Convergence [2]: Blood Roses

BY : currie
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Title: Blood Roses (second in Convergence series)

Author: rhapsodisiac

Raiting: NC-17

Status: Incomplete

Couples: Seifer/Squall/Zell

Warnings: M/M, lemon, yaoi, shounen-ai, h/c

Disclaimer: Squaresoft's characters, settings, etc. Bleebly blah bloo bloo.

~ 1 ~

The fields outside Winhill looked happy even on a day like this. Dandilions still smiled up at overcast skies and danced for rain in a breeze that turned long grass into green ocean waves. Kicking through the dusty gravel of the path that scarred the middle of it was the last thing Squall wanted to be doing, but apparently his wishes were less important than anyone else's. Selphie had run off to find Irvine at the Bed and Breakfast, as his truck had arrived in town first; Zell dashed along with her in hopes that the woman who ran it would make him something to eat. Seifer just left without a word. He was probably hungry too. Of course, so was Squall, but Selphie had told him to "go let him know you're okay," and thrown him that cute-but-I'll-kick-your-butt-wink before leaving him by himself.

So, great, lucky him. Squall stopped walking and leaned against the rickety fence beside him, regarding the distant figure out in the field with unanticipated nervousness. He hopped over it a minute later and broke into a quick walk, tearing through the blades that wanted to entangle his shins-- best to get this over with. Hopefully, Laguna wouldn't be crying. Squall would just leave if he was. Slowing as he approached, he stared at the back of Laguna's head in silence for a moment before revealing himself. "We're back."

Laguna whipped around, almost tripping in the grass. The dark shards of his hair looked more frazzled than usual as the wind whipped them over eyes reddened not by tears, but by an obvious lack of sleep. They widened for a second, and then Squall was enveloped in a tight hug. He didn't move, just kept his arms rigid at his sides before Laguna let go ago a second later. Laguna seemed hurt by Squall's refusal to return the gesture, but that fell away into happiness quickly-- perhaps he realized how kind Squall had been to let him hug him at all. "Good thing. I was going to take Ragnarok out in an hour."

Squall rested a hand on a cocked hip and stared at one of the many yellow flowers by his feet, a stance he regularly took on when in this man's presence. It was always hard to look at him. "You weren't supposed to."

"I wouldnít have been able to stay *here,* thatís for sure." Laguna didn't sound sorry for the action almost taken. "Thought I'd, ah, try to get her to forgive me..." He tossed his head to the side to gesture to the flat stone rectangle behind him for a moment, "before I left."

Squall looked past his shoulder to find the view of his mother's grave almost completely skewed by the life surrounding it. No one in Whinhill had bothered to keep it up. He doubted anyone even knew it was there; it wasn't likely anyone remained to remember her at all. He wished he did. "Forgive you for what?"

Laguna pushed some hair behind an ear. The wind immediately pulled it back out. "Losing you again when I'd just found you."

"You 'found' me two and a half years ago."

The smile returned to Laguna's face for a moment, "Hm. I guess that would be a long time for you..." He shrugged.

"... and it's not exactly like you had been looking."

Laguna frowned and scratched his head. They had gone over this before. Still, he shouldn't have expected forgiveness. "Okay, I know, *you* found *me.*" Of course, Squall hadn't really been looking either. He hadn't known what to look for. "But you're back now. And you're okay, right?"

Squall nodded and knocked some of the fluff from a dandilion with the toe of his boot; the wind picked up the pieces and sent them into the sky. "It's going to rain soon."

Laguna's voice softened, words tossed forward along the air's rush, "Do you want some time alone here, first?" he sounded cautious, as though he didn't really want to ask the question. Squall glanced up at him darkly before returning to his shoe.

"No. She didn't know me. There's no need."

"... Oh." Laguna replied, sounding suddenly a little choked and making Squall stare much harder downward. He regained himself with a single breath. "Well, let's go then."

Squall nodded again and spun, his pace making it obvious that he didn't want Laguna to follow too close behind him. He nearly stumbled when he looked up-- leaning against that fence, where he had just been himself, stood Seifer. A raindrop plunked onto his head, then one crashed over his brow, the splash making him blink. Seifer held out a hand to help him when he got there, but Squall made his way over the fence in a single graceful swing without taking it. "What are you doing here?"

"No one for me to go see. Here," Seifer shrugged off his dusty trenchcoat and threw it around Squall's shoulders.

"I already have one." *Idiot.* Squall took it back off quickly and held it out, but Seifer only smirked at him instead taking it back.

The drops began falling harder. "The rain'll ruin yours, ingrate. Besides, I need a shower."

After spending a few seconds trying to stare Seifer down by staring up at him, Squall thrust the fabric to Seifer's chest and let go, not caring if the man caught it or not. "So do I," he growled as he swiftly left him there.

"We're supposed to meet everyone back at the B&B," Seifer called after him, unaffected. He turned to Laguna, who had come up beside him. "What the fuck did you say to him?"

