The Shower

BY : Jemisard
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Zell happily bounced in the shower, rubbing the thick shampoo through his hair. He was singing along to a tune he could barely remember with words that weren't quite the original ones and he didn't care. He felt great.

He stuck his head under the spray of water and let it wash out the suds and filth from training. He felt good, but still a little too wired.

He always felt bloody wired. And that was before coffee.

He heard footsteps, sharp cracking against the tiles. He turned off the spray of water and looked around.

He couldn't see anyone.

With a shrug he turned the water back on and went back to scrubbing down. The brush was rough against his skin, but it felt good. Burning and cleansing all in one.

Someone got into the stall next to him, and he was briefly thankful for the high walls on the showers that stopped people looking over at one another. He finished up, rinsed off once more and shut off the water. He grabbed his towel and wiped off his face and body roughly before wrapping it around his waist and stepping out.

He was confronted by the sight of Seifer, nearly naked, dripping wet, toweling off on one of the benches. He stopped, gaped and then dropped his bag of toiletries with a clatter.

The tall blonde's head shot up, fingers tightening reflexively on the towel he held. He smirked almost immediately, looking over Zell with an appreciative glance. "Chicken wuss, looking good."

Zell went bright red, blush covering his chest as well. "Don't call me that!"

Seifer leered and went back to drying off, unashamedly naked in front of the smaller SeeD. Zell tried not to pay attention, turning his back to Seifer and going to his locker, pulling out a change of clothes.

A pair of hands appeared on either side of the locker, pinning Zell where he was. He pushed backwards indignantly, felt bare skin and hard muscle against his own, flushed red as he felt heat against his lower back. "Almasy!" he squeaked.

One of those large hands moved around to his chest, so large on his small frame, capable of easily reaching to massage the side with his thumb and roll his fingers over a tender nipple. "Yeah, Dincht?"

"What, what are you doing?" He felt the other hand come down to his hip, not moving, just holding it in a tight grip.

"What do you think I'm doing? Making popcorn?" Soft lips moved down to press at the tip of one ear, tongue flicking out to tease the lobe.

"Sei, oh, Hyne, please... don't.... Seifer," he tried to sound convincing about it as that same mouth traveled down the side of his neck, sucking gently until it reached a defined collarbone.

Those lips stopped and released their grip to whisper againot aot and damp skin. "Why? Why not? Whyd ya want me to stop?"

"You hate me?" Zell managed to ask. The hand on his rib cage hadn't stopped that slow circular massage around one nipple, the one on his hip had started to rub gently.

"I don't hate you," was whispered against his collarbone.

"I hate you...?" Zell tried weakly. The hand on his hip slid around to stroke up and down the front of his thigh lazily.

"No, you don't," Seifer chuckled to him. "If you hated me you woulda shoved me off and Final Heaven-ed my arse by now."

Zell tried to think of something to counter that reasoning but Seifer had gone back to sucking at his throat, and his hands were doing wonderful things to Zell's body. Both hands rested on his hips now, holding him still and holding him up as Seifer moved to kiss along his spine and neck.

"We shouldn't," he finally managed to gasp out, right as he felt Seifer's breath blow gently across his back, right where the towel started.

"Why not?" Seifer slid his hands down to Zell's ankles, trailing them up and down the lean calves.

"This is public, we could get caught." He shivered as fingers ran over the backs of his knees, forcing him to land with heavy hands against the locker doors. "Oh... Hyne..."

"It's two in the morning, everyone else is asleep or in their rooms making like monkeys." Seifer pushed his hands up further, under the towel, to massage and hold Zell's thighs. "No one's going to find us."

Zell gave up any pretense of argument as Seifer tugged off the towel. His skin felt chilled for a moment as the air hit, quickly warming up under the gentle touches along his thighs and butt. Seifer was kneeling behind him, he tried to turn to see him, just as his legs were pushed further apart. He caught himself on his hands again, looking down instead. All he could see was his flushed body, his organ starting to swell under Seifer's careful ministrations.

He felt soft lips on his thighs, moving up, pressing kisses on to both cheeks. Hands were pulling him apart gently, lips continuing to explore. He went bright red, mind turning over quickly. ~He wouldn't. He won't.~

A tongue pushed between his cheeks and into him, and a barely restrained yell escaped his lips. His first instinct was to flinch away, but after a few seconds his body took over from his rational reaction, deciding it liked the attention. He was hard within seconds, shamelessly whimpering and grinding back against Seifer's face.

Hands grabbed his hips, forcing him to still his actions. "Dammit, Zell, don't do that," he heard behind him.

"What did you expect, man?"

Seifer said nothing but his tongue was back again, making Zell's eyes roll back in his head and his knees feel weak. Pleasure was rocking through him, he desperately wanted more, but he couldn't move, not from those tight gripping hands.

Long minutes of this pleasurable torture passed, with Zell begging for more, his only movement his arms giving way to let him rest his elbows against the wall.

Finally, Seifer stopped, standing to lean over Zell, body flush against the smaller man's. Zell could feel the hot hardness of Seifer's erection pressed against his lower back, felt heated skin wrap around him. "Dincht?"

"Y, yeah?"

He felt a tug around his waist as Seifer's arms pulled him to stand upright again. He was picked up and unceremoniously laid on the bench, staring up at the gold figure of his long time enemy.

"I wanna fuck ya, but I ain't going to unless you're happy with it," Seifer stated. It was as close to asking as Zell suspected he was going to get, but, if the sweat and flush that highlighted Seifer was anything to go by, the older boy was only just holding onto control.

He wanted to pretend he wasn't as desperate for this as Seifer, but he couldn't. His body ached with the idea of not having that hard length of flesh in him. "Fuck me, Seifer. I want you to."

