Booze and Birthdays

BY : Aphrael
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Booze and Birthdays

I edited out all the funny formating errors so hopefully this first story of mine is readable again.

Warnings: This is yaoi, GUY ON GUY FUCKING, Starring Seifer ‘the sex god’ Almasy and Squall ‘the Ice Princess’ Leonhart. It also happens to be Nc-17, so there.


For Seifer Almasy today was a very special day. Today he turned twenty. That was special, right? Actually, Seifer couldn’t care less. His plans for the day consisted of lazing about in his room and drinking booze till he passed out or puked until he couldn’t move, whichever came first.

In fact, he was currently on his way back to his dorm room with said booze at this very moment. He had decided to start his binge early in his borrowed car on the road to Balamb, and several beer cans already littered the car’s floor. As he made his way from the parking lot to his dorm, he wondered if he shouldn’t have finished off a few more beers to lighten his load. It wasn’t very easy hiding three or four twelve packs under a trench coat after all.

He reached his room and spent several second attempting to open his door while holding his contraband. Finally, with an annoyed grumble, he stacked his twelve packs by the door and unlocked it. He pushed the door open with his foot, leaned down to retrieve his booze, and shuffled into his room. He mumbled ‘lights’ and looked for a place to stash his liquor. He glanced at his bed and froze. For a moment he wondered if he was drunker than he had originally thought. He blinked several times, but the image before him did not change.

Squall Leonhart lay on his bed; naked as the day he was born. His arms were handcuffed to the headboard and his knees were drawn up. Seifer could see what seemed to be a large, pink dildo buried in Squall’s lovely ass. As his eyes slid up the brunette’s body he noted the ring around the base of Squall’s cock and the clamps on his swollen nipples. The so called ‘Lion’ of Balamb Garden was also blindfolded and gagged.

As he watched, Squall squirmed, shifting restlessly on the bed. Seifer could have sworn he heard him whimper. Suddenly the blond grinned. Someone must have remembered his birthday, he thought with a chuckle. There was no way Leonhart had gotten into this position on his own, that much was obvious. He walked to Squall’s side looking for any signs his gift giver might have left.

He found his sign in the form of writing on Squall’s tight little tummy in what appeared to be a large amount of chocolate body paint. It said simply:

‘Happy birthday Seifer.
Have fun with our present.
From, Irvine and Zell.
Ps: don’t worry; Squally’s a little slut. He wants you to fuck him, really.’

Seifer’s grin widened. He didn’t have much problem believing that. Squall certainly looked like he wanted it: the little commander’s pretty cock was leaking like crazy and he kept pushing his ass against the bed, trying to find relief from the fake cock buried inside of him.

This certainly was the best birthday gift he’d ever gotten. Just what he’d always wanted.

Such a wonderful gift, in fact, he wasn’t sure where to start enjoying it. After a moment of indecision he decided to start with the message scrawled on Squall’s stomach. In a matter of seconds Squall’s now-trembling belly was sparklingly clean and he was squirming more then ever. Poor Squall appeared to be quite distraught as he turned his head back and forth trying to see the person molesting him. The blond realized that since he hadn’t spoken yet Squall probably had no idea who it was touching him. With another lecherous grin Seifer decided to leave his identity in the dark for a while longer and let Squall sweat.

As he observed his naked body, Seifer had to admit his former rival was, hands down, the most gorgeous male he’d ever had to pleasure to lay eyes on. Seifer had never thought a boy, especially one who worked out as much as Squall, could be so pretty. Squall’s body was beautifully toned. He wasn’t nearly as heavily muscled as Seifer and his skin was shades paler, testament to long hours indoors with his books. His ever-messy chestnut locks were spread over Seifer’s pillow and his full, pink, perpetually pouted lips were stretched around the gag in the most…suggestive way. Seifer wondered if he should start out with that lovely mouth. But that would give his rival a chance to speak. No need to sully this most wonderful of events with unnecessary shrieking, Seifer decided.

Seifer was glad Squall was unable to move. He knew if he weren’t, he’d be hard pressed to get the brunette to do as he wanted. Squall was by no means weak and Seifer knew it. He was rather amazed Irvine and Zell had managed to overpower Squall long enough to handcuff him. He seriously doubted Squall had wanted to be restrained.

Speaking of restraint, Seifer decided it was time to let go of his. Leaning over Squall he caressed the brunette’s body. He ran his hands down Squall’s sides and slid them up his waist to his chest to tug at Squall’s abused nipples. Squall moaned into the gag and arched his back. Seifer smiled like the perv he was and tongued Squall’s smooth stomach. He made sure to explore all Squall’s sensitive spots before he moved lower, slipping his tongue into Squall’s navel.

