Just another day of training

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Warnings: yaoi, m/m/m, lemon, graphic rape, anal, rim…(you name it)

Parings: Seifer/Raijin/Squall

Notes: This will be the third time I upload this story!

Nothing new, I’ve only given this to my precious beta!!

It’s still thanks to “Firenze1”, that this became a three chapters story. Thank you for your review!!

This time around I wonder if anyone is interested in a sequel?

They will be back in garden, as said in the last chapter, and it will be more of a story.

If you are interested, tell me. If ten people are interested in a sequel, I will take time to do one.

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“Seifer, Squall and Raijin take tent 9 and place it out at your post,”

Squall sighed. The field training could in the best aspect be hell, but with Seifer in the party it would be worse. Squall resented to his fate and took the cocking bag and his own sleeping bag while Raijin took the tent. Seifer already stood at the beginning of the forest whit the two youths bags, Hyperion impatiently ticking at his shoulder.

“You ready for this, Boy? Don’t want any cry baby in my tent,” Seifer sneered down at him.

Squall only glared back in silence. If Squall were to survive this three days trip, he would do best in not messing too much. The cadets were to spread out in a circle around the “base” camp. It was only training so they didn’t need to have more guards than the “siren”, which woke you up if any dangerous monster came to close. Often the siren scared the beasts off, too.

They walked far enough for the sounds from the others to fade away.

“Yo, Squall. Ya been on a field camp before?” Raijin wondered at his back.

“No,” he answered.

Before you were sixteen, your only field camps were held outside the Garden or some town. Faraway enough for the sounds from them slicing monsters to not reach the town, but close enough for them to take shelter in if need be.

“Don’t ya worry. Me and Seifer has been on many, ya know,” Raijin said calming and Squall narrowed his eyes.

Why would he be worried in the first place? He was already way more advanced than those in his class, thanks to him and Seifer sparring. Seifer chuckled in front of him, but didn’t say anything.

The meadow they found was close to a small river and surrounded by leaf trees. To his surprise, Seifer didn’t say anything stupid while they put up the small camp. He kind of transformed from bully to leader in the blink of an eye. They were silent as Squall never was the one to talk anyway and Seifer didn’t taunt him on anything and

Raijin kept his mouth shut, knowing that Seifer’s irritation was way more threatening than Fuujins.

Squall didn’t say anything in annoyance when he was to sleep in the middle of the tent. He didn’t like to sleep without a wall beside him, but he guessed you could take Raijin for a wall, a living one but whatever.

“Aren’t this cosy? Maybe we’ll be best friends as Quistis always are nagging about,” Seifer leered, hands behind his head and feet crossed at the ankles. Squall narrowed his eyes at the blond.

“It’s just a matter of greeting each other in a right way, isn’t it?” Seifer continued and Squall frowned to the narrowing.

There was something here that he hadn’t seen before. Something in the green eyes of the blond and in his tone. Raijin had gone very, very quiet, like he was expecting an explosion or something.

“Whatever,” Squall answered short and turned around out of the tent. Behind him Seifer chuckled his irritating chuckle.

Outside he decided he needed a walk before he got to bed. Seifer and Raijin seemed to have the same thoughts as they emerged from the tent. They went to the river, probably to bath. Squall shivered. That water was going to be ice cold this late.

The brunet had the luck to come back first so he changed to his sweatpants and disappeared in his sleeping bag. To his annoyance he hadn’t fallen asleep before the other boys returned.

“Aw, you’re sleeping already?” Seifer mused and Squall glared at him before he buried himself down more.

As self-protection he drew up his knees to himself before Raijin accidentally stepped on his feet. Against all odds he succeeded to drift of to some half sleep while the two others settled.



It was too hot to sleep, even if he lay on top of his sleeping bag. And even if it wasn’t, he was too horny to fall asleep. His member had been swollen since he saw Squall in his sleeping bag.

