Silver Charm

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Silver Charm


Keeper of Wings





Sephiroth x Yaten


yaoi (boy x boy relationship), LEMON, eventually bad english


Neither Sephiroth-sama nor Yaten-kun do belong to me and I'm not making any
money of this fic.


The fic idea came from a conversation with a friend on the net, the fic itself
is written by me because of a challenge of the friend mentioned above.

two forces met directly over him and seemed to battling for control. While they
were at it, the surroundings of Yaten started to get strangely blurry.


the heck is going on here?", he wondered silently, so as not to disturb
the concentration of the Senshi. Feeling not very comfortable he tried to get
out of the way, however that was just the moment when he felt the ground giving
in under his feet and he was falling...



he came to his senses he seemed to be in some kind of forest. Irritated he
quickly looked around. Where was he? And how did he get here?

his memory returned and he grimaced when he remembered falling.

he glanced at his surroundings, but couldn't make out anything familiar. Sure
was, that he was no longer in Tokyo, for he could neither see any skyscrapers,
nor the Fujiyama.

sigh slipped over his lips as he stood up and whipped the dust of his clothes.
The day really could only get better.


that sitting around alone brought him nowhere, he started wandering in the
direction of the sun, hoping to met some people soon who maybe could help him
getting back to his friends.

passed by without him meeting anything other than strange looking animals,
probably the inhabitants of the forest.

do such things always happen to me?!", he groaned exhausted and sat down
on a large stone for a bit.


only relaxed there for a few moments when he heard a strange sound. Looking
around, he saw nothing. "Must be my imagination.", he thought and
closed his eyes tiredly.

rest didn't last too long, then there was that sound again.

green eyes snapped open and narrowed when - once again - he couldn't make out
anything that could have made the sound.

is there?", he called out, being kind of annoyed and freaked out.


when he was about to believe, that he really started to hear things that
weren't there, there was a rustle close to him.

barely had time to turn his head, before some kind of tiger jumped over him,
quickly turning and baring his dangerous and sharp fangs to Yaten.

shit...", he mumbled and slowly moved backwards. He didn't exactly had an
idea how to avoid being the lunch of that tiger, for he was powerless in this


his luck he ducked just in time to get away from getting jumped on by the
graceful animal. Without looking were he was going, but also without leaving
his green eyes to watch anything else than that beast that had decided for him
to be on his menu, he moved backwards, trying to gain as much space as possible
between him and his hunter.

the beast growled and in the next moment he run into something soft.


breath hitched and he slowly, ever so slowly turned his eyes.

met with the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen. They were so bright,
that they seemed to glow with a deep fire. A gasp escaped his lips as he
noticed, that he had run into another human being.

hiss of the tiger snapped his attention back to the task at hand.

he could do anything else however, the beautiful stranger stepped in front of

back.", his soft, but firm voice told him.


blinked but nodded, not thinking about the fact, that his savior couldn't see
this and took the chance to take a good look at the handsome man.

silver hair was running freely over his back, ending only short before the
ground. His rather attractive and muscular frame was clothed in black good-,
but also strange looking wearings.

sword that hung at the strangers side, he only noticed when said stranger draw
it and cut the beast head of, when it tried to jump him.


very impressed Yaten only managed to gap. Then the stranger turned his
attention to him.

"What som someone like you doing alone in this dangerous part of the forest? You don't
exactly look like someone who can defend himself... I also never saw clothes
like yours before, where are you from?"

green-eyed one blinked. His clothes were strange? Quickly he looked down onto
himself. Today morning he had chosen to wear a simple blue jeans, a white
T-shirt and a jeans jacket. What was so strange with that?


Yaten. Kou Yaten.", he introduced himself. After all, the other guy had
just saved his live. "And I kind of got lost... Where am I here?"

other silver haired one was silent for a moment then he shook his head with a
sigh. "I'm Sephiroth. You are close to the town called Nibelheim and if
you want to get there alive, you better come with me."

he blinked, but nodded then. "Thank you, Sephiroth." The name of the
town didn't seemed very familiar to him, but at the moment he hadn't had
another choice, did he?


the two silver haired bishounen walked next to each other, with Yaten
occasionally sneaking glances at the taller one.words made him so surprised that he actually blinked. He had never been called
beautiful before. Sure, there had been people calling him 'sexy' and all that,
but never had one simply told him directly face-to-face that he was beautiful.

did the others words made him aware of the fact that the other had silver hair
as well. Strangely enough this fact made him feel kind of relived.


you.", he replied. "I like your eyes too." Here he actually
smiled. Truer words had never left his lips. The other one's - Yaten was his
name, if he remembered correctly - green eyes sparkled more than he had ever
seen a diamond do the same. They held so many emotions and were so open, he was
surprised that noone had broken the bishounen yet.

returned the smile and they continued walking.