Seifer was covering him in a flash, teeth teasing one nipple while a hand played with the other. His other hand reached down to press into Zell, the passage eased by the earlier activities.

Zell moaned and threw his head back, arching up into, and onto, the caresses. His own hands were roaming, rubbing Seifer's shoulders, tugging lightly on the short gold spikes.

The tall boy moved away, licking over Zell's own erection once, eliciting a scream of pleasure from the smaller boy. He grinned and licked again. "Like that, huh?"

Zell would have come back with something, but since Seifer chose that moment to engulf his erection in his hot mouth he gave up speaking and settled on grabbing at the blonde hair and screaming Seifer's name as he thrust mindlessly into that beautiful mouth. He felt slick fingers in him again, hair oil he suspected was being used, but he didn't care so long as it brought more of that pleasure.

He was close, so close, pleasure was rushing to over take him when it stopped. He grabbed at Seifer as the other moved away from him, ducking out of reach. "No way, short stuff. I want you coherent to remember that you let me do this."

Like he was going to forget. He looked up at Seifer, eyes heavy with need, and spread his legs slightly in a decidedly wanton fashion, rubbing at his own need with one hand. "Seifer, I'm not going to wait forever here..." he trailed off, moaning as he rubbed just the right way, eyes falling closed.

Hands grabbed him, shoved his legs to his chest, and then he felt bluntness pushing into him, once again oddly gentle, despite the passion in the action. He winced slightly, felt the slight pain as Seifer pushed and then slid in until they were carefully pressed against one another.

Zell was panting, eyes open, looking up at Seifer. Seifer looked down at Zell and grinned, reaching out to pinch Zell's nipples, hard. The smaller boy yelped but already the pain had been replaced by Seifer gently rolling his fingers over the pinched flesh, licking the long digits before resuming his slow tease.

Zell moved his legs to wrap his ankles behind Seifer's neck. It wasn't easy, if Seifer hadn't been bending over him he wouldn't have been able to reach. Seifer shifted slightly, moved back and in again slowly, barely moving at all.

Zell pushed against Seifer, whimpering in the back of his throat. Seifer smiled again, softer and pushed his fingers to Zell's lips, urging silence.

Slowly, the tall boy pulled back, sometimes pausing, sometimes shifting, until only the head of his erection was in Zell. He shifted again, changed the angle with a few seconds thought, and gripped Zell's thighs in his hands.

Then, he ruthlessly started to pound the small body, shoving his length hard against Zell's prostate on every slide in and out.

Zell was screaming. Pleasure was making his mind delirious; he shoved back against Seifer as much as his position would let him, clawing at the hands that held him down.

Seifer continued to thrust into Zell, his hips snapping against his companion's, head tilted back to try not to lose it then and there. Watching Zell writhe and buck under him, it was overwhelming, beyond belief.

Zell continued to howl and thrust back, frustrated that he couldn't do more. He couldn't really reach his own aching arousal, which badly needed some attention, so he looked up at Seifer again, quieting his screams, gasping for breath. When the older boy looked down, he nodded at it, eyes wide with hope.

Seifer grabbed his erection, slicking his hand up and down the hot length. Zell started to cry out again, arching for more and more, his body shaking with the force of Seifer's thrusts.

It wasn't enough. Seifer stopped and, panting, looked down at Zell. Zell was whimpering at the loss of movement, looking very confused as he stared up.

Seifer pulled out of him and roughly rolled him over, so his legs straddled the bench, hands holding his body up, arms locked.

Seifer grinned, grabbed Zell's hips and shoved back in, able to get a much rougher thrust, while giving Zell the chance to thrust back, which he immediately did.

The continued for long minutes. Seifer thrusting hard, hands gripping Zell's hips, occasionally reaching underneath to tug on Zell's erection for a few strokes before abandoning it again for a few more. Zell was making enough noise bothboth of them, bouncing back and forth, hair sweat soaked and clinging to his forehead.

They were both getting close when Seifer grabbed Zell's hips tight and lifted, holding Zell just enough off the ground that he couldn't use his purchase to buck. He started to thrust again, slamming Zell back onto his erection and pulling him almost all the way off.

Zell was screaming now, toes curling as he felt the last hard shoves he needed rake across his prostate. He thrust back as best he could, letting Seifer do the work, let his body tense up as he came, screaming Seifer's name loudly.

That clench was the last straw for Seifer. He had been barely hanging on all this time and feeling Zell tense around him, screaming his name, was just too much. He shoved deep and came, head thrown back, shuddering into Zell's body.

A few seconds passed as they both came down off their high. Seifer let Zell go again, pulling out of him and laying him on the bench on his back. Zell seemed too tired to move right now, that usual exuberance gone under a blanket of weariness.

Seifer sat down and pushed back his hair, resting his elbows on his knees. "Sweet Hyne, that was good."

Zell mumbled an agreement and stretched out lazily, rippling muscles that had tensed too far. Seifer smiled and rubbed his hand over Zell's leg. "Want the shower for a rinse?"

The smaller boy shook his head. "Nah, just gonna lay here for a few moments."

Seifer stood up and grabbed his face washer, rinsing it with water and wiping them both off briskly before rinsing again and ditching it into his laundry hamper. He got dressed, shaking off his wet hair.

Zell watched as his companion dressed, eyes narrowed to focus better. Seifer grabbed his bag and slung his coat over one shoulder moving to the door. "Thanks for the fuck."

"Seifer?" Zell leant up on his elbows.

"Yeah, chicken?" He looked back over one shoulder.

"You going to be up when I get in?"

"Maybe...." Seifer grinned. "You'll have to wait and see." With that he walked over, pressed a quick kiss to Zell's lips, the only one exchanged that night, and left.

Zell smiled and lay back, thinking of what he would do when he got back their room.

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