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BY : maria
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AN: I'm going to write this because I can not believe no one else has tried it's the perfect scene in which to use. and if some on already has tried it then sorry that I didn't find it, please tell me where to find it, and I would like to read & review it I love the couple and please don't flame my work... by the way this is my first lemon.

warnnings: NC-17, Rape, spoilers, anal... lemon... probley more just can't think of them oh also lots of Rinoa bashing... :D (I hate rinoa)

summary: what really happened at the prision on the second disk... how far will seifer go to make squall love him? what are Squall true feelings behind his mask

chapter 1: Seifer's Romantic Dream.

My eyes must have grown it that instant as I felt Edea's Ice attack piece threw my chest, it burn and froze me at the same time. I clenched my yees shut as the world blurred around me, and I was aware I had lost my footing, I was falling. For a moment I thought the Scream had only been in my mind but when I opened my eyes for the last moment I saw above me, Rinoa, Reaching down towards me, Screaming. Why was she screaming it wasn't the end right... I wouldn't have cared if it was.

Galbedia soilders were around me before I had a moment to try and breath, they were soffocating me, my vision getting worse by the second and the last thing I was able to see was a blond smirking down at me, triumth upon his face. Seifer Almasty...


White, a hazy whiteness was about me, I wasn't awake... But I wasn't asleep either, I was right in the middle, where no nightmare nor out side thing could hurt me...The cold medle was the thing that toke me from this. I opened my eyes too look about. A cell? I was in a prision of some sort, my wound didn't hurt at all... I reached up to touch said wound, not a scrach, I was fine, I wasn't hurt in any way only mentally. I sat up still a little dizzy from the fight still nusious from the things I had seen. I shook my heads trying to clear the headach that I knew would come. Seifer, had betray us, he was now eating out of Edea's hands... what had she done to him? was he being controlled somehow... he was to strong for that.

I had stood up noticing a door. I didn't need to think about this now all I needed to do was figure out where I was and how to get out. First of all I was in a Cell that meant prision... I had assasined the new Ambasitor, it was expected, but where and under who's orders... not the president he had.

A sudden lurch of the cell set me out of my thought as I loked around in surprise half thinking the prision would fall apart under the presure, but no it was moving, it was moving up like an elovator, where were they taking me? Another urch and I had stopped, I was still shaking the dizzyness out when from behind me, how I had turned around I wans't quite sure it must have been when I stubbled, the cell door opened. I turned around but not quite fast enough as I felt another body already behind me. I felt the all to close breath ruffle the hair on the back of my skull.

I remembered turning around swiftly to come face to face, with Seifer. I had felt pain, he must have kicked me, pulled my hair, he was speaking under his breath as I couldn't stop the winces from escaping he was hitting pretty hard for seifer, he grown stronger...

"where's your whatevers now Ice princess?" had I not been in the situation, and had it not been me he was talking about I may have chuckled at the nick name, but instead I glared at him.

"what are you doing Seifer?" I asked maybe a little sharply, had he lost his mind?

"your asking me what I'm doing? funny I thought your Iced heart didn't care, or do you?" his face was close to mine now not far away he was practically breathing in my own mouth had my lips not been closed but I knew what it felt like when I spoke.

"Don't be stupid Seifer!" I said simply. He was my rivel I didn't want to leave him as Edea's lapdog or as he called it her 'knite' either way he was going to get hurt, the gardens were agaist them, what would they do when they found themsleves outnumbered?

"Don't Tell me Squall." I didn't much like the tone of his voice from the start but his tone had deepened with something now as he toke another step, and soonI found I was now inbetween him and the Cell wall, I wished they hadn't taken my gun blade from me, but they would have been pretty dence not to.

I think too much, if I hadn't stopped thinking I might not of felt the warmth, the presure and the need of his lips upon mine, the feel of his body pressing mine to the wall, everything in my mind, screamed that this was wrong, not just the fact that we were both male, we were rivels, and now we stood on oposite sides, what the hell was he thinking. I did try to push him off, but the blade was to my throat in an instant, he still had his weapons why wouldn't he.

"Afraid Ice princess?" he had grabbed my wrists and held them in one hand, a hand larger then my own, we had both trained at the same garden, and I had once thought us both equal but now after all this he seemed so much stronger or maybe it was just the fact that he had a blade, but I still said nothing not knowing what my answer was.

Seifer smirked again pushing hard agaist me, so that I could feel something agaist my stomach, god I hoped it wasn't what I thought it was. "You remember when I said I'd tell you about my romantic dream? what did you think I was going to say?" He was still smirking, and I wanted to wipe that asses smirk off is dirty face. I was still weak from most likly, blood loss, shock? I had no weapon, where he probley had many, and he could most likly call upon guards to help him if I caused to much trouble but would he want a guard to see what he was doing?

"Still not talking?" There was that deep voice it sounded almost lust filled... I couldn't help it I stuggled, I didn't want this, not now, not ever if I could help it, I would get him to stop. his lips were upon mine again this time worse, more fierce, he was licking my lips and prying my mouth open, to allow him entrance, I held my teeth hard. I hadn't relized that my jacket had been lost but a sudden breeze of cold air told me my shirt was next. Seifer stopped pulling the shirt to pinch my right nipple, I gasped, bad move.

