Lessons Well Learned

BY : darksquall
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warnings: Sex in public. Squall being a bitch.
Disclaimer: they don't belong to me.
Notes: Written for 30 lemons - theme 22.

Lessons Well Learned.
With thanks to Race Ulfson for Betaing, and Pixxers for all her help.

Squall leaned back in his chair to watch Seifer.

Here he was, stuck in detention again, and it was all Seifer Almasy’s fault. Seifer had started the fight, as usual, and Squall had simply responded, for his own safety and survival. And now, sitting across from him, with the echo of the door shutting as the instructor had left to “deal with something” – in other words, he was craving a nicotine fix and wasn’t going to let something like a couple of students get in the way – Squall couldn’t take his eyes off of Seifer.

Nor could he stop thinking about fucking the blond.

That self satisfied smirk Seifer was wearing told Squall that he knew just what Squall was thinking of as well. The expression was one he was growing used to now he and Seifer were actually sleeping together instead of just fighting.

His… lover? Fuck toy? Whatever, was biting his lower lip, his green eyes glittering mischievously in the harsh light of the classroom. And it just made Squall want to take him, show him what Seifer did to him every time Seifer’s cock slid into his body, tearing him apart with pleasure.

Standing slowly, still watching Seifer as intently as a lion in a cage faced with live prey for the first time in years, he rounded the desk. Squall settled his hands on the arms of Seifer’s chair and leant down, holding the jade coloured gaze for a moment longer before closing the gap between them and kissing his secret lover hard and deep.

Seifer had known it was only a matter of time before Leonhart’s control broke and he gave in to the overwhelming urge to do something to Seifer. To feel him hot and close to him again. Leonhart was predictable in his urges at times, but Seifer wasn’t about to complain.

Threading his tongue between Seifer’s lips, Squall pressed Seifer back into his chair and hummed with pleasure against his lips. This time he would be in control He would fuck Seifer right there and he’d make Almasy love every minute of it. There was time, the instructor never came back until the nicotine cravings had been thoroughly silenced and he’d only been gone a short while.

The thrill of the risk of discovery sent an extra jolt of adrenaline and lust through Squall’s veins.

Remaining as passive as possible, Seifer gripped Squall’s ass. He was beginning to feel more than a little turned on and more than a little curious as to what Squall was going to do next, The domineering thrill of Squall’s actions were enough to make Seifer curious as well as hesitant, but when Squall sucked on his earlobe and slid his hands along the insides of his thighs, he growled and shifted to press against the touch eagerly. “Somebody’s feeling frisky today.”

“Shut up, Almasy,” Squall ordered. His fingers found the taller man’s fly and eased it down slowly, letting his fingers brush against the hardening hot flesh hidden behind the thin material of Seifer’s uniform pants.

“Yes sir, Mister Puberty Boy, Sir,” Seifer smirked, barely resisting the urge to salute. His breath caught in his throat at the touch of the cool leather to his sex and he shuddered deliciously. He’d never thought Squall would dare to be such a domineering bitch. Especially not to him.

With his fingers tight on the shaft of Seifer’s sex and his thumb rubbing over the head slowly, Squall nuzzled against Seifer’s throat as though savouring him. The velvet soft skin of Seifer’s throat yielded to his kisses eagerly and a tremor of pleasure passed through his lover as he kept kissing.

Seifer tipped his head back so quickly it struck the chair and he winced. “Aww damn, Squall…”

“Get on the desk, Seifer,” his voice was cool and soft, somewhere in that realm of control that was scarily precise and icy cold. His eyes glittered silver in the harsh light of the classroom, Shiva’s junction giving them that unnatural sheen.

Sliding his hands up Squall’s back slowly, the blond shifted uncomfortably. Even with his pants hanging open they were still almost painfully tight. “How do you want me on the desk, Leonhart?” he asked; a tremor to his words as he spoke. The younger boy was getting him hotter than he could remember being in a long time.

“On your back, feet up on the desk, legs apart,” the brunet tugged on Seifer’s pants firmly. “And get these off.”

He almost tripped in his haste to remove the pants, shoving them down and hurrying to get out of them. Lifting his head, eager for more of those hot kisses, Seifer nuzzled at Squall gently. “You really think I’m going to let you fuck me?”

Squall smirked. It was an unfamiliar expression on Squall’s features, a confidence and sureness that was so rare when it came to their secret little trysts and battles. “I know you are,” he husked against Seifer’s mouth and kissed him once more, sliding his tongue between Seifer’s lips to fill his mouth, rub against his own and make Seifer whimper.

Seifer did get on the desk, just as Squall had ordered. His cock was as hard as glass, rigid and leaking against his belly, his breath rough and uneven. The desk felt cold against his back, too hard to be comfortable and he couldn’t help himself, couldn’t prevent his body tensing in anticipation of what was about to happen. “Come on then. Show me what you got, squirt.”

Stealing the bottle of lubricant from Seifer’s jacket pocket – he knew it would be there, it was always there – Squall slicked his fingers, watching Seifer. No one had ever taken Seifer. He knew that as surely as he knew that Seifer only ever let him near his gunblade, only let him know his darkest secrets.

