Fatality I: Teasing

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Disclaimer: Final Fantasy 8 doesnít belong to me, Iím just taking some of the characters and using them for my own story, which takes place after the game ends as will every game fic I write.

A/N: Wow, Iím writing out two fics in the space of a weekÖdamn I feel all creative and stuff. Well, this is my first PWP attempt and I hope people like it. Itís my all time favorite pairing of Squall/Irvine and that alone is motivation to make this good. R&R please, more reviews might mean more stories from meÖhell, I might get the inspiration for something really long and ongoing with enough motivation. Itís told from Irvineís POV, just so you know.

I think Iíve been teasing Squall for long enough now, with the way I give him a sweet little smile every time I catch his eyes on me and with the pictures I sent his computer while he was in the middle of meeting with Laguna the other day. Me wearing nothing but my hat and boots had to be enough to give him instant woodÖcall me confident, but I know heís at least attracted to me. So Iíve decided to put and end to my little game of Torture the Commander and catch him off guard by letting him have what he wants- me.

Thereís simply nothing else my mind can explain other than attraction because heís always looking at me when weíre all in the room, talking about various things like friends do. When I look back and his stormy gray eyes meet mine, his head instantly turns and I can almost see something resembling a blush rise on his cheeks from time to time.

I do my fair share of looking too, from his well-muscled legs that fill his leather pants very nicely to his tight ass and up towards his chest, which I envision as being very smooth, always stopping on his face. His hair, always down around his face and that look that tries to tell people he doesnít care whatís going on around him. Damn, Iíve done my fair share of jacking off just picturing him without letting anything else enter my fantasies.

Selphie took it nicely when I told her that I really didnít think of her as anything other than my sister, and has been more than happy to help me out with the game Iíve been playing. She was the one who took the pictures I sent him and sneaked into his office the other day just long enough to tell me he hasnít deleted them yet.

Recently, Iíve added brushing myself against him ďaccidentallyĒ to the list of things to do to Squall, and if the slight gasp I hear every time is any indication, he enjoys it. So, tonight, the game comes to its end, for good or for bad, and Iím actually a bit nervous. Me, Irvine Kinneas, the almighty flirt, nervous about saying to his face that I want himÖif any girl in Garden were to hear that, theyíd laugh because around them Iím totally calm and collected.

Then again, I never really wanted any of the ladies.

He has the habit of using the Training Area for an hour every night before going to his room and since that hour is now, I begin my preparations. Wearing only my indigo vest, jeans without the leather chaps, and hat, I carefully pick the lock to his room and wait inside, letting myself look around while waiting.

The place is neat and almost cold in its organization, yet I didnít really expect anything else from Mr. Ice himself. A noise in the hall catches my attention, and recognizing it as his footprints, I take my spot lying down on the black leather couch directly across from the door so he wonít miss me. With the first glimpse of light into the room, I know Iíve been spotted and I give my best smile before licking my lips slowly, a few bits of my hair escaping from the ponytail and falling into my face.

ďGet out, Kinneas,Ē are his first words, but I note that his tone isnít all that serious and heís resisting the urge to smile at my presence. Slowly, I stand up and walk towards him, never letting my eyes leave his. As we get closer, one of my hands, typically gloved, but left bare for tonightís plan, moves to touch his hip and I hear him take in another breath, eyes closing for a brief moment.

ďWhy should I leave when Iím here to put an end to all of that teasing Iíve been doing to you? You can try to hide it all you want, but I know what you think about meÖI know you liked those pictures because you didnít get rid of them,Ē I whisper while leaning in closer still, the breath from my last words hitting his neck just below the ear.

His silence means either that heís thinking about this or that heís getting ready to hit me, so I readily brace myself for a response. I get it in the form of one hand turning my face back towards him and his soft, pouty lips pressing themselves against my own. Hyne, I should have expected him to be the take-charge sort, given his leadership skills, but nothing could have prepared me for that sudden kiss. Iím sure I make some kind of sound, but canít hear it as I kiss back eagerly, both of us pulling each other closer at the same time.

Heís good with his mouth, parting his lips so that his tongue can rub against mine before sucking on it and making me think about how it would feel to be sucked somewhere else by those lips while I feel his hand running down my back and giving my ass a slight squeeze. Without me realizing it, heís been steadily leading me back towards the bed and when I notice it, I instantly get harder than I already was, knowing very well that he can feel me against his leg like I can feel him, aroused by just kissing me. In one smooth motion, he takes my hat off and moves to take the tie out of my auburn hair, which falls loose the second he finishes removing it.

