Sephiroth had his t art arm bandaged. He refused the use of a healing materia. The other hunters were more than happy to use materia. Sephiroth was thanked by many, but he shrugged off the admiration. He had enough of it in another life. The night was warm and clear, so he wore his newer, lighter clothes. Yuffie came over with two plates of food. She was wearing her lovely green party dress. It showed some of her small curves. She gave one plate to Sephiroth. He thanked her for her thoughtfulness. They sat on the grass watching the other villagers dance. Her perfume, sweet and erotic.

Yuffie, "Are you comfortable?"

Sephiroth, "Very much, Miss. You have done too much for me already."

Yuffie, "It is no problem. You are the Hero. . . ."

Sephiroth, "You don't have to stay with me. "

He finding her mere presence exciting.

Yuffie, "All that dancing, it has got to be boring."

Sephiroth, smiles a bit, "You love to dance. Your just taking pity on me."

Yuffie, "I am not taking pity on you, old man. I am just showing appreciation to someone who rescued some of our hunters!"

He is uncertain how to react to her. Her checks turning a lovely shade of red.

Sephiroth, without emotion, "Just like a child. Your temper is uncontrollable and you behave totally unlady like."

Yuf &qu "Ha, this coming from someone who has no feelings. Well, I don't need this from a jerk like you."

She gets up very suddenly, spillher foodfood. Yuffie storms away from the party and storms past the old shrine. She runs into the woods, where it is quiet. He feels guilty about upsetting her and follows her. A bit later, Sephiroth also walks into the woods. She keeps her back to him.

Sephiroth with a pause, "I am very sorry. What I said was rude and uncalled for."

Yuffie, "Why should you care?"

He turns her around, making her face him. He seemed very determine toak tak to her.

Sephiroth, uncomfortable, "You are so young...... I am not use to expressing myself like this. "

He lifts her chin with his good hand.

Yuffie, " So, express yourself."

Sephiroth responds by kissing her gently on the lips. Feels her return the kiss. His tongue slips between her lips, touching her warm tongue. His left hand caresses her ass. They kiss for a few minutes., exploring each other's mouths. He puts his good arm around her shoulder. Her left hand glides along his back. She starts pulling him in a new direction. They both walk further into the quiet woods, stopping in a small clearing. Both carefully sit on the soft grass. He lays down so he can look at the sky. She lays against him, also looking up into the sky. The stars shine their most brilliant. His hand cups her left breast, a finger gently rubbing the nipple. Her hands making slight circular motions on his chest, then glides down his stomach. She looks into his face.

Yuffie, "Do think the stars are pretty?"

Sephiroth, "Yes, but not compared to your beauty."

He looks at her, she finds his mako eyes very hypnotic. She can't help staring into them. She starts kissing him, finding him returning the kisses. Yuffie feels desire deep within herself. She slowly removes his black shirt. His body shivers when he feels the air against his skin. She softly glides her tongue over his chest, tasting his warm skin. His muscles shivering under her touch. His good hand reaches under her skirt. Sephiroth's hand caresses her soft thigh, seeking her underwear and gently tugs them unde down her legs. Then, she gently removes his pants, his penis obviously stiff. His fingers glide over to her cunt, rubbing her. She squirms some, feeling a desire she never experienced before. They kiss each other deeply, their tongues darting in and out. She feels her excitement build. He gently guides himself into her. As his member piercing her virginity, she feels the brief sharp pain. She gasps as he settles onto her. Her legs wrap around his hard thighs. His hips begin a slow gentle rocarecarefully thrusting himself into her. She gently rocks against his hips. Each thrust sending pleasure through her body. Her moans are small pleasant noises. They speed their rocking, his thrusting making her groan louder. She finds herself breathing harder. She moans as she feels orgasms washing through her body. Then his thrust become very hard and demanding, as she rocks against him. Sweat trickles down their body. He can feel himself reaching a plateau of pleasure. They both orgasm, his seed bursting within her sex. Her back arches as it orgasm washes through her. She lays on the ground tired, his member still within her. He lays on top of her, also tired. Both comfortable in the forest and both very reluctant to leave. He slowly slides himself out so he can get dressed. She lays there silently for a moment reflecting. After straightening their clothes they walk back to the party, his good arm around her small shoulders.


The next day he had more use out of his right arm. Sephiroth was exploring the older area, where the statues stood. He felt he was being followed. Yuffie walks over to him.