The mop of brown hair was a mess on his head and in his face. Two white hands held tightly at the corner of the sleeping bag under his chin. The bag was thin and tight enough for Seifer to make out the boy’s forms. He had hips too shapely for a proper man. His legs were long and lean of muscles, Seifer knew, and his body was pale in a healthy looking way. It didn’t matter if the boy was out naked in the sun from dawn to dusk, he didn’t get a descent tan anyway. Seifer groaned frustrated.

“Fuck. I’m horny,” he stated out aloud and Raijin sniggered in his corner.

The dark skinned man’s eyes gleamed in the darkened tent. Seifer got up on an elbow. He looked down at Squall’s probably sleeping form.

“You sleeping Squall?” he wondered. Squall didn’t as much as twist a muscle.

Seifer shrugged and leaned over the still form. He opened the sleeping bag and sneaked in a hand. The skin was cool and smooth to his touch and his member twitched in response. He stroked Squall’s stomach and flipped open the sleeping bag.

Hyne! He was horny! It wasn’t the first time he fucked a boy or man and it wasn’t the first time in the presence of Raijin. He bit Squall’s earlobe and the youth moved and blinked his eyes.

“Wake up, Sleeping Beauty,” he said and pressed himself to the boy as he stroked his nipples.

Squall started and went from a docile to a fighting, angry Squall in a moment. Seifer twisted his hand in the unruly brown hair and forced Squall onto his back and angled his head back. Thin hands shoved at Seifer’s chest as he leaned over the form and forced his mouth on Squall’s. Squall twisted away from him and tried to both kick and hit.

“Seifer! Get off me!” he growled and Seifer chuckled. He put his weight on the thin frame and smirked down.

“Now, now. Don’t be so obstinate. Having a little fun has never killed anyone, Squall,” he murmured in the boy’s ear and took the earlobe between his teeth.

Squall squirmed and tried to free his arms and legs from the bag to knock him off. Seifer caught a hand that tried to rip his skin off. He forced it back down before licking a way down Squall’s delicious throat to his collarbones. Squall continued to squirm and twist under him.

“Stop it!” he hissed angrily and tried clawing again. Seifer sighed.

“We got something for these cat claws?” he asked and Raijin smirked in the dark.

Seifer got up and straddled the younger youth’s hips and held the two thin wrists in one hand. He took the cuffs from Raijin and saw Squall’s eyes widening in surprise, before they narrowed in anger.

“What’d you think you’re doing?” he hissed and gave Seifer his most deadly glare. Seifer snapped the cuffs slowly around his wrists, smirking down at him.

“I’m thinking I’m restraining you,” he answered which only made Squall’s glare increase.

Seifer pressed the hands over the brunet’s head and their faces were inches from each other. Raijin lit the tent lamp so they got to see the pale, beautiful body.

“You’ve been fucked before?” his manhood twitched and swelled when he saw the rising fear in the storm-grey eyes.


“You’ve been fucked before?” his breath caught in his throat and Seifer’s smirk widened.

Squall quickly schooled his expression, but his insides didn’t want to calm. Up until now he hadn’t been thinking. Seifer turned him around on his stomach and he found his fighting spirit again. His hands were released as Seifer moved backwards over his legs and pinned his calves. Calloused hands spread over his naked back and two thumbs pressed down in his lower back.

“Seifer, stop it,” he said, trying to sound demanding, but heard how his voice wasn’t that steady. His breath quickened when a hot mouth licked his spine.

“I…I mean it Seifer. Knock it off,” he tried again whit the slight difference that Seifer only chuckled against his skin.

A strong hand twisted his hair until he felt reflexive tears start to gather. His head was bent back and Seifer’s hot breath tickled his ear.

“Maybe we should gag him to?” he murmured.

“No need,” Raijin said and crawled to Squall’s head.

Squall swallowed hard. This wasn’t happening. It was all a very bad dream. Raijin was naked and between his thick thighs his thick and long cock stood swollen and glistening. He squirmed in near panic when Raijin straddled his arms and the organ was presented for him. He twisted away from the leaking head that was stroked along his chin and over his lips. Seifer bit his ear hard and he involuntary yelped.