Squall wiggled unhappily, pushing his neglected erection against Seifer. “So demanding…” Seifer murmured, amused by Squall’s impatience. Squall stiffened underneath him at the sound of his voice. Seifer realized he’d given himself away and laughed. “Well, who were you expecting? You happen to be tied up in my room, you know.” Squall tried to say something but his words were severely muffled by the gag. It came something like “Mumph mm murf mmph!” Seifer figured he meant something along the lines of ‘get off me you asshole!’ not that he really cared; Squall wasn’t going anywhere until he, Seifer, was good and ready. The former sorceress’ knight intended to make full use of Zell and Irvine’s gift before letting him go.

“I’m not gonna un-gag you for a while, Squall. I’d rather not listen to your self righteous whining, if you don’t mind.” Seifer knew the moment he let him speak he’d get an earful of death threats and cursing, even though Squall was about to burst from arousal. Instead he walked around to the end of the bed and pushed Squall’s slender legs apart.

After a moments scrutiny he moved forward and wrapped his lips around Squall’s cock. Gauging Squall’s reactions, he began to suck the writhing brunette off, smiling around his pretty cock all the while. It certainly didn’t take much to distract their lovely commander, did it? After a scant thirty seconds of furious sucking and ball fondling on Seifer’s part, Squall went limp and stopped trying to talk around his gag.

Pleased, Seifer pulled back and let Squall’s dripping cock fall back onto his belly and turned his attention to Squall’s bottom. The dildo situated in Squall’s ass was more than just a mere dildo, Seifer noticed. It was a vibrating dildo, and not small in the least. It was smaller then his cock, though, he was pleased to note. Grinning like a maniac he pulled the whirring device from within Squall with deliberate slowness.

The brunette moaned loudly and pushed up against Seifer beseechingly. Seifer ignored him and tossed the still vibrating dildo aside. Licking his lips he lifted Squall’s legs to his shoulders. Without further ado he pressed his mouth to Squall’s cherry red entrance and slid his tongue over his soft skin. Squall shuddered and arched, whimpering pitifully. Seifer took mercy on him and pushed his tongue into Squall’s body, smiling against his skin as the brunette trembled.

He thoroughly tongued Squall for a few minutes, enjoying his muffled moans and wails, not to mention the frantic writhing. Squall tasted like the peach flavored lube Zell and Irvine had used to prepare him. Pulling back Seifer decide he’d had enough foreplay and began undoing his pants. “I’m gonna fuck you now, Squally.” He purred. His pants undone, he reached out and fondled Squalls genitals, “Maybe if you’re good I’ll even take the cock ring off so you can come later.” He said with a leer.

Grasping Squall’s hip with one hand he guided his cock to Squall’s entrance with the other. With the thick head of his erection pressed against the tight ring of muscle barring him from Squall’s body he leaned forward, pushing Squall’s legs, which were still on his shoulders, to the commander’s chest. He fumbled the gag out of Squall’s mouth and quickly covered it with his own. As his tongue explored the back of Squall’s throat he buried himself to the hilt in the brunette’s shivering body.

Squall’s wanton moans were swallowed by Seifer’s mouth as the blond began to push into him gently. For all that Squall had had a dildo in him for who knew how long he was still impossibly tight. Or at least it seemed that way to him. Seifer knew he’d never experience something so intense, and Seifer Almasy was no stranger to sex. Squall’s body was exceptional, that much was obvious right off.

After Seifer came up for air he switched his attentions to Squall’s neck and chest as he continued to pound his squirming uke into the mattress. The first thing out of Squall’s mouth, when it was free, was “Ooh Seifer…”

The blond grinned into Squall’s shoulder and continued his explorations. Squall gasped loudly at one particularly hard thrust and when Seifer repeated the action, he screamed. Seifer had successfully found Squall’s sweet spot. He was quite proud. From there on, Squall’s cries only increased in volume and desperation.

“Seifer…Please, let me come…please Seifer…” Squall’s pleading voice held none of the coldness and superiority Seifer was used to. He decided breathless, wanton-slut Squall was very much to his liking.

Seifer slowed his thrusts switching to deep and long rather then fast and hard. He was willing to prolong his orgasm to torment Squall a little longer. “What will you give me if I let you?” he growled.

Squall moaned and tossed his head. The blindfold had come off at some point and Seifer could see Squall’s sapphire eyes were dazed and glassy with pleasure. “Please Seifer!” He wailed, writhing against Seifer like the little slut he was.

“Will you let me do this to you again if I let you come, Squall? Will you be my little bitch as long as I want?” Seifer said as he slammed himself against Squall’s prostate to get the brunette’s attention and stroked his straining cock teasingly.