Yuffie, "There is this cave people rarely go to. It is hard to reach and very very neat."

Sephiroth, "Do you have the time>"

Yuffie, "Yeah, this is my extended break. I don't have to be back in a while."

Sephiroth, "Then, I better go see it or suffer your wrath."

She giggles as she leads him up to the cave. They climb into it, the moss giving off its own light. They climb were normal people can't reach and soon sit down to take a break. The colors of the moss's glow red and blue. Sephiroth slides his arms around her shoulder's, kissing her deeply. Her soft tongue against his. She pushes him back against a wall. She unbuttons his pants, sliding down both his pants and underwear. Her hand grasps his stiff penis. She massages it, hearing him groan softly. She puts her mouth over it and slowly sucks it. Loves the way he gasps as she sucks hard. He feels the pleasure wash over him as he cums into her mouth. She barely swallows it all, some of it trickling down her chin. He licks it off, then sucks at the base of her throat. His hands wander down to her shorts. He unbuttons them, pushing his hands down and over her ass. Her soft skin sensitive to his touch. His hands pulls her shorts down, showing her lack of underwear. He lowers himself, licking her cunt. He pushes his tongue into her, tasting her sex. As he sucks, darting his tongue pressing her spot. He hears her moan and feels her squirm. He turns her over onto her hand and knees. He pushes his penis into her cunt. He thrusts, both deep and hard, into her sex. She gasps at the intrussion. He begins rocking against her, thrusting himself in a steady rhythm. She rocks against him, her moans grow louder. His rocking speeds up, driving her through orgasms. His own voice groaning. The pleasure overlapping her senses. He thrusts are both quick and hard into her, feeling himself approaching an big orgasm. He explodes his seed into her sex. Both panting some. They also quickly get themselves clean and straightened out. She leads him out with some hard to find moss she gathered earlier.

Sephiroth, "I see you foresaw all needed excuses."


At the port, the ship was due to be in soon. Sephiroth knew it was time to leave Watia. He didn't know if he was ready to stay with her. He knew he loved her more than anything in his life. He was sitting on a bench, waiting for the ship. While waitinghearheard a familiar voice behind him.

Yuffie, "Nice day for a voyage. I think the sea air is good for your body."

Sephiroth, "Why are you here?"

Yuffie, "Duh, I am coming with you, old man. You can't say no either. Yes, my father knows that I am leaving. I am taking a vacation from my soon to be permanent job. Together we can travel till I convince you where home is."

Sephiroth, "If I tie you up?"

Yuffie, "Well, I have learned to untie myself. I would track you down and kick your ass..... Unless you mean to be kinky."

Sephiroth, with a genuine smile, "Then, I have no choice. I hope you don't mind visiting Shinra headquarters."

Yuffie, "Sounds like fun!"

She sits down next to him. He never realized till now how much he needed someone. He begins kissing her. His kisses are both passionate and needful. She eagerly gives into him. His kisses her deep, his tongue sliding into her mouth. He runs his hand through her hair, and his other hand to her shorts. She feels her own excitement building, making her shorts feel tight. She quickly unbuttoned her own shorts. He lays her back on the bench, sliding her shorts down. Then he slowly slides her underwear down also, as she undoes his pants. Her warm hands sliding across his ass as she moves his pants down. He pushes one of his hands up her shirt up some, feeling her soft breast. His kisses are hard, his tongue brushes over her own tongue. His other hand rubbing her cunt. She feels a need to have him in her. She kissing him, also hard and deep, feelings herself getting wet. She reaches for his member. She can feel it is stiff and hot in her hand. She briefly caresses it. He moans softly in pleasure. He moves her hand away. Then Sephiroth gently enters her, hearing that pleasant gasp he loves. He slowly rocks against her. Each thrust sending a gasp from her lips. She rocks against him, trying not to be too noisy. His motions become faster and deeper, making her soft cries turn into groans. The orgasms carg thg them. His thrust piercing her deep and filling her with him. She didn't remember the orgasms being this intense. He feels himself exploding within her, merging with her. Her cries are sweet and pleasant. Delightful shivers run down her back. She feels his thrust slow down. He gently kisses her as he removes himself from her. His lust satisfied. They quickly get dressed before the arrival of the ship. The ship blows it's horn as it approaches the docks.

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