“Hey,” Seifer said, almost panting.

Rubbing his fingers in slow, smooth circles against Seifer’s opening, Squall lifted his gaze to his lover’s flushed face. “What?”

“Careful… Alright?” Seifer bit his lip, closing his eyes at the sensation of Squall’s cool fingers touching him. It felt so good.

Pushing just the tip of his finger into Seifer’s tight body before withdrawing it and teasing the small opening again, Squall bent his head to lick at the leaking head of Seifer’s cock and kiss his belly. “Are you afraid, Almasy?” he asked, his voice all challenge and smug pride. He’d wanted to be able to do this. He’d waited and waited to be able to fuck his lover, to show Seifer just how it felt.

Seifer turned his head, his gaze strafing Squall as the brunet leant over him. Beautiful, pale and absolutely perfect, he was completely under his still clothed lover’s spell. “Hell, no…”

“I promise I’ll be gentle,” Squall said softly, leaving the ‘at first’ unspoken. He was very determined that this would not be the only time he topped Seifer, not be the only time he slid his cock into Seifer’s body and so he would be careful. This time. Pushing his finger into Seifer and rocking it deeper slowly, Squall brushed against his prostate deliberately.

“Ahh fuck! Squall…, do that again,” the blonde cried softly, his hips bucking up.

Squall ignored Seifer’s request, still lapping at the leaking head of his cock as he teased his lover. Then, when Seifer seemed to be relaxing at last, he slid his fingers back, rubbing two against his opening and waiting.

Writhing on the unyielding surface beneath him, arching up and almost offering himself to Squall, Seifer moaned pitifully. His cock twitched against Squall’s tongue and he whimpered breathlessly. “Hyne, Squall, if you’re going to do it, hurry the fuck up.”

His lover had absolutely no patience. He was as ever, eager for the release and desperate to come and Squall refused to injure him by going further too soon. It was a consideration that hadn’t been afforded to him the first time they’d slept together, back when they’d both been inexperienced and desperate. He heard Seifer cry out as he pushed the two fingers into him again, brushing that spot, scissoring to stretch his body and make him ready.

“Squall, I’m gonna come…”

Squall pulled back, squeezing the head of Seifer’s cock to force the orgasm back.

“Was that supposed to be funny?” he hissed, lifting his head to glare at Squall, sucking in a breath of almost pain as he was forced to wait even longer. His eyes were dark with the passion and lust he felt, and he looked angry, flustered and absolutely fuckable.

“You’re not coming ‘til I’m inside you, Seifer.”

Grabbing a handful of Squall’s shirt, Seifer hauled him close, almost snarling as he glared at his lover. “Then get up here and fuck me, you little bitch.”

Curling his fingers to find that place, that secret spot inside Seifer that made his hips buck and his voice tremble, Squall smirked. He wasn’t going to push Seifer off or rise to that particular challenge. He wanted something more. “Say what you want inside you.”

“Gods, Squall…” Seifer moaned and fell back, his grip on Squall’s tee-shirt faltering. “I want you. I want you inside me… now.”

Again, the brunet did not respond, simply sliding the fingers out and taking his time over unbuckling his belts. He pushed his pants down just far enough to expose himself, taking his time over slicking his cock, just to make Seifer wait. Finally he knelt between Seifer’s legs on the desk, the tip of his cock brushing against Seifer’s opening teasingly.

“Do it,” Seifer urged, his eyes closed tight and his body taut, tension screaming in his joints and muscles. He wasn’t scared. He was wary, he whispered that to himself over and over, his own mantra, his hymn.


He whimpered at the word, a whimper of defeat that he’d never made in Squall’s presence before. “Stop teasing me, Leonhart.”

“Almasy, open your eyes,” Squall ordered again, one hand cupping Seifer’s cheek and his thumb rubbing over Seifer’s lower lip. And the blond did. Seifer’s green eyes were glazed with lust, his mouth was slack with desire and he looked beautiful Eager. Half mindless with need.

With one last kiss, Squall gave Seifer what he was longing for. He pushed against him, feeling his cock slide into Seifer’s body and moaned in pleasure. He didn’t want to hurt Seifer, he wanted to see his eyes, see his pleasure and see his contentment. To watch Seifer, to make sure he wasn’t hurting him at all.

With his fingers tight on Squall’s back, Seifer canted his hips to make it easier for Squall to slide deeper into him. His eyes rolled back in pleasure. Finding Squall’s lips he kissed him desperately. “Ahh… Squall.”

“That’s… fuck…” Squall panted, rocking deeper until he was buried completely within Seifer’s tight body. “That’s better.”

Part of him, a very small part indeed, was wondering why he hadn’t done it sooner. The majority of him however was beyond coherent and he couldn’t think of anything beyond how good Seifer felt.

No matter how much Seifer wanted to move, to wrap his legs around Squall’s waist, he kept them where they were. He kept his feet placed firmly on the desk, his knees bent, so he could lift himself to push onto Squall’s cock. However he did wrap his arms tight around Squall, pulling him down and hiding his face against Squall’s throat to muffle his cries of pleasure, whispered “feels good… Squall.”