I ask what business you have in that town... Nibelheim, wasn't it?", Yaten
asked after some time had passed by in peaceful silence.


rose an eyebrow in amusement. "Why do you want to know?"

shrugged. "Curiosity kills the cat, not me."

soft laugh escaped the young man at the humor of the teenager. "I like you
more by every minute that passes."

glad to hear that. After all I'm going to be struck with you for quite some
time, aren't I?", the green-eyed bishounen replied teasingly.


true. Until Nibelheim it takes about ... three more days...", came the
answer of a thoughtful Sephiroth. "That is, if there is no distraction on
the way.", he added with a side glance to Yaten.

boy blinked. "Am I a distraction?", he wondered out aloud.

eyes met blue ones. "Only time will tell.", Sephiroth finally replied

an instinct, Yaten actually stuck his tongue out on the other.


what you are doing with that tongue of yours.", the silver haired one told
him. "I actually might find a better way of using it."

both know that Sephiroth was only joking, Yaten couldn't help but blush, while
he quickly pulled his tongue back in.

swordsman regretted making that comment as soon as it had slipped over his lips
as well, but for different reasons. The first was, that now his mind kept
coming up with ideas, what exactly that tongue could do, the second was, that
the tough crossed him, how Yaten would look when his face was flushed because
of something else...

they both walked in silence once again, for neither could bear to face the
other, both being embarrassed by thoughts that simply wouldn't leave them.


was Sephiroth who broke the silence again, when it slowly started to get

late... We better look out for a place to spent the night..."

only nodded his agreement.

quickly found the perfect spot close to a beautiful waterfall that made a
little sea, where the water was so clear they actually could see the ground.

me collect some firewood. The nights are cold in this area.", the
swordsman asked the teenager.


a fire was made and two big fishes were getting grilled by it - of course
Sephiroth had caught them. Yaten had tried a few times, but only succeeded in
slipping and getting completely soaked.

there had been no dry piece of clothing onto him, Sephiroth had offered to
borrow Yaten his coat. Now the green-eyed teenager was sitting close to the
fire only in the black coat, shivering slightly from the cold of the night,
while his clothes were laid out close to the fire to get dry.


you still cold?", the swordsman asked kind of concerned. "A
bit.", came as reply, for Yaten didn't want to seem weak.

an arm was laid around him and he was pulled up against a warm body. Looking up
his eyes once again met the blue eyes of Sephiroth. "Still cold?",
the other man asked softly.

Thank you.", Yaten replied blushing. He didn't know why the handsome one
had such an effect onto him. Usually he didn't care for others, not even when
they had helped him, but Sephiroth...


silver haired stranger made his hearth beat faster... Could this ... Could this
be love?

he shook his head slightly to clear his head from such thoughts. Yaten Kou
didn't feel in love. Especially not with a man.

the other hand... Wouldn't it only be natural? After all he WAS a woman in
reality. He only took in this male form to find their princess...


Sephiroth was plagued with other thoughts. His mind urged him to find out what
was below that coat of his. Also it made him notice how almost perfect their
bodies seemed to fit together, as if they were made for each other... Like two
parts of a puzzle...

He couldn't think such thoughts. After all he couldn't take advantage of the
poor teen who couldn't even protect himself.

down onto the silver head he couldn't help but feel that strange feeling in his
chest again. He wanted to keep that boy save. Why, he did not know.

- as if he had feeling him staring onto him - Yaten looked up and he once again
found himself drowning in those emerald pools.

beauty. And all just in one body...


them were only the natural sounds of the wood, the waterfall and sometimes of
the fire.

if a spell had been cast onto them, they simultaneous moved closer to each
other, both eyes closing. A few moments later both felt toft oft pressure of
the other one's lips on their own.

were completely enjoying it, no longer taking notice of their surroundings or
thinking on anything beside the kiss. It was just as pleasant as you would only
find it described in a poem.


they had to break away from each other because of their need to breath. Panting
slightly both looked into each others eyes. Their cheeks were slightly flushed
from the lack of air and then intensity of the kiss.

can kiss as good as you look.?, Yaten finally whispered shyly.

that a good or a bad thing?", Sephiroth mused.

Very good.", came the reply, while the red on his cheeks got a shade


replying he kissed the shy boy in his arms again. This time his body took over
and he gently nudged his tongue against Yaten's closed, soft lips.
Understanding the hint, he unsure opened his lips, having no real experience in
this. Therefor he was a sur surprised when Sephiroth's tongue met his. His body
however seemed to understood and instinctively made him react.