His tounge was nearly down my throat by now, tasting me and pathing out my mouth, I bit down or atleast almost did, when he figured it he raacted quickly twisting that same nipple and looking me strait in the eye. Now he was thretening me. He pulled back amoment and even the blade was gone, I only breathed, I should have done more. Before I knew it the shirt was gone and he was back ontop, quickly he pushed and pulled me toward the lifted medle meant to be a bed, forceing me to lay down. he had discarded the gun blade to bring out a dagger, probley easier in this case.

My eyes were pulled tight the blade cold agaist my neck as he pushed down hard enough but, just under the amount needed to draw blood, if I moved, my thoat would be slit. Numbly I felt him, trailing slobbery kisses down to sircle and nibble my abuse nibble, while the other was teased by his free hand. I swear I swear I must have gone rigid when I herd the snap of a button, and felt my zipper slide down. he was sloly taking the belts away, they were still holding my pants together. It was then I actually fought back, trying to kick him, or hit him with my hands that had been forced under my back when we had reached the bed. he obviouly didn't like this.

His second blade was disguarded as he grbed my wrists again holding them high over my head, and I was again rendered helpless "I can make this feel good squall, something to remember, but if you keep this up... wait and see" His dark green eyes burned into my own, I had never truly hated him, but I sure as hell did now, I felt like stabbing him, till there were to many tinny pieces to count.

My pants were off before I could even think to move, "Nothing underneath? it's like you want this squall" I spat at him, I was behond words, so I spat instead, I knew I was glaring at him, as icely as I could mustter. He didn't like that either. "It hurts me to do this squall it really does."

"not as much as I'll hurt you" I was behond caring, if he killed me where a lay He was off then and I quickly toke action lifting myself, only to come face to face with his fist. I fell back My nose was seiring with pain, I didn't have time for a second try, as rope burned across my skin, comming to tie my wrists, he pulled them tight above my head, I tried to kick him, but to know avail as he sat upon my thighs. He pulled the gag aroung my mouth before I could utter a sound.

"I'll take it off when I wan tto hear my name... god your beautiful" beautiful? No I wanted him off, now, but there was no way to stop him, and as he teased my abused nipples again, my body and half of my heart were telling me to give in, to enjoy this if I could, but the other have of my heart and my pure common sence, was still yelling to kick him off, to fight. So I did barly anything and I still regret it.

My body was betraying me as I watched him remove the long trench coat, the shirt underneath and then he released his own massive erection from it's confindment in his pants, he wasn;t waring anything under it either. unfortuatly I knew my noe burning erection most likly matched his my body wanted this even if I didn't.

The cell room was worse then before the hot air around us, created by us, made it suffocating, I was barly able to breath though I knew I was panting threw the gag. His hand touched my length, god it felt good, he slowly moved his hand up and down, and I felt myself give a quiet moan, I couldn't stop myself. my eyes slipped closed, what else could I do?

"Like that eh?" I could feel the smirk in his voice, even if I couldn't see it. I gasped, I knew I ddi when I felt a cold liquid gel at my entrence, and my efforts renewed and a thrshed trying to get away from that hand, he wouldn't, I couldn't let him, he growled under his breath "You can make this easy." he said it dryly he was displeased, but it was going to get worse, I had hoped for him. He ahds pulled me up off the medle floor all but my shoulders was lifted and then I was being let down, I sceamed then, it burned my thoat, but the pain in my entrance was worse, as my legs were place on either side of him.

"Now relax and enjoy, while I ride" Hands on my hip, he pulled out and went strait back in, thurting hard into me , I numbly felt in pull the gag away, and mubble something like 'told you so' but if he had it had been breathy as we panted in unisin. It hurt but he shifted slightly as he begun a pace, and he hit something something that made me moan. loud. I coul;d feel him smirking again as the last of the white stars faded, but then after a moment he began hitting that same spot everytime, as one hand cam around to stoke my throbing length, it hurt but it felt good at the same time.

I don't know how long it toke, but I came first. I hated myself for what I did, I wish I had never siad it, but I screamed his name, not in anger. He came after me, uttering my name over and over, as his hot seed filled my ass, and mine lay about our stomachs and his hand. We stayed like that for quite the time, befoe the discommfort could be felt again and life restored itself to my mind. I kept panting still trying to catch my breath as he pulled out of me, untieing my wrists, I didn't flinch, as he reached down into his discarded trench coat and cleaned us both with a small cloth.

He dressed me then I didn't struggle there was no point to now. he dressed himself standing and hilting his gunblade, and taking back the discarded dagger, I sat up again then half exspecting to be punched again, I hadn't bled, just hurt it. When I sat I wasn't met by a fist but by the now familliar warm lips, Seifers. he didn't force anything but rather let it stay simple, a short just lip kiss. I stared at him a moment after. as he stood, I felt like I would never be clean again.

Still I listened and did nothing as he muttered a quiet "I love you" under his breath at least I think that's what he said, then he walked to the door leaving for a moment then two guards came in, I was taken to the wall where they tied me and started to question me on the true intent of SeeD, but my mind was else where, upon Seifer, it felt as if his lips were still there... I wouldn't tell my friends, they didn't need to know. I would act normal, and no one would ever have need to question, as long as no one talked about Seifer's Romantic Dream I would be alright.


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