Laguna's eyelids hung low, hands shoved into his pockets as the pair strolled after Squall's quickly-shrinking figure. He looked like anyone but the man who ran the largest country in the world. "Squall... he always gets like this after he sees me."

"He should stop seeing you altogether." Seifer sped up at a distant rumble of thunder. It was going to get a lot worse. Laguna caught up to him easliy.

"Who the heck are you to--"

"You're nothing but a sperm donor."

Laguna stared at him as they walked, abashed, becoming angry at the uncaring look on the face of this *kid,* one who had tried to destroy the world and got off scott-free, one that barely knew him but claimed to know so much. "I'm more than--"

"No, you're not. He doesn't need you crowding all the other mounds of crap off his plate. Stop fucking with his head." It felt good to interrupt such an influential figure that couldn't do anything in retaliation. Seifer turned to check out Laguna's expression, but he was no longer beside him. Continuing his turn until he was walking backwards, he found him several yards away, stopped dead in his tracks as rain covered his face with his hair. He waved, somewhat cheerily, before turning back around. "So long, mister president."


Squall found Zell in the centr the the town's square, holding his hands out to take in the rain as if trying to drink it up with his whole body. Thunder rumbled again, accompanied by a flash this time. "Hell yeah!" He lowered his face as Squall approached, grinning wildly. "I can *feel* it, man, she's all stn' n' up in my brain. Makes me crazy!" He took in a deep breath, trying to calm shakes of excitement that no one else could fully understand.

"Aren't we supposed to meet inside?"

"Er... yeah... Quez wanted me to come out here, though... and Selph and Irv don't want any company yet, I don't think."

"Please tell me they're just resting..."

"If they are, they're being damn restless at the same time. And agreeing with eachother a lot." His grin widened even further.

Squall crossed his arms in disapproval. Always disapproving. *Someone* had to do it. "You should remove your junction. You don't need it right now."

"But... aw, come on. Gimme a few more minutes?"

"...Fine. A few."

"Thanks." Five minutes passed without words, filled with nearing thunder and brightening flashes. Squall didn't bother going in; he was completely soaked now, anyway. The colour of Zell's eyes lightened a little as he was silently released from beneath junction's burdon. "They might be a while..."

"I'll be knocking on the door soon. There's no time for this."

Zell ducked his head. His little hops stilled. "...There's another room free. We could go there..."

Squall just shook his head at him. It seemed Zell had expected him to give up the opportunity-- he lunged out to grab one of Squall's hands and quickly pulled him to the edge of the square, then brought them to the side of the building inside which they were supposed to meet the others. It was quite a narrow alleyway they stood in now, partially shielded from the rain that had drenched them both. "What do you think you're doing?"

Zell jerked back the hand he held, making Squall stumble into him and sandwicm agm against the near wall. He caught Squall in a kiss, threw his arms around his back, and nibbled lightly at his lips to get them to part. Just as he thought Squall would give in he did the opposite, removing his weight by pushing against the wall on either side of Zell's shoulders.

"I can't," Squall explained simply, pained. Every one of Zell's little nips had shot tingles into the back of his throat. It took most of his strength to tear away at the last minute.

Zell ed hed his eyes, tipping his head back into the wall. "It's 'cause of Seifer. Shoulda known you'd be pissed. I really fucked up, eh?"

"No... Zell, you didn't ruin anything."

"Then tell me how it all got ruined."

Squall dropped his arms and stood back. "I know you couldn't help it. I'm actually glad you... did what you did."

Zell's eyes flashed open, head jerking forward as if the wall had smacked him. "Why?" Thunder crashed overhead, and he wished he had his junction back for someone to share it with.

Squall shook his head, refusing to explain that part. He knew Zell would misinterpret it, somehow. "I'll be very busy for a long time."

"And what're you busy with now? Like, this exact second?"

Making out in an alley would make things harder. Zell wouldn't accept that answer, so he didn't bother giving it. "There wasn't anything else to do when we were lost..."

" you figured you might as well do me?"

Squall fell back against the opposite wall, damning his inability to ever say anything right. "It's not--"

"Thought we had somethin' going... more than just avoiding boredom..."

"We did." Squall cleared his throat. "We do."

"Doesn't look like it." Zell frowned and stared at the ground, arms crossed in a shield. A gust of wind dusted them with minisclue droplets, and neither of them flinched.

"Please, Zell. Let me think straight. I need to focus now."

"For how long?"

"For... for now. I don't know how long. A while."

Zell brightened a little at that. "You sure it's not permanent?"

"... Yes." The confirmation touched Squall with hope and despair at the same time. He honestly didn't know if it was the truth-- it was just better than saying 'no.'He wHe would have to see if Zell continued to get along with Seifer first.

"Awesome." Zell tipped forward to place a quick peck on Squall's rain-soaked lips. "I'll wait as long as I have to." He grinned at him and bounced away, disappearing quickly around the corner. Squall, feeling quite deflated, stood where he was for a few minutes to let his head clear before following him.


The door at the end of the hall opened just as Zell's hand hovered over the doorknob. "Oh!"