Snly nly
he had to break the kiss with a soft moan and leaned his head against Sephiroth's
shoulder, while a shiver ran through his body.

swordsman had secretly and unnoticed by the green-eyed bishounen opened the
coat and let his hand slip over one nipple which immediately hardened under his
experienced touch, sending waves of pleasure through the boys body.


like that?", the silver haired man couldn't help but ask.
"Y-Yes...", came the shaky reply. Gods! Sephiroth was good with his
hands. And with his lips too.

if he knew what Yaten was thinking, he started to kiss him again. This time he
slowly went down over his neck to the shoulders, which he gently and swiftly
bared. The teenager?s skin was so soft. Even softer than silk.

his taste and smell was so exquisite. He couldn't get enough of it.


another sound left the green-eyed ones lips, Sephiroth had given up resisting
the temptation. Slowly he let his free hand slid of the coat, that hid the
beautiful ones body. Even thought he never had believed in fairies and such
things, this one seemed to has une unearthly beauty of them. Once again he
claimed that sweet lips of his in a passionate kiss and this time Yaten
responded with the same fire.


tongues were dueling for some time, but it was clear from the beginning who
would win in the end.

that he had decided not to resist any longer, he let his eyes wander over the
naked boy, who looked up to him with slightly flushed cheeks and half-lid eyes.

Sephiroth wondered if the teen even knew how sexy he looked. Absently he spread
his black coat out on the ground and laid Yaten down on it.


their breath was coming quicker than before and it didn?t seem as if either of
them wanted to stop their aitieities anytime soon.

silver haired one also could tell from the boys reactions, that he hadn?t done
something like this before, therefor he had to take double care. While resting
his arms on the side of Yaten?s body, he slowly, seductively let his lips slid
once again over the other?s neck, over his chest, down to the left nipple.


he brushed his lips over it, before he gave it a little lick, making the one
under him gasp and arch slightly towards him. Gods! He would never get enough
of the young one.

the nipple between his lips, he started to suck slightly, producing more of
that sweet sounds escaping Yaten?s throat.

continuing doing so, he switched nipples and used his left hand to tease and
stimulate the neglected one.


moans became louder at that double pleasure that run through his body, making
him feel a bit lightheaded.

embarrassed, he tried to muffle those foreign sounds with the back of his hand,
which only lead to Sephiroth to stop altogether to remove that arms from his

hide yourself.?, he whispered into his ear, giving it a lick, making Yaten
shiver. Then he went right back to what he had been doing before.


time however, he let his right hand slide once again over the smooth skin, over
his stomach to lover regions. The act made Yaten breath even faster then
before. Even thought he didn?t exactly know what was to come, his body sure


loud moan, louder than the ones before sounded through the air, when the
swordsman gently wrapped his hand around Yaten?s half-hard member.
Unconsciously the green-eyed one started to squirm slightly under the other
man, squeezing his eyes shut, when another wave of pleasure hit him.

stopping the stimulation of the nipples, Sephiroth started to move his hand in
a pumping motion, making the teen actually trust up into his hand.


soft smile displayed on his features while he rested his intense blue eyes on
the face of the young one below him. He was even more beautiful when in

Yatenn?t n?t had any experience, it didn?t took the swordsman long to make him
come. The white stuff had mainly been spilled onto the boy?s own belly, who was
just coming back to his senses.


letting the youth rest, he quickly slipped off his own clothes, not taking his
eyes off the angel. Just when he laid back over him, green eyes slowly opened
and the teen gave him a dazed smile. ?That was... indescribable.?, he

smiled at him and kissed him softly. ?Do you want more??, he asked, trying not
to sound pushy. He didn?t want the boy to force himself to continue, even
thought, he had gotten quite hard of the show.


is more??, the boy below him questioned, with a mixture of wonder and awe in
his voice. ?Yes, there is.?, the older one replied, playing with Yaten?s hair.

thought it was the same color, the feeling of it was a completely different
one. Sure, his own hair was silky too, but this ones felt... different. It made
him wonder if the young one really wasn?t a fairy, come to fulfill his dreams.


me...?, the sentence spoken by Yaten was a mixture of a question and a demand.
?My pleasure.?, Sephiroth replied and pressed another kiss onto those lips.

distracting him in that way, he smeared three of his fingers with the teens

your legs a little and put them up??, he asked him, breaking the kiss.

a moment of daze the young one nodded and did as he was asked.


better access now, he let his index finger trace the hidden opening between the
cheeks. ?This is going to hurt first.?, he informed the other, while gently
massaging the virgin entrance. ?But if you relax the pain is going to leave

for permission with his eyes, he looked into the glowing emeralds. One moment
long the bishounen seemed to hesitate, then a slight smile formed on his face
and his eyes displayed deep trust as he nodded.