“Yes Seifer, anything, please…”

Seifer smirked, “I’ll hold you to that later, Squall, you better believe it.” He undid the cock ring and let Squall’s weeping erection free. He leaned over Squall, pushing his slim legs back unhis his knees touched the bed: it was time to get serious.

Growling curses and insults, he fisted a hand in Squall’s disheveled, sweaty hair and pulled his head back, baring his neck. He viciously attacked Squall’s exposed throat leaving bite marks and bruises that would most certainly show in the morning.

With out any warning Seifer pulled out of Squall and flipped him over onto his knees. The action pulled Squall’s handcuffed wrists painfully, but he was to busy mourning the loss of Seifer’s cock to care.

Seifer grabbed Squall’s hips and pulled him back, impaling the helpless commander before he could protest the rough treatment. He began to fuck the smaller man brutally, bending over him so he could bite at his throat and leave dark bruises on the back of his neck. “You little whore,” he hissed into Squall’s ear, “you nasty, wanton, little whore. What would you do with out me, Squall? I bet that dildo was yours, wasn’t it? You fucked yourself with it every night, screaming my name, didn’t you?” With a pitiful wail Squall came all over Seifer’s sheets. “…That’s what I thought.” Seifer groaned.

Squall’s body tightened, squeezing his cock as the brunette came making Seifer grit his teeth to hold back a shout as his orgasm hit him. He sank his teeth into Squall’s shoulder and and spat muffled curses like mad as his cock bucked inside Squall’s trembling body.


Seifer would have been happy to go to sleep right there, draped uncomfortable over Squall’s sweat slicked back, but the smaller man’s continued whimpers wouldn’t let him. He sat up and let his sated organ slide out of Squall’s abused body with a soft groan. He got slowly to his feet and moved to the head of the bed.

Squall didn’t look to good…His pretty face was buried in Seifer’s pillow and he was still panting for breath. “You okay, baby?” Seifer asked, honestly concerned.

“My arms hurt…” Squall whispered lifting his face an inch or so from the pillow.

Seifer winced, that was his fault, he’d been an asshole and he knew it. He hurriedly flipped Squall over onto his back and began to search for the keys. Muttering curses he shoved the junk on his dresser around and kicked stuff on his floor out of the way. Where the fuck had chicken wuss put the damn thing??

“They’re in the dresser…” Squall was glaring at him and pointing at the hiding place with his toe.

“Well, fuck. Why’d he put them there?” Seifer grabbed the keys and unlocked the handcuffs. Squall sat up and started rubbing his chaffed wrists, shooting accusing looks at Seifer all the while. So much for afterglow.

“He put them in there to keep them from being knocked on the floor.” Squall said as if it were the most obvious thing ever.

Seifer rolled his eyes and decided to let Squall’s sarcasm slide. “Whatever, did you have fun Squally?”

Squall just glared.

“You sure are a little screamer, aren’t you? You must really love cock, Ice Princess.”

Squall’s scowl deepened.

“If you keep that up your face is going to stick that way.”

Squall turned away and pulled the covers over his head.

“Awww, you wanna cuddle, huh? I’d love to as soon as you explain this all to me,” Seifer tugged the blankets away from Squall and sat down next to him.

“What is there to explain? Zell and Irvine decided they wanted to give you an ‘extra special present’ and so they kidnapped me and handcuffed me to your bed.”

“Don’t you dare tell me you didn’t enjoy yourself, ‘cause I know you did. I bet it was your idea, too.”

Squall did some more scowling but didn’t deny it.

Seifer grinned at him, “So, how long have you been fantasizing about my cock in your tight little ass?”

Squall gave him a deadpan look and said, “How long have you been fantasizing about sticking your ridiculously huge cock in my ass?”

“Ridiculously huge, what the fuck?”

“Yes, it is.”

“I’m perfectly in proportion!”

“Sure you are.”

Seifer decided to end that argument right then and there, “You sure seemed to like it when I was fucking you with it.” He smirked, triumphant. No way Leonhart could argue with that!

Squall shrugged, “Never said I didn’t, but it’s still ridiculous.”

Seifer grabbed the back of Squall’s head and kissed him savagely, “Just shut the fuck up,” He growled, pulling away after he’d showed Squall who was boss, “If I wanted your opinion I’d ask.”

Squall smiled, a real genuine smile, and wrapped his arms around Seifer’s neck. “Whatever” he murmured and snuggled against Seifer. “Happy Birthday, ungrateful bastard.”

Seifer gave his best trademark smirk, but he was glad his birthday hadn’t turned out as he had expected. At least now he had fucking Leonhart on a daily basis to look forward to, even if he hadn’t gotten the chance to pass out from too much booze.

The end


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