Zell, startled as well but not so much, recovered quickly. "Don't worry, I wasn't listening. Just got here."

Selphie nodded, an embarassed smile taking over her face. "I was just going to the bathroom... I'll get you some towels while I'm there." She rushed past him, calling back with a wave, "It's safe to go in."

"'Kay. Thanks." He swung the door open to find Irvine fully clothed and sprawled languidly across an easy chair with a leg dangling over one of its arms, across the room from a very rumpled bed. "Hey," Zell greeted before closing the door part-way and leaning against the wall beside it. It sure was nice to have walls again.

Irvine's eyes opened, then widened significantly as they fell upon him. "Holy shit!"

Zell squinted at him, smiling a little. "Well, 'hello' ta you too. Nothing about how worried you were about me, or how much ya missed me..."

That dangling leg swung over to the floor as Irvine shifted forward to the edge of his seat. He smiled knowingly, his eyes half-lidded. "You've been fucked. Recently."

If that wall hadn't been blocking his way, Zell would have jumped backwards. He almost went right through it as it was. "What're you talkin' about?"

Irvine pulled a silk-covered band from his wrist and gathered his hair, tying it back without shifting his gaze. "I can tell these things."

"The hell you can--"

"Hey guys!" Selphie opened the door all the way, "Look who I brought with me!" Squall appeared beside her before tearing away the towel she had thrown over his head and leaning a shoulder against the door frame.

Irvine promptly fell off his chair.

"What's wrong with you?" Selphie asked, completely baffled by the look of amazement on Irvine's face.

"Uh... nothin,' dear..." Irvine replied, stealing another look at Squall's dark and equally-confused expression as he picked himself up from the floor.

Selphie rolled her eyes and handed Zell one of the towels from the pile she clutched. "Hyne, what's with everyone today?"

Zell began rubbing his towel roughly over his head. "No idea," he lied from behind it. This was definitely not good. Hopefully Irvine would know to keep his mouth shut. *Damn psychic or something...*

"Ah, an' I see we have our perpetrator?" Irvine asked, grinning confusingly again past Squall's shoulder just as Squall felt a hand fall heavy against his bottom.tooktook almost all of his power not to flinch; the rest was used up as he kept himself from turning around and decking Seifer for it. Thankfully the hand fell away with only a light squeeze, unnoticed by the others, just before he might have lost it.

"'Perpetrator?'" Selphie asked, "Hunnie, are you sure you're alright?" She tossed Seifer the last towel along with a little glare, still rather miffed with his behaviour, and he caught it easily.

"Yeah, what do you mean?" Seifer asked, throwing the towel around his neck.

Irvine tore away from the pale daggers that stabbed him from Zell's direction. "Nothing. Nothing at all." He winked at Seifer when Selphie turned away to sit on the bed, and recieved another threatening scowl from Zell for his trouble. Yes, this would be a good time to shut up. He would ask his mountain of questions later.

"Are we here to discuss something?" Squall asked,ing ing to ignore the odd words and gestures that had been exchanged around him for the sake of more important topics.

Zell let his breath out quietly, silently thanking Squall for inadvertantly saving his own ass before Selphie tried to pull any more answers out of them.

"I say we leave for Balamb-G right now. Within the next half-hour," Selphie suggested, a hand in the air.

"Why?" Irvine asked, "Can't we stay here a bit longer, love?"

"We can't leave Quistis there to handle everything alone."

"But... the other guys got a nice vacation. We deserve one too. So do the kids."

"I'd hardly call it a vacation. Squall got stuck with that G-308 stuff."

Irvine snapped his head around from Selphie to Squall, who had moved away from Seifer and was making his way to the nearest corner of the room. "You did?"

"Yeah, he did. So we should go get Sir Laguna and have him fly us back so Squall can get himself to the infirmary. Squ Squall didn't bother repeating the fact that he was okay. No one would listen to him.

"Hey, wait," Selphie continued slowly, "Where is he?"

"He and I had a short discussion. Seems he didnít like what I had to say, so I left him there," Seifer replied, smirking. "Sorry."

"You weuppoupposed to go get him!"

"Oh well."

"Don't talk to him again," Squall commanded from his corner by the window. "He doesn't know how to handle you."

"Does anyone?"

Squall dismissed him with a shake of his head. "I'm sure he's back in the ship by now, Selphie. Don't worry."

Selphie nodded slowly, tearing her eyes from Seifer's face to calm herself. Ooo, but he pissed her off. "Oh, Squall, we've got a surprise waiting for you." Remringring that brightened her mood significantly, "But I'm not telling you what it is, and neither is Irvy."


"Winhill rain isn't as cleansing as I thought, and I'm fucking filthy," Seifer grumbled, disappearing from the doorway, "Time to go, kiddies." Irvine got up and swept Selphie into his arms, just for the surprigigggiggle he knew he would recieve. The group filed out, none turning down Zellís offer to be the one to pick up the SeeDs and cadets gathered in the bar next door.


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