“If you don’t fight us we won’t hurt you,” Seifer promised huskily in his ear. He shook his head the little he could.

“No. I don’t want this,” it was almost nothing more than a whisper.

Seifer only chuckled and straightened over him, handing over his head to Raijin. His strong hands kneaded Squall’s buttocks.

“What you want doesn’t matter. You be good and I’ll be nice to you,” Seifer said plainly as he started to strip Squall off of his pants.

He tried to protest when Raijin pressed his thick dickhead at his mouth. He squirmed under the four hard, sure hands to no avail. Raijin’s other hand dug in its fingers in Squall’s jaws and with a pained sound his mouth was forced open. He wailed muffled when the thick head pushed in between his teeth. The big youth groaned and Squall reflexively swallowed around the organ. It wasn’t happening. He did not have another man’s organ pulsing in his mouth! Pre-cum leaked and he recoiled his tongue from it.

Seifer spread his naked legs and Squall felt the blonde’s now naked thighs press at his. He protested around the thick shaft in his mouth and squirmed in the calloused hands. Seifer gripped his hips and hoisted him up until he was half standing on his knees. Raijin didn’t let his head follow the movement, which made him end up in a wanton position that made him sick to his guts.

Like a bitch in heat. The thought made him fight against his bonds again. But the two older trainees had done the same thing before and knew what to do. Raijin started to mouth fuck him in slow even strokes. He gagged around the thing a couple of times before he controlled himself.

Squall yelped when his own flesh was covered in a warm palm and stroked. Seifer’s other hand massaged his chest up to his nipple. <i>No!</i>

Squall twisted away from the warm, arousing touches. Seifer hummed above him. He wailed around Raijin when his nipple was pinched and twisted. Seifer’s sure hand stroked his manhood harder and faster. Raijin picked up his pace until Squall’s lips glistened of saliva and pre-cum. <i>Hyne, no!</i> He thought, panic rising. He was not responding to this. He didn’t want this!

Seifer turned to his other nipple and gave it the same hard treatment as the other. Squall involuntarily whined and squeezed his eyes shut. Rajin shoved his cock deeper until it hit his throat. Squall gagged and moaned at the same time as Seifer quickened his hand around his arousal. Squall whimpered in frustration when his body continued to response to the two men.

“Look who’s hot and needy?” Seifer murmured in a deep, dark voice Squall hadn’t heard before.

The gunblader let him go and Squall whimpered at the loss. The strong hands covered his ass and slowly bent open his buttocks. Squall stopped breathing when a thumb stroked his puckered opening. He squeezed his eyes shut again when a wet finger probed the opening. He moaned in slight pain when Seifer forced the finger in to his knuckles. Squall moved away from the intrusting finger, but Seifer held his hips still and twisted around in him.

Squall whined low when Seifer crooked the finger and stroked his inner walls. Suddenly he hit something that made Squall start. Seifer hit it again and Squall moaned low. He heard Seifer snigger as he let his finger roam that spot. When it started to get nice Seifer withdrew his finger and Squall whined. He was so confused. His body was so hot and Raijin’s thrusting cock in his mouth didn’t seem so bad anymore. Squall suddenly jerked violently away from Seifer.

Seifer pressed his tongue against the tight hole and licked it. He slowly penetrated the hole with the tip of his tongue and Squall moaned. His body started to tremble and his member twitched and leaked against his stomach. He moaned again and made Raijin shudder. Hot waves of pleasure racked in him. Seifer exchanged tongue to two fingers and pressed them into the tight body. Squall moaned in pleasure and pain at it.

Seifer started to finger fuck him, first slowly and then faster. He mercilessly stroked that sweet spot and Squall jerked and moaned. Raijin shoved more of his impressive manhood in Squall’s glistening mouth. The youth only shuddered and moaned. He let go of a high-pitched moan when Seifer slammed three fingers in him and kept mercilessly attacking that sweet spot. Squall stopped thinking at things as embarrassment and “not wanting to”. The pleasure roaming his body overpowered his mind.

