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Marked Games: The Claiming

FF8 - NC:17 got some bondange in it.
Seifer x Squall
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The candles illuminated the room just right, it helped that the moon also cast her glow on the alabaster skin giving off a pearl-like light. Jade eyes devoured the sight. The ropes had all been padded, no need to mark the canvas with rope burns. He had other ideas on how to use that skin. Standing behind the naked and bound Squall, Seifer let just the pads of his fingertips run over silken skin and rough ropes. The intricate ties and knots he’d put into the ropes around the body gave him immense pleasure.

A masterpiece in the making.

He chuckled to himself at his thoughts, while the body hung there from the ceiling, eyes following his every move, lips soundless, gagged as he was, he still gave no noise, Seifer figured it was the other man’s sense of pride. Walking behind Squall, knowing that if anything, that would irk the brunette even worse, he leaned his own naked body close, skin-to-skin, heat spreading wherever they touched and licked at Squall’s cheek slowly. “You’re mine Leonheart, you know this. You’ve always known this. Don’t try to fight it anymore, understand.”

Squall gave off a grunt; more of a negative cast to it, while Seifer chuckled again, his hand moving around the body to hold the erection that was there. “This proves my point, you’ve been hard the moment I disrobed you, it’s only gotten harder and harder with each binding. You’re such a slut, but you’re my slut. Don’t ever forget that.”

He stroked agonizingly slow, from base to head and back, the body hanging before him undulated while Squall’s head was thrown back onto the blonde’s shoulder with a helpless moan. His hips tried to thrust, tried to gain more only to be thwarted when Seifer moved away. He used the hand he’d just stroked the smaller man with to run across Squall’s shoulders teasingly.

“Oh no lover, this isn’t about you, you won’t find your pleasure that easy tonight. I’ve watched you Leonhart, I’ve watched you cock-tease with those tight pants, and all those belts just begging to be unwrapped. Watched you with that sultry look to your eyes, and that hip kinked stance of yours, as if daring anyone to try to take you. You’re eyes and lips give off so many challenges, your body calling for a master. Well Squally, I will finally take your challenge and beat you atr owr own game. But in doing this, you’l min mine no matter what. I’ll mark you so you and everyone else will see that you are mine.”

He chuckled when Squall rolled his eyes and tried to turn his head, a hand snaked out to pull Squall’s face back, fingers gripping tight, leaving red marks on his chin. “You Will look at me when I speak to you. By the end of this night, you’ll know who is your master and you’ll agree.”

Seifer knew he was playing a dangerous game, the body hanging from his ceiling could be deadly, and though he was tied and hanging, helpless at the moment, when he finally did let him down, there could be hell to pay. The others he was sure were looking for their fearless leader. But right now, he didn’t care. He was intent on making Squall admit his dominance. He was intent on making Squall want it, want him so much that he’d come back of his own free will.

Through out the night, so many games were played; so many moans and whimpers were heard, from both throats. Seifer used many different toys, whips, canes, candles, ice, anything he wanted. And Squall bore it all, his body flushed with the pleasure/pain he was receiving. Skin marked red contrasting with the alabaster, the touch of a master showing in each red stripe. The pain was given, but never so much that it could not be stood.

By the time the sun was rising, two bodies lay upon the huge bed, legs intertwined, arms wrapped around the other. Threads of gold mixed among threads of chocolate.

Jade eyes fluttered open and looked at the sleeping beauty in his arms, a very smug smirk graced full sensual lips and he lifted a hand to untie the gag still in place, leaning over to kiss soft dry lips. Pulling back crystal blue-grey eyes gazed back at him, completely open giving him the signs he wanted. He’d done his work proper Squall would be back.

Squall would always come back to him now.

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