He kind
of felt relived, that Yaten didn?t wanted to stop, but it also felt a bit
strange, that the young one seemed to trust him so much.

to make it as painless as possible he only nudged the tip of his finger into
the tight opening, making the boy gasp in surprise. They stayed completely
still for a few minutes, then Sephiroth pushed deeper. All of sudden the
passage tightened, tensing up.


you alright??, the swordsman asked, looking up at that now concentrated face,
that also showed pain. ?J-Just give me... a few moments...?, he managed to say,
while trying to catch his breath.

the pain was acceptable, he felt his body relax and gave Sephiroth a nod, that
it was okay to continue. The other returned the gesture and slipped the finger
completely in. Giving the boy another time to get used to the strange sensation
in him, he stayed still until he felt him completely relax.


he started to pull and push the finger in and out of the body, searching for a
special spot within. When Yaten suddenly yelled out and trust down onto the
invader, he knew he found it and mercilessly pounded it over and over again ?
sometime during the process slipping a second finger in and making scissors
moves, stretching the tight tunnel even more.

he slipped the third finger in, the teen once again tensed up and gasped
slightly at the pain. This time he relaxed faster than before, knowing for
sure, that the pain would leave.


satisfied with the stretching, he reached for the seemed to lube his own erect
penis, who was aching to bury itself into that warm and tight body.

me help you??, Yaten?s voice interrupted him in his task. Before he even had
the chance to reply, Yaten had sat up and leaned forward.


didn?t even had a chance to say anything before the boy had taken the hard
organ gently between his lips, his cheeks colored in a deep red.

moan left his mouth when the inexperienced but talented mouth sucked, licked
and teased him.

he felt himself close to coming he pulled Yaten away and kissed him, before
laying him back. ?Where did you learn such things??, he teased him with a

blush went even deeper. ?... I heard that it would feel good to do that...?, he
replied so soft, that Sephiroth almost missed it.


again he gave the silver haired one below him an encouraging smile, before he
positioned himself at Yaten?s entrance, again looking for permission in the
green eyes, which the other quickly gave him, bracing himself for the pain.

like before he only pushed the tip in, to take away the nervousness of his
partner. Then he entered him slowly and carefully, inch for inch until he was
all the way in.


this point both were panting heavily, gasping for breath.

all relaxed, Yaten trust his hips up slightly, to show, that it was okay to
move. The swordsman got the hint and did so. Slow at first then faster and
harder, brushing the pleasure spot every time he entered the boy.

the green-eyed teen had given up trying to be quite and shamelessly screamed
out his pleasure, feeling himself getting pushed closer and closer toward the
edge, pushing his hips up to take the other even deeper.

there was any pain, then Yaten didn?t noticed anymore. This feeling, it was the
best he ever experienced.


the closeness to climax as well, Sephiroth clamped his lips down onto the
slender neck, that offered himself to him, when the young one throw his head
back in ecstasy.

bit later Yaten couldn?t hold out any longer and came with a loud yell.
Sephiroth himself followed a few trusts later.


both came back to their senses the swordsman simply kissed the other one and
gathered him closer to his body, not minding their nudeness. Yaten gave him a
shy smile before he yawned and sleepily rested his head onto Sephiroth's chest,
listening to the strong beats of his heart.

older one was close to sleep as well, when he noticed the clear visible hickey
he had left on Yaten?s neck. With a satisfied smirk he closed his eyes and soon
felt asleep as well.




the next day Sephiroth woke up. Alone. Surprised he looked around. Yaten was
nowhere around. Also his clothes were gone. Looking down onto himself, he
noticed that he was completely dressed. Had it all been some kind of dream?

one hand through his hair, he got struck. Since when did he wear his head in a
ponytail? Even if it was a lose one.

he undid the band, holding his hair together and looked at it. A smile crept up
his face, before he gently kissed it and put it aside. So it hadn?t been a dream
after all.




sunbeams caressed his skin. Kind of tired Yaten opened his green eyes. And

did I get back in my room??, he wondered and looked around. Had it all been a

wave of regret washed over him. Too bad.

he sat up however, he felt a slight pain and some kind of soreness. Confused,
he looked over to his mirror and starred. Then a smile slowly formed while he
touched his neck.

dream after all.

the mirror a clearly visible hickey showed.





was it. I think that was my second lemon. An unusual pairing, sadly impossible.
They would look cute together! ^___^


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