Seifer withdrew his fingers and Raijin suddenly got to his knees, placing Squall in a position on all four. Raijin buried both of his hands in his hair and had total control over his head. Squall trembled when he felt a blunt tip press at his twitching opening. Seifer pressed himself in without mercy and Squall howled in pain. The pain of the intrusion made his head spin and his body to jerk. Seifer held him in place and continued to press into him. Squall wailed and tears started to gather in his eyes. Seifer groaned over him and made a pause.

“Damn, fucking Hyne! You’re so tight!” Seifer groaned and moaned in his throat.

Squall wanted to clench his teeth together hard to prevent any sound of pain. With Raijin’s pulsing cock in his mouth, that wasn’t an option. He sobbed when Seifer continued to press in to him. The gunblader withdrew a bit to then push in further. When he was buried to the hilt in Squall’s trembling body, he stood still and moaned with tightly clenched eyes at the pleasure.

Slowly the burning pain faded even if the discomfort was left. Squall yelped when Seifer suddenly withdrew almost his entire length and then slammed back in. Squall screamed at the violent move, but Raijin’s cock muffled it. The two youths started to fuck him hard and fast. Raijin driving his cock up and down his throat, Seifer slamming inside of him until it felt like he was going to break. The pain rose and he whimpered and cried silently.

Suddenly Seifer hit that spot again. It made Squall’s cooled flesh spring to life. He hit it again and then again, making Squall moan. Seifer gripped his arousal and stroked it a couple of times, all the time hitting his spot hard. Seifer bend over his back and bit hard in his shoulder. Hard enough to leave a mark.

“You like me taking you, don’t you Squall? Taking you this hard, making you bleed…” Seifer growled and punctuated it with an extra hard thrust that made Squall shudder and moan.

Seifer groaned and increased his speed. He started thrusting fast, never leaving the heavenly spot. Squall moaned and squirmed, started to meet Seifer’s thrusts. Raijin suddenly tensed and moaned when his release flooded Squall’s throat and mouth. He swallowed when he was forced to it, but semen leaked from his mouth down his jaw and the thick, dark organ anyway.

His mouth was freed and Raijin backed away to his sleeping bag. A hard grip in his hair made him whimper between the moans. Seifer forced him down at his elbows and then increased his thrusts. Squall didn’t care anymore. His body rocked by the violent thrusts and his mind was a mess. He closed his eyes and moaned non-stop. Seifer grunted and groaned above him and his hands held hard enough to bruise. Squall’s moans turned into immature screams of ecstasy when Seifer started to jerk him off in times with his thrust.

Squall froze and opened his mouth in a silent scream when he came. Hot liquid spilling all over his sleeping bag and Seifer’s hand. His mind shut down in black nothingness, only his limb body and feeling remaining. Through his dazed senses and hearing he heard Seifer shout short and shuddering while he spilt his seed deep in Squall’s body. Squall was nothing but a limb body when Seifer slipped out of him and let him sink down on his stomach.

For a while only heavy, raged breathing could be heard in the tent. Squall slowly came back to his senses and wanted to die out of shame. He didn’t move when Seifer leaned over him to unlock the cuffs. Raijin opened the tent flap and let the cool night air in through the mosquito net. Seifer huffed something and roughly put Squall in his spoiled sleeping bag. He ruffled Squall’s hair while Raijin put out the light.

“For being such a schoolboy whiny you were an 10.000 gil fuck,” Seifer grunted before settling himself.

Raijin was already snoring and it didn’t take more than a few minutes before Seifer was snoring as well. Squall slowly curled up to a ball and buried his face in his pillow. His body hurt and he was so confused. Why had they done this? He was male to. Males didn’t do this together, did they?

What he really didn’t understand was how he could have enjoyed it. He hadn’t wanted it and it had hurt. But it had been nice in the end. But he didn’t like it, did he? He was so confused. So confused…

Silent, painfully tears started to run down without stop.



Author’s Note:

Those who have read the story before the small change sees that the ending is changed a bit.

Just so I could put another chapter up and make it make some sense!


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