Pulling back from our liplock, he pushes me so that Iíve got no choice but to fall backwards onto the bed, his form now moving on top of me, one hand unbuttoning my vest and the other running across my groin, teasing me into gasping a couple of times.

Before I have the chance to do much of anything, heís shrugged off that leather jacket and lifted his shirt over his head, giving me a very nice look of his torso, which is just as muscular and smooth as Iíd envisioned it to be. I want to run a hand down it, to know what his skin feels like, but his firm grip now catches both of my hands and holds them over my head as he leans down and whispers, ďNo teasing, remember? This is just you and me getting what we both want.Ē So, Iím guessing I wonít get to know what his mouth feels like around my cock, not tonight at least. Thatís disappointing.

With similar efficiency, he strips off first his own pants, nothing underneath them, I note, and then my own, now lowering himself onto me, letting us both get that first sensation of warm skin against warm skin, erections resting against each other. When he shifts his weight even a little bit, we both groan practically in unison from our groins being forced to rub together. Squall reaches over to the right and fumbles around in a drawer until he getat hat heís been looking for. I see the bottle of oil and smile slightly, guessing that heís been planning on doing something similar to end this game Iíve been playing with him.

My eyes close and I reflexively move my legs up a bit, leaving them bent at the knee and tilting my hips a little to give him better access. Iím not sure just how much experience he has, but Iím really no stranger to being in this position. Without even a warning from him, I feel two fingers slide inside me. Since I hadnít expected it, Iím tense at first, but quickly relax my entire body, focusing on nothing other than the look of lust and determination on his face while his fingers then scissor, stretching me out little by little.

A third slick digit is added and he pushes them all up more, brushing against that spot that makes any guy see stars and groan with pleasure, myself no exception to that. ďI want you, Squall, not your fingers. Just hurry up and quite the damned teasing,Ē I find myself saying when he doesnít pull them out as soon as Iím more than relaxed enough around him, eagerly anticipating his next move.

He chuckles and I can see a slight smirk on his face while he gives in to my words, sliding his fingers out of me. His next motion catches me by surprise, but only serves to remind me of his words, that this is about sex and nothing more. My brunet lover flips me over, my face resting against the pillow that smells undeniably of him for a moment before I move into a slightly better position, onto my knees, arms crossed under my head to support my upper body. Behind me, I can hear the low groan that my mind only interprets as him coating his own length with the oil, now feeling him move into position behind me. Warm, slightly callused hands rest on my hips and I remain relaxed as he enters me smoothly, his entire member deep within my passage.

Hyne, my dreams are nothing compared to this feeling of being filled so completely with him as he begins thrusting steadily into me, gripping my hips a bit. I moan as his every motion brushes against that same spot, wanting him to just hurry up and let us both get the climax we want badly.

Before I can say anything to urge him on, he must have the same idea because he suddenly begins moving faster and harder, hands on my hips so hard I know theyíll leave bruises but Iím beyond the point of caring. The only thing on my mind is Squall and this moment, hearing his moans and mine mix together, but not too loudly because we both know that not all rooms at Garden have thick walls. Being heard and walked in on right now would be a terrible way to spoil things.

His pace shows no sign of slowing down and he moves one hand from my hip, stroking my erection in time with his urgent thrusts. Neither of us can last very much longer, thatís obvious from our continued sounds of pleasure and I know his own end is near when he makes several very firm and deep thrusts, groaning my name at about the same time I feel him spill up into me, his word dying off as he runs out of air in that moment. A few more pumps of his hand is all it takes for me, arching my back and letting my head lift, gasping out, ďSquall!Ē as I shoot my seed onto his sheets.

When my own mind has stopped spinning around, I give up on supporting my weight and collapse, feeling him topple on top of me, his body feeling oddly nice for the short time he remains there because he rolls to the side a moment later. Neither of us says anything nor bothers to move under the covers. We both know that when morning comes around, Iíll leave, and weíll never speak about this night, not even to each other. After all, it was only about us getting what we wanted from each other.
A/N: I think I might continue this and give it a plot, but if I do so or not depends on you readers. Itíll take more than one or two reviews to bribe me enough, so give me enough and I might continue.

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