Sliding his hands against Seifer’s legs, Squall began to thrust into Seifer. Every thrust angled to hit his prostate, every movement designed, either by conscious decision or chance, to bring as much pleasure to Seifer as possible as Squall fucked him. His lover’s hands were almost painfully tight on his ass, squeezing and coaxing him deeper and harder.

“That’s good, Squall. That’s so good…”

Seifer gave in at last, wrapping one leg around Squall’s back to pull him deeper. He could feel the tip of his cock rubbing against Squall’s belly, streaking his pale skin with fluid with every hard thrust. Then Squall’s fingers wrapped around his cock and his world almost exploded with pleasure, intense, blinding and it was all he could do to hold on, to keep from coming. “I’m close, fuck Squall! You feel so good,” he panted.

The brunet caught his lips in a deep, hard kiss, sucking on his tongue. And finally, keening desperately against his lover’s lips and tangling his fingers in his lover’s hair Seifer tensed and groaned.

Seifer came, his release flooding warm and sticky over Squall’s fingers as his body clenched around his lover’s cock almost painfully tight.

Squall thrust into Seifer’s body only a handful more times before he too came, hot and hard into his lover’s body, his fingers so tight on Seifer’s hips they left bruises.

Clinging to Squall, Seifer realised to his alarm that he’d almost whispered how he truly felt about Squall Leonhart. He’d kept his love a secret for so long that to suddenly admit it would have left him open and vulnerable and that wasn’t what he wanted just yet. “Where’d you learn to fuck like that?” he asked, to distract himself from his embarrassment.

“From the best,” the brunet murmured, pulling back slowly. “From you, Almasy.”

Pulling Squall back down for more soft kisses, Seifer smirked against Squall’s lips. That was the closest thing he’d ever get to an admittance of affection from the usually quiet brunet and he took it to heart. “I must be one hell of a teacher.”

“No,” Squall smirked, squeezing Seifer firmly. “Just one hell of a fuck.”

He finally released his lover, sitting up and wincing as he felt Squall’s fluids leaking from his body. Seifer was sore, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle, and he was all too aware that soon the instructor would be returning. “I take it you enjoyed yourself. You look pretty smug,” he murmured, nuzzling against Squall’s pale throat gently. Of course, he felt quite smug himself.

Turning his head, brushing his lips against Seifer’s temple, Squall didn’t respond to the accusation. Instead, he said firmly “I am doing that again.”

Seifer laughed at the sheer balls of the statement. “You might,” he said, slapping Squall’s ass. “Next time I might even let you get me from the back.”

Lifting his head to look at Seifer as he realised just what Seifer was offering, realised just how vulnerable Seifer was willing to let himself be, Squall shivered. He told himself it was the cool air of the classroom, nothing more than a shift in temperature and not the impact of Seifer’s offer. “Get dressed; the instructor will be back soon.”

Finally he let Squall move away so he could pull his pants back on. He’d never come so hard in his life, and Leonhart was not the little boy he used to be. Wincing as he sat, Seifer looked up just in time to catch Squall shoving a note across the desk.

Before he had time to pick it up however, the tutor returned, launching straight into the familiar spiel about learning their lesson. He barely heard it, after all he’d had to listen a hundred times before, and most of those times had been with Squall. This time however, he really had learnt a lesson. Not to underestimate his fuck buddy.

When the faculty member turned away from his students as he paced the floor – content to keep talking if only to listen to the sound of his own voice – Seifer offered him a one fingered salute. Then he swept the note off the desk and into his lap to unfold it.

I like knowing that you’re sitting there after I’ve come inside you.
If you have the energy… my room and you can come inside me.

Offering a crooked smile to his dark haired lover and tucking the note into his back pocket, he nodded. It was the first note Squall had passed him, and when Seifer returned to his room that evening it would be placed somewhere safe. In the box that housed a beaten up old Chocobo toy, an old tee-shirt and a photograph of the two of them back on the sofa at the orphanage taken shortly before Seifer had left for Balamb.

“Alright. You can go now, and I don’t want to see you in here again,” the teacher tutted, believing wholeheartedly that they’d listened to every word he’d said.

“Yeah, Leonhart,” Seifer swept to his feet and sauntered to the door. “I hope you learned your lesson.”

Squall looked up at him, dark eyes wicked and a smirk still painted on his lips. Sucking his finger when the teacher bent to put his books back into his bag, he nodded. “Oh yes. I learnt my lesson, Almasy.”

Barely hiding his smirk, Seifer bit his lip to keep himself from laughing and headed out of the door to the class room, turning to head for the dorms. When he reached the corridor that would take him in one direction to his own, and in the other to Squall’s. he turned to head towards the brunet’s, thinking nothing of keying in the pass code. He’d stolen that way back when they’d first started fucking.

He tossed his jacket on Squall’s roommate’s bed as a warning and stretched out on Squall’s. It didn’t take long for the brunet to join him, lingering in the doorway to watch him a moment before crossing the distance between them and straddling his hips. “Is it my turn for a lesson now?”

And while Seifer could think of a thousand things to teach Squall, he’d start with a riding lesson. Just to prove who